so i hit 2000 recently!! gonna do an art raffle again because I love suffering

and i think im gonna half ass the art raffle post so:

1) reblog it once
2) that’s it u dont even have to follow me but i’d greatly appreciate it if u do!!

Winners: everyone we’re all winners there will be 3 winners
1st Place: Full Body
2nd Place: Bust Body
3rd Place: Headshot 

All sfw artwork. If you’re interested in how my art looks, here’s a link to my art blog: [Subliminal Message Link To Follow My Art Blog]

Good luck to whoever participates! Raffle Ends on December 17th, Saturday



- you must be following @fuckboi-america (you may follow during the event but you may not unfollow, if you do your prize will be null)

- I will not draw: Furries, extreme nsfw, characters outside of hetalia

- I will draw: Mild nsfw (genitals covered), AU characters

- You must have a reference ready if you win! 

- Winners will be drawn from a random number generator 

- reblog for entry

- no multiple reblogs

- One entry only

- When the winners are announced, they will be on this blog. Then I will contact the winners. If I don’t get a response in one day, I will choose a new winner to fill the slot.

This will close at 11:00 p.m on Saturday EST ((eastern time zone))!!

Good luck and thank you for following me and my silly fuckboi! 


みなんの助手の塗くん ! 

everyone’s assistant nuru-kun!  (ノ*゜▽゜*)

Good Luck Knot Magic

A super fast knot spell for good luck.

  1. Find yourself some red, white, yellow/gold, blue, and green string (or ribbon, yarn, embroidery thread, whatever). 
  2. Cut them into about 10 inch pieces. Ideally, the string should wrap around your wrist or ankle plus 2-3 inches, depending on the thickness of your knotting material. So 10 inches might be too much. Try to overestimate rather than underestimate.
  3. Hold the threads together and make a knot with all of them saying/thinking/etc. “With this knot the spell’s begun”
  4. Make a knot in the red string. “This knot is for luck.”
  5. Make a knot in the yellow/gold string. “This knot is for wealth and prosperity.”
  6. Make a knot in the blue string “This knot is for protection”
  7. Make a knot in the green string. “This knot is for growth.”
  8. Make a knot in the white string. “This knot is for preservation.”
  9. Knot all the threads together. “And this knot is to bring it all together and bring this lucky boon to me.”
  10. Then tie the cord around your wrist or ankle. Or you can carry it with you.

Ideally, you should be envisioning your intent while doing the spell but I’ve done this spell drunk at a bar with zero envisioning and only white packing twine and it worked great. 

Casanova | Rucas One-Shot.

A quick one-shot I wrote on my break today at work. 

♡ ♡ ♡

The good thing about going to university in the city is that there’s more than likely a coffee shop on every block. The bad thing about going to university in the city? When you’re taking your midterms, so is every other student which means the coffee shops, whether mainstream or underground, are usually packed with lines out the door.

My best friend, Zay and I usually stop by the Starbucks in downtown, to grab a coffee to keep us going while we study for finals at the library across the street. Since there are so many of them on this particular block, it tends not to be too busy although good luck finding a table on a Saturday.

Its finals week and I’ve been cramming, trying to get ready for my exams. Unfortunately for me, my majors are biochemistry and animal biology which isn’t exactly a walk in the park. But if I want to follow my dream and become a veterinarian then I better get used to the hard work.

Zay and I meet after our morning class and head over to the Starbucks on Chapel Square. Most of the tables are occupied with students on their laptops or hogging the tables with their textbooks. Theres a couple of people in front of us but there’s a handful of people working so the line seems to be moving quickly. It’s our turn to approach the register and that’s when I see her.

The girl taking the orders behind the counter. Tucked underneath her hat is her long shiny brown hair that’s pulled into a ponytail with a slight curl to it and a few loose strands framed her face. She had the most endearing smile and dimples and her eyes were a warm chocolate color. She was gorgeous.

“Hi, what can I get for you today?” She asks politely.

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It’s getting pretty cold quickly here in South Africa. I’m looking forward to warm coffee and studying wrapped in my duvet!

If you were wondering…Yes I’m reading Dr. Phil, I’ve decided to actually start reading the books lying around the house rather than watch TV/ endlessly scroll Facebook. Trying to be mindful and make productive changes every day.

This weekend I have decided to block all social media to try and detox from all of the comparing and feelings of inadequacy that stem from skewed perceptions of what’s “real”

Trying to wake up earlier and keep going everyday. I don’t want to give up like I did last year.

Every morning getting up and out of bed is half the daily battle won!

Wishing all you beautiful people a good weekend and a fresh new week to follow

With love always


Give away!

As a small token of my love and appreciation one of my lucky followers will win this enchanting black obsidian sphere and stand! 


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*Must be over 18

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The winner will be announced Saturday September 26th! Good luck!

SATurday Essentials: Aar’s Guide. 

Snacks [ I always carry sweet&savory snacks because I can’t predict my cravings ]
Yogurt, Dark chocolate, and Nuts bar X 2
• Nuts and Granola Kind bar X 1
• Mini Bruschetta baked snacks X 1
• Cheese and jalapeño pretzels X 1

 Water [Essential]
• Fiji X 1
• Peach flavored X 1

Digital just because I prefer it

Calculators [Fully charged]
• Scientific [ I like using this for fractions ]

Layers [in addition to my leggings and oversized shirt combination]
• Sweater
• Beanie
• Socks

Wallet + ID {school} + Passport
Hair ties X 2

Writing material:
• 2B pencils X 5 [i carry three different kinds because of my grip preference for writing and shading in]
• Erasers X 2
• Sharpener

Obviously this will differ from person to person but this is what I’m going to carry tomorrow, I know some people like eating fruits in break but personally things like dark chocolate keeps me more awake and energized so I take that instead. DO NOT FORGET YOUR ADMISSIONS TICKET AND PASSPORT. Goodluck Guys🍇🌸💕

Well friends, I guess I won over this big, messy monster that was my Bewitching Morgana Cosplay. I made it in like what 12 days? Office work killed me in the meantime but I managed.

It’s not the best but it’s not even the worst. Few minor tweaks shall be taken care of tomorrow evening and then stage performance, wish me good luck!

I’ll be at the comic con in Lucca from Saturday to Tuesday ~ and then back to regular posting. I have over 30 inbox messages, fear not I will reply to all. I see all!

Happy Harrowing everyone!

ronan-lvnch  asked:

hi my name is nicole 🌟 sooo, lately i've been feeling kind of left out by my friends and idk what to do to change that,,,or if i should tell that's how i feel,,,

it’s here!

ahhhh dude that’s horrible. if u are feeling left out bringing it up might be good, because they may not have realised they’re excluding you? another thing that doesn’t involve a really awkward conversation would be maybe trying to make more plans w them or talk to them a lil bit more… if they’re genuinely not aware that you’re being a lil bit left out then that could fix it!! i know a lot of the time i’ve felt left out it’s been when i’ve been unknowingly excluding myself a lil bit and people on every side can be worried??? idk, but good luck love <3

it’s sleepover saturday!

anonymous asked:

*gasp* you're from the Philippines! I saw you reblog TSP and saw "merch" and I thought you're attending Komiket next Saturday but you're not *sad face*. Good luck with your project!

Yes! Kamusta? AHAHA and aww, thanks so much! Hoping that we’ll get to attend more cons in the future so maybe we can meet someday, anon ;) ;) 

It’s almost here! Daiya Rare Pair Week starts in just three weeks! We hope you’re just as excited as we are about this event! 

For information about this event, please see our guidelines

You can check out all of our themes here

Remember, the event begins on Sunday, March 20th and ends on Saturday, March 26th. Good luck with all of your contributions!  (/゚ヮ゚)/

Give away!

October has finally arrived, Samhain is approaching and Moon Magick Sisters is celebrating with an exciting new give away! The winner will receive one full moon necklace and one black obsidian sphere! 



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1 Month of King Zayn Daily Giveaway!!!

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Hey Taylor!!! I’m Becky and I’ll be at your 1989 Pittsburgh venue on SATURDAY! My friend and I decided to dress up as lyrics from This Love. I’m an angel for this love is good and my friend is a devil for this love is bad! This will be my third concert of yours I’ve been to and I have already lost all my chill since it’s so close!! I’ve been a fan of yours since the third grade when I heard Love Story in the radio. Today I’m fifteen and nothing has changed! I’m still 100% in love and dedicated to you! My seats for this concert are Floor 9, Row 4, Seats 5&6. Look for me in the crowd! I’ll be the angel screaming and crying because of how amazing you’re going to be! Love you, good luck, and can’t wait to see you on Saturday!