good night everyone! have a lovely timezone!

okay but:

  • kara and james getting back together
  • lena being introduced to the superfriends and becoming friends with everyone and becoming part of the family
  • lucy coming back home to her family, the one she chose and made for herself, from wherever the hell she is
  • celebratory game night to celebrate all the good things that are happening and that everyone is finally at the same city - the same timezone, even - at the same time
  • lucy and lena finally meeting when james and kara, their respective best friends, introduce them
  • lucy and lena becoming fast friends and bonding over all the things they have in similar (being in their older siblings’ shadow, problematic parents, their drive and dedication to work, their love and loyalty to their friends)
  • lucy and lena dating.


  • kara and james & lena and lucy going on double dates

I know we have different timezones but whatever!!! I’m wishing you all a merry merrryyyyy Christmas and I hope that all of you are having a good night/day!! Lets celebrate for a good life that Christ has given us. God is good!!

Have a blessed day! ❤️💛💙💜💚

Love lots,
Jolly xoxo