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ive been in the worst place i could be mentally and emotionally lately and im genuinely not kidding when i say that every 20 some-odd minute episode of every sitcom i watch has made me forget how fucking depressed i am and, as temporary as it is, i let myself be happy and i’m not kidding when i say that comedy has basically kept me alive and i’m sure ill be grateful one day

There’s a good spot.

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i feel really bad for unable to make a character fully in-character as the original author did in canon (obv writing a fanfic). what do u offer to get over the guilt?


Hi, oh no! Try not to feel guilty for your creative expression! Feeling bad about not living up to the writing of someone you admire is both a terrible thing, and a good thing. The terrible ting is that it hinders your creativity and confidence, and you feel bad. However the good thing about you noticing your own spin on the established canon is that you are observant, which is an essential for a good writer.

I think what you are experiencing is a version of  ‘The Gap’ which is the difference between what you want to be creating, and what you actually are creating, a void we all struggle to lessen. This gap is where great talent is created. Don’t be ashamed of it because it is your potential.  

Keep writing. You’ve got this.  

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Just imagine if the Hulk went on another rampage and everybody gets their battle gear together--then you have Spidey, who decides to get a whole bunch of cookies to calm him down. Sweets make HIM feel better when HE'S upset, after all! Whether it would work or not is debatable, but the looks on everyone's faces at such an idea would be PRICELESS.

Listen. Peter interacting with the Hulk - especially even the Hulk on a rampage - is my Favourite Thing. This kid is like a eighth of the Hulk’s size and about that in strength, but is that going to stop him from going out there when people are in danger? Hell no

Do you ever just get so emotional and caught up in the subject that you’re passionate about?

Cause that’s me with biology rn. Life is amazing and I could learn about how it functions and evolves for the rest of my life honestly

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While I was reading the new chapter of Everlasting Party AU I was procrastinating on my computer science coursework ... T_T,, haha.., I still really liked the new chapter and I'm honestly glad that this fic is still being updated, as it's one of my favorites. ^^ Thank you so much for writing it!

Gosh you guys are all so sweet, thank you very much :’) Good luck with CS! Hope your memory doesn’t leak, teehee~