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what about alternative modeling? they go more for the style of the model amd stuff (like ofc you have to be attracive ig) but heavy makeup isnt a problem and youd be able to keep your piercings and stuff too

i’m rly not educated when it comes to this topic  so yea if you know some agencies i can send my face to, link me hahhah

please don’t threaten ppl with violence just bc u feel left out of their supposed “clique” which like .. seems to be what ppl are calling any group of friends in rp that like each other ??

Hello and Welcome

to the people who are just now watching Season 17 of SVU on Netflix and are finally experiencing the wonder that is canon Barisi.

… and then they go literally months back as they browse the Barisi tag here on tumblr and sink into in the abyss of our ship, liking and reblogging the classics which are new to them.

… and then they go and make their own posts, contributing to our lovely little fandom and joining in the fun.

… and then they go to AO3 and read all the Barisi fic they can find, including my stories, and are kind enough to leave kudos srsly thank you :’)

… and then they go and write their own fic :D don’t deny it, you know it’s gonna happen

Yes, I’m talking about you.

Welcome <333

I hope to have a new story for you all very soon. An alternate version/ continuation of the S17 finale. The whole story. The “what if SVU was built around Barba and Sonny?” story.

and it’ll be over 50K because I am weak and I want to keep writing these two forever

Enjoy yourselves, guys. I envy you newcomers. There’s a LOT of Barisi to go through :D


Sahlin in the Fade

//Alright, here is the deal. Sahlin missed the memo that everyone is supposed to look awful in the Fade. Instead he looks fantastic? (Of COURSE the Spirit Medium looks fantastic in the Fade -.-). This isn’t my fault. Lol. So…lots of pictures from the Fade because seriously Cinnamon, you are ridiculous. XDDDD

Also the way he totally just went “Cole, it’ll be fine,” and took charge of that situation, and then went “you’re a spirit, clearly,” at the ‘Divine’ and then promptly decided “Spirit of Faith who watched her in life, yep” filled in the rest, which was pretty badass. Sahlin ROCKS in the Fade. The Nightmare demon’s little tricks to make everyone panic? He just dispelled them as they came, one after another. This is honestly the easiest it has ever been to beat Nightmare for me, on any of my playthroughs, and Sahlin is deliberately set up to have next to NO offensive spells (just like his character here) so he did it all with dispelling and sheer force of nature. And I’m like…Wow Sahlin. Today, you shone. <3 *pats Cinnamon* That said, it was a terrible shock when he said “Oh Shit”. He doesn’t curse without very good reason and frankly…it made everything FAR more ominous XD.

Mods Used:
SK Smooth Hair Retexture and Scalp Edit - Skaramoosh
Textile Shop - Impressioniste
Eyes HD Textures Tweaked Lore-Friendly - Zachillios
EM Side-Swept Hair - Skaramoosh
EM Standard Body Custom Body Models - Aravasia
TMM No Armor Class Restrictions - Tirnoney
No Dirt Buildup - Ellise

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Have you read the fic 'Black and Blue' If so what's your opinion on it?

You mean Sneefee’s fancomic? If so hell yeah, man, who didn’t??

I absolutely love it, of course. I mean, a long, well-drawn comic about my otp?? With not only good characterization and plot and love and fluff but also a whole bunch of porn?? What more can a shipper want, dear anon? u_u

I honestly think that’s the ultimate fanwork, the absolute best in this fandom, nothing can top that. I also think that’s what got me to ship Raph and Leo at first?? I’m not sure, it was a long time ago xD

Still, a masterpiece, kudos to snee for having the balls to start such an intense project. I wish I’ll be able to draw something like that one day.

My therapist gave me two options for dealing with life:

1. Embrace being a control freak and do everything. 100% of everything. Make all of the choices; or

2. Sit on my hands and do nothing and wait to see what others will do.

I immediately started crying when she said that because those two options seem so empty to me. Why do I have to do everything to make things happen? Why do I freak out when presented with someone doing nothing? Why are expectations a thing? Why doesn’t therapy seem to be working for me? 

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being selective while choosing applications is actually incredibly fair. because just accepting anyone that bothered to put in the minimum amount of effort or thought into the app insults existing players that pour their souls in the characters.

Why would you…accept shitty apps. Who wants to accept shitty apps where it looks like people took five minutes….the fuck. Is this a real argument? Admins being unfair? I bet it is bc y’all are some entitled motherfuckers.

I think app ~quality~ should really mirror whatever time the admins put into making the group imo? Like if you put an rp together in 24 hours and there’s just like a little plot page and some fill in the blank type shit* then you probably shouldn’t be out here demanding lsrpg/literate/whatever-the-rpc-calls-it-nowadays quality apps.

If you spend days, weeks, months on your shit, then I think it’s alright to expect a little more? And nobody should make you feel like an evil piece of shit for doing so lmao. Like I’ve had people say that they were rushing to get an app in as kind of an excuse for why there were missing parts, had plot holes, or whatever and it’s almost an automatic no at that point bc it’s like buddy. friend..this took me months to get off the ground and you couldn’t just chill until the next acceptance day? Like you had to get it in to me right now incomplete? no no no…you can wait…

*not knocking them by saying this they’re fine it’s all love 

send me unpopular opinions!

//I finally beat Conquest, I didn’t marry Camilla to anyone, and in the end, she adopted 11 children, bless her.

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wait, in that last text post, was goku weaing a potara earring?? in db super??? whats up w that??????

I’m gonna be real honest here, I haven’t seen Super in a while (and I kind of feel bad for posting spoilers for it sometimes xD I don’t know if other people mind or not? I’m fine with people spoiling things for me, don’t worry about it lol!! but I can always tag it if someone wants me to do that! just a little by-the-way note lol) so I’m not the best person to ask lol xD but I think there are episode summaries floating around somewhere on the internet, so if you don’t mind being spoiled, then I would suggest those!! I wish I could help answer your question lol!! Edit: although as a clarification, the person in the photo below isn’t technically Goku if that’s what you were asking!! (spoiler lol, and thank you to the people who replied to me and told me more about it :D)

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HELLO! I was wondering if you had any favorite poetry that you could recommend me to? I have to write an 8 page literary analysis on a piece of creative writing, and i wanted to use one if your poems, as the ones concerning faith and God always resonate with my own life, however we have to use a piece that has had other outside analysis done to it. Do you have any pieces you can think of?

omg well first i wanna say how thankful i am that you thought of me! that’s so sweet, thank you so much. ngl that makes me super intrigued as to what you would say lol 

i have taken a poetry class before where we have done analysis but idk which poems had professional analysis, i would recommend very famous poets bc immediately you know they’ve had analysis that you can easily find on google (the first i can think of is Maya Angelou but there are so many others) 

if you’re absolutely stuck and need more names to google, the two poets i analyzed for my poetry class are Jamaal May (absolutely wonderful stuff, my favorite is “How To Get Your Gun Safely Out Of Your Mouth” from the book Hum) and Kerrin McCadden (my fav of hers is “Once, I Was Not Lonely” in her book Landscapes with Plywood Silhouettes). What I really love about Kerrin is that every poem feels like a story she’s telling. It’s so specific and detailed, it’s like you’re meeting a character, and the whole book is this story of hers idk it’s so frickin deep i haven’t even finished the book yet bc i need it in small doses but i highly recommend it.

1. Thank you everyone for the congrats!
2. Thank you Maggie for keeping me safe, and being so good awhile I had no stirrup lol. Just gave you a tap, and you went! Thank you for making my dream come true❤️
3. Most importantly thank you to my love Nathan! Without you I wouldn’t be here. You told me just do it, and having faith in me. You’re my biggest supporter, I love you with all my heart❤️
4. One race first win, this is a dream come true. I was 99% sure this is what I wanted, now it’s 100% what I want. So watch out Kentucky I’m coming😉

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Have you played any good otome games for your phone?

MYSTIC MESSENGER LOL idk if you’re asking for any other ones tho,, i don’t play otomes as often as i’d like to hahaha