All this Shelli/Clay age hate, even though she almost looks his age, reminds me of my cousin. 

He was in his late 20s when he married his wife, in her 40s (been together over 15yrs now). Anyways, early in the marriage multiple times younger women would make comments when they were out and it was obvious they were together. The worst time they were at a restaurant, obviously romantically together, holding hands ect. The waitress comes up, flirting a lil with my cousin (he was a good looking guy), takes his order and then looks right at his wife and says, “What will your MOTHER be having?” She held back her tears and ordered. My cousin said the pain on her face was the worst feeling in the world, but she’d never say anything. After that incident he shaved his head bald and grew a beard so he’d look older.  

I just hope some of you remember that when you’re being nasty about people’s ages, just because you don’t like them as a person in this game. Shelli is going to get out and see all these Mom posts and if you don’t think that’s not going to hurt her, you’re ignorant. Because she played the game you guys think she deserves that? Oh, she’s a hypocrite who thinks the game should be handed to her…um, you mean like every BB player ever? Hypocrisy is Big Brother.
Oh, she’s fake? You mean she knows there are people who feed off causing house guests misery, if they think something problematic came out of their mouths? How dare she watch what she does and says!



#9- Celebrity Crushes

“Just, like, ugh! He’s so hot! I just want to jump his bones!” You said to your best friend as you both watched Avengers Age of Ultron. “Really? I prefer Thor. Although, Pietro is hot too. If you like older guys all the other avengers are just as hot.” They replied. “Marvel just picks good looking guys! Loki and Bucky are just as hot!” You exclaimed. “Ew! No!” She gagged. “What?! Tom Hiddleston and Sebastian Stan are hot as hell!” You yelled. “Next thing I know you’re gonna be telling me Ultron and Vision are hot.” They joked. “I’m sure the actor of Vision is handsome…” You trailed off. “(Y/N) you are so gross!” Your best friend laughed. “Shut up! Just let’s watch the movie.” You mumbled, refocusing on the screen ahead of you. “Oh my gosh! Steven Grant Rogers! You need to stop!” You yelled at the tv. “Shhhh!” Your best friend laughed. “Just, like, imagine all the cute babies we would have.” You mumbled. “Super serum. What else did it effect?” They winked. “Oh, and I’m the gross one!?” You exclaimed, lightly shoving them. “(Y/N), I don’t know how many times I have to tell you, werewolves are not made from a super serum.” Stiles laughed, Scott in tow. “They’re watching Avengers-again.” Scott pouted. “You know what? Now that I think about it, you and Captain would have adorable babies.” Your best friend whispered to you. “No babies with Captain America!” Scott yelled. “Hush!” You replied as soon as you saw the Avengers go to the farm. “I thought we had a date tonight.” Scott complained. “It’s like 2, our date is at 7.” You said, tearing your eyes away from the screen for just a moment, to gesture for Scott to sit next to you. “I love you.” Scott mumbled sadly. “Aw I love you too, wolf boy. I’m sorry you’re jealous about Captain Dorito.” You smiled, placing a loving kiss on his nose. “Is the movie almost over?” He asked you. “Yes, my love.” You replied, pulling his head into your lap and playing with his hair. “This is absolutely disgusting. (Y/N) I’m going home.” Your best friend joked as they left. “Ok she’s gone now, and I just realized I kinda sorta revealed werewolves.” Stiles mumbled. “Way to go.” You mumbled, placing a kiss on Scott’s cheek. “I want to leave, but I’ve never seen this movie so I’ll stay.” Stiles replied.

“She literally looks good with any hairstyle.” Stiles tried. “Seriously Stiles, you’re not going to make me jealous. If anything, I’ll agree with you.” You laughed. “That’s not fair! You can’t go around saying All Time Low are the loves of your life and not expect for me to get back at you!” Stiles yelled. “Well if you’re looking at Halsey do you really expect me to get jealous that you like her? You already know I absolutely adore her.” You said, walking over to try to hug Stiles from behind. “No. Stop.” Stiles pouted, storming out of the room and making his way to the living room. “He’s still mad about your crush on that band?” Sheriff asked. You nodded, running a hand through your hair and following Stiles again. “Oh man! Halsey I just hate how you like her! You guys would be the hottest couple!” You acted out, throwing yourself down on the other couch in the living room. “Stop it.” Stiles glared. “Just like, wow. She’s so hot. I’m so jealous of her.” You stated. Stiles huffed and stalked over to the couch you were on and sat on you. You huffed and tried to push him off you. “Get off me!” You groaned. “No! Tell me you like me more than All Time Low.” He ordered. “Would you really want me to lie to you my love?” You asked. Stiles began to tickle you mercilessly. “Stop!” You screeched. “No! Tell me you love me more.” Stiles demanded. “Ok! Ok! I love you, Stiles Stilinski, more than I love All Time Low.” You breathed out. Stiles automatically stopped. “I still like Halsey more. I’m sure she wouldn’t attack me.” You huffed. “Baby. I like her more too.” Stiles chuckled. “Asshole.” You growled, punching Stiles’ arm. “Hey! Watch your language!” Sheriff yelled. “Sorry!” You replied. “I think Halsey looks best with pink hair.” Stiles said dreamily. “I’m going home now!” You exclaimed, quickly grabbing your things and running out the door. “(Y/N)! Get back here!” Stiles yelled, chasing you around the front yard. “Let me go home! I can be mad too!” You laughed. Stiles tackled you down and huffed. “Oh geez!” You groaned. “I love you so so so so so so so so so so so much more than any other celebrity ever!” Stiles exclaimed , peppering your face with kisses. “Ok, I forgive you. I love you too.” You laughed.

“I just really think she’s a great actress. Honestly, is there nothing she can’t do?” Liam sighed dreamily. “Yeah.” You nodded, not really paying attention to the screen. “Ok let’s just see what else she’s been on, then we can binge watch all of them!” Liam cheered. “Uh huh.” You muttered. “What are you doing?” Liam asked. “Texting Mason. Making plans.” You stated, not looking up from your phone. “Making plans for what?” He asked, still not looking away from the TV. “I don’t want to watch Jessica Alba for another 5 hours, so Mason and I are planning dinner.” You answered. “Is this in the group chat? I have my phone on silent.” He mumbled, reaching for his phone. “No, it’s not.” You answered. “What’s wrong? Oh wait, you’re jealous. I can smell it on you.” He chuckled. “Would you look at that? 30 minutes till Mason’s and I’s dinner, gotta go. Bye.” You rushed out, heading towards the door. “You don’t have to be jealous.” Liam smiled. “I don’t want to be! But when I came over to hang out and watch movies, I didn’t think it would be you drooling over Jessica Alba for 3 hours.” You whined. “She’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong. I mean she looks good as a blonde, a brunette, in black and white, regular. She looks good for her age, don’t you think. I think she’s aging very well.” Liam rambled. You rolled your eyes and opened the front door, beginning the short walk to your house. “Wait! I got carried away! I’m sorry!” He yelled, running after you. “You owe me. Next time you don’t get to complain when I binge watch endless movies or episodes with any person I choose.” You threatened. “Ok, ok. But, I kind of left a movie paused, so can I just like, walk you home really quick?” Liam asked hesitantly. You let out an annoyed growl/screech thing and stomped off. “I was kidding! Hey! Hello? (Y/N) listen to me. You are by far one of the best things that has happened to me and I know that I don’t have a 1 in 10 chance at getting Jess. She’s older, famous, a mother, and married! Plus, I already have you, and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone or anything.” He smiled, placing a loving kiss on your lips as soon as his little speech was done. “I love you, so I’ll just ignore the fact that you referred to her as Jess, but thank you for that.” You smiled. “I love you too, now you have to get home before pizza.” Liam chuckled. “Actually, would you care to join me? Mason is taking Brett and I know you don’t like him, but it’ll be awkward for me to be third wheel.” You trailed off. “Ok, you got it babe.” He laughed.

“I am dead. I am so dead. How does this little gum drop of sunshine not age? And this colorful man? Oh and Beebo! How?!” You exclaimed, scrolling through your old tumblr. “What are you going on about?” Derek groaned. “The holy emo trinity.” You waved off. “Emo trinity? What?” Derek asked confusedly. “Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At the Disco.” You said casually. “Come on. Time for bed. It’s 1 in the morning.” Derek sighed, picking you up from the couch and carrying you to bed. “Ok.” You gave in. He laid you down and made himself comfortable next to you. After waiting an appropriate amount of time for Derek to fall asleep, you slipped out of bed with you phone in one hand and your laptop in the other. “Long time no see Mr. Weekes.” You chuckled, scrolling through your dashboard on your phone. On your laptop you pulled up a collection of imagines you had saved from your years and years of being a fan. “Oh Pete! Getting advice from Brendon on how to ask me out, how cute! I’d say yes anyways.” You laughed to yourself. “Oh Frankie! A wee fetus, only one visible tattoo here.” You mumbled, going back to your phone. You didn’t even realize the sun had come up, until you heard Derek stir in bed. “Oh my gosh. I stayed up all night.” You sighed. “(Y/N)! Where are you?” Derek exclaimed, jumping out of bed and running around the loft, completely ignoring you on the couch. “Look alive sunshine.” You chuckled to yourself. You had to, it had been months since you last recited the iconic line. “There you are!” Derek exclaimed. “I was here all night.” You smiled. “No you weren’t, you were asleep like 10 minutes after I took you to bed. When did you put eyeliner on? You look kind of like a raccoon.” Derek smiled. “I wasn’t asleep! And I had to get into character, I can’t just read Mikey Way imagines and not look the part! It’s hard putting eyeliner on in the dark.” You explained. “So you’re telling me you stayed up all night?” Derek asked. “Precisely.” You nodded. “How are you feeling?” Derek inquired, walking to the kitchen to start making coffee. “I feel like after I finish these 3 imagines I’ll pass out.” You answered. “Ah, too bad you can’t. We have a pack meeting in 30 minutes.” Derek laughed. You quickly read the imagines and rushed to get ready, hoping the shower would make you look less dead and wash away the eyeliner. Needless to say, you fell asleep on Derek’s lap 20 minutes into the meeting.

“I wish I could dance, sing, or act like her.” Theo sighed. “Same!” You praised. “No she’s my celebrity crush! You can’t like her too.” Theo scoffed. “I can like her if I want! Maybe, not in the same way you do but I can like her!” You yelled. “Not if I call her first!” He yelled. “You big baby! What are you? 5?” You questioned. “I can’t be 5! I have to be old enough for Zendaya!” Theo laughed. You quickly pulled out your phone and jokingly tweeted about the whole situation. Minutes later a certain person favorited the tweet and gave you a follow. “I win! I beat you!” You cheered. “What are you yelling about?” Theo asked. “Guess who favorited my tweet and followed me?” You replied. “Don’t you lie.” Theo said squinting his eyes. “Nope! I have proof! Look she DM'ed me! You lose!” You yelled in excitement. You quickly read the message, “That sounds so cute! Be sure to keep me posted, hope you win.” “She didn’t say that last part.” Theo sighed. “Read it for yourself, my dear.” You chuckled, tossing your phone to him. “That’s not fair! I called her!” Theo yelled. “H-honey, would you please stop yelling?” Theo’s mom asked. “We’re just having a little fun. Why don’t you go relax with dad- in your room.” Theo stated. “Yes, honey.” His mom smiled timidly. “You’re mom is such a sweetheart.” You mumbled. “Don’t change the subject!” Theo exclaimed. “It’s not my fault Zendaya likes me more!” You laughed. Theo quickly picked you up and slammed you down on the couch. “She’ll like me more as soon as she sees my face.” Theo breathed out. “Actually she just recently favorited a selfie of us and said ‘fire emoji, fire emoji, heart eye emoji, kiss emoji, and wow, you are fire! Woman crush!’ She’s so sweet to her fans.” You laughed. “Not fair! I’ve followed her longer.” Theo whined. “Actually, I followed her a long time ago, when she was still on Shake it Up! My sibling wanted me to follow her, so I did.” You exclaimed. “No need to rub it in.” Theo mumbled. “Don’t worry I like you more.” You smiled. “Well, I love you more!” Theo smiled. “Oh gosh. That was a disgusting moment. Get off me!” You gagged. “Just love me!” Theo screamed. “Leave me alone!” You replied. “I love you.” Theo mumbled, giving you puppy eyes. “I love you too.” You smiled, placing a kiss on his cheek. “My little, tiny baby.” Theo laughed, picking you up and cradling you. “I don’t like it when you call me a tiny baby.” You pouted. “Then get taller baby.” Theo chuckled. “Another argument.” You sighed.

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OMG NEW PHASE 4 GORILLAZ VIDEO! It looks really good guys!

protectziam asked:

Of course they know nothing about "Soph". They just lowkey (or highkey) want to be at her place meaning be in a relationship with a good, rich and famous, looking guy, who can buy them expensive things and go to events or fancy places. She's 'living the dream' they daydream about.

What baffles me is that many don’t seem to realise Sophiam are Elounor 2.0: attractive by society standards, beautiful woman—that we know nothing about—with a canvas-like personality, ready to have girls’ aspirations and dreams projected onto her, gets the attractive, famous, rich guy.

Because if a “fan” (or a non-famous person) can date a popstar, that means pretty much anybody can.

Offensively Handsome Guy picked up his glasses. He’d been doing something outside and he was all dusty and his hair was a mess, but he was STILL insultingly good-looking. Fuck that guy.

No really. Do it. He’s gorgeous.