I have a proposal for you, Vikram.

Imagine, making a video that’s not as hard to make as your usual ones. A video that appeals to your fans, that a majority would want to watch.  

And, that video is the Tumblr Tag. 

I know what you’re thinking, we’re some weird people, and youtube probably wouldn’t want us on their website. But, many youtubers have done this before, and received a great amount of support/likes on the video.

Some even liked it so much, or received so much positive feedback, they did it again!

Now, I understand how many videos you upload a day and how many hours of sleep you may lose because of them, but I believe that this is something that your fans would enjoy. And, hopefully it would be a video where you can just chill and not worry about extreme editing or long hours of recording; this video can be at the very minimum, five minutes.

Also, you don’t seem to spend too much time on Tumblr or so it seems, you could be lurking and we’d never know, so this would be a great way to get to know your subscribers! You can do this alone, or bring a Sideman along and make it a bit more uncomfortable for the both of you - either searching under “vikkstar123″ or “sidemen.” But, if you do it alone, you can tag the other Sidemen to do it, and it probably won’t be as great of an experience. 😂

I hope you take the time to read this, Vik. Even if you don’t do it, it would be nice to know that you took the time out of your day to read something one of your millions of fans wrote to you. itsmevikkstar123


“Voici le dos de Do Kyungsoo parce qu’il est beau.”

Yeah, it’s French :D lol ‘bruh I ain’t Spanish’ made me laugh I’m sorry XD

Please don’t be ashamed of yourself lol. I was saying ‘this is the back of Do Kyungsoo because he is beautiful.’ ‘le dos’ means ‘the back.’ I hope all of that was grammatically correct, though, bc it would be such a fail since I took so many years of French 😅 but my sentence construction is still a little awkward.

J’ai appris beaucoup pendant le temps quand j’étudiais au lycée, mais après une année, j’ai oublié beacoup aussi T-T Je dois pratiquer parler plus pour que je parle couramment dans l’avenir. J’espère que je vais réussir.

[If that was correct at all T-T it’d say “I learned a lot during the time I studied in high school, but after one year, I forgot a lot, too. I need to practice speaking more so that I can speak fluently in the future. I hope I’ll succeed.”]

beestiels i did a test batch of the meringue cookies i’m making for you for destielcon and my dad is like losing his mind over them he’s telling me i could sell them and that he’s never tasted something so good so uhhhh yeah? i hope you’ll like them too lol

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No I haven't !! Any of hers is good? Do you have a favorite fic? (without smut lol) i'm not very comfortable with it yet <3

These are my favorites from Velvet

Dreaming of You


After Hours

Battle Cry (Oh godd I laughed soooo hard with this)

(If you like these check G&M and Y&B, but I think you should try with these first)

And these are from other autors :)

never shut us down 

Violets and Paper Aeroplanes

call it your day number one

tenderness flooded his voice

i’ll bring the bread because boy, you’re the jam

through the brightest part of this town

after me comes the flood

more than just a dream

And thiiiis fic…

six feet beneath the moon (okay about this fic, the thing is it has smut but only in the end and it’s really short (you can skip it) but the rest is is the cutest thing ever)

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You changed your picture! Oh my goodness gracious me, you're adorable! :)

Lol aw thank you! Yeah I figured it was time for an update/less grainy image ^.^

Music Tag :)

So i’m going to go ahead and do all my music tags (i was tagged in like 3 different ones, haha) so here we go :)

Tagged by: can-i-baro-your-sandeuls, chocoltaechipkookies, sugas-lollipop and dinosaur-anus (for a similar tag) – sorry it took so long to do this omg i’m so bad at keeping up with tags but i love doing them which isn’t a good combo lololol

Rules: Put your music on shuffle to answer these questions. Tag 10 followers! 

Title of the first song you land on describes how you die: Good Time (SISTAR) - what the hell lol i hope it’s not a good time o.o

The second song describes your love life: 2 On (Tinashe & Schoolboy Q) - oh lawdy jesus no

The third song will be played at your wedding: Yanghwa BRDG (Zion.T) - i don’t mind this, i love this song

Add “In my Pants” to the fourth song: T.A.O [in my pants] (Zitao) - OH MY GOD YES PLS LMAO

The fifth song will be played at your funeral: Body Language (Kid Ink, Usher, Tinashe) - wow it’s gonna be pumpin at my funeral haha

The sixth song is your theme song: Whatever You Do (Crush) - what does this even mean

The seventh song will play when you think about someone you love: All Hands On Deck (Tinashe) - oh god playlist sop making me sound like a fucker omg

Add “With a Shovel and a Screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song: Simple & Sweet [with a shovel and a screwdriver] (Jon Bellion) - ok then

The ninth song will describe your week: Pay No Mind (Madeon ft. Passion Pit) - accurate

The tenth song will play when you miss someone: Loser (Bigbang) - FINISHING IT OFF WITH A BANG OMG LOLOLOL my playlist is just one giant troll i swear to god

MY PLAYLIST MADE THIS TAG SO FUNNY OMG that was great haha i’m dying of laughter right now ok anywaysss I’m not going to tag anyone bc I feel like everyone did this tag already but yeah, hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed doing it :D