Hey so this is totally random but I wanted to show appreciation to some of my lovely friends and mutuals by posting some stories/fun facts about these little shits(btw if ur a mutual of mine and were not included don’t take offense my ad/hd just has it out for u)

@greendancinunicorn so the first time I met them they were wearing this leather vest of theirs and if you know Charlie she is not short so everyone was super intimidated by her and then she spoke and everyone realized how fucking adorable she is (also she is such a mom)

@all-the-broken-glass-sparkling MILK STAN I fucking love this girl!! Simma is literally my wife!! She also has this adorable thing where she doesn’t swear so instead she says shit like goodness gracious and oh my *gasp*

@worldsbestsquirrel so squirrel and i go way back on this hell site and we have been mutuals for like ever yeah okay they are just amazing

@levins18  and I also have been mutuals for a while and she is my tumblr BFF like literally…I just love their work!!! Check her out if ur into hp

@quickly-falling-apart  is so sweet she is also soo quiet and I literally think we need a bell so she stops scaring me

@tragicbrownlesbian  is such a sweet person and like ahhhh! Also they are so hecking pretty!!

@neon-astronaught and I started talking when they were helping me procrastinate and for some reason they still follow me after my socially awkward ass fucked up (so super sweet!!!)

@all-da-fandoms is my dad and will fight you (also Chris has great hair and can sing like really well!!)

@crazygingerwitch and I used to talk a lot but we don’t anymore and like :( but they are amazing and super funny

@frankoceanity is never on Tumblr but I love them irl so

@sunpup is the reason I am still alive for multiple reason and is a literal sunshine

@cinxer-blackburn has been mutuals with me since the literal beginning and always supports me so ahhh!!!

@drowning-in-stardust is a bitch but I’m her extrovert so I have to take care of her or she would be in jail

@messerprongs who is an outstanding citizen and a jily Stan (I love them!!)

@ellaraeraerae who is a literal ANGEL!! honestly like I love her and we used talk a ton but fell out of touch:((((

And I have a long list of people I have been mutuals with for a while but i don’t want to spam people’s dashboards so that is for later

anonymous asked:

Do you have a list of people you want to kill? If so, who is on it and why? (All the characters!)

(( Love this, though I did an actual grandma-style “oh my!” out loud when I read the question. “Goodness gracious!”  Have a few, if not all! ))

Jovan, amused:  “I can’t say I’ve never seen a list like that.  One idiot who tried to hire the Falcons years ago brought us a list of to-kill on a tavern napkin, like a list to take to the grocery.  We didn’t take the job, but I imagine someone did. Someone as desperate as he was.”

Nora, startled.  “People make lists?”

Randall shoots the questioner a sidelong glance.  His eyes are narrowed, but that’s because one’s swollen shut with a mottled purple-black bruise that tightens up his whole forehead.  He turns back to the sawdust-filled punching bag with no answer given.

Polly, weary:  “Doll, that list only ever had one name, and he’s gone.  And he knows what he did.”

Efren, distant:  “It would involve exhuming my own father, finding someone to resurrect him, and killing him again.  A short list, one name, but I can’t say I don’t dream of it now and again.  For hurting her, that’s why.  It’s warranted.”

Ourida, pleasant:  “Yes.  Both for opposing my return to Vabbi, and - when I do return to the Necropolis, there are people near death who have been chosen for a life unending.  If any are still alive when I arrive, I would be honored to help them into eternity.”


How did I manage to get this done in like…less than a day o-o

So I mashed Genoary days 8 and 15 together, sorta, more or less, kinda?
Anyway hope you all have a good day~

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So, apparently Natural Reader saves a wav file each time you use it. I just discovered this when I put all of the music on my phone on shuffle. One minute I was singing along to 90s pop music while folding laundry; the next my Google Home started reading a REALLY smutty scene from one of my WIP Rhink fics. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard your filthy words echoing from speakers throughout your house. I scrambled to turn it off, thinking maybe my husband hadn’t heard. Then, from across the house, he said, “Well, don’t leave me hanging. What did Rhett find when he lifted Link’s skirt?” 🙈

Miyano Mamoru

“Love Overflowing”
English and Romaji lyrics
Requested by @kurooscoffee​ 
Feel free to let me know if you see any errors. ^^


My love overflows
And flows out to you
What have I been looking for?
I don’t need anything

As if I’ve fallen in love
You’re such a precious person to me
I’ll give you anything
No matter what it may be, everything

I want to protect you from everything that scares you
I’ll give you a kiss for every bit of joy our meeting has given me

When my love for you overflows
Is the reason I’m crying
Because I’m happy?
Even though I’m happy?

So that your road to hope will somehow be shone upon
I’ll devote a prayer to your shining future

What’s on the other side
Of this love?
This love
Is what saves me

My love overflows
And flows out to you
I’ll give you anything
No matter what it may be, everything


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