good year tires

And clouds full of fear
And storms full of sorrow
That won’t disappear
Just typhoons and monsoons
This impossible year

Have some slow dance-melancholic Zutara I made while listening to this song on repeat


Happy new Zzzzzz…

Don’t try to tell me that those tired old men would even manage to stay awake til 12 ô___o

This is just something super-quick because I’ll head off in..uhm..20 minutes ago ^^ But I wanted to thank all of you for making it through 2016 with me. I wish you, those two losers and everyone else a happy and better 2017 :*

Sing Fanfiction #3

Here’s a fluffy sing fanfiction a little early because  happy new year :)

Some fluff, as promised.
(Well mostly fluff ;))

Basically I combined 2 different ideas from 2 different anons and then added onto it :D basically the idea is Ash, Meena, and Johnny go out for a night to a teenage club for karaoke and fun and hijinks ensue


“…She what?”

“Ash got a new boyfriend.” Meena told Johnny over the phone. “She asked if she could bring him with us to that club thing tonight and I told her she could. That’s okay right?”

“Yeah but….. Is she even thinking about what happened last time?”

“She insisted he’s not like her….previous boyfriend.”

“Well we’ll just have to be the judges of that.” Johnny said. He heard Meena laugh on the other end.

Meena heard a skid on the other line before Johnny spoke up again. “I just got to the prison so….see you in a few hours?” He said. Meena nodded, then realized he couldn’t see her. “Oh! Uh, yeah, see you in a few hours.”

There was a click as Johnny hung up, then Meena did the same.


A few hours later, Ash, her new boyfriend, and Meena all stood outside the club. Ash looked at the clock on her phone and then around before hearing a screech, then a thud and turning back around.

Meena walked over to help a laughing Johnny off the ground while Ash grabbed his skateboard, which had been launched several feet behind him as he’d apparently crashed it.

“Sorry I’m late,” he said, “I got caught up at the prison, and then I saw what time it was and rushed over here on my skateboard.” He motioned to the sidewalk and laughed. “Apparently a little too fast.” Ash and Meena laughed, and Johnny looked behind them to a uncomfortable looking porcupine standing behind the two.

“Who’s this?” He asked Ash, knowing perfectly well who it was.

Ash looked ecstatic. “This is Vincent!” She said enthusiastically. She handed Johnny his skateboard and grabbed Vincent’s hand, bringing him more forward. “Vincent, this is Johnny. Johnny, Vincent. My boyfriend.” She said.

Johnny stuck out his hand, and Vincent shook it. “Pleasure to meet you.” Johnny said, squeezing Vincent’s hand a little harder than he should’ve and giving him a cold stare until Ash cleared her throat and spoke.

“Well? Are we going in or not?”


Vincent sat at the table with Johnny and Meena, watching in awe as Ash karaoked an amazing cover of “Dream on.” The performance got her a standing ovation, and she playfully curtsied for the clapping crowd.

She walked back to the table, wiping sweat from her forehead. Vincent was so in awe of his girlfriend that he didn’t even notice Johnny and Meena practically staring him down.

“That. Was. AWESOME.” he breathed as she walked up. “I wish I could sing that well.” Ash smiled. Johnny shot him a look, then said, “You were great.” Meena nodded. “Yeah.”

Ash wiped sweat off her forehead again. “Thanks guys.” She slipped off her jacket. “It’s real hot in here so I’m gonna go put this with Johnny’s skateboard. Be right back.” She said cheerfully. Then she walked off.

“She seems happy.” Vincent said. “Yeah, she does.” Meena said. Then she looked at Johnny. “Johnny?” She said, as if she was giving him a cue.

Johnny stood up and slammed his hand on the table, getting all up in Vincent’s face.

“Wha-” Vincent said, startled.

“Listen here,” Johnny said in a darker tone of voice than he’d been using that night, “You’re right. She looks HAPPY. You don’t have any plans to change that, do you?”

“What? Why would I-”

“Hey!” Johnny continued, “Listen here, listen closely: Ash is our good friend. And I swear, if you break her heart like her last boyfriend did…” He leaned in closer, causing Vincent to lean slightly back. Johnny lifted his finger to Vincent’s face. “I may not be that violent, but I’ve picked up a thing or two from my dad, and if you hurt her I swear to god I will not hesitate to mess. You. Up.” He paused. “Is that clear?” He asked slowly through clenched teeth.

The porcupine didn’t move an inch. “C-crystal…” He stuttered.

Johnny remained in Vincent’s face for a moment, then pulled back. “Good.”

Just then, Ash came back without her jacket. “What’d I miss?” She asked cheerfully. “Nothing much.” Meena and Johnny replied simultaneously, just as cheerfully. Ash smiled, and didn’t seem to notice the terrified expression on Vincent’s face.

She grabbed his hand. “C'mon, let’s go dance!!!” She said excitedly. “I heard they’re just about to play don’t stop believing!” She pulled him out of his seat and started running off; then she stopped to turn to Johnny and Meena. “Oh! You two wanna come?”

Johnny and Meena both immediately put up their hands and shook their heads.


“No no no no no no no-”

“I’m good-”

“Can’t dance-”

Ash laughed and rolled her eyes at the two and then dragged Vincent off before he could say anything.


Meena and Johnny were struggling over conversation. They’d never really hung out alone together before, and had no idea what to talk about.

Meena coughed. Johnny whistled.

Meena was the first to break the silence. “Is your head okay?”

Johnny was slightly confused. “What?”

“Your head: when you fell off your skateboard earlier- it looked like you hit it pretty hard on the concrete.”

Johnny paused, then laughed. “Aw, no, I’m fine.” He tapped the side of his head with his fist. “I have a thick skull.”

Meena laughed.

Brief silence.

“Sorry that I was late.” Johnny said. “I was talking with my dad… Kinda lost track of time.”

Meena paused. “What’s he like?” She asked suddenly.


“Your dad. I’ve never actually met him personally. What’s he like?”

Johnny thought for a moment. “Well,” he said. “That’s kind’ve hard… but….before? Really annoying. Always pushing me to be a part of his stupid gang, constantly telling me I wasn’t good enough…” He paused. “But I mean…he loved me. It….I could tell. Sometimes it wasn’t obvious, but I could tell.” He paused again and smiled. “You know, when I was younger, he took me on heists all the time, you know, to get me used to them, since I was apparently destined to become part of his little gang.” He took a sip of the coke that he’d bought earlier. “Anyways, we were on a heist one time, and I saw this guy- he was riding an awesome skateboard, and he had on an awesome jacket.” Johnny laughed. “I thought he was so cool- I wanted that jacket and skateboard so badly. Well, my dad noticed, and he dropped this entire plan to- get this- steal GOLD, and made the entire gang go on a heist to break into the stores and steal the jacket and skateboard. I remember: the rest of the gang was SO mad at him, but he said, "I don’t care what you think- it’s for my son.” Johnny laughed and took another sip of coke. “The skateboard was about as tall as I was at the time and the jacket was like, 10 sizes too big, but I was so colossally happy. And hey,” he motioned to his jacket, “I grew into them both.”

Meena blinked. “That jacket and the skateboard are stolen?”

Johnny nodded. “Yeah, but…shh. Don’t worry, it was my dad who stole them, not me. I was like, 6.”

Meena chuckled.

“He’s uh, different now. A lot more supportive. He’s trying to be better now.” He paused and cleared his throat. “What about you?” Asked Johnny. “What’s your dad like?”

Meena was quiet for a moment before speaking. “He’s… Um…not with us….anymore.”

Johnny looked at her with empathy. “…oh….I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” He paused. “When?”

“I was 10.”



“If it’s any consolation, my mom died when I was little.” Johnny said.

Meena looked back up at him. “She did?”

“Yeah, but….I guess it’s worse for you. You probably actually have memories of your dad. I was only like, 2 when my mom passed. I barely remember her.”

Meena nodded. “You know what’s ironic?” She said, “He was a police officer.”

Johnny took a sip of coke. “Sounds like he’d get along with my dad perfectly.” He said sarcastically.

Meena stifled a laugh. “Yeah. I used to go with him to his office, he always had the coolest things, the coolest stories.” She paused. “You know, one time…”

And just like that, the two were chatting like they’d been best friends all their lives, telling stories and sharing memories of those loved and lost. They continued until Ash came back with Vincent, smiling and exhausted.

Then they goofed around, dancing and singing and telling terrible jokes into the late hours. All in all, a great night.


“That was awesome.” Ash said as they stepped outside. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Johnny checked the time on his phone. “Dang, its late.” He said. He set down his skateboard. “I better go- god, Rosita is gonna kill me.” The others laughed. Johnny said goodbye to Ash and made sure to shoot Vincent one last glare before leaving.

“I should go too.” Meena said. “But I had a great time!” She said  goodbyes to Ash and also shot Vincent a glare before leaving.

“Uh…” Vincent said.

Ash turned to Vincent. “Well, that was fun! Glad you guys got along so well.”

“Well uhm-”

“C'mon!” Ash said, grabbing the other porcupine’s hand, “The nights not over yet!”

And they ran.


Soo my birthday is on Wednesday.
My song right now would be “I am 16 going on 17..!”
This year felt like it went by quickly, but at the same time, some things from about a year ago feel like much further back. Eh, that’s normal I guess. Overall it’s been a pretty good year! Joined the portal fandom, started drawing more, a couple new friends. Not a perfect year of course, but better than 14 and 15 for sure. Hopefully this will be a great year ahead with lots of growth. But for now, good night.

I feel really bad for Selena Gomez, I really do.

The media, the paps, and the haters won’t leave her alone. She literally hangs out with one person whose a male, and the whole world thinks “OH MY GOD THEYRE DATING! LOOKS LIKE JUSTIN NEEDS TO MAKE A MOVE.”

Like no. Why isn’t the world talking about that Selena was the first ever female other then Taylor Swift to be #1 in Billboards Hot 100 in 2015? Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that she recently turned 23?

Honestly, every single head line I see of Selena Gomez, has to be a rumor of her dating someone, or about the fact that she looks sexy in her new music video.

I just want to tell the world, the media especially, that Selena once said the words: “I would like to be remembered for my work oppose to whom I’m dating.”

Rant over.