hey!! so I started an art journal not so long ago and I found some really cool/inspiring resources that I’ve found v helpful and I thought and I’d share them with all of you!! whether you’re familiar with art journaling or you’re just getting into it, I hope you find this masterpost helpful and good luck!! (ib: artpricot)

the basics 

why you should keep a journal

how to journal

what is an art journal (and how to start one)

DIY moleskine journal

must-have supplies

themes for your journal

how to collage in your art journal

art journal techniques

journal ideas/prompts

journal inspiration

50 art journal prompts

the sketch book of oliver jeffers and friends

random art prompt generator

my art journal tag (updated)

180 journal writing prompts

100 ideas (keri smith, creator of wreck this journal)


how to press flowers in a journal

playlists for making art

the sketchbook project

feel free to add on any resources/ask me any journal related questions! 

(reminder: there is no such thing as messing up!)

I keep thinking about @arcanebarrage’s Hang the Fool, and I had to draw this scene..

@ people with intestinal, bowel, stomach issues

I feel really sorry for those with intestinal issues like IBD, IBS or anything like that because it feels like theyre unabled to talk about their issues because its considered “gross” or too “inappropriate”.

or worse, people think that theyre entitled to know what the illness does to them, even if they dont want to talk about it.

theyre either taught that talking about their illness is disgusting or theyre taught that they shouldnt have privacy, that theyre not allowed to say no.

I just really wanna say im sorry to those who have to go through that, because you are not gross and you deserve to talk about your issues as much as you want or to not talk about your issues at all.

you are not gross for having an illness that has to do with your stomach, you should never be ashamed or embarressed to have medical issues.

talking about your issues is not inapropriate.

not wanting to talk about your issues does not make you mean, or rude, it makes you a person who wants their privacy.

You deserve the right to vent and rant and educate

you also deserve the right to privacy.

you are strong

you are important

you matter.

and you shouldnt never have to feel guilty or apologize for having a medical issue, no matter what that issue is.

sorry if this doesnt sound that good, or if im not explaining well, i hope this comes out well tho.


31/8/16 [22:25] >> I’ve been extremely productive for the past few days and I’m really proud of myself!! So far today, I’ve finished typing up some psych notes, did some research for my RTP in english, finished two psych projects, started the 2.1 study guide for psych, and finished the two practice worksheets for physics. I still have to finish the study guide, two french assignments, chapter 6 of Gatsby, and rewriting out notes for three different classes.

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probably one of the funniest videos i have seen in a long time