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Do you think that you could do some more random headcanons about the Raven Boys? I really enjoy reading them and I need something to distract me since I don't want to finish BLLB too quickly! Thank you!

oh, nony. I’m only too happy to oblige. 

  • Gansey sings in the shower. He probably goes for top 40′s kind of pop trash that Ronan hates, but it just makes him sing it louder. 
  • I like to think Ronan makes mix tapes for everyone all the time. Like one day Noah appears and there’s a tape on his bed with a note that just says ‘these songs are dead cool,’ or something trashy like that 
  • Adam Parrish is a Taylor Swift fan. Blue finds out when he starts singing it under his breath, and secretly slips him her CDs when the others aren’t around so he can listen to them in his apartment. 
  • Blue probably did ballet when she was little and was actually quite good. The only person who knows this is Noah. 
  • Gansey is a slut for farmers markets and gets really excited over relish flavours and organic spinach. It sort of comes a tradition for him and Blue to go on a Sunday. Gansey always buys Blue some flowers because he’s romantic trash
  • Ronan uses ‘nerd’ as a response to everything. 
  • Noah loves flowers. He especially likes braiding them into Blue’s hair when they’re at Cabeswater. 
  • They cosplayed as The Avengers once. Blue was the black widow, Adam was hawkeye, Gansey was Captain America, Ronan was Iron Man, and Henry Cheng came along to play Thor. Noah played the Hulk but no one saw him 
  • The gang have a movie night once a week, and they always argue over the films. Blue always wins. They’ve watched ‘500 Days of Summer’ like 5000000 times. Gansey always falls asleep before the end. 
  • Ronan and Adam have their first kiss at the Barnes under the stars listening to Bob Dylan