good with pork

After the pilot

“How are the umm…”

“Shanghai noodles. Good. How’s the pork?”

“Oh. It’s excellent. My favourite dish. I always have it here.” Sherlock turned sideways in his plastic chair and crossed his legs, twiddling his fork between thumb and forefinger. “So listen…”

John glanced up, still chewing his last bite. Sherlock stared into his new flatmate’s midnight blue eyes (with an unusual colour in the centre–was it gold or grey?) and lost his train of thought. He watched, mesmerized, as John ate. Why was the simple act of consuming noodles suddenly the most erotic thing he’d ever seen?

John smiled finally and dropped his gaze. He stirred his noodles around the plate. “You were going to ask me something,” he said softly.

Sherlock frowned. He was, wasn’t he? But what–oh, yes. “Right. I just thought I should ask, given everything that’s happened, if you are still planning to stay.”

“Stay?” John’s head came up again and their eyes met.

Sherlock’s mouth went dry. “S-stay. You know, at the flat.” He liked his lips, keenly aware of how Dr. Watson’s eyes tracked the movement.

“Oh, I’m staying,” John replied, his voice husky.

“Not put off by the murderers or the coppers?”

“Not yet.”

“Or by–”


“By me?” This last was a little quieter. Sherlock hadn’t really intended to expose his underbelly quite this early on, but John was different. He needed to be sure.

John looked puzzled for a moment before his expression cleared. At that moment, comprehension lit his handsome face and he beamed at Sherlock.

“I don’t know how I’ve not managed to make this obvious, but I think you are fascinating.”

Sherlock waved a dismissive hand, only just managing to avoid sending his fork skittering across the ancient red lino.

“I’ve had an amazing time since we met,” John continued. “It’s the first time I’ve felt ‘right’ since I came back.”

Sherlock blinked several times, suddenly feeling completely at sea. “Oh?” he managed.

“Hmmm, ” John replied, nodding. “So yeah, I’d like to stay, if the offer stands.”

“Of course it does!” Sherlock blurted.

John chuckled and Sherlock could feel his cheeks getting warm.

“That’s good then,” John said with a cocky grin. He looked down at Sherlock’s nearly empty plate. “If you’re just about done…”


“Why don’t we head back and revisit those sleeping arrangements?”

“God, yes.”

To be continued…

On Love: Eros (Violin)
On Love: Eros (Violin)

So here’s a couple small violin sections from Yuri’s short program! Good luck to our beautiful pork cutlet bowl fatale in the last episode!

Can we take a second to appreciate this?

This is the face of Yuri Katsuki, drunk off his ass, challenging everyone to dance offs, pole dancing without pants, and a tie around his head (probably the same hideous tie he had the nerve to wear on TV the next year, tsk tsk). This is the face he made when the world renown stud Victor Nifikerov fell for him.

Like, he was looking like this: 

And he won Victor. He was looking like this when it was enough to catch Victor’s eye, so how must Victor have felt finding out bae cleans up so well?

@heymrsamerica has been making some excellent points about insufferable vegans lately and I felt the need to make my own point as someone who’s slowly transitioning into veganism that for most people it can’t just happen over night. For most people, regardless of circumstances, weaning ourselves off of animal-based foods and products is seemingly insurmountable at first and very daunting. And the online vegan community’s culturally and socioeconomically insensitive crusade that’s basically “all or nothing” is incredibly discouraging when I’m literally doing my very best here to be aware of and minimize the ways in which I contribute to the cruel mistreatment of animals.

I live in the rural south. I attend an HBCU in the rural south that has next to no vegan/vegetarian options as part of its meal plan. I also plan to live with my parents after graduation and the only way they know how to make vegetables taste good is with pork. My point is I won’t be able to have direct control over my diet without starving myself until I am financially independent. And even then, I’m sure I’ll fall off the wagon every now and then. My point is it doesn’t happen over night. And a lot of you are too blinded by moral superiority to remember that.

Tbh, this is why I no longer come to Tumblr for vegan resources (other than @youngblackandvegan, she’s extremely encouraging, personable and insightful). And before one of you comes out of the muck screeching “Not all vegans,” there are plenty of socially conscious and encouraging vegans online. The vast majority of whom are Black. (Which is telling in and of itself, but that’s another post for another time.)

  • asston of garlic (like 6 cloves for 2 meals’ worth)
  • thai basil
  • powdered ginger
  • splash of cider or rice vinegar
  • lime juice
  • all the vegetables your hungry little hands can grab
  • egg
~만 못하다

This grammar point is used to say that something does not reach the level or degree of the other thing that is being compared. It can be translated as ‘is worse than..’, ‘not as good as..’ or ‘inferior to..’. It can be paraphrased as 만큼 좋지 않다. 

쇠고기는 맛이 돼지고기만 못하다.

The taste of beef is not as good as [the taste of] pork. 

호텔이 우리 집만 못해요. 

영화가 책만 못해요. 

이번에 새로 나온 핸드폰 디자인은 이전 디자인만 못한 것 같아요. 

건강이 예전만 못한 것 같다.

: 준수 씨는 영어도 잘하고 중국어도 잘한다면서요?

: 아니에요. 중국어는 영어만 못해요.