So I was alerted to this post by an anon.

Windii, I am not stalking you. Period. If I wanted to see your stuff, I’d follow you. Which is impossible anyway since you’ve evidently blocked me (And I don’t want to see your discourse anyway, for other personal reasons)

I am not paying attention to you (Aside from seeing your translations when they appear on my dash. Good work on them BTW :)). I am not “stalking” you. Whenever someone alerts me to your gossip about me, it’s because they have of their own volition, not down to me setting them up to do it and/or perusing your blog milimeter by milimeter specifically looking for it and my response is me defending myself from your accusations. Which I am entitled to do. As I am doing now with your false accusations of me stalking you.

There is no need for this paranoia. Especially as it causes anxiety for you that is unwarranted (And yes, I suffer from anxiety too as a result of past abuse and EDS even if I have never really revealed it before, so I know the feeling and can sympathise) . I am not compiling “receipts” of your blog (Even though I dislike a lot of what you do. There’s a reason why I didn’t ask you for your new url to re-follow you when you made a new blog and we were still friends - It’s because I can’t stand to see and continue seeing who I considered a friend go down a path like that.) because it’s such a fucking scummy thing to do and is far below my personal standards. When I alluded to people who compile “receipts” from other blogs despite being no angels themselves, that was me pointing out the hypocrisy of the average receipt compiler as one means of condemning the practice, not singling out you specifically (Though I was aware of the fact that you have done it before).Perhaps we will never be friends again. It’s sad…on my end at least given that we were good friends, Kanemaru fans, Storybook series lovers…but if we now have too many differences and stances on things and can’t see eye to eye then ultimately it’s for the better.Please, lets put this behind us and have some clarity. I am not stalking you, I am not receipting you and any post I see of yours is what was reblogged by someone I follow that I see on my dash. So I really don’t get why you’re saying all this.

And followers who get the “wise” idea to interfere? Please wind your neck in (I say that politely). This is between me and Windii.

I hope this sets a few things straight.


//This video fills me with joy

(( Likewise. Incredibly cute video goes on the dash for good vibes. ))

  • Me, a humble fic farmer, tending her plot of land:neighbor john said there was a shipwar starting just over the hills. what do you think Ma, do you think we'll ever see a shipwar?
  • Ma, clutching her apron to her chest:oh dear, I hope not!
  • Pa, sitting in his rocking chair and smoking his pipe:hmph! there's always been shipwars and there will always be shipwars. you just keep your nose out of it and mind your own business. we ain't got no business messing around in shipwars. now step to it! i want that field of headcanons and plot twists plowed by morning! and keep those plot bunnies from getting at the smut, we can't afford anymore WIPs!
Why you should worry about the Philippines

Since it’s been a short while since Donald Trumps latest disturbing, outrageous and down right hate ful statement, I’d like to focus on another man.

Roderigo Duterte is the new president of the Philippines. Several experts believe he will join the very special club of Earth Dictators. He is has made several outrageous statements such as:

  • Curfew in the Phillipines (here)
  • All journalists who are killied in the Philippines are corrupt and therefore justified (here)
  • The Catholic Church should be punished for its wrong doings (here)
  • Joked about a raped and murdered Christian missonary (here)

I ask that we do not forget the man who will lead a country with nearly 100 million inhabitants. Please spread knowledge about a man who attacks all aspects of every day life in the Phillipines.

The UN is worried. I am worried, and I think maybe you should be too.


#ʜᴀᴘᴘʏᴄʜᴇɴᴅᴀʏ16 | ᴊᴏɴɢᴅᴀᴇ ᴀs ᴄᴏʟᴏᴜʀs ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴀɪɴʙᴏᴡ

Dadneto! Its a late Father’s Day drawing because I totally forgot about it yesterday. He was originally reading a book called “WHY THE HOMO SAPIEN SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED: RISE OF THE HOMO SUPERIOR: FIGHT YOUR OPPRESSORS” but the kids wouldn’t sit still and so they went with another story.