What do you mean I’m late for Stanuary week 3?

Psh, whatevs. It’s still technically January where I am for the next 2 hours. Here’s my contribution to Stanuary 2017.

It’s not quite finished, but I’ll just edit-slash-update the rest of it tomorrow, when it’ll hopefully be done. Whoops.

Enjoy sadness and laughing moments. The Gravity Falls Deluxe Combo!!

honestly how can anyone take anon hate seriously because all i gotta do is think about how they’re so cowardly they can’t even reveal themselves over the internet and somehow still think they should be taken seriously and i’ll laugh for about 20 minutes straight

virvelflickaa  asked:

pomegranate, cranberry, apricot? :)<3

When do you feel the most confident: all the time cos I’m fucking awesome :P But in terms of specifics, probs when I’ve dissected a journal article or deconstructed a primary text and I know exactly what I think about it bc I’ve already had all of my thoughts on it and know I can defend my perspective to literally anyone. I like that feeling.

Fave time of day: early morning when the sun isn’t quite risen and I’ve woken up naturally and the world is still and quiet and I’ve all the time in the world ahead of me.

What do you do when you’re sad: It depends on why I’m sad. If it’s me being emotional about media I write fic/rant/have feelings at other sad beans/cry. If it’s something in real life and involves me processing emotions I sniffle a little and write - journal entries, or short stories, and one particularly interesting instance of erotic lesbian break up slam poetry. If it’s about something I’ve done, like disappointed my supervisors, then I just kinda stare at the wall a little but and then do my best to do better.

Spent the weekend with family Crimson, and played with my nephews, while Mr. Crimson got to be an adult with my siblings and other family.

ColdFlash idea. Barry (who no one other than Len knows is actually The Flash) is called over to babysit Michael during a Rogues meeting, and proceeds to play ball tag around the safe house with him, and later blackout hide and seek in the storage room, where Len eventually finds Barry under a pile of blankets.

By the end of the night, Michael is happily asleep and in love with Barry as his babysitter. The Rogues might be a little too charmed by Barry as well. Barry smiles and plays innocent, but after he ‘leaves’, The Flash may or may not sneak into Len’s room that night to reap his rewards for playing so nice, not just with Michael which he’d do anyway, but with the other Rogues too, especially one in particularly who he really enjoys ‘playing nice’ with. ;-)