Good Cop & Bad Cop AU: Shiro & Keith

I wanted to color the rest but i got lazy 


Keith and Shiro knew each other from childhood. Shiro is a high ranked police officer with a really great reputation and offered to train new police cadet, Keith. Keith aspires to be a cop just like Shiro, hOWEVER, Keith gets all his interrogation tactics and motivation from watching American Cop movies, which Shiro tells him that’s not how real cops work.

Keith doesn’t believe him. 

so I forgot to mention that one time I had a dream that ginny and luna became aurors to track down the still active supporters of voldemort after the wizarding war and they were a GREAT team i mean it was like the perfect “good cop bad cop” dynamic but also their clash of personalities made their duo absolutely Iconic because luna kept messing up their badass reputation (that ginny was desperately trying to perfect) because luna is luna and she would always mess up ginny’s one liners like it was straight up out of the office
“Luna, tell this deatheater where he can stick his little dark arts wand”
“In the confiscated wand bag”
“No, Luna.”