BTS Fancafe level up tutorial/guidelines

I’m uploading this again because I’m tired of receiving asks on it even when I repeated it again and again… So here is an updated version.

As always clarification: 

  1. I will NOT translate/share the question/answers to the level up question as it is prohibited~ So this is just to help you know where you should head to, what to do and stuffs.
  2. Do not ask me what kind of image you need to include in the level up form.
  3. Do not ask me what you need to include on the image.
  4. Do not ask me to do your level up form for you.

Go to their fancafe (make sure you have a fancafe account if you don’t check here *cr to Bangtan Tumblr* for tutorial)

Click on each on the respective days to level up. The question will be different for each days.

등업신청_월화수 for Monday to Wednesday
등업신청_목금토 for Thursday to Saturday

*No level up on Sunday*


The answering section looks like this, so you need to lock your post before you submit it! only the highlighted parts are the parts that’s important.

The questions for the leveling up are under the answering section, it is numbered you can’t miss it. The first 2 questions are always fixed, as for Number 3-7, you need to check the questions on the last page of the section

The questions will be in an attached image posted by ONLINE_Staff.

It is okay to answer in simple English, UNLESS the question require the answer in Korean, you will know if you check. The questions are actually easy and you can be able to figure it out by using Google translation! Because people did and succeeded! But a tip to it, don’t copy the whole thing and translate, copy it phrase by phrase to make sense.

The format can be simply 1. XXX 2. XXX 3. XXX etc.

They will ask you to attach images to answer some questions, just comment on your post with the image (in orders) and lock your comment by pressing the lock there.

AFTER submitting the form, it will take around 1-3 week’s time to see if you have been approved to level up. Just look at your profile

If you realized you want to change your answer before the staffs checked your answer, you can press 수정 at your post and edit it.

press on  정보 to see and if your number is now “2” that means you have leveled up! If it’s still “1” then you probably got rejected you need to re-do… 

but if you want to make sure you can go to 등업리턴 for your application form, if it is there you can just go and check if you want, why it was rejected, or you can just go ahead and do another level up form.

and then press 내가 댓글 to check for your level up form!


*EXTRA* (for phone ver)


Firstly get a Daum app on your phone! Sign in if you already have an account, if you don’t sign up~ Go to Bangtan’s fancafe after signing in!


Press the respected one for each respected days to level up.

After that you will come to this page and press 글쓰기

This is where you should fill up your level up form

To insert photos

As for locking up your post. Press 등록 on the top right to submit and you’re done!

If you want to check if your form had been returned or not just go to


PS to check for nickname rules go to 전체공지 search for the post 방탄소년단 공식팬카페 닉네임 규정사항 (Ver.20130616) For an English version of nickname rules : HERE


So that’s all! If you have anymore question please just ask me at my tumblr I’ll answer it personally when I have time~ And if I find it helpful I’ll add on to the tutorial.

Please do not take out my tutorial and claim as your own and remember NOT TO leak the questions or give out answers, at least not in public~~~ Actions will be taken if being caught. good luck~!

(Last Updated 20150703)

PS: Also refer to HERE for any fancafe related questions on the FANCAFE QUESTIONS section.

Alright, WoD has an asston of faults. But the art team has been on goddamn point. (Especially for having to come up with so many variants of ORC CIVILIZATION PLZ.) I find myself way too excited to look at every little bit of each zone and all of them are beautiful in their own right. 

Also I dun care what anyone says Botani are the scariest shit every produced in this game they legit freak me out. I’m half debating looking for as many deeply disturbing things as possible and just having a list of them. Because there’s plenty this time around. 

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Ben looks tired and not as put together as his other appearances. Must be the little one plus Hamlet rehearsals. Having said that, he still looks a 1000x better than he has the right to. Not. Fair.

I think people were saying it’s super hot over there right now too. That’ll make you look pretty tired! Though, to me I feel like he looked about like normal. The normal “1000x better than he should and not fair” level of good lol! 😄😉 (NOT TO MENTION BRAND NEW MOM SOPHIE LOOKING EVEN MORE UNFAIR GORGEOUS!)

Yo, Bernie Sanders Supporters

Listen, we all should love Bernie, but I’m gonna need you to know that your boy’s chance of winning the nomination are slim. His chances of actually becoming president, pretty nil. I mean, crazier things have happened, but we all know it’s not gonna happen. I think? Well, some of you don’t. 

And I’m worried that you’ll use Bernie’s almost inevitable defeat as a way to through up hands and be cynical about democracy. Which is, actually, in its owns weird way, putting too much faith in elected democracy to begin with. Plus I kind of think its a narcissistic, immature way to view democracy. “Well, neither of these two candidates have my exact positions! The system is broken!!!!!” Yeah, it wasn’t set up that way to begin with, especially at the presidential level. 

The good things that are gonna come out of a Sanders candidacy, realistically, is pushing Hillary to the left and showing that Sanders’ policies are potentially viable in the mainstream democratic party. So, even if he loses, there’s still good things to come out of this! Especially if you remain active. 

Let’s also remember how Sanders got here in the first place: People went out and supported his campaigns on the local and state levels. He was a mayor, then congressmen, then Senator. On the other side, as an example, Marco Rubio got his political start by being elected to the commission of a town with less than 6,000 people. 

Let’s also remember, as we all know from Obama’s presidency, a President’s ultimate effectiveness is determined by the makeup of the congress he’s working with. 

So, please do not put all your “hope for democracy!” eggs in the Sanders basket. 

Make sure you support good candidates in your senate and house primaries as well. There’ll be very competitive Senate elections in Wisconsin, Illinois and Florida, and there’s some good announced or potential Democratic candidates in the mix. 

Make sure you also go out and vote in your state and local elections as well. Your votes actually matter more there, and the effects of those elections might even have more direct effect on your life and your community. 

/end Civics 101 lecture. 

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How low is low carb? and what is the min\max requirement of carbs each day?im reallllyyy stuck in how much carbs to each for mealss helpp xx

Yo real talk I tried to be low carb this spring while being vegetarian and i had such a hard time because starch is my favorite food but I almost never have an appetite. Dr. Bernstein says to have 6g at breakfast, 12g at lunch, and 12g at dinner so total that’s 54g of carbs for the whole day. hackdiabetes had a really good post about low carb because there’s this huge misunderstanding that humans always need carbs and that type ones need carbs so we don’t get low. Try getting your meals down to 30, then 20, and 15 grams. 

Now to digress from your question a little bit: There’s a LowCarb High Fat group on facebook if you want to join but my goodness their bg levels stay at 90mg/dL all day and they’re eating like 4g of carbs for some meals, taking 2 extra units for food a day. Crazy. Some LCHF type ones don’t seem low carb but actually“no carb” lol. I couldn’t do it because I like muffins and that’s 50g right there. I try not to go over 60g per meal. Sometimes my daily total is 60g, which is still low compared to the “average American”. 
Really, I think the best way (other than quitting all carbs cold turkey) is to eliminate added sugars from your diet, stick to whole grains, but keep it at a minimum, trying to reduce your intake. Choose-this-not-that kind of technique. Your kidneys will thank you. I hope you’re more successful at it than I am.

Videogame logic


armor for girls: piece of ductape round the titties and cachoocha and YOURE GOOD TO GO LEVEL 5000000 ARMOR RIGHT THERE

Lana Parrilla writing “love wins” on swan queen memorabilia at the Brazilian convention today feels super important. Did fans ask her to, or was it unprompted? Because if unprompted, it shows she’s not just writing bland messages of support; but has actively thought about how the Supreme Court ruling would apply to Emma & Regina, and applies to her fans. Which is pretty freaking cool.

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its funny how you called out on mac for the rape joke (which she removed) but then you have no problem shipping solangelo, an extremely problematic abusive ship. A bit hypocritical.

Show me proof that Solangelo is abusive

Because Will’s comments towards Nico were abrasive and rude, but he has no idea of what Nico has been through, and at the end of the Blood of Olympus may have just viewed him as a new friend who is a increasingly stubborn patient.

Did Will give Nico some harsh comments? Yes.

Did he make these comments because he was trying to help Nico? Yes.

Could he have found a better way to help him besides give a few rude comments? Yes.

Was he under the stress of preventing the destruction of an entire camp at the time? Yes.

Does he have any idea of what Nico has been through, besides shadow-traveling a statue back to camp with two other people, nearly killing himself in the process, and being part of an epic quest? No.

If Will had known what Nico had been through, it’s a possibility that he wouldn’t have said those comments, or at least would have found a different way to say them.

However, at the time, he and Nico had maybe talked once or twice prior to the battle in canon. So Will doesn’t know too much about Nico.

Not to mention that most demigods are ADHD, and some ADHD people (such as myself) often blurt out comments without thinking about them. Will probably just said whatever was on his mind.

That’s the only instance I can think of of Will acting in an abusive matter towards Nico.

I am not defending Will’s actions or comments. I am merely trying to explain why he may have said them. I do not like some of the comments he gave to Nico, and I hope that he apologizes for them at some point in canon.

Renarin in the Duel

Because a surface reading of that scene has never felt right to me, so now you get to hear my long-winded alternative interpretation.

[Major Words of Radiance spoilers below the cut]

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