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I don’t particularly trust what the writers or the producers say - they are the same people who thought it was normal to have Steve kiss Sharon only 48 hours after Peggy died,>> They justified why , Steve had been interested in her since TWS. It is not their fault as people refuse to see it. They confirm that Tony wanted to kill Bucky, I can not go against what the creators said just because I am deluded into thinking that Tony is a good guy.


look, frankly i dont care that tony tried to kill bucky - you wanna know why??? because it’s a superhero movie. they all try to kill each other at some fucking point. t’challa spent the entirety of the movie running around trying to kill bucky, wanda spent the majority of aou trying to kill the avengers, in bvs batman literally tries to kill superman….like, ,, ,, my dude it is Very Hard for me to be like upset about this when im so desensitised to it,,,,,

this genre literally does not at all care about the moral or psychological repercussions of trying to kill someone my dude! its just a stupid movie!! 

John and Paul in 2017
  • <p> <b>Paul:</b> Let's get this straight! If girls see two good looking guys in TV they get obsessed with them and pretend they are gay and in a relationship with each other even if they are married or have girfriends?<p/><b>John:</b> Basically, yes.<p/><b>Paul:</b> And they write storys about them.<p/><b>John:</b> Yep.<p/><b>Paul:</b> Hey! We're good looking and we're famous. Do you think some of those girls write storys about us too?<p/><b>John:</b> *starts sweating* I-I don't think so.<p/><b>Paul:</b> But it's possible! *gets out his mobile* Wait, I'll check it quickly on my-<p/><b>John:</b> *snatches phone from Paul and throws it away as far as he can* Believe me, it's for your own good!<p/></p>

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Janie imagine Modern AU! Jon and Sam taking selfies together and Sam gets all like "don't do the puppy dog! I'm the puppy dog guy here, you're the good-looking guy" but then Jon is like "I thought *you* were the good-looking guy" and Sam just kind of dies there and then

…. you ask I deliver, I couldn’t resist.

“I don’t… get it?” 

Fine, so maybe Sam had expected a bit more enthusiasm about his proposal, but then again he had forgotten that Jon’s cellphone is still… his father’s old Nokia 3310 whose most complicated function is playing Snake and he grimaces every time someone uses the word app in front of him. Maybe let’s take a few selfies doesn’t sound like a stellar prospect to him.

“There isn’t much to get,” Sam shrugs, taking out of his pocket the brand new phone he bought with the money he gets for giving private lessons to most of the grades below theirs. And hadn’t it felt good to buy himself a nice thing that had nothing to do with his father’s earnings, but that’s an entire other problem. “You just, like, look at the camera and snap and it takes a picture of you that you can see and then you put it on Instagram.”


“A social network where you make pictures prettier.”

Jon doesn’t still seem to get it, but then he shrugs. “I still don’t get the appeal but if you want it, sure. I mean, costs me nothing.”

Okay, Sam isn’t going to tell him that his appeal is that - they really don’t have that many pictures together and most of the existing ones are in Ned and Catelyn’s family albums and were still developed with film, because of course his father never let Sam’s mother take birthday party pictures or anything of the kind, and he’s never liked Jon much in the first place. And he knows his crush that he’s harbored for the last couple years or so is going nowhere, like hell Jon would be interested in him as anything other than the very best mates they’re now, but he kind of wants a few pictures of the two of them to look at, okay? And everyone is taking selfies these days, no one would find it suspicious.

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Chapter 10. Part 7. 

Sunday morning, Strangetown

The world was quiet. The good kind of quiet. Cassandra couldn’t remember the last time she had gotten a good night’s sleep, without being woken up by a crying baby. But it was more than the quiet. She felt at peace here, slowly stroking Ajay’s face, feeling as if all the worry in her life was gone. Sex could work wonders. The really good guy, occasionally looking up to her with that smile she liked so much, but sleepy from their morning tryst, worked even better.

“I have to be back in time for lunch.” she said with a deep sigh.

“That’s not for hours.”

“Do you have time to come with today? We’d get to spend some more time together. We could take Asher for a walk. The weather is nice.”

“Sounds good.”

She looked around and noticed for the first time a new photoframe by his bed.

“Is that you and me?”

“Yeah. It helps me miss you just a little bit less to see you there when I wake up.”

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What are you wanting to get out of this page?

Right now? I’m mostly using it as an excuse to express a side of myself (cigar man/bro) I never really have before, at least not to any meaningful extent. 💪🏼Secondary reasons? I like the attention, I’m a bit of an anxious/nerdy guy in real life, so showing off has been fun and good for my ego. Also, it’s been damn difficult to find other good looking guys closer to my age also into cigars. I figure instead of me looking for them, I can get them to come to me 😈

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Hi, I know almost nothing about Avengers Assemble but I've just caught my little brother wathcing it and I don't know which episode it was but there was a thing that left me very curious and confused. So, as a person who loves drawing Cap must have way more paintings than he has placed on walls in his room/studio, so apparently he hangs his favourites. Well, why are there so many paintings of Tony on Steve's walls??

well, you know what they say

artists draw

and are drawn

to the things

that inspire them :)


“kanshi- watching, surveillance”

This Vegeta has been in my drafts for months, and it’s been finished for so long, I just wanted to space out all of my Vegeta fan art haha! Ok, this is actually the first DBZ fan art I ever did, and I really love it!! Traditional sketch plus digital coloring! 

Obviously used a ref, but I found it on my phone months ago, and I can’t find it… It’s some shirtless man in sneakers chilling with a rock. Really active looking guy, good ref haha! 

FMA Live Action Anime Expo Panel

Okay so we weren’t allowed electronics out for most of the panel so this from memory (and on mobile so rip formatting) but BASICALLY the panel started with showing us the first trailer, then an interview with Ed’s actor and the director, then they showed us this long montage of new footage with music overlayed (!!!!), and then there was a short Q&A (which we could video so there will probably be footage of that going around but I didn’t video bc I was in line to ask a question)
Ed’s actor’s first thought after being offered the part was “wow I guess it’s finally paying off that I was never tall”
Scar and Armstrong will both be in this movie, but probably moreso in Part 2
They’re definitely intending to make more movies
They read a letter from Arakawa that was very nice and sweet and said she had seen the movie and likes it
Oh my gosh when they said they had a message from Arakawa the message part got cut off at first bc when they started talking about her everyone thought they meant SHE was here and started screaming
Looks like it’s cutting off around the Lab 5 arc? I didn’t quite catch what he said but I think that was the idea
Al is done completely with CGI but Al’s actor would stand where Al would be during the scenes so Ed’s actor said that throughout the process of filming he was able to feel like he was actually working with Alphonse
Okay so most of the footage from the first trailer is from the Loire arc and specifically from Ed’s final fight with Cornello
Including that shot of Al that was going around
Also apparently Roy is going to be in the Loire arc bc?? Reasons????? And he really dramatically sets the fake philosopher’s stone on fire
Also when Roy picks up the stone we see his gloves and that’s the first shot of him and I started cheering but I was the ONLY one no one else cheered until we panned to his face it was embarrassing
Winry is going to be brunette (and I think she’s the only blonde character not dying their hair that we saw???) and had the CUTEST DRESS YOU’VE EVER SEEN in this one shot honestly she’s SO CUTE
More footage of Nina and Alexander than my heart needed
There was a shot of Lust confronting Hughes before his death and everyone screamed
REALLY COOL footage of Roy using Flame Alchemy and sending a ton of flames against a backdrop of fire
There was a confusing shot of someone before that who looked a lot like Envy running and being completely caught on fire so I’m not sure if they’re changing things around or????
Riza walked up in front of a bunch of soldiers and kneeled down with them and got ready to shoot and everyone was screaming I almost cried SHE LOOKED SO GOOD it was A Lot
Ed pulls off his automail at one point it looked intense as hell
That’s all I can think of right now asdfghjkl it looks so good guys I’m so excited

OK RE: YESTERDAY IT WAS THE GUY IN THE BACK PLAYING THE PIANO IN THE FLANNEL SHIRT!!! what do y'all think am i deluding myself or did he look directly at me like,, several times

also didn’t film this but their next performance was a love song and he looked at me several times again throughout it gah

Warframe personalities from how I see them, by my first glance at them.

Heads up, this is a long post. Enjoy~!

Ash: Aloof mofo with a stabbing habit. could rob you of all your money in texas hold ‘em. Too much damn side eye. Kills everyone is the room, then breaks for coffee like nothing happened. Ninja who steals the last slice of cake from the fridge.

Atlas: would kick your ass then be your best bro. is dead inside? somewhat likely but can’t tell anymore. makes shitty jokes. I get he’s a one punch man stone golem, but c’mon, the guy gives pretty good hugs.

Banshee: Resting bitch face, but is sound sensitive so she has a reason. Most likely up to god knows what hours listening to music enjoying synethesia sensations. Knows a thing or two about where to find the best obscure books. Caring protective friend.

Chroma: Moody guy who just wants some fucking peace and quiet. Hoards things like trophies from kills, bet this guy has so many hunting trophies? ffs, his ult is a dragon pelt, might as well be a dragon! Really good at pissing off people without even trying.

Ember: Sassy friend wants all the tea. Best booty to boot. You see that guy over there? He’s on fire. She fucking murdered him with sick comebacks. Don’t get me wrong though, she might like her bacon crispy but she’s a pretty loyal friend. Probably would come get your ass for a revive with intent to raze the fucking field with wildfire.

Equinox: Calm balanced friend??? Has two sides she shows to different people, everyone who talks to her might find something different about her. Likes keeping a lot of houseplants in her room in the dojo. Courteous and polite and gives the best backhanded compliments under a pleasant facade.

Excalibur: Average Joe. Good at a lot but not the best, really doesn’t give his best. Very athletic. rushes through missions impatiently. Might play too many hack’n’slash games in his spare time.

Frost: Stoic, quiet, probably has some thought going on at all times. Reads a lot of mythology from before the orokin era. Procrastinates and stalls for his buddies while holding down the fort. solid person to talk to if you need someone to listen.

Hydroid: The guy has enough mentions about tentacle porn, it’s safe to say he’s hoarding a hentai stash somewhere. or people assume. just a guy who loves the water, could talk for days about fish and where to find all the best seafood restaurants. has had enough people mentioning pirates around him. has a good, hearty laugh.

Inaros: Tired, always fucking tired. Sleep? I’ll sleep when I’m dead. if you can kill me, that is. Mmm. nom. Corpus tastes metallic. Grineer tastes like really bad slimy chicken. I’m not sharing what infested taste like. Shields? What the heck is that? Appreciates old architecture and hoards ayatan statues.

Ivara: Sneaky sneaky~ I got an arrow for just about any job. Just because i am a cyclops doesn’t mean i don’t have depth perception, dumbass. Carefree happy lady, fun to talk to. Makes lots of banter with teammates on missions.

Limbo: Trolls might love this guy, why doesn’t he have a fedora helmet yet? I’ve not seen enough Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure to know what those references mean. He’s a real gentleman, very inquisitive. He’s a scientist? Aw, cool. Prolly spacing out while carousing through the rift, thinking about his next project.

Loki: The Cheeseframe is what people call him. Knows where all the loot is, all the time. Giggling and pulling pranks 24/7. Can do shit effortlessly and stares at his team wondering why the fuck the had to trigger the damn alarm in a mission. Also, hammerhead shark. This guys likes playing card games too.

Mag: In a state of calm and panic at the same time. Doesn’t show much though. Magnetic personality? Could crush your heart in a minute. Has a good taste in interior design, rather good at art deco/ industrial. Has some walls to get through before befriending her, but melts like a marshmellow when ya do.

Mesa: 360 no scope!!! It’s high noon! okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s keep going. Keeps an orderly schedule, off doing solo missions all the time. Loves a good movie, could talk about her favorite film for hours. Deserts are dry? So is her humor. Would shoot you without even thinking.

Mirage: You thought Loki’s pranks were bad? At least her enemies get these night mare shows and not you. This chick loves horror films, special effects make up and disco. Pretty good at good at lighting up the room and your smile. She really just wants a good time, okay?

Nekros: Sick mofo who tells dead baby jokes. Has some interesting kinks. Rarely eats, if ever. Would look you dead in the eye and try to tell you bad puns seriously as possible. Has seen the dead walk again, thinks they’re best buddies. good guy to go to a graveyard with.

Nezha: Srsly good looking.. guy? girl? oh idc he can be genderfluid and i’d still think he’s attractive. Got serious hula skills. Never takes himself seriously and just loves going for long missions. Knows a thing or two about culture, rather classy guy but can be a bit childish. Never really grew up, but you don’t notice that behind the charm.

Nidus: This is the I-don’t-give-a damn guy. He wrecks everything he touches, spreads space aids, yet his personality is far from cancer. Very good with animals. A bit messy. Too many damn things talking in his head from the infested and ignores them like a champ. They bend to his will.

Nova: A Good Egg, if slightly cracked. Giggles at the mention of inane words. Everything explodes!!! ADHD in a frame. Good natured wholesome friend who loves everyone. Bad habit of breaking appliances and electronics. Geiger counters near her start playing Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive?

Nyx: Look at this frame. You took a good warframe and gave it anxiety, sheesh. Shy, kinda hard to deal with hearing everyone’s thoughts sometimes. ain’t got time for your drama. Loves talking about current events, but not much of a gossip out of respect for others. giant personal space bubble, do not touch!

Oberon: Royal pain in the ass, but a lovable doofus so you kinda just let it go. Very protective dad friend, complete with dad jokes. Probably would like to finish your sandwich if you’re not gonna eat it. Would open his home to you if you needed a couch to surf on.

Octavia: This girl loves all music, could help you find just the mix you were looking for. Got sick dance moves too. Might have been in band. Would happily binge watch any tv show with you and discuss everything about it. You don’t know what so charming about her, but you really like her so you always accept her invites. Had a bad habit of fidgeting.

Rhino: This guy could bench press a grineer ship in one hand and corpus ship in the other. you don’t move out of his way, he runs you over, simple as that. gym rat, for sure. somewhat impatient. watches way too many superhero blockbusters and devours the comics. Mows down the entire enemy wave just get your sorry bleeding ass back up and fighting again.

Saryn: Oh, good lotus, this chick has got good looks and a deadly touch. Cunning girl could outsmart anyone. Low key annoyed in general. Would back stab you without a thought, given a reason. Knows a lot about cooking. I mean, if you’re going to poison someone or at least know how to work in the biolab you should probably know how this type of chemistry works. dodges responsibility a lot tho.

Titania: flighty as fuck, gets startled easily. graceful; she has good fashion sense. you have no idea where she came from in the room. fairy tales are definitely her thing, but happy endings really aren’t true with that state of things right now in the solar system. too many butterflies, but is fine with it since they help her stay calm. Actually really good at flying archwings, I think?

Trinity: First one to rush into the fight, last one to leave until everyone is okay. Is the Mom friend. Likes to be helpful. Rather much a bitch to those she hates. She may have an open heart, but don’t walk all over this girl. Cross her once, shame on you. Cross her twice, she leaves you for dead on eris, end of story.

Valkyr: Look, she’s been through some shit, has ptsd, the very least you can do is give her a cat plushie and your support, okay? Gets angry easily and has meltdowns. She’s not a pushover. She knows what’s best, she can endure. semi serious, jokes fly over her head. it may take a bit for her to like you. literally a cat frame, you don’t know love until you’ve been loved by a cat.

Vauban: Forget Limbo being a troll. This is THE trollframe. Went to college for engineering, came back out a smart ass. Don’t loan money to him, he prolly won’t pay ya back. Pretty good drinking buddy tho. Reads a shit ton of shakespear to know what that sense of humor really is. Shit poster, meme hoarder extrordinaire. you can have a grenade! And you can have a grenade! YOU ALL CAN HAVE GRENADES!

Volt: Impeccable taste mixed with sharp commentary. Why does he have a helmet that’s a boob? maybe he has a high schooler’s sense of humor? would be honest with you and tell you straight up what needs to be done. This guy likes expensive suits. Has a tendency to be impulsive.

Wukong: Has loads of stories to tell. Good memory. Can comeback from just about any setback. determined and will happily grind with you in missions for hours. Also pretty damn stubborn and doesn’t listen well to others, kinda has to speak first.

Zephyr: Life’s a breeze here, right? Kinda goes with whatever and has a hard time deciding on things. Kinda clumsy too. Crashes raids and blows away the enemy. Usually minds her own business with her head in the clouds.

I’m sat here at work, behind the bar, on a very slow day.  As I’m sat here, I’m listening to a conversation about the 13th Doctor, between a friend of mine and her sister.  Mind you, Stephanie(my friend) is a lesbian, staunch feminist and HUGE Doctor Who fan…Christa is fan of the show.  Now, this conversation took a turn I hadn’t expected it to, being as it centred round how wonderful it was to have a female Doctor.  Roughly about 15 minutes in, Stephanie switched gears so quickly, even Christa was caught off guard by it, as was I.

What made Stephanie switch gears so fast, was something Christa said about Peter Capaldi, and the 12th Doctor, and how wrongly cast the Doctor had been.  Stephanie stopped mid-sentence, glared hard at Christa, and very calmly said “How do you figure it was badly cast?”  Christa, without missing a beat, “Capaldi was too old, and definitely not hot enough looking for the part.”  Stephanie goes, “Anything else?”   “His acting was very wooden, dull and repetitive.  Comes from being too old.  Bad idea to cast him as the Doctor.”   

Stephanie simply says, “Were you even watching the same show I was? Because, I very highly doubt you were.”  Christa didn’t answer, so Stephanie continued on.  “So, what you’re saying is, had they cast a younger, hot looking man, regardless of how good, or bad, his acting was, this younger, hotter looking man would’ve been better casting?”  Christa nods, “Definitely.”  “Ok, so we have a female Doctor now.  You and many others, are gushing over this fact, right?”  “Yes.”  “It’s thrilling, I get that.  I’m thrilled by it, too.  But, what I do not get, is how every single one of you are so surprised by some of the backlash over this casting.”   Christa, stares at her for a second, “What do you mean?”  “What I’m saying is, did you forget something very crucial here?”  

Christa looks rather confused by this question.  Even I’m not sure, at this point, where Stephanie is going with this.

Christa finally says, “I’ve no clue what you’re talking about.”

Stephanie, “The crucial point is, every single one of you, who are now waxing poetic about getting a female Doctor, were also the same exact ones tearing down Capaldi and the 12th Doctor.  Bitching and moaning about how he wasn’t young enough, how he wasn’t good enough looking to be the Doctor.  Did you all of sudden, forget doing that?  Did you collectively forget being superficial, shallow ageists?  Or, is it something you’d rather forget, now that it’s being said about this Doctor, and the fact they are female? You’re so surprised by the sexism being tossed around, and why is that?  Why?  Because you’re looking in a mirror at yourselves, and it’s not a very pretty image, is it?  Was it perfectly okay when you were doing it?  No, it wasn’t.  It was mean, cruel, cold and narrow minded.  Is it perfectly okay for those doing it now?  Absolutely not.  It’s never okay, period.  Everyone has a right to their opinions, doesn’t make them right.  Just because you, and many others, did not like Capaldi, or his Doctor, doesn’t mean that no one did.  And, just because many are thrilled to get a female Doctor, doesn’t mean everyone is going to feel the same.  They are nothing more than opinions on how YOU, as an individual, see it.  It does not make your opinion the be all, end all…you can’t throw out ‘everyone better agree with me, or else,’  bs.  You end up looking the fool, if you do.  You end up mighty surprised, and very angry, when someone else goes, ‘No, I don’t agree.’  Again, why the surprise?  Why the anger?  How can you be, when YOU were doing the same thing to them?”

Me and Christa were both sat with our jaws in our laps.  

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“So let’s go back to Classic Who, which you’ve watched numerous times.  Now, you even had opinions on all those Doctors, same as many others do.  Again, many of you have tossed about the ‘not good looking, too old, too young, too this, too that,’ nonsense…’the acting is wooden, dull ‘blah, blah, blah. Same utter bs is going on now.  The reboot comes along, they give us Eccleston, Tennant and Smith.  And guess what they were?  Good looking and young.  But what happened?  Along came Capaldi, and oh my god, every single one of you flipped your shit over it!  Instead of going, ‘It’s the Doctor, our hero still lives!’ what did you do?  You started tearing him down before you even knew what he’d be like.  You screamed ‘Too old! He’s ugly!  He’s not Tennant or Smith!’  Because that’s where the so-called loyalty lay.  It was with the good looking, younger guys who ignited wet dreams.  You collectively went ‘Ewwwwwwwwwwww’ and stopped watching the show.”

(let me add, that about half way through that last part, Stephanie stops, grins widely and says, “I’ll admit, even though I’m a lesbian, I’d go bi in a heart beat for Capaldi!  Good lord, that man is beautiful!”)

All Christa has said up to this point is, “This isn’t the same thing! They don’t compare at all!” Stephanie shrugs, “They are the same thing.  Just worded differently to fit the situation.  All those who were tearing Capaldi down, and who still are, even now, don’t understand where the one is, you’ll have the other.  Sexism, ageism, superficiality, bigotry etc, are all nasty and narrow-minded thinking.  We are ALL guilty of this thinking process.”

Finally, I think Stephanie realised I was sat there.  She looks at me and says, “And, your thoughts on everything I’ve said?”  I was like, “Er, well…” She grins, “You are part of the Capaldi camp, right?”  “And, proud to be.”  “And, you had shit lobbed at you for liking him? “Yeah.”  She shook her head, says “I’m seeing all kinds of hate thrown at him now, even more so the ‘Finally! We’ve a GOOD Doctor, a cute Doctor.  And, we will finally have GOOD stories again!’  I’m sure you feel like these people are comparing the 12th Doctor to a annoying road bump on the way to the amusement park.”  I nodded.  “It feels that way, yeah.” She smiles, “Oh, now don’t you feel that way!  Without 12,without all his grumpiness, his childlike wonder, his insanity, or his actual character development, would we even have the 13th?” She smiles more, leans forward and says, “No, we wouldn’t.  But don’t you worry, 12 isn’t going anywhere, he’s always right there, where he should be, in the heart. And if anyone tries to tear you down for the fact that you adore him, adore him harder! Same goes for everyone adoring ALL the Doctors, including 13. “

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Hello!!~ can you have BTS react to their girlfriend wearing a really short skirt or something really sexy in general and the other members check her out?~ sorry if it's to specific ^^

Thanks for Requesting!

Rap Monster:

*Hard glare towards the members and would be extremely protective*

“You get a good enough look, guys?”

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*Would make sure you stay near him and away from the others*

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*Would kick their asses but would spare them (lmao)*

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*Wouldn’t care that much unless they tried something (like hit on you, etc)*

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*Would feel uneasy and insecure, like you’d leave him for one of the others*

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*Would make his girlfriend change into something else*

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*Would kill them all*

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Don’t know if anybody translated this, but I got an ask asking me to do it so here you go :) It was a little hard to do in a good way since they jump between people all the time haha. (and lol I’m dying at her comment about Henrik’s jacket)

Interviewer: Can we hear your Noora catchphrase?
Josefine: My Noora catchphrase?
Interviewer: Maybe the one with “fiskekakene” (the fish cakes)?
Josefine: Oh god!

Interviewer: Hi my name is Petra
Josefine: Hi, Josefine
Interviewer: Hi Josefine, nice to meet you! Skam is a big success in Denmark, and we’ve asked the danish fans to send some questions. Are you in on it?
Josefine: Yes

Interviewer: (to carl martin) Why do you think Skam is a big success, no matter if people are 15 or 40 years old?

Ulrikke: Skam; feelings, the experience of growing up and find yourself, is universal. 

Carl Martin: Because it’s a series that takes the target group seriously and that dares to bring up important subjects 

Iman: I think it is because alot of people can relate to at least something. Maybe not everything, but something, in Skam. 

Interviewer: Is there any chance that you would fall for a danish person? 
Marlon: Yeah, I think so.

Interviewer: (to henrik) Why do you have your jacket hanging down there?

Interviewer: In Denmark, there are 40 year old women who’s drooling over all of you. 
Carl Martin: Yeah I’ve gotten some messages.. 
Interviewer: Is somebody writing you? 
Carl Martin: Yeah but it’s very nice though, most often it’s very nice. 

Interviewer: How was it to kiss another man? 
Henrik: To kiss another man is not much different than to kiss a woman. Except that there’s a little.. 
Interviewer: beard?
Henrik: Beard and stuff, 
Interviewer: It scratches? 
Henrik: It scratches. Now I’m lucky that Tarjei hasn’t gone that far in puberty that he’s got a full beard. 

Interviewer: Do I have the right lipstick on today? 
Josefine: It looks very good. You’re more Noora than me. 

Interviewer: (to ulrikke) Can we hear your catchphrase? 

Interviewer: (to carl martin) “kødder du?” (are you kidding?)
Carl Martin: oh yeah, “kødder du?”

Ulrikke: “William is the most good looking and funny guy!”

Rakel: “I think i’m gonna go to bed again”
Interviewer: You’re good! 

Noora: What is it that i’m saying now again… 

Carl Martin: “Eskild, you’ve taken my fish cakes!” I think it’s something along that line? But that’s not my catchphrase! 
Interviewer: Haha no, you can’t take somebody elses catchphrase. 

Josefine: “I was gonna eat two fish cakes at five o clock, and now i’m not getting any fish cakes!”

Iman: “sshhh…stop talking”
Interviewer: That’s good!!

Interviewer: Josefine can you give all the danish fans a greeting in danish into the camera? And you decide yourself what you wanna say.
Josefine: Oh i’m so bad at danish!
Josefine: (trying to sound danish).. Hi.. Denmark

Marlon: (trying to sound danish) Hi hi, Watcha doin man? For fucks sake. 

Ina: (trying to sound danish) It’s alot of fun… 

Cengiz: *mumbles something that isn’t even words*

Ulrikke: *mumbles something that isn’t even words*

Ina: .. to watch skam. 

Ina: Thank you so much for watching Skam, you’re so amazing and there hadn’t been any Skam without you.  

Interviewer: there!

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twelve

Summary: You fly out for Asylum and meet up with the rest of the cast, only to find out that you have to do your first ever solo panel in front of two thousand fans
Words: 4.4k (+ tweets)
Jared x Reader x Gen, Misha, Kim, Briana, Danneel, Jensen, JJ
Warnings: smut-ish phone calls, mild angst, fluff
Beta: @blacksiren

IKYW Masterpost

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In-flight wifi was a God sent gift on the flight to London.

Despite appearing calm and feeling tired, you couldn’t get to sleep for the first few hours due to anxious energy.

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99% of my crushes are +10 years older than me and out of my reach

‘What are the Odds?’ Part Six

Summary: After a summer of messing around, you were now ready for your first day as a NYPD officer. However, nothing could have prepared you for the surprise that was in store for you. Your team consists of all your summer one-night-stands. What are the odds? (Modern-Day Alternate Universe Series, based off of ‘Mamma Mia!’)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 950 (My writing never seems to be consistent when it comes to length. 😂) 

Previous Part: Part Five

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Zac Efron as Ted Bundy Could be Movie Role of a Lifetime, Says Bundy's Lawyer
Zac Efron taking on the role of Ted Bundy.

Zac Efron taking on the role of Ted Bundy is such dead-on casting, it could be the role Zac is ultimately remembered for … according to the man who defended the infamous serial killer.

John Henry Browne, Bundy’s lawyer in the ‘70s and early '80s, tells TMZ … Efron’s background as a charming heartthrob gives him an edge tapping into Bundy’s persona – the smooth talking, good looking guy who seduced young women.

That’s the easy part, though. Browne says Zac’s real challenge will be capturing the Bundy’s “essence of evilness.” He says if Zac can nail that, it would be such a departure … it could make his career.

The lawyer says he had meetings about turning his book, “The Devil’s Defender,” into a TV series … and Efron’s name also came up then.

As for which Bundy flick will be better – Efron’s “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” or Mark Harmon’s 1986 TV movie, “The Deliberate Stranger” – Browne’s picking Zac.

But only because Harmon’s script kinda sucked.