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concept: keith being pulled back into bed and wrapped in warm sheets and getting morning kisses from lance and being overall loved and cared about and after being so alone for so long he becomes overwhelmed and can't help hugging back and crying in happiness because he wouldn't trade what he has right now for the world, even if it is a messy haired, sleepy eyed, nerdlord who forgets important bonding moments when being cradled in his arms


lance being confused because keith is crying a lot,,, and he’s just like, babe u ok,, and keith calls him a dumbass and kisses him aND JUST LIKE A LOT OF CUDDLING (maybe lance starts a pillow fight and hunk takes pictures or they make a fort!!)

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for some reason I’m craving sick and bedridden fics. You know, where one person gets sick and the other two have to take care of him? Cant decide if I’d rather see “quit worrying about me” or “secretly pleased” though

Awwww. That’s so sweet?? (as long as you mean a cold and not like life threatening illness lol).
And potentially irritating for the other two depending on who is sick… you know what I mean…

“If you two don’t leave me the hell alone I swear I-ll-” Katsuki stopped mid sentence when he went into a coughing fit. As soon as it was finished Izuku and Shouto were by his side with concerned looks on their faces again.

“Do you need water?”

“Do you want soup?”

“OH MY GOD WHY.” Katsuki groaned. 

All he wanted was some sleep…. rip…. XD

Jungle Goddess (S02E03)

This week’s episode, Jungle Goddess, also features a short, The Phantom Creeps, starring Bela Lugosi as a mad scientist. In recent years, this episode has been a favorite, in spite of the incredibly cringe-inducing storyline of the main feature, Jungle Goddess. The short, too, is part one of three of a deeply dull series of shorts. Alas, we’re getting ahead of things. Plenty of time for all that later… 

The episode opens with one of the great openings of all time: Joel & the Bots are playing hide & seek with the elusive and inexplicable forces which control the universe. Said cosmic forces are counting, with eyes closed, up to 6.02×1023

It doesn’t really go anywhere spectacular, it’s a brief opening segment, but MST3K is so good at casually engaging concepts of immense cosmic significance like this. We love it, and we needed a few short paragraphs to fit in all the ‘caps of everyone peering.

After the break, the Cosmic Universe has changed sides with Joel & the Bots, and they’re counting down while the Cosmic Universe is supposed to be hiding.

Unfortunately, as we can all see, the Cosmic Universe isn’t hiding at all; the universe is plainly visible. Joel is rather disappointed! Oh, well. 

Now, the Mads are calling. Actually, this week, it’s just Frank, and for a while, he just stands there talking to Jerry or Sylvia, one of the Mole People, telling them all about some kind of jazz performance where Frank plans to employ his ‘chops.’

The Mole Person is completely nonplussed and walks away without responding. Frank asks Joel what he wants and Joel, frustrated, has to remind Frank that he called them. It’s an old gag, sure, but it’s a nice segue to the invention exchange.

This is an apt description of the whole episode. An old film, to be sure, and certainly not Science Fiction either; regardless, a good episode. Jungle Goddess is a terrible film, truly, and well stupid, but the riffing is really crystallizing now and filling almost all the space in the film. More and more Joel & the Bots talk right over the film’s dialogue to do one routine or another as the awkward pauses and silent moments are no longer enough room for their comedy to grow. Really, my friends, we love every episode, even the ones we may seem to complain about, or that we compare unfavorably to others. 

Anyway, as we were hinting at last week, there’s only really one big thing that’s still a little out of place: Clayton is still performing experiments on himself for the invention exchange. I won’t spoil it specifically, in case you don’t already know, but it will only be a few weeks before we see Frank take his rightful place as the subject of one of Dr. Forrester’s experiments. It seems obvious, but we can imagine an excuse for them, my friends:

Of course, it takes time to figure things out. This is normal. We don’t usually re-use old screencaps but, well, we really like this one. The Editor has made a special exception in this case. 


Concept Art for Disney’s Moana

1. Moana village costume designs by Neysa Bové

2. Moana character design by Bill Schwab

3. Moana village costume design by Neysa Bové 

4. Moana visual development by Jin Kim

5 + 6. Moana visual development by Bill Schwab

7. Maui as hawk visual development by Bill Schwab

8. Mini Maui animation test still frame by Eric Goldberg

9. Visual development for the island of Motunui by Ian Gooding

All pics via: The Art of Moana by Jessica Julius and Maggie Malone