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did anyone listen to that BGA song??? WHY IS IT SO IRONICALLY LEGIT???


why is everyone ignoring teen top

Behind Closed Door Pt.2 - Jeff Atkins Imagine

Hello Beautiful People! I am back! I’m sorry for such a lack of writing, I was having a hard time with school and personal issues but I am happy to update this story, I have received so much love for this and I am so thankful for everyone being so patient, now without further ado, I hope you enjoy, thank you for reading and please don’t be afraid to request ♡

Part 1

Warning: smut

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The game had yet to start, I was sat in my usual spot near the pit, right next to the barrier, with Zach, Clay and Hannah next to me, I glanced at the pit and looked at Jeff he gave me a smile and I give him a shy one back, I still have not talked to him since morning but I was coaxing myself to be brave and go through with the plan I had made. I watched as Jeff made his way to me jumping on the barrier so he was closer to me, he motioned me to him and I shyly got up moving to him, this was a usual encounter for us but I was still wary about what he had said.

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Jeonghan knows everything about Joshua…..

If they cheat. 


Inspired by a favorite Richard Scarry book, I drew some pages for a children’s book starring Philly Boy Roy. Manners, Philly Style teaches young readers how to behave as well as Roy.

“사랑이란 아프고..” 

shrkbite  asked:

Okay i keep seeing all these Lance mixes and if we are all being completely honest with ourselves the ONLY song on his playlist is Whats New Pussycat and Its Not Unusual

When Lance and Keith start dating Lance goes up to him and is like “babe I made you a mixtape” and Keith’s heart grows three sizes but he plays it like “Oh, cool, I’ll listen to it tonight before I sleep” and then Lance is the one mcfreaking losing it. I love them.

Anyway that night Keith gets ready for bed and he puts in Lance’s mixtape and. Well.

The next day Lance goes up to Keith and he’s like “hey the light of my life, how did you *snickers* like my mixtape" and Keith turns around and takes one headphone out and says “Sorry, what? I couldn’t hear you. I’m too busy listening to your mixtape, it’s really good I like the songs (’What’s New Pussycat’ is kind of long though).”

Keith: 1000000000 

Lance: 0