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do you like crabs?

i love crabs! here are a few of my favorites:

this is a Hairy Crab. they look like weird teddy bears if teddy bears were crabs.

this is a Red-Spotted Guard Crab. they’re psychedelic with weird, praying mantis-like eyes.

this is an Atlantic Ghost Crab. they look like they’d be good, sensitive friends.

this is a Candy Crab. it is a real thing that actually exists. they only grow to be 1.5-2 centimeters and they are SO CUTE.

this is a Puget Sound King Crab. i dunno what’s even going on with these guys. where’s their face? who knows

this is an Umbrella Crab. they are simply too silly to be allowed.

My cricket babe woke up sick this morning and we took it easy for the day trying to rest and get better. We spent most of our time on the couch, watching movies, snuggling, and drinking tea. In the evening our friends Brad and Bethany brought us dinner. Bethany made the most amazing chicken noodle soup, it was such a treat to be taken care of by our friends. I feel really lucky to be surrounded and supported by so many people who we love. → Peter Schweitzer

The Sunflower and Daisy!
They are so cute OMG! I really like the girls design but not so much for the boys though. Also I was a little bit disappointed that they didn’t use the same art style as the previous SoS but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna grow on me. Looked a little bit like Grand Bazaar style though haha.

BTW we finally have an alive and breathing family member and not a dead farmer grandpa LMAO! Anyway I’ve been planning to make a 20th anniv zine for bokumono series, but I wonder if anyone would be interested to buy it though aHAH–;;