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What if after Pay resurrected Paul and Paul forgot about Patryk and went back to life on land, Pat was captured and lost his voice. And the fishermen that caught him put him on display on a local Boardwalk in a tank and people would throw food in there and he got really sickly and depressed but THEN one day Paul walks by the Boardwalk bc he's been feeling really sad lately, like he had a really good thought then forgot it, and he sees Pat. And that triggers a memory, and it basically turns (p 1

P 2) It basically turns into a crazy rescue mission and Paul saves Patryk from his tank and Pat’s so goddamn happy to be free he thought he was going to die in there but Paul wants Pat to get his voice back and so he has Pat lead him to Pay and Paul gives one of his eyes to Pay in exchange for Pat’s voice back. And then it’s all bittersweet happy from there

Good concept tho but i want to add something like Paul doesn’t know anything about Pay and Pat doesn’t help much either since he can’t talk anymore((Plus if Paul takes Pat back to the ocean right away, the fisher men will just hunt him down again)) So he comes up with the craziest idea to take Pat back to his apartment and basically look after him until the hunting stop. Paul doesn’t know why he’s doing all this for a merman that he assumed he’s never met before.
Bonus idea that Paul teaches Pat how to write and he tells Paul everything by writing it on the shower door.


Concept Art for Disney’s Moana

1. Moana village costume designs by Neysa Bové

2. Moana character design by Bill Schwab

3. Moana village costume design by Neysa Bové 

4. Moana visual development by Jin Kim

5 + 6. Moana visual development by Bill Schwab

7. Maui as hawk visual development by Bill Schwab

8. Mini Maui animation test still frame by Eric Goldberg

9. Visual development for the island of Motunui by Ian Gooding

All pics via: The Art of Moana by Jessica Julius and Maggie Malone

concept: you and i wake up in bed together, tangled in the sheets with sunlight streaming onto our intertwined hands. we don’t know what day it is, and it doesn’t matter. you grin and kiss my nose before sitting up, stretching and pretending to ignore my hands lazily grabbing at your waist, trying to get you back into bed.

i end up making breakfast, mixing your favorite color of food coloring into the pancake mix. you stand behind me, your arms wrapped around my waist. we are wearing each other’s shirts and underwear. no pants. you kiss the freckles and moles on the back of my neck and on my shoulders. i laugh a little and mumble at you to stop, but i don’t mean it in the slightest.

a day in the life of dan and phil where all they do is walk around london and play pokémon go together

concept: we both drop out of school. our mothers are not disappointed; they kiss the blush from our cheeks. i am a preschool teacher and you are the owner of the world’s most beautiful secondhand bookstore. we buy a small house by the sea and all the walls are made of windows, because we have no secrets left. when the neighbors see me crying through the living room wall, they plant another tree in my honor. there is a forest for my tears, and all of the deer love you. our kitchen is unfinished, but wallpapered nonetheless, with paintings and coloring book pages made by my students, and our cupboard is filled with twenty-seven different types of tea. we never run out of fresh fruits, and you make a new dessert with them every night. all we ever eat is pies and we drink cold-brew coffee together every morning and we publish our own newspaper filled with all the most beautiful news we heard on the street the day before. the woman who owns the post office is having her third child, and i sent a postcard to our past selves to celebrate. i ride my bike to work and there is a cat who follows me, there and back. he waits in the basket while i am in school. i never get a flat tire. we have a new dog every week because you find them on the side of the road to the market and we buy a new bed for each of them. the towels are always folded and all of our clothes fit perfectly and we have a handmade quilt for every occasion. it snows, and you promise me the sheets are clean.