good one elf

I love stories about unconventional heroes tho

story about goblins/untrained everymen forming an adventuring party? omg YES. story about superpowered children who don’t fully understand the implications of the plot happening around them? YES PLEASE. story about the extras in any genre, any situation, who hang lampshades on the fact that the main characters and the things that happen to them are super frickin uncanny? GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW

my interest goes up ENORMOUSLY if more than one/the majority of the main cast is female too which kind of fits the unconventional hero mold as well since women aren’t generally written in main hero roles except as the token/exceptional woman

I was tagged by natsa-is-a-free-elf to do that thing where you spell out your name and combine it with songs that start with the letters in your name.

M- Marukaite Chikyuu

O- Outer Science

L- Let’s Enjoy Today

L- Lost Time Memory

Y- Young Volcanoes

(In case you didn’t know, I’m weeb trash.)

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