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So I'm sure you've seen Louis Walsh's latest tantrum and idk but I'd like antis to explain how Louis can be a monster and a lucky fucker at the same time as being Simon number 2? Cause what Simon himself says and what he says through his mouthpiece are totally opposites it seems

well i think it’s a good cop/bad cop thing with simon and louis walsh. louis walsh can trash 1D and put out whatever crap they want to while simon gets to look like the good guy who is just looking out for them and has been “wronged” by them. just another sign of simons narcissism

anonym fragte ringelrei: please for the love of gosh please draw more lego cops 

have another cruddy sketch OTL might draw more when i’ve seen this movie again properly meaning when i’m not half asleep i enjoyed it a lot but god i was knackered i don’t remember half of it