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I have five minutes left, and I wanted SO BADLY to get into this scene where Xena finally returns home and finds her mother, Cyrene. But I just know there’s no way.




Look at all those townspeople huddled in the background, how terrified they are of Xena. She fucking grew up here, this is her home, the place where they should know her best.

But that’s entirely the point. They do.

And that it’s Xena’s mother alone who has the strength (and the anger, let’s not discount that) to stand up to her says so much about Cyrene as well.


Just Another Tuesday on Camp Half-Blood (or, Nico’s Sugar-Induced-Extravaganza)

I know most of you probably think of Brazil as Christ the Redeemer, beautiful forests, Girl From Ipanema and samba/carnival, but do you even know what brigadeiro is? Lmao

Paolo can speak English here for plot reasons. Constructive criticism is welcome!

(Nico di Angelo/Will Solace, humor/fluff, general audiences, 1,351 words.)

Will knew something was wrong the moment he saw Nico bouncing to meet him in the infirmary, where he’d been taking care of boring paperwork with only his siblings making him company.

Nico didn’t bounce. He certainly did not jump around the camp with a content smile plastered on his face, as he was doing now.

He most definitely did not run and hug Will without a reason, much less this publicly. 

Will was frightened.

“Hi!” Nico shouted happily. “I ate brigadeiro!”

Will dimly noted that Paolo entered the infirmary and was running toward them, frowning. He also noticed how fast Nico’s heart was beating, but that could be from the running sprint. Still…

“Is that a drug?”

“No, it’s a dessert!” Nico explained, then got out the hug so he could look at Will. His eyes were huge, pupils slightly dilated, and he had a firm grip on Will’s shoulders. “Will, it’s wonderful! And it’s so easy to make! We could eat that everyday!”

“Hm. I doubt that, honey.”

Nico frowned as Paolo reached them.

“I don’t like honey. Or corn.” He mumbled, but by now Will was looking at Paolo, silently demanding an explanation.

“Will, hey. Listen, I think your boyfriend might have had way too much sugar? He ate, like, half a can of condensed milk, and ate almost all the brigadeiro.”

“The dessert.” Will said, dubious that a food could turn Nico into this.

“Yeah, man. It’s harmless, I swear. I just wanted to introduce a little bit of Brazilian culture to camp.”

Nico’s eyes widened and he gasped, shaking Will by the shoulders.

“Will! If we move to Brazil we can eat that everyday!”

“We can’t speak Portuguese, Nico.” Will reminded him, very patient.

“We don’t need Portuguese to eat.” Nico complained, and Will chose not to reply. He just breathed in very deeply, weighing his options.

“…Okay. Okay. I’m gonna put some water in your organism, and then–”

“No!” Nico whined, and it shut Will up. Nico didn’t whine. Or… pout like this. What was even happening? “I’m so full, I can’t drink anything right now.” 

A second later, Nico straightened his back, his eyes wide and bright at whatever idea he’d just had.

“Will!” Nico whispered, then kissed him, his eyes only half-closed. He tasted like milk chocolate.

Will could hear his siblings yelling “woohoo!” and wolf-whistling in the background; undoubtedly, Nico could hear them too, but his boyfriend didn’t seem to mind for once.

This was it. Nico had to be stopped; Will pushed his boyfriend away.

“Hm, lo– Neeks.” He cleared his throat, rummaging his mind for any good ideas. “Uh, let’s… Let’s go to the Hades cabin, yeah? I’ve been meaning to, uh–”

Nico giggled.

Will.” He drawled out. “I know what you’ve been meaning to do.”



Nico hadn’t said it in a quiet voice either, no. He had said it loud enough that Austin and Kayla stopped whatever they were doing and an uncomfortable silence followed.

Shit shit shit.

Rationally speaking, Will knew no one actually thought they were going to do anything other than a kiss on the lips, at most. The entire camp was aware they were probably the chastest couple in history (they were fifteen, for Apollo’s sake!), and that Nico would murder anyone who dared spread false rumors.

But, well, Nico wasn’t exactly himself right now, was he?

And if any rumor reached either Jason or Reyna (or Hazel), Will could start saying farewell to life and deciding what would be engraved on his tombstone.

“Hm–” Will was torn between trying to explain that that was not what Nico meant or throwing his boyfriend over his shoulder and running away from camp forever.

The second option sounded more and more tempting by the minute.

And then Nico threw his hands in the air and yelled:


Okay, Will had to take him out of here before any more of his nerdiness was revealed or Nico would kill him later. He gave a pointed glare toward Kayla and Austin, who promptly tried to pretend their laughter were coughing fits instead. 

Only Nico was fooled.

“Are you okay?” He asked them, frowning. “Maybe you should go see a doctor.”

“They’re fine, Neeks.” Will mumbled, scowling at them one last time before turning back to his boyfriend. “Let’s go.”

“Hey, ho. Let’s go!” Nico started singing, and Will gently dragged him by the arm toward the door. Paolo, who’d been fidgeting, moved out of their way and shot them an apologetic look, but Will would only be able to forgive him after Nico was fine, so he didn’t bother responding.

In one hour, Nico did more than he usually did in a day.

He decided he wanted to climb the lava wall (”I’m gonna fight it, Will. I’m gonna win.”), so he did just that and did a victory dance afterward. Will had never want to record something so badly in his life, but the moment he saw Sherman lifting a camera, he ran and literally kicked the bastard’s ass, confiscating the object.

Sherman, in a rare wise moment, decided not to argue against the person who patched him up almost daily.

Nico kissed him a lot, as well. It felt as good as it was worrying, because Nico usually wasn’t prone public displays of affection. His eyes started watering when Will pushed him away, though, and it was as if all his energy had been sucked away all of sudden, so Will proposed kisses on the cheek for now and it appeased them both.

Nico also had the sudden desire to listen to music out loud, so they went to the thankfully empty Apollo cabin and put Ramones on the speakers. Nico danced (or simply bounced) until he fell face first on the bed, right beside where Will was sitting, promptly giggling and mumbling it was a comfortable place.

He was asleep within a minute, and Will finally allowed himself to sigh and chuckle a little. He knew Nico was adorable, but today had simply been too much.

In a few minutes, he had Nico under a blanket and was caressing his silky hair. The doctor side of him told him to get up and get some water for when his boyfriend woke up. The rest of him ignored that.

Now, Will would never say this out loud (mostly because it would always sound creepy, no matter what words he used), but he loved feeling Nico sleep (…see? Creepy.), in the sense that he could feel his heart beating and the way all his muscles relaxed.

Nico was peaceful, whole, alive, and getting well-deserved rest when he was sleeping. What was there not to love?

Will only wished it was nighttime already so he could sleep until morning. If he took a long nap in the afternoon, he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep later and would risk staying up all night.

So after an hour and a half of wishing he could take a nap even with the sun up, Will gently poked him awake.

“Neeks? Neeks, it’s time to wake up, man.”

Nico hummed.

“Hey, sweetheart. You awake yet?”

“Don’t call me sweetheart.” Nico mumbled without opening his eyes.

Ah, he was awake alright, and back to being annoyed at and inconvenienced by most things. Will smiled.

“You know, I was thinking. Okay, we can’t move to Brazil, maybe we can have our honeymoon there. What do you think?” Will said, seemingly nonchalant, and watched, delighted, as Nico’s face shifted into poorly concealed confusion and panic (mostly panic), then realization.

Will could see the faintest hint of a blush in his boyfriend’s face before he hid it in the mattress and groaned out loud, the sound pained. He knew Will would never let go of his sugar-induced-extravaganza. Good.

Will just laughed.

Needless to say, Nico’s sugar rush was the perfect advertisement for the Brazilian dessert, which ended up being a success in both Camps, even though Will never let anyone (especially his boyfriend) eat too much of it again.

It was for the best.

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Warren and chubby!reader where she's a total virgin and he begs her to let him make her feel good so she finally agrees and he has her ride his thigh and she looks so good wearing only his leather jacket rocking herself back and forth on his jeans and making cute little noises he didn't know he loved to hear but now it's his favorite sound ever and her face buried in his neck and her small breath and little bites. And when she throws her head back when she cums he nuts in his pants.


Look Alike (V, Y/N Scenario)

Yo, sorry it’s been so long but this is for my baby Taehyung on his birthday! This is also for donnakim1995 who asked like forever ago, sorry it’s so late and hope its what you wanted!!!!!!! More under the picture

“Oh my God, it’s starting! Oh my God, oh my God!” Your friend, Riya exclaimed, squeezing your arm. Your pried her off laughing. You were at a Bangtan Boys fan meeting and it was safe to say she was a lot more excited than you. Not that you didn’t like them, because you did just she was externally excited.

She somehow managed to snatch a few tickets to the fan meet, front row as well, which still amazes you. You would show more excitement if you hadn’t been waiting 4 hours prior to this. Patience wasn’t your strong point.

“Ugh Y/N they’re almost here! I don’t know how I’m going to cope. They’re going to be dressed so hot; I can picture it now. Namjoon is going to look so hot but you’ll probably only be seeing Kim Taehyung.”

You glanced down, knowing she was right. You didn’t intend for him to be your bias it just happened. You got completely immersed into thinking about Taehyung you didn’t even hear your friend practically screaming next to you.


Trying to get her to calm down you pulled at her jacket until she sat down again. You put your hand over her mouth in an attempt to get her to stop speaking.

She glared at you and raised an eyebrow and you knew it was a clear sign to take your hand off instantly but you broke out into a chuckle. She raised another eyebrow and licked your hand. You let go of her instantly and wipe your hands on your light blue jeans.

“You are one dirty little girl” you commented making her scoff and laugh.

“If my memory serves me correctly you’re younger darling”

“By like 3 weeks so it doesn’t count”

This was a consistent argument that neither of you ever won but always had. She only shrugged her shoulders in reply and craned her neck to see when they would be coming.

You braced yourself for her screaming which would definitely rule over everyone else’s. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and fished it out. It was a text from your mum asking what you wanted for dinner. You rolled your eyes and typed your reply. Before you could press send, you felt a loss of hearing in your left hear. Well, they’re here. You shoved your phone back into your pocket, standing up when Riya pulled you up. Not wanting to feel left out you clapped and screamed as well.

The event co-ordinator motioned for everyone to sit down and you were happy to comply. Bangtan did their famous greeting and you heard some people join in. You took in account of their outfits, particularly V’s.

They were dressed in block colours of white and black with subtle differences for every member making them individuals as one. The first thing that stood out to you and probably everyone was Rap Monster’s fiery red hair styled to a messed perfection.

Your eyes made a beeline for Kim Taehyung and you had to admit he looked pretty good. He was wearing tight leather pants with zip detailing, a white shirt and shorter white jacket on top. Each of the members had strong presences that worked together but shouldn’t have. They said whatever scripted line they were given and answered all the questions in a completely typical style. You listened intently whereas Riya, who was shaking her legs in anticipation and you knew she was thinking about meeting them.

Your eyes met Taehyung’s, his gaze bringing a slight blush to your cheeks you had to look away. You felt Riya nudge you and you were happy to give her your attention.

“That V kid sure does look like you”

You frowned your eyebrows, no idea what she was talking about.

“Oh surely, you must have seen it” Riya stated and you shook your head timidly, should you have?

“You both have strikingly similar features, it’s crazy how I only noticed now”

You looked back at V; luckily he wasn’t looking at you this time and studied him. You saw him smile slightly before snapping back to reality. He nodded his head in time with the members and answered all the questions directed to him.

It was finally time for the main event; the fan sign. You brought out your album and waited in the queue with Riya. She was number 7 and you were number 8. You reviewed the album while listening to Riya blabber on.

The Dark and Wild album was predominately black but it had this light reflecting sheen over it. You mumbled the strapline on the front aloud, which was obviously the point of the album. Making you loose your place, Riya dragged you up the stairs and into the line again.

You were really close to Jin the first member on the left. You handed him your album and mumbled ‘Hi’ shyly. He smiled and said hi back but with more confidence than you. He asked how you were and you nodded in reply. Laughing again he handed you your album and you had to move on.

That went terribly, you thought and took a deep breath for the next member Jimin. Thankfully, he started it. You passed him your album and he took it, initiating conversation. You managed to get a bit further than you did with Jin before you had to move again.

It was the leader next and slid your album to him and watched him scribble his signature. He had asked you a lot more question than you thought he would and you answered them happily. He had made you feel at ease and you felt relaxed for the next member, Jungkook.

Maknae was just as shy as you were and made small talk whilst he signed your album before handing it to the next member. You couldn’t help but laugh at his adorableness.

The next member was J-Hope who gave you a beaming smile, forcing you to smile back. He had as many questions as Rap Monster had whilst simultaneously emitting good vibes.

The penultimate member was Suga who looked at you whilst he signed your album making you laugh. You didn’t know he was this playful. Sending you his own smiled back he returned your album to you.

Your heart beat faster has you anticipated the last member, V. you gave him your album, looking down. He cleared his throat making you look up, he wanted your attention. He sighed your album slowly, trying to have as much time with you as possible.

“I heard your friend, she said we look alike. I think so, don’t you?” he asked you bluntly. Your eyes widened in shock. You shake your head no and he laughs.

“You are cute. Stay behind for a few minutes after, okay?”

He clutches your album closer to him and you nod your head. Upon seeing your nod he releases his hold and hands you your album. You step down the stairs and take your seat next to Riya, who strokes her album eyes moving across the cover repeatedly, committing everything to memory.

You take the opportunity to scan your own album, tracing each member’s signature. You notice that V added a little smiley face to his and you smile, thinking about what he says.

The fan sign wraps up quickly and everyone gets ready to leave but you stay seated. Riya stands, looks at you frowning and you shake your head, signalling you aren’t leaving yet, she shrugs her shoulders and sits back down happy to stay longer.

“As much as I love being the last to leave, why are we?” she asks, curiosity killing her patience.

“Don’t freak out but V asked me to…” you tell her and he eyes light up. You grab her lips in your hands, squeezing them tightly, denying her any chance to scream. She breathes deeply through her nose a few times before swatting your hands away.

“He asked you too?” she whisper-screams. You nod, unable to speak.

“Oh why? No offense but still why?” she questions and you shrug, waiting for him to come out. When the last person leaves, the co-ordinator comes over to you.

“You girls are going to have to leave, the event his over. Any gifts you have for the members’ I’ll be happy to pass on but you must leave”

Your shoulders slump, maybe he forgot you asked. You nodded and began to pick up your things, Riya mimicking you.

“Don’t worry Y/N, I’m sure he can’t, he’s an idol so they have to leave quickly you know” she said in reassurance.

“Yeah hopefully” you replied wanting to say no more.

As you began to head out the door, you heard someone scream excuse me. You turned around instantly and saw V running towards you. Your eyes shut and you braced yourself for the impact of the run but it didn’t come. Your eyes flew open and you saw V bent over, panting.

“Sorry about that, I couldn’t get away when I wanted to” he explained.

“No that’s fine, that’s absolutely fine. Why did you want me to stay?” you asked, feeling relieved you would finally know.

“I, erm, wanted a picture” he said, looking down. Before you could say anything he added, “Because we look alike, you know”

You nodded, you knew now.

He happily took out his phone and stood next to you. He counted down. You smiled looking in the camera and then he changed position so he was slightly behind you. Counting down again, he took another. He moved again so he was fully behind you. As soon as he counted down, you felt his lips on your cheek and the picture being took. You gasped and blushed, looking everywhere but at him.

“Sorry, I should have asked” he said and you nodded, yes he should have.

“It came out cute though, you want to see it?” he asked.

“Go on” you said, slightly curious.

“I’ll only show you if you give me your number” he asked and you were surprised at his bluntness. You frowned, unsure if you should give it. Would there even be a point?

“I’d give you mine but then how would I send you the pictures?” he asked and waited for your reply.

You glanced over at Riya who was smiling in excitement for you and you couldn’t help but laugh. You looked back at V and nodded before you could think. He jumped up and handed you his phone. You punched in your number and set your contact name. V took his phone back and checked over everything.

“Y/N” he whispered and you blushed involuntarily. You never expected your name to sound so sexy but he made it happen. He hugged you one last time before heading back, making promises to text you. You ran over to Riya who also hugged you in a congratulatory way.

“Well done Y/N, now hook me up, preferably with Namjoon” she commented. You slapped her arm lightly and made your way out, leaving her behind. You couldn’t believe the day you had and you anticipated that text.

The end

There ya go! Hopefully you do like it! Tell me if you did and please give me story ideas, i’m running out /sweats nervously/. LAST BUT NOT LEAST HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEHYUNG HOPE YOUR DAY IS FAN-BLODDY-TASTIC!

BAD BOY! Jeonghan
  • silent and sleeps all day yet gets really good grades and u’re like ???? how bruh? tbh looks ice-cold and stares at anyone who dare messes with him and gets real close to them and whispers something which makes the other person run away and never come back, das why you stay 100 feet away from the boi at all times.
  • Wears his long luscious hair in a low ponytail with his bangs hanging lose on one side of his face which Makes him look soo DAMN GOOD and he’s also wears leather jackets and ripped skinny jeans with boots and u always sigh bc he’s so amazingly prince/ angelic looking even though he gets into many fights and stuff
  • He’s always sleeping and or hanging outside if the school grounds and you wonder how he manages to get better grades than u? he’s gotten into many many fights bc people think he’s ignoring them but he’s just the type to not really give a damn about others.
  • he has a habit of day-dreaming alot so u catch him staring at something or just sitting there with his mouth open and agap looking lost as hell. and sometimes you’ll see him smile and you melt bc it’s soo SOFT AND SWEET YET HE’S SO STRANGE AND MEAN?
  • one day he came into class with a busted lip and bruised cheek that was hella swollen and just sat next to you huffing and goes  to sleep so u get all worried bc you kinda like him despite his mean aura.. so after last class you gently wake him up and he looks at you all tired and sleepy and u tell him to follow you and he does?! 
  • he follows you stumbling along behind and u take him to the nurse’s office and pull out all the medicine and ointments needed to treat the bruise and cuts on his face.
  • throughout the time you were cleaning his face he looked at you with his eyes half open and it felt like he’d pass out any moment and when you were done with treating him he leans in and you’re like !!SHIT IS HE GONNA KISS ME??! NOO?! BUT YES?? but instead of kissing you his face lands on the crook of your neck and he’s out. 
  • you’re still for a few seconds since he’s asleep? so you gently push him back on the bed and cover him with your jacket and when u’re about to leave he grabs your wrist and pulls u back and thanks u and u’re like “no probs”. and once again he’s out to sleep.
  • u don’t see him for the next few days so u’re worried wondering if he’s hurt again or smthng but then you see him standing outside of the school gates at lunch and when he catches ur eye he smiles. that freaking warm smile that melts you.
  • so you walk over to him all nervous bc no idea wht he might do but instead he smiles more brightly in withing seconds he’s cornered you and go both his hands on either side of u and u’re like.. SHIT.. WHT HAVE I DONE”. he leans in real close and whispers.. “i like u.. alot.. since i saw you.. plus you healed my bruises.. so thanks again for that”. and u’re about to cry bc he’s soo pretty and u like him too but good lord he’s scary af right now..
  • u manage to stutter “i’m glad u’re feeling better” and try to run away but he just presses you more and kisses u and DAMN HIS LIPS!! SO SOFT AND HE LIKE BITE SON UR LOWER LIP MAKING U GASP and then he pulls back and u look down bc u’re RED AF!!!
  • he lifts ur chin making u look at him and whispers again. “i’d like to know more about u” and u’re like.. “we can start from being friends..” and he laughs.. like a little kid and it’s soo cute?? so from that day onwards he always sits next to you and has a arm around you shoulder..
  • he turns out to be really funny and u finally get to know how he gets so good grades it’s by studying entire night and then sleeping in the day and he sometimes stares at u and u blush bc JEONGHAN PLS STOP?! and he keeps doing it.
  • so u ask “why r u staring at me like that”? and he just smiles his angelic smile and says “bc u’re pretty and i like ur blushing cheeks”. and u’re like “I AIN’T BLUSHING! “ and he pokes ur cheek and says “sureee”.
  • and from then he’s always there even if u don’t see him and he gives u piggy back rides or no reason and even allows you to braid his hair and he does the same to yours and i he sees a flower he’ll pick it up and put it in ur hair and u do the same and by the end of the day y’all have a nest of flowers and leaves in u’re hair but it ok bc he loves it no matter what.