good one elf

This character belongs to the ever-awesome (and patient OTL) Dinkydins! I first saw this gal like a year ago, and I knew right then I’d have to draw her someday.

my part of a quick trade with masyafs of her bb miri!! she is so cute i had a lot of fun and it was great for experimenting with brushes!! here is her part of the trade, she did my inquisitor rajan and i love it. full view here friends. i hope u like it tara!!! ;0;


An elf (from the Old English ælf, elf, ylve, etc.) is a type of supernatural being in Germanic mythology and folklore. Early elves, whose description depends almost entirely on Norse mythology texts, were a race of beings with magical skills, ambivalent towards humans and capable of either helping or hindering them. But Christianized societies were viewing elves in increasingly sinister light. In Anglo-Saxon England as early as the 10th century, Old English medical books attest to elves afflicting humans and livestock by “elf-shots”. The German elf or alp was seen as an “addler" of people in medical books, but already in the High Middle Ages there were prayers warding against it as the agent causing nightmares, and eventually for the alp its identity as nightmare spirits became predominant.


This was just gonna b simple ghilan’nain practice but then i remembered glitter(also i changed from silver to purple lips in th middle)

So. To the people who think playing a good-aligned drow is ‘stereotypical’ and ‘uncreative’, and yet somehow playing a blonde-haired human sword and shield weilder who essentially spends his life doing nothing wrong and helping little old ladies across the street is heartwarming and creative…..

…fuck you.

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a good conversation we had back in october
  • BEEgig: why is he so beautiful
  • natalie:im glad u like the good elf dad
  • BEEgig:what is happening
  • natalie:yeah!!
  • natalie:u know legolas
  • natalie:thats his dad
  • BEEgig:omg................
  • BEEgig:why does that make him like
  • BEEgig:3x's better

hey, guys. i feel this is
an important thing to
say and i will probably
be adding to my rules,
but… don’t feel like you
gotta make your muse
like Zach. he’s a total
ass and you’re more
than welcome to cuss
him out, get mad, yell
back. the guy isn’t
really built to be liked.