Oh dear god, please let these rumors of Hugh Laurie playing J. Jonah Jameson be true. That is literally the only person I can imagine taking over the role from JK Simmons.


Happy birthday Robin Williams (21/7/1951) - ( 11/8/2014) 💖Rest in peace 💖

Fuck hot actors (but also fuck hot actors, you know?)

Do you ever see an actor and just kind of go…
No… You’re not allowed to look like you’d play catch with my younger brother and discuss things or play beer pong with my cousins at a family reunion and call my father sir and hold my hand and kiss my temple and then pull a 180 and cut off a text conversation because I said something endearing but hot and flirty and it made you horny and you have to drive across town to climb into my bedroom window on the second floor in the middle of the night and screw me senseless while swallowing my screams because my parents are down the hall.
Like no, you fucking asshole, you aren’t allowed. Fuck off you beautiful hot mess (but also fuck me because you’re perfect dammit)


Feeling blue about The Fosters this summer so I thought I’d get these snarky things off my chest: 

When will they go ahead and rename the show “The Callie” since that’s the only theme the writers seem invested in? 

Could someone provide Brandon with an opportunity to look anything other than hungover? How does such a good looking actor always look so miserable on screen? 

So exiting Jesus and never talking about him again kinda sorta followed a teeny bit of logic given the actor change (we get it, things happen), but now Jude? An entire episode off screen with one throw away line to remind us he’s still theoretically part of the show?

anonymous asked:

Hello, fellow INTP thespian. I was wondering if you could please give me some advice on body movement? I can do almost anything with my voice, but I'm always very self-conscious about how my body is positioned/how I'm moving, especially onstage. My ISFP friend always makes it seem so effortless and I feel hopelessly awkward and clumsy in comparison. Do you have any tips for practicing movement and/or being more confident with my physicality onstage? Thank you!

I’m also very self-conscious with my body movements while acting and it’s not natural for me at all. What I did was to study people extensively. See how others move and act when they have certain emotions. Studying films is always a good way. Look for actors with clean movements and flow (i.e. each movement means to communicate something, not just moving randomly for no purpose). I got into this habit since I started doing character animation and really had to observe movements, and recreate them to communicate something meaningful.

When you act, pick a character you like that you’re familiar with that would fit this kind of situation and pretend to be them. You don’t have to be yourself while you act.