Are Melkor and Mairon beautiful?

(kinda long, see tl;dr at the end)

The Valar and Maiar are spirits that were created before Creation and helped build everything we see around us. As such, they did not inherit abstract concepts, like good and evil or beauty and ugliness, from their surroundings – they had to create their own. The primary source for creating those concepts is the Music.

The Music defines not just Matter and the circles of Eä, but also the Spirits of its singers. Therefore each of the Ainur has a slightly different idea of goodness and beauty, depending on their own piece of music. The good Ainur share a very similar view of the world, as they all sang Eru’s themes. It can also be said about the bad ones: those who sang their versions of Melkor’s Discord have their own ideas, unlike those of the Faithful but still coherent. Unlike those led by Manwë, they do not see goodness as equaling whichever promotes life and benefits the Children of Ilúvatar. Instead they value change, strength, a merry entropy and order blooming from the heart of Chaos.

The same applies to beauty: while the Valinorians admire the looks and arts of the Children as the standard for beauty, Melkor and his folk view other things as beautiful. For instance, it is said that Umaiarin spirits stink, especially when disembodied. It is true, for Human nostrils. But if you ask Melkor, Mairon’s heady aroma of volcano gases, smoke, and melting metal is the best in all of Angband. So is Melkor’s scent of Ozone and rot which drives Mairon crazy with lust. And while both like dressing up in the mockery of the fair form of an Elven prince, no Elda would mistake Melkor or Mairon for beautiful unless they explicitly try to appear so: they are bestial, spewing darkness and cruelty to a level which obscures the smooth skin and shining hair they wear, and no silken veils or bright Silmarils could hide it.

So no, we would not find them attractive, but they love each other, and that’s what counts. ;-)

tl;dr: Mairon smells like farts and Melkor loves it.

mer!Klance? wholesome

concept: i have an apartment with the love of my life, we sit on the same couch while one of us plays video games and the other is on the computer. there’s no conversation except for the occasional noise from the tv. we look up at each other and smile, the world is calm.