good win boys


Jeonghan knows everything about Joshua…..

If they cheat. 

It’s Edd appreciation month, sure, but I decided; why not draw an adorable piece of buttered toast displaying his most adorable trait; floppy sweater arms?

Ed is a pure good boy who deserves love and affection and a pat on the head and maybe a pet chicken if someone’s there to supervise him with it. Ed is a good boy.

I’ll always go back to obsessing over Eddeddy, but don’t forget their biggest shipper is always Ed.

“사랑이란 아프고..” 


Inspired by a favorite Richard Scarry book, I drew some pages for a children’s book starring Philly Boy Roy. Manners, Philly Style teaches young readers how to behave as well as Roy.

What Raven Cycle Character You Should Fight


You win. You will win, but you wont feel good about it, this boy broke his hand punching his latin teacher. Gansey can’t fight. He’s a helpless child who is marked for death, why would you want to fight him???


Why are you fighting Adam? You would not win? Not because Adam would beat you but because if you tried it I personally would come fight you. You would not win. (what kind of monster would hit Adam, don’t be Robert Parrish.) 


He would win. He would win and probably steal your car. Thats just the kind of bastard he is. So cool. So suave. Not a giant goofball with a baby raven. 


Why the hell are you fighting noah? He would win for two reasons; 1) He is non-corporeal, you cant punch ghosts kids. 2) He’s actually a pure, kind, sweet soul, you would not be able to live with yourself if you fought him. (just look at what it did to welk.)


She would win. She would win and you would feel terrible for even challenging her. This is Blue Sargent, she has a pink switchblade. She is not fucking around.


Oh god please fight him, punch him right in the face. I don’t know if you would win but it would be so satisfying do it, do it right now. 


You would loose and get a solid motherly scolding for even the attempt. What made you think you could fight Maura? Not even the forces of evil can stand against this woman’s mother voice. 


You would loose, you would be utterly destroyed by her thighs. It would be quite the experience, but do not try at home. 

The Grey Man

You would loose, he is a hitman, you would be deader than noah. 


Fight him. Fight him and you might win, your winning has a direct correlation to your success fighting Ronan and the type of car you drive. If it is a Subaru you might as well not bother.  


Fight her. Avenge Jessie. You won’t win but it will be so satisfying. At least attempt to stain her clothing or mess up her hair, make your sacrifice count.  


You will win, he is a weak pissbaby. Ambush him while he’s griping about cows, (who doesn’t like cows?) poison his cheese, just in general injure him. You wont feel bad. 


Don’t fight her, don’t do it. It would be like fighting the wind.  


Fight him and you will win. It will be very satisfying but ill advised. He has rich white friends. But you could damage him, its up to you.   


She would win. She would win and probably steal your car. Don’t fight Maggie, it would be an egregious error. She has already fought you and won as you were considering it. Don’t fight Maggie.