Delicate times (pt 2)

Y/n l/n was rich, her parents owned and ran an international lumber company, every since birth y/n was treated like royalty.
Y/n and Cheryl got along, naturally they would; they ruled the school with a iron fist.
Y/n was good cop, and Cheryl was bad cop.
Nobody ever dreamed of hurting either of them.
So why was she dead?
The student rushed to the gymnasium for the assembly, anything to use as an excuse to get out of class.
The principal stood at the front, and beside him stiff the sheriff, the l/n’s, and Cheryl.
“last night, at the l/n’s residence something tragic happened.” Principal weatherbee began.
“And it ended in the murder of y/n l/n.”
Murmurs went around the now solemn crowd.
Jughead, Betty, Archie, and Veronica, all made eye contact.
“Another?” Jughead whispered.
“There was no body to be found but there was enough blood to tell that she didn’t leave her house alive, not by a long shot.”
At this point Cheryl had started crying, river vixen had gathered around and Tried to comfort her but she just shooed them away.
‘I should’ve been there.’ Jughead thought.
Back at the lunch table the only discussion seemed to be about y/n.
“Good riddance if you ask me.” Veronica whispered quietly.
Jughead raised his head and look at her, horrified.
“what did she ever do to you?”
Veronica shrugged and pushed around some of the food on her plate. Her black hair had now covered her face
“Nothing I suppose, but she was friends with the she witch.”
“Yeah juggie, she did run with that crowd.” Betty joined in, Archie however stayed silent.
“Just because she was friends with Cheryl doesn’t mean she was Cheryl. I can believe you think she deserved to die for being popular.” Jughead scoffed, the girls however looked over at each other unapologetically and shrugged.
“Juggie, she rode with Cheryl, and when you put it that way it sounds bad.”
Jughead shook his head in disbelief, and got up to walk away.
“Veronica, you ran with the it crowd back in New York.”
He turned.
“Jughead wait.” Betty called.
“No, Betty; I’ll have you know I was at her house almost half an hour before it happened. And I may not know her well, but she definitely had good in her.” He explained.
“Maybe more good than I’ve ever seen in you.”
Betty gasped, and looked back down at her food.
Veronica shot him a look but he wasn’t looking he had already began to walk away.
“You just think that coz she’s hot!” Veronica yelled after him.
He scoffed.
'Fuck it I’ll skip.’ Jughead slung his bag over his shoulder and headed the direction of the drive in.
He opened the door in a hurry and set his bag on the ground, pulling out his laptop.
He made his way to the bed when he noticed something sitting there, dead centre in the middle of his bed; sat y/n’s glasses.
He picked them up to inspect them, they definitely seemed like hers, and they shouldn’t be here.
“What the hell?” He whispered, he picked up his phone an sent her a text.
The reply was immediate.
'this Number is nOt being operaTed as of DEcember 4 2017 thAnks for your time, have a nice Day.

Jughead read the message several times.
'Not dead?’
The message wasn’t very subtle, nor was it clever; but it did get to the point.
Y/n wasn’t dead, at least that’s how it seemed.
Or what someone wanted him to think.
Jughead opened his laptop, the Jason blossom case still open from late last night.
the two crimes were connected, they had to be, I mean y/n gets murdered right after trying to talk about the Jason case.
Jughead started reading through the Jason case from the very beginning, trying to make connections.
He was about halfway through when his phone rang.
He reached for it, an unknown number.
“Well hello Wednesday Addams.”
It was Cheryl.
How did Cheryl get his number, and why the fuck was she calling him?
“Cheryl. Um.”
There was deep breath at the other end of the line.
“Listen, my best friend is dead, I want some fucking vengeance; first my brother and now my best friend, two victims and nothing is stopping this sick person from a third.”
She sounded desperate, an on the verge of tears.
Jughead wouldn’t tell her he thought she was still alive, no, becuase if she turned up dead he would’ve given Cheryl a false sense of hope.
And Jughead didn’t want to be responsible for seeing Cheryl like that.
“Hello? Jason Dean? Where’d you go?” Cheryl’s voice came from the other end.
“I-I’m here.”
“Good, I can get you into y/n/n’s room if you need, to find clues and stuff to lay detective.”
It would probably be good to see y/n’s room, it could give him some hints as to where she’d be.
“Okay, how soon can we go?”
“Come to my house.”
Jughead sighed and hung up without saying goodbye.
There wasn’t body evidence sheriff Keller had said, there was just blood.
Lots of blood, according to him.
And Cheryl had mentioned all the blood had been in the kitchen area, not in her bedroom.
He put his head in his hands
'I should’ve stayed, then maybe she’d be okay.’ Jughead thought.
He grabbed his jacket and left to Cheryl’s.

anonymous asked:

For a spoopy imagine: Kaito and Shuichi with a male s/o, and Kaede and Miu with a female s/o. The characters convince their s/o who is easily scared to watch scary movies with them! And then shortly after the movie, a noise is heard in the other room, what do they do?

I an not very good with scary movies, myself… I hope this was what you wanted! ~ Mod Iruma

Kaito and Shuichi with a male s/o

  • Kaito did most of the convincing, but it kind of ended up like good cop/bad cop
  • “Come on! Movie night! I haven’t seen this one! Please s/o!”
  • “Kaito… maybe we shouldn’t push him.”
  • “I just really wanna watch this movie with my two favourite people! Please!!”
  • “U-um… well, are you okay with that, s/o?”
  • You reluctantly agree, and sit nestled between the two
  • So then you watch the movie – Pandorum, Kaito’s pick
  • Shuichi holds your hand throughout the whole thing, and sometimes you bury your head in his shoulder when things get too intense on screen
  • Then just when the credits start rolling and you can finally relax… *thump* 
  • Your body goes rigid, Shuichi grips your hand very tightly, and Kaito screams
  • “I-it’s probably just the cat!” he says, trying to play it cool
  • “W-we don’t have a cat, Kaito…” Shuichi, seemingly the least nervous of the three of you
  • When you hear another *thump*, Kaito jumps and clings onto you for dear life
  • Shuichi suppresses a smile and volunteers to go and check it out
  • He’s gone for what feels like too long, but when he comes back…
  • “Kaito… you left the door open again. It was just banging in the wind.”
  • He’s a little exasperated because come on Kaito it’s not that hard to close a door
  • Kaito, relieved that it’s nothing paranormal, apologises (“Haha, sorry, guys, my bad!”) and then goes and makes you both sickly-sweet hot chocolates to make up for it
  • You drink them together on the couch and talk late into the night

Kaede and Miu with a female s/o 

  • It was Miu’s idea, but Kaede is up for it
  • She wants to marathon the Saw series
  • “Maybe you should face your fear, s/o!” Kaede encourages you, smiling sweetly
  • “It’s all fake, anyway! Unlike my machines! I’d do a way better job than that freak! Kyahahaha!”
  • “Th-that’s not something she want’s to hear, Miu…”
  • Kaede promises that she’ll turn it off if it gets too scary, and the three of you stretch out on the floor on your sleeping bags with a big bowl of popcorn and several packets of sweets
  • Miu and Kaede each take one of your hands, and you’re sure that Miu actually squeezes you harder than you do her… it’s quite comforting
  • When you can’t watch, Kaede gently covers your eyes for you
  • No sooner has the first movie ended, however, than Miu is up and getting the second one ready, but that’s when– *tap… tap… tap…*
  • You scream, Kaede freezes, and Miu lets out a squeak of fright
  • It was an ominous tapping sound, quiet yet clear, possibly coming from the front door…
  • For a moment Miu looks just as scared as you do, but then she brings on the aggression
  • “Whoever the fuck is making that noise better stop right now or girl genius Miu Iruma is going to saw you in half!!!”
  • She stomps to the front door, throws it open, and it’s… your neighbour, come to ask if you would be so kind as to turn the volume down
  • Miu had insisted on having it that loud because she wanted it to feel like you were at the cinema
  • Kaede hurries to smooth things over
  • You don’t end up watching the rest because Miu says that having the movie at a lower volume would “kill the mood”
  • So it turns into a normal sleepover, chatting and snacking and playing silly games together late into the night