guys I’ve been obsessing over the idea of Hinata being the Captain and Tsukishima being his Vice-Captain ( ɵ̥̥ ˑ̫ ɵ̥̥)

And like. Hinata is the type to stare you in the eyes and tell you “YOU CAN DO IT” and you’ll believe him because he’s amazing and when he says it, it feels like a fact.

But sometimes, when Hinata’s brightness is not enough to motivate you, Tsukishima will roll his eyes and add “Can you, really?” and whoever it is will feel such anger and need to prove themselves that they’ll do it. Just to rub it on Tsukishima’s smug face.

The freshies totally don’t get that Captain Hinata and Vice Captain Tsukishima are good cop-bad cop (and that Kageyama totally planned this as the shadow leader of the third years).

I bet that in their little Roblivion famalam, Robert will be the bad cop to Aaron’s good cop! I can’t wait for them to share loads more scenes together, and for Aaron and Robert both to take on raising Liv together. A proper little family!

anonym fragte ringelrei: please for the love of gosh please draw more lego cops 

have another cruddy sketch OTL might draw more when i’ve seen this movie again properly meaning when i’m not half asleep i enjoyed it a lot but god i was knackered i don’t remember half of it