All The Luck You Need! *Sebastian Stan x Reader*

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Summary: My close friend @juliagolia87 is currently stressing - despite she shouldn’t be - over a test she has to do for her work! Decided, who better than to lift her spirits than Seb Stan? 

“It went terrible, I know it did, I can feel how terrible I did.” You rant to your boyfriend over the phone, him humming in agreement whenever needed as you just ranted on and on about your test you just took, despite the fact you studied all weekend plus a week for it.

Sebastian is quiet throughout your rant, not saying a word unless needed till eventually you’re tired from your own voice; he imagines you’re now lying on the bed. Face down, completely done with everything, how you usually get when something goes wrong. He wants to chuckle because he’s most definitely right but he refrains against it.

“Y/N?” He asks making sure you’re still there, you hum is muffled but he can still hear it. “You didn’t do terribly; I know you didn’t since my own girlfriend blocked my number for an entire week so she wouldn’t be distracted when studying!” He chuckled at the truth behind his words.

It was torture not talking to you as he filmed in Atlanta, he actually to pass the time, hung out with Tom Holland for the day. Not that it was necessarily bad, it was just pretty boring when the only company he could have was with a minor, which now he thought it about it sounded a bit like he was grooming the kid.

“It’s like everything I studied for had left me, Seb!” You whined rolling onto your back, “I was blank and I didn’t know anything, I bullshitted everything, I’ve failed. I’m gonna end up jobless, no friends or family because everyone has disowned me, I’ll become homeless and have to eat at soup kitchens!” He laughed at your over-dramatic but slightly serious behaviour.

Sebastian sighed gently, “well, as if, I’d let that happen! Listen, you answered all the questions to the best of your capabilities. I believe you did really well, if you didn’t, well then you didn’t but it’s not gonna be the end of the world. It will never be like that cause you have people that care, that will look after you, if it does go to shit. Which it won’t because you’re smart, intelligent and beautiful.”

“What do my looks have to do with my test?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to remind you that you’re beautiful, that’s all.” You blush at his comment, even over the phone and miles away, he still managed to make you blush and smile like some schoolgirl. “What I am saying is, Y/N. That no matter what, I’ll still love you, whatever result you get doesn’t affect my love for you; remember that!”

You sighed softly and nodded, despite the fact he can’t see you. “I know I’m just super nervous and worried, Seb this is a big deal. I can’t fail!” You sat up with an exhale, “wish you were here with me, I’d be a lot calmer with you around.” You admit, he hummed in agreement but not answering, and then you hear the door open. “Seb, someone has opened the front door!” You tell him.

“Probably, should go see who it is, may be a really nice surprise.”

You frown still holding the phone to your ear and peek around the door, you slowly walk down the hallway and see Sebastian grinning at you, he hangs up the phone and you do the same before running into his arms. He picks you up and kisses your cheek lightly, laughing as you cling to him desperately for his comfort and warmth.

You missed him. He knew how to calm you down just by being with you, he didn’t have to say or do anything but be near you for you to feel, comforted and safe.

“We’re gonna get take away, put on a cheesy rom-com and forget about your test for the rest of the evening, okay?” He mutters into your neck, you didn’t respond knowing better than to argue with Sebastian on this, you pulled away to look at him grinning from ear to ear. “I got two days off, worse come to worse; you’ll come with me to set!”

“I love you,” you tell him sincerely, trying to convey your gratitude for having him in your life, he just smiled and shrugged. “No, I mean it. I really do love you, a lot.”

“I love you too, always.” He pulls you in for a gentle and sweet kiss, still holding you off of the ground, perks of him working out for months prior for Bucky Barnes. He pulls away, resting you gently on the floor, still holding onto you.

You sighed gently, pecking his lips once before pulling him to the sofa where you cuddled into him, just sitting in silence because right now… all you needed was him. 

“Listen, you did fantastically. All that studying is bound to pay off, everyone was sending good vibes, I’d surprised if you did fail.” He tells you gently, holding you close to his chest, you sighed lightly. “Plus, you had me, Sebastian Stan believing in you… that’s like, all the luck you need.” 

(The ending I lost it but I do hope this brings a smile to Julia, know that even though, I am not Sebastian or Chris, that I do believe in you! I hope you got mine and my churches good luck prayers on Saturday, I know you can do this, I have full confidence in your capabilities to ace this. Love you, always.  And if you don’t, that doesn’t affect our friendship, I love you through all your fails and highs because that’s the service you give to me.- Ro)


I know I have said it again but I truly want Jack to wish me good luck for my exams on Saturday. This degree is so important and I’m so so so anxious as a person in general and the fear of failing just gets to me :(

"Swan Lake" One Shot for superwholockidancer
Author: human-impala-with-sam-and-dean

Original Imagine Link:  Imagine Dean coming to see you perform in Swan Lake as the Russian Princess for your first solo ever, during your last year of ballet as a senior, and giving you a hug, telling you how proud he is.

Warnings: None

Word count: 1858



The flier was creased and crumpled from you throwing it in your backpack after dance practice as you headed towards the usual meeting spot for one of the guys to pick you up in the Impala and head back the bunker for the night. You tried to smooth it back out and studied the pictures, shaking a little with excitement every time your eyes rested on you, poised on point in your costume with arms spread gracefully over your head. It had really been the most perfect timing for the picture and you still had a hard time believing you’d finally gotten a solo after so many years.

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Good morning!!

⬆️And people I’ve never met💗 Do you ever have that feeling? The “I have no idea how this is going to work out, but I know it’s going to be good” feeling? I’m feeling that right now.

Grateful for the busy week ahead. This Thursday is the International Balboa Lindy Fest here in Houston (what are the odds?) I plan to find local Lindy Hopper willing to take me on. Ha! Good luck🍀 Saturday is the Mighty Mud Dash and Sunday I’m headed to Utah. I’ve never been to Utah before. Hmmm… Busy girl💃

Hope your Monday is SPECTACULAR!

Stay warm✨

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Hey, Dyrus. My girlfriend and I need some advice. Currently we're in Bronze 5. We would like to know what two lanes should we main to carry along with two preferred champions for those lanes and why those champions. Thank you so much for your time and keep up the good work. Best of luck this Saturday and Sunday. We hope TSM wins!

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Fat Discrimination on Disney's "Good Luck Charlie"

(posted anonymously)

Saturday morning T.v., there was a Disney tweenie-bopper show called “Good Luck Charlie”. I’d never seen it before. But anyway, the episode started with some disgusting fat-shaming jokes. Two brothers were sitting at a breakfast table, with some donuts, their Dad walks in, and one boy says “Quick donuts; Dad’s here, run for your lives!!” His Dad looks a bit upset, and his brother says “Dude, that’s not funny anymore, Dad’s lost a bunch of weight”.

And the first says something like “THANKS Dad, you go and lose weight and ruin all my best material!”.

Then his Dad says something like “Yeah it’s great, now I can shop in regular stores”

“You mean like no longer ‘Fat and Bald?”

Big and Tall

Then his sons chime in with a whole stream of disgusting fat jokes like:
"aww, I loved that place, it’s the only shop where the change rooms are steal-reinforced”

etc etc.

before they run out of supposedly ‘good’ fat jokes and just deteriorate to “the people are so fat…” “yeah that was lame, dude”

they then basically tell their Dad to “at least stay bald” to “leave them something” to tease him about?

Then before he leaves, he grabs an apple (to showcase how his new-found weight loss is attributable to his ‘healthy’ eating habits), and says something like “Shopping without shame - what a new experience this will be”.