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Thank you for being not only a champion for the GO fandom, but one of the pillars of this community on LJ, Tumblr, and AO3 for as long as I can remember! This is a day for thank yous. I can’t wait for GOHE to be in full swing!

Good Omens Holiday Exchange is, quite honestly, the longest-running and most wonderful tradition that this fandom has to offer.  I’m so grateful to co-mods @vulgarweed and @lunasong365 for being huge reasons it’s remained that way, especially @vulgarweed as a founder and mentor!  There have been many others who never migrated to Tumblr.

(Thank you, anon, for being part of this fandom.  We don’t exist without each other.)

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is anon kidding, you aren't so much a pillar of the go fandom as one of the terrifying yet benevolent elder word gods here who is somehow still with us

The thing about this that pleases me is the association with benevolent monstrosity, because if I aim to be anything, it’s a gentler version of the Kraken.  

(Much love to you, anon, and have a great day wherever you are!)