I can’t believe this is college. I can hear people having sex above me. Well, I could. Now I’m drowning the girl out with Panic! At the Disco. You’ve got to be kidding me.

i just want to take a moment to really thank whoever decided to open up a popeyes up the block from lee’s palace. like. that is a good and gracious thing you did. not just for me, but for so many others in need. what an incredibly positive impact you’ve made in our community. canada’s pre-eminent independent music venue, now only 76 metres from all the spicy chicken tenders, cajun fries, and buttermilk biscuits a person can eat. i’m crying.

goodness gracious!!! thank you so much for all the followers and the laughs and well, honestly everything. i’m putting both ino and karin’s follow forever together since karin just hit 200 and ino hit 100 followers!!! i’ve made a lot of friends on these accounts and i’m honestly just a sap so i’m gonna go right into it before i just smother everyone with my affection!!! i’d like to give a shoutout to a few people before i start though. please keep in mind that if im aware of you having more than one blog, i only put one on the list below!!! 

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Help wanted! Urgent! Please! [RP]

“Allright. Here’s the deal.”

“I’m Raella. Owner of a small establishment with a history of staff entering and leaving quickly.”

“I do pretty much everything in this godforsaken tavern, Just today I’ve cleaned all our rooms, changed the sheets for our beds, swept the floors, cleaned the toilets,…”

“…And I still have to clean and restock the bar,…”

“…serve my patrons,…”

“…refill the pantry,…”

“…ack, I won’t even think about the mess that our wine cellar is.”

“Ah, Lyssa have mercy, I think I hear someone throwing up behind me. Goodness gracious. My point is, I’m done being a one-woman-army here. I want employees for this mess, and I want them quick.

You get paid decently, you can eat and drink here for free, hell, I’ll even give you a room if you want one just, please… please. I really need employees.”

So yeah! Poor Raella can barely manage this on her own, and with the help of the occasional random person, so now she’s looking for long-term help!
Feel free to talk to me OOC, or submit an application IC to this blog (to which I will reply IC-ly as Raella) in order to get involved.

I apologize for the low-res screens and the messiness of this prompt, but since this is a rather personal thing, I didn’t want to rally my guild to make this just yet.

- Meera

  • Me on a date:So, what do you think of Captain America?
  • Them:I dunno, he was kind of lame. Iron Man is way cooler.
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse:sorry but i have to-
  • Coulson, punching through wall:WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY