Didn’t watch the most recent episode of SG… Don’t feel like I’m missing much.

Instead, fell down a rabbit hole of dance videos.

The choreography and cinematography is SLAYING me.

anonymous asked:

What would sex with Lena Luthor include?

Sex with Lena Luthor would include:

-she always has bomb ass lipstick on and when you’re done you always find it smudged in areas that make you blush when you discover them in the shower

-super dominant in bed like 90% of the time but sometimes after a really hard day she just wants nothing more than to give up control and let you pin her down and help her forget about all the pressure she’s under for a night

-lena has endurance like she does not get tired

-gets really turned on at galas and fundraisers that she really doesnt like going to apart from seeing you in one of the dresses she picked out being polite to all of her uppity, snobbish business peers 

-but sometimes she sees one of the crusty old CEO’s she’s forced to have good relations with moving his hand a little too low on your back or pulling you a little too close and lena just gets this look in her eyes 

-and the second you two can be alone again she can’t keep her hands off of you because god knows how riled up she gets watching someone else act entitled to you so whether its in the town car back to her loft or in the overly furnished venue bathroom she claims you as hers and good lord is it hot

-varies between incredibly rough some nights and slow and passionate on others

fierce-and-little  asked:

Ohhh I like that idea! They immediately bond over their shared interest for beasts, she ends up moving into the shed in the case and well... Who knows what happens there

Ayyyy! Exactly lol Hot nights in the shack ;)

I’m almost done with part 3 for my Balem series! Good lord why is he so hot? Lmao fucking space brat

If I ever made eye contact with this guy across a table and I’d be a puddle underneath it… 

My Gran and I are watching La Donna Del Lago with Joyce as Elena

Here are some things she’s said (keep in mind she’s a 65 year old straight woman)

“Her curves could kill a man… or a woman for that matter good lord.”

“When is the hot lady coming back on screen?”
Me: “Joyce?”
“Yes her”

“Are her boobs real?”

“Her chest is practically bursting out of that dress.”

“Her cheekbones are just amazing.”

“When she kneels and bends over like that you can see right down her top.”

“Her chest is heaving…”

“Her boobs look amazing in this dress wow.”

“Is this one of those gay operas please tell me she ends up with a woman.”

“Her chest is glistening oh lord.”

“If she leans over anymore we will see nipnops.”

“Is she gay?”
Me: “Joyce or the character?”
Me: “…….”

“She just kissed the mezzo kilt lady”

“I’m gonna be 100% honest… I would kiss her.”

“Everything she wears shows off her boobs… I like it.”

“Oh we’re only on Act 2? Perfect more boobs”

“Her boobs are bouncing quite… nevermind.”

“I hope she ends up with the mezzo in the kilt”
Me: “why?”

“Holy boobs”

“Her cleavage is magnificent”

“This dress is perfectly molded to her body wow”

Me: “yes gran”
“Now I know why you drove four hours”




“Hello boobs”