Backstory: my family on my dad’s side is pretty big. We also come from an island just across the river from my hometown. The island community is tight-knit and close, and composed of maybe ten families all spread out over generations. Anyway, this creates very optimal conditions for an island-wide, family baseball tournament. And that’s where I am this weekend. So the point of this story is the idea for a new fic, probably in the DA!Verse. I’ll work on it when I get back, but basically: what would happen if the Org took part in some kind of company baseball tourney, and maybe had to lie about what they did to do so? It kind of a silly idea, but it might be a good way to see other people from the Org. What do you guys think?

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Got7 reaction when gf tries to do the splits and gets a rip in her pants. Lol😂

Got7 reaction when their S/O do the splits and rips her pants.

>.< Thank you for requesting so much. You give me something to do. ;)

Jb: He would be give you a proud reaction on the splits. Then coolly walk away to get you a pair of pant. “Here put this on before the boys get back.”

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Mark: He would laugh at the part the you ripped your pants. when you ask for so cover. He would try to find someway from not laughing and give you his jacket.

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Jackson: He would give you a fake reaction sense he could already do the splits and have his hyena laugh for a bit and try to find you some coverage.

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Junior: He would recognize the rip and see how big it is. Luckily he had some coverage and try to be a good boyfriend and hold his laughter in. He would save it for later.

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Youngjae: He would be jealous that you could do the splits and when he recognized the rip, he would be shy to tell you so you wont be embarrass and just wrap something over you.

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Bambam: He would try doing the splits too, and stop in the middle. when he sees you pants ripped he would tell you and fix it, and buy another one for you.

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Yugyeom: He would giggle when he see it. when you notice it, as well you get embarrass, and he tries to get something wearable, and tell you to not be embarrass. then he would treat you ice cream later.

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Dating Coups

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  • For the guy who’s nickname is 17’s father i have a feeling he would make a really good boyfriend
  • He would probably be overly protective
  • And worry to much about the small things
  • Small things that you would just laugh off because they are really no big deal
  • But he thinks differently
  • Seungcheol, being the leader of the group, is usually always busy
  • Whether its promotions, helping compose music or come up with choreography or taking care of the members after they have done something stupid
  • But no matter what was happening he’d always be thinking about you
  • He’d text you cute things
  • Like a reminder to eat something good
  • Or to laugh at something
  • Cheesy stuff like that
  • But those little texts would make your day
  • And you always looked forward to them
  • You even started to text encouraging things back
  • When he would finally have time he’d come over to your place
  • Mostly to see you, but partly to take a break from the crazy kiddos that make up seventeen
  • You would cook up a huge home-made meal
  • And he would get really excited about it
  • Because he loves your cooking
  • He would just sit at the counter with his head resting on his hand watching you as you cook
  • Ah man this kid is too cute idk how to handle this squish
  • You would finally finish up cooking and set the table
  • Of course seungcheol would be right there helping you
  • The two of you would finally sit down to eat and seungcheol would just stare at you because you’re perfect
  • When seungcheol took his first bit of food he practically dies
  • You just laugh because you know its not actually that good
  • But he says it’s the best meal he has ever had
  • And you just laugh and blush because he is just too cute
  • It’s stuff like this that makes dating Seungcheol a wonderful boyfriend

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I'm Brendan and I'm from Hoenn I know that. But why do I have memories of Sinnoh and even more of Alola? Why did I travel to Alola? Also shit I think Spark was my boyfriend. Good luck finding art of that lol. But like I can see why I would've traveled to Sinnoh (contests) but why Alola? Really. I don't get it. If anyone from Alola remembers talking to me though, um, hi?

Weddings and Ties

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by skyeverdeam

Harry hated ties. Good thing his boyfriend was there to force him into wearing one.

Words: 379, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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