The class, the elegance and the luxury, always make a good pair with a beautiful Mustang.

A gentleman with a car like this, show style, good taste, make the impossible possible, and when he look his beautiful car, he got an impulse to feels invincible.

so i’m considering buying a car .. .. …… .

there’s nothing quite like being violently startled out of a deep sleep by a really fucking awful car accident directly in front of your house

no one is injured thank goodness but the parked cars out in front of our house are fucked

but you led them to our hideout, forced their way inside now
they want us to surrender, us to surrender
but I could go all night, right here between their crossfire
we’ll send them up a message, I’ll send a message
saying give it up, give it up

wait out the sun
fic by @agentverbivore​ | art by @eclecticmuses
Fitz and Simmons go undercover in the criminal underworld, trying to get intel on a crime family with mysterious ties to Hydra. It takes time, but eventually they get comfortable with their new identities - so much so that it gets harder and harder to remember why they should go back.


School surprises beloved custodian after losing car in crash

Vadel Gray had been driving a beat-up car to his job as a custodian at Dunwoody Elementary School. Gray’s car was so infamously rundown and old that it caught the attention movie producers, appearing as the car driven by the character Angela in the movie “Miracles from Heaven.”

A recent accident totaled that ride and Gray had gone without a car since. That changed during the school’s Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A this week. The Dunwoody Elementary School community teamed up with an online car retailer to provide a new set of wheels to a member of their family.

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