Sucy Manbavaran from Little Witch Academia. After two very successful short movies, this anime is finally getting its own series and Mod A couldn’t be happier since (aside from the fact it’s just really good) she gets to see more of Sucy. It feels like shows like this are finally moving away from “waifu face” and actually giving us some girls with personality in their designs. Sucy’s all over droopiness and her subdued colour pallete make her stand out in thes best way. She’s like the lovechild of Morticia Addams and Ponyo’s Fujimoto. What’s not to love?

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Presenting, Naranja Burleith for @theunnamedsimmer‘s Harpsichord BC

Naranja never knew that the day she was born that she’d be living the life of mystical villainy. Born into the world (accidentally) by her two lesbian good witch mothers . Naranja was always taught to do the right thing with her magic and not to cause any trouble for anyone else. For the most part, Naranja practiced her magic like a good little witch but she felt like something was missing from her life but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. When she turned into a teen, she dated this girl who was a master at dark magic. That was the kind of magic Naranja has never seen before and was warned to stay away from. Her girlfriend pressured her into tryuing the magic out for herself untilshe finally gave in and the moment she did a whole new world opened up for her. It’s like she could feel the possibilities and the excitement she craved could finally be fulliled. Also it was from that day on, Naranja changed from the good little witch, to the sultry evil witch we know her as today. She ran away from home with her girlfriend only to break up with a week later because she was “slowing her down. (and she even froze her on top of that)

The kind of chaos that she was taught not to cause was all she makes nowadays and she doesn;t want to stop until the sound of her name strikes fear into everyone’s hearts. She’s now on the hunt for someone who can accept her and her villainous ways in hope to rule together….

…or maybe they can bring he old Naranja back? Who knows?

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