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2 and 29 for the Relationships (Medic-0001)

♥ When they have a crush on someone, how do they let them know?
Hanzo would do small things, like making sure your day is good, that you ate breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc. Small things. Its really not noticeable.

McCree would depend tbh. He’d either be slightly less cocky, or even more cocky. Depends on how far into this crush he is.

♥ How do they express their love to their partner?
Again, Hanzo does small things. Lets you into his personal bubble, helps you with small tasks like making your hair etc. He’s basically doing friend stuff, but more caring? He’d also be like ‘you can hold my hand in public now’.

McCree is more straight forward. Like. We’re talkin’ oceans of shitty flirty remarks and cute comments.
Expect ‘did u look in a mirror recently? Cause u’d be blinded by cuteness’ flirting.
Also he’d probably stare. A lot.


the calendar // panic! at the disco

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imagine for a moment, if you will, Reinhardt Wilhelm being the absolute grandpa he is and cooking a giant breakfast feast for the entire team. I'm talking 6 dozen eggs, mountains of sausage and bacon, towers of pancakes, the works. The man simply won't stop cooking. There are 27 different jars of jams and jelly on the table and he's still searching the fridge and cabinets for more.

He insists that everyone has at least one serving but he and Roadhog and Zarya are like.. the only ones that can eat that much