HoO original trio headcanons

Because Leo’s back and alive and okay and I can go back to imaging these three being normal best buds.

  • Jason and Leo being in some lobby and just dabbing/twerking/nae-naeing to CLASSICAL MUSIC playing overhead and Piper trying not to die laughing as she tells them “guys people are staring stop you’re crazy STOP”
  • Being in a class/meeting/somewhere where seriousness is required and simply looking at each other and just cracking up (or trying to stifle their laughter, which never works).
  • All the inside jokes holy shit they have thousands, and it’s stuff they just remember at the stupidest moments and people look at them weird because they’re crawling all over each other trying to grab onto something stable to help them stand up, they’re laughing so hard
    “We should make a video. Just. Clips of all these things that only make sense to us” “GENIUS”
  • Legit one of them will cough and they start laughing because they associate it with something no one knows what
  • When some asshole cat-calls Piper, Leo and Jason start cat-calling him back and scare him off.
  • Hanging out at Piper’s place and just singing pop tunes (a genre they’re all into)(sometimes they stray into things like P!ATD or Steven Universe) together, Leo sometimes assisting by playing the piano because he can’t actually sing.
  • “Where did you even learn piano” “Pipes I’m a mechanic, c’mon”
  • Piper raps like a BOSS, she does all the attitude too and it is the loveliest thing to watch. 
  • Jason “I love mustard and onions and garlic and will fight you for it but not to the death because that’s mean” Grace. Leo constantly making jokes at his expense along the lines of “how do you even kiss this boy daily Pipes pee-yew”
  • “Hi I’m Jason this is my girlfriend Piper and my boyfriend Leo and his girlfriend Calypso”
  • Watching TV shows together religiously, they don’t watch a single episode farther if one of them isn’t there. Calypso joins them sometimes because her boyfriend is hilarious (always commenting/ridiculing what’s happening in the show).
    All three/four of them will boo or cheer at the screen all at the same time, as if it’s scripted.
  • Asexual Leo making ALL the Sex Jokes.
  • “Calypso told me you two had a great movie marathon yesterday evening” “Oh yeah we were at it all night if you know what I mea-” “Leo you’re a virgin”
  • ALWAYS borrowing each other’s clothes
  • Leo especially likes to hog all the sweater/hoodies/jackets and never gives them back. Piper loves her boyfriend’s hats. Jason will borrow Piper’s eyeliner because his wings are so on-fleek he could fly and it makes him look great. 
  • Just
    Bros being bros
    Platonically cuddling under seven blankets and surrounded by twenty pillows
    Let my babies be happy