Hyung line ships, probably
  • Hoseok:so apparently Vmin is the most real ship
  • Yoongi:what?
  • Hoseok:but they didn't even talk about us!
  • Yoongi:what?
  • Hoseok:we have ships too! like, what about Namjin?
  • Yoongi:together they're such synchronized parents, especially with Jimin
  • Hoseok:what about Yoonjin?
  • Yoongi:people get hyped when I call him hyung?
  • Hoseok:Sugamon?
  • Yoongi:I don't get that one, like, we're genius rappers and all but...
  • Hoseok:okay, 2Seok?
  • Yoongi:like good cop, bad cop, except with guys that are moms
  • Hoseok:Namseok
  • Yoongi:I don't ship that at all, you're the same age and yet totally different ages at the same time
  • Hoseok:Yoonseok?
  • Yoongi:I stan you, you stan me, we don't ever want to let each other live, but at the same time, we'll bash anybody who does the same, 'cause we not very secretly think the other is super cool
  • Hoseok:so you ship us the most
  • Yoongi:I did not say that
  • Hoseok:so you don't love me
  • Yoongi:I did not say that
  • Hoseok:that's good enough for me

anonym fragte ringelrei: please for the love of gosh please draw more lego cops 

have another cruddy sketch OTL might draw more when i’ve seen this movie again properly meaning when i’m not half asleep i enjoyed it a lot but god i was knackered i don’t remember half of it