ready - calum hood smut

rating: R (smut)

pairing: calum + y/n

request: Calum/Michael you take his virginity

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hundreds of thousands of indian girls and boys are constantly pressured into concealing their culture and pushed away from traditional dances, for fear of all the crude insults that’ll be hurled their way, but Beyonce and Coldplay put up a music video displaying a microscopic view of Indian culture and get praised for it 

Alright but I really want Furihata to be doing something simple like laundry or dishes or even cleaning the bathroom and Akashi is completely perplexed about chores since he hasn’t touched a dish in his life, so he often wants to help, and Furihata becomes a flustered mess because Akashi looks all too royal to be scrubbing a plate or a tub, and he looks extremely good while doing it.