ShikaTema Parent Headcanons

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hOOOOO BOY am I excited to do these

  • Shikamaru, as expected, is the laidback parent, Temari…not so much. Don’t expect to get away with anything if Temari catches you in the act.
  • Knowing Shikamaru’s luck, he’d have a daughter who’s exactly like Temari, which he’d think was cute at first until she entered her teen years.
  • Temari wants her babies to have a good relationship with her brothers and to see where she grew up, so she’s likely to travel with them to Suna. Shikamaru either doesn’t want to go on the troublesome trip, or he’s bogged down with work.
  • Surprisingly, Shikamaru’s pretty good about getting up in the night to tend to a crying baby. Temari will be super grateful for that ;)
  • Shikamaru’s good cop, Temari’s bad cop. They don’t like to pull that move, but sometimes it’s necessary.
  • Temari is too restless to not return to her shinobi work once the kid(s) is/are old enough, so if she goes back on active duty, Shikamaru may be taking some little helpers to work with him.
  • That’s pretty convenient for them, since Shikamaru’s line of work means he stays in the village the majority of the time so he can look after the kids while Temari’s doing diplomatic or escort missions.
  • You couldn’t ask for better parents. These two are a well-oiled machine when it comes to raising their kids.