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Could you draw a step by step thing to show how to draw Maccready?

No but I can show you how I draw MacCready

Big head, skinny neck, normal width shoulders (^drew them narrow here lol) but overall skinny figure. Has a pretty good jawline too that I didn’t mention.

BTS reactions to you having weird sleeping habits

A/N: lol thnx, we lov the name too (he got a good jawline) but thanks for requesting, I rlly lov this idea! -amelia ps. i’ve rlly been wanting to use this Jungkook gif. 


He will wake you up and confront you. Boy needs his beauty rest and nobody will come between him and at least 10 hours of sleep. Oh no. Not happening. (lol ur jungkook)

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He’s a cuddler and finds your habits extremely irresistible. He’ll start to get tired of them though and threaten to sleep on the couch but you can’t control your habits and he knows so he lies there susceptible to them anyway.

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Hoseok is also a restless sleeper and neither of you wake up when the others flailing about. (You’re heavy sleepers too). But one night he wakes up to go to the bathroom with your foot in his face and all he can think is ‘huh, that’s new.’

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Namjoon likes it when you talk in your sleep. You say the darnedest things and when he can’t sleep listening to you mumble makes his tired body peaceful enough that he drifts away again in no time.

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Jimin is in love with your habits. Each time he’s woken up from them he has the stupidest smile on his face. He can’t help it, he’ll never tire of them.

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When he first wakes up from those habits he’s like 'YES’ Bc isn’t it ideal that his girlfriend has cute sleeping quirks. He’s swooning so hard, he’s super duper lucky.

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Your Jungkookie will at first find your habits cute but eventually he’ll be waking up in the middle of the night with an unfazed expression. He’s damn salty but he finds you adorable still so he deals with it.

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