I’ve been thinking a little about the kind of car I will get once I have a job.  I’m going to buy a used car, because no matter how rich I am going to be, buying a new car seems like a waste of money.

I used to drive a ‘97 Subaru Forester, which I loved – nice and roomy but not *too* big, and it had four-wheel drive which was great when I lived in Rochester, NY.  And so I would totally just get another Subaru Forester, except that soon after that, Subaru started making the Forester a lot larger and more SUV-like.

I know Subarus are good quality, long-lasting cars.  And I know I want four-wheel drive (so I can live on a mountain!).  So maybe I’ll get an Outback?  I dunno.

I’ve also been thinking about what to name my car.  My Forester’s name was Octavian.  If my new car is sufficiently badass, it might make sense to name it after another historical general, in which case the obvious choice would be “Hamilcar”.

On the other hand, any name I use for a car is a name I can’t use for a future pet or child.  =P  So I have to keep that in mind.

why hunk is the best:

  1. cinnamon roll
  2. if a hug had a human form, it’d prob be him. good at hugging as well
  3. “I’M A LEG!”
  4. best facial expressions
  5. a hufflepuff
  6. food friend
  7. worries about you, would prob remind you to drink water
  9. headband game
  10. his hair is just… it’s perfect, good hair and a nice smile
  11. smart but also dumb
  12. would cry while helping lance hot wire a car probably
  13. good listener, good advice when he’s not freaking out
  14. probably has a good taste in music
  15. pure, so kind, so caring, literally no cons??
  16. voice of reason most of the time
  17. his name alone, also the way he talks is great, also his voice
  18. muscle of the group, literal support, he could easy pick you up
  19. would treat you right
  20. uhm???? where could you go wrong?

there is an infinite number of reasons but twenty is good. gotta protect my husband, he needs more love