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white heterosexual couple will headline TLJ. No gays, no virtue signaling. It's just good old fashion normalcy. No more cancerous crap

I mean if a normal couple is a mass murderer and one if his victims. I can see why het couples work out so well. 😁 I think us cancerous gays and pocs will survive.

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bi people can't relate bc out of the entire lgbt sandwich they're the ones w/ the best fashion sense. i would go as far as to say they're the only gays with good fashion sense. but the thing with lesbians is that they'll wear the most horrible things and still look good in them. like objectively that outfit choice is horrible but the lesbian still looks amazing in it. do you get me?

fhfsghs i get u anon…. i very much get u

the newest edition of vogue gallifrey is looking good


i bought a really nice top from ck and i really wanted to draw Mina in it. Also drew a fashionable Kiri cuz i like to believe he has a good sense of fashion 

Marauders Headcanons


  • Excitable af
  • Definitely that one asshole that denies existence during group projects
  • Jawline could cut a bitch
  • Threw a party for Sirius’ birthday and Dumbledore showed up
  • FAbUloUs hair
  • Starts debates with Remus and loses Every TIME
  • Has very extreme reactions to sugar
  • Got called a “little shit” by McGonagall and did not shut up about it for weeks
  • Has a very contagious laugh
  • If he gives you a nickname, it sticks for the rest of your existence
  • Thinks he’s a badass
  • Is on first name terms with all the kitchen elves
  • Is really cute and cuddly when he’s tired
  • Angsty af
  • Is the reason Filch hates his job
  • Padfoot trash No.1
  • Uses his invisibility cloak to hide in Peter’s bed and scare the shit out of him
  • Says FITE ME and then runs before he gets knocked the fuck out


  • Doesn’t give a fuck
  • In a constant battle with prongs over who has the most iconic hair
  • Doesn’t do homework and still gets an O
  • Sassy af
  • Could literally wear a binbag and pull it off
  • Protective of his lil moonykins
  • Has really bad ideas
  • Wears more jewellery than sybyll trelawney
  • Cannot keep a straight face EVER
  • Would flirt with a goblin if given the opportunity
  • Was given the opportunity
  • Got kicked out of gringotts
  • Says GET REKT alot
  • Is never not sarcastic
  • Makes everyone aware that he drinks black coffee then adds 5 sugars when no one’s looking
  • Transforms into a dog so he can sniff out Remus’ chocolate
  • Will fight you
  • Once pushed Peter in the lake and almost died because he laughed so hard
  • Gets jealous a lot
  • Does not know the meaning of personal space
  • Bisexual af


  • An actual cinnamon roll
  • Has a vast selection of knitted sweaters
  • Sirius owns half of them because THAT IDIOT NEVER BRINGS A JUMPER
  • The only person who is more sarcastic than padfoot
  • Literally cannot be offended
  • Has mastered the art of bewitching hot chocolate so it never gets cold
  • The only one who actually does homework
  • Plays with Sirius’ hair when he’s stressed
  • Can be unexpectedly sassy
  • Has hidden chocolate stashes all over the castle
  • Secretly loves poetry
  • Resting bitch face
  • Always knows when his friends are sad
  • Huggable af
  • Is done with everyone’s shit
  • The only one who can stop Sirius doing something really stupid
  • Tells James to shut up a lot
  • The only one who will laugh at Peter’s jokes
  • Has a seat in the common room that everyone else knows not to sit in
  • Appreciates his friends SO MUCH


  • Everyone else thinks he’s cute the marauders know he’s inherently evil
  • Gets really weird around girls
  • Can pull off a flower crown
  • Gets roasted a lot
  • Goes to the owlery just to play with the owls
  • Can get Remus to make him hot chocolate
  • Gives surprisingly good fashion advice
  • Has to jog to keep up with the others and their long ass legs
  • Will pour his heart and soul into a karaoke if intoxicated enough
  • Regularly reads angsty fanfiction until 3 in the morning
  • Has a weird relationship with cheese
  • Disappoints teachers
  • F R E C K L E S
  • Feeds the giant squid marshmallows
  • Says something really fucked up every once in a while
  • Has a really annoying laugh

they are so good at praising each other 😎 + JH: “We personally styled ourselves today