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Good Concept: hanzo Stealing all of mccree's comfy flannel shirts for his own use, only returning them when they don't smell like him anymore and the process repeats

YES !!! YES !!!!!! Hanzo has a collection of Boyfriend Clothes he wears for comforts sake (and also because McCree gets all hot and bothered seeing him wearing his shirts and nothing else bbbbbbbb)

mer!Klance? wholesome


Kenta visited his subway ad today and took pictures with fans, he was really baffled at all the love he received.

(cr: jadendoong & hamzzi_svt)

concept: i have an apartment with the love of my life, we sit on the same couch while one of us plays video games and the other is on the computer. there’s no conversation except for the occasional noise from the tv. we look up at each other and smile, the world is calm.