At the visible limits of our solar system, this good cop/bad cop duo patrol our personal unknown, all that mystery beyond us-which is everything really, until experiences are interpreted by this pair and crystallized into a point of view. That’s the insidious part: what Jupiter and Saturn discover about our world eventually becomes our world. Conditioned to expect certain experiences, we’ll either use Jupiter and Saturn as springboards to reach our highest potential or as giant barriers to hold us back. Indeed, as the reality structure inherited from our elders and the freedom to transcend the same, Saturn and Jupiter are the de facto architects of our world.
—  The Planets: Jupiter and Saturn by Dana Gerhardt

anonym fragte ringelrei: please for the love of gosh please draw more lego cops 

have another cruddy sketch OTL might draw more when i’ve seen this movie again properly meaning when i’m not half asleep i enjoyed it a lot but god i was knackered i don’t remember half of it