GOM+more and their specialties~

Kuroko Tetsuya - simple magic tricks getting good-looking guys’ attention despite being a phantom 


Kise Ryouta - fab tasting mineral water 

Kasamatsu Yukio - playing the guitar 

Midorima Shintarou - playing the piano midorima i know how to play the piano too :D 

Takao Kazunari - performing backflips something i need to learn in a span of one week 

Aomine Daiki - catching hearts small animals like crayfishes 

Sakurai Ryou - making character bentos 

Murasakibara Atsushi - shooting gallery and goldfish scooping 

Himuro Tatsuya - juggling keepin the usual pokah feys 

Akashi Seijuro - horseback riding yuuuuukiiiiimaaaruuuu 

Mayuzumi Chihiro - overclocking 

Haha! But seriously guys, this is legit - the GOM and more and their specialties!! 

leelians-newaccount replied to your text post
What happened?

This doesn’t paint me in the greatest of lights but I’ve done worse. Basically it was one of my oldest friend’s weddings on Saturday. I got fairly drunk and the best man was flirting with me like crazy. He was a good looking guy and we ended up sleeping together. I never do stuff like this but it was a wedding, stuff happens at a wedding and I was drunk enough to think it was a genius idea. Plus I was thirsty as hell, you can’t blame a girl with thirst.

Now one of the bridesmaids (who has been a pain in my ass over this wedding for months) is saying that it was really tacky and I did it to take the attention away from the bride. I knew she’d get all judgey over it because that’s her main hobby in life.