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Kotarou is the precious precious child of the Uncrowned Kings. Kiyoshi and Hanamiya will always be the closest to one another despite their (Hanamiya’s) violent relationship. Nebuya is the tank of the group. Reo-nee will always be the most fabulous. Kiseki no Sedai needs to bow down to their senpai.

Note: Thank you so much for being cool with the eyebrows debacle. You are really the best. I’m sorry for freaking out. I’m happy with this one and I put the OG description for you. Hope your tests go well. I’ll go learn my eyebrows now.

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Do you guys accept f/f fanfiction as well as fanart?

Sure! Fanfiction is a little harder to find because people don’t necessarily post it on Tumblr and I often don’t have the time to proofread it, but it does get reblogged when I come across a really good fic. The tag is ‘fic appreciation’

Teacher's Pet- Gilinsky smut 😈

Teacher’s Pet

I sat at my desk as the students filed into the lecture hall and resumed their normal seats. It was like clockwork, I had made a habit of observing my surroundings, but one particular view caught my eye above the rest.

Jack Gilinsky.

He was the typical good looking guy most of us stayed away from, parties a little too much but always used his charm to get out of situations. I knew the type well and was warned by faculty regarding his class habits, but he has proved to be a rather exemplary student in my class.

He strides over to his desk, and slides into the seat. His black jeans and grey vans complimenting his fall frame. His dark hair hung long around his neck, unprofessional thoughts rushed my mind at what I’d like to do with that hair…

“Good morning class, I hope you all studied your notes like I asked,” I greet only to hear muffled voices continuing to fill the classroom.
“Ahem,” I clear my throat and stare in Jack’s direction where his friends were all conversing.

“Mr. Gilinsky, something you’d like to share with the class?” I raise a brow. He swallows hard and shakes his head, before opening his mouth to speak.
“No ma'am, I’m sorry” he replied.
How cute, I make him nervous.

“Well as I was saying, I hope you all came prepared because I have a pop quiz for you all” I smile at the few groans that sounded.
I passed the papers out to the rows, and sat at my desk which was conveniently placed in front of Jack’s desk.
He was incredibly sexy, I have been wanting to fuck him since I laid eyes on him. It was starting to mount on me, I could barely focus as the muscular and cocky boy turned to putty before me.

I smirk at my thoughts as I see him chewing on the end of his pen, deep in thought.
A student next to him raised their hand with a question, and I smile as I walk over seizing this opportunity.
“How can I help you?” I ask leaning into their desk effectively pushing my ass towards Jack’s direction.

I heard a few stifled laughs and a groan or two.
“Bro, check it out” Nash whispered.
“She is a fucking dime” Johnson agreed. Idiots, immature boys is what they are.
“I’d like to get that teacher to moan my name” Sam snorted.
“But Gilinsky here already has that fantasy don’t you man” they snicker.

“Gentleman what part of not talking during a quiz don’t you understand?” I reprimand.
“Sit” I command and the shrug but comply.
“Everything making sense Jack?” I ask leaning over his shoulder, my cleavage dangerously close to his face.
“Uh, y-yeah thank you” he stammered while readjusting his pants.

“Well let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be at my desk” I say with a smile.
He nodded as his eyes fell to my ass, which was accentuated in my pencil skirt.
I sat at my desk and pretended to do busy work before I heard snickers once more.

“Boys, see me after class” I say sternly and Jack looks annoyed and slightly embarrassed by his friends.
I waited and watched them linger as the last few students filed out.
“I’m not going to tolerate anymore talking from you all, consider this your warning. Now go home” I say and they trudge out.
“Except you Mr. Gilinsky, I need to have a word with you” I say holding his arm back.

“I’ll catch up with you guys,” he nodded.

I walked back to my desk as he followed shifting uncomfortably.
“what did I do wrong?” He gulped.
“Nothing, I know what’s going on here” I motion.
“I don’t-” he began.
“You know exactly what I mean. I’m talking about the savage way you ogle my body in class, that hard on you’re always sporting” I say pointing to his dick.

“Oh my god” he groaned rubbing his face.
“I’m sorry, it’s just you’re-” he began.
“I’m what Jack? Do I make you nervous?” I circle him and trace my finger down his neck.
“I see you sit over there and stare at me, what are you fantasizing about with your little friends Jack, tell me” I coax hopping up onto the desk so my panties peeked out slightly. He noticed and let out a low moan.

“Well I think you’re pretty and” he eases.
“Pretty? Come on that can’t be what Jack Gilinsky really feels. Where’s this bad boy I’ve heard about? Has he lost his edge?” I pout. A lustful anger flickered in his eyes as he props himself up on either side of me.

“fuck that, I’m right here and you wanna know what I’m thinking while I’m over there? How tight your pussy is, how it would feel to be deep inside you, and what it would be like to have my slutty teacher moan my name” he growls centimeters away from my face.
“Your slutty teacher wants this cock” I say and grab his bulge.
He let out a moan and released his huge dick before spinning me around and bending me over the desk.

“Your ass looks too good in this skirt, shame it’s going to be ruined” he smirks and removed it in a careless fashion.
He slid in and reached around to toy with my clit and pull my hair.
“Fuck Jack harder” I scream.
“Parading around here in this outfit, getting my dick hard in class, and sticking your ass and tits in my face? You don’t get to call the shots” he says with a slap to my ass.

“God I need to cum, faster please” I cry out as he slows.
“Now who’s begging?” He moans sinking his nails into my sides.
“Fuck….you…” I groan through grit teeth.
“That’s what you wanted right Miss?” He plays innocent.

I toyed with myself and his eyes widened at the sight, he came all over my thighs.
“Shit” he groaned.
He plunged two fingers inside of me and curled them to bring my own release.
“Best sex of my life” he moaned.
“Teacher’s pet” i taunt.

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Also Jopara is mad cocky for no reason like they think their hot shit and everyone wants them and they think they can judge and decide who is good looking when he has a potato head with huge ugly glasses and is fat and should be the last one to even THINK about judging someones looks.

tbh I’m honestly embarrassed that you would go out of your way to send me this, and the other message you sent. like you dislike someone over some petty shit you probably saw on tumblr. I’m guessing you sent Javier a message and he never replied to you or didn’t respond to it the way you envisioned so now you’re being all salty. it’s just tumblr dude, it’s not that serious. besides, Javier is a good looking guy, who are you to pass this judgment on him? please take several seats, look into a mirror, and try to figure out what darksided thing compelled you to go off like this


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