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I have five minutes left, and I wanted SO BADLY to get into this scene where Xena finally returns home and finds her mother, Cyrene. But I just know there’s no way.




Look at all those townspeople huddled in the background, how terrified they are of Xena. She fucking grew up here, this is her home, the place where they should know her best.

But that’s entirely the point. They do.

And that it’s Xena’s mother alone who has the strength (and the anger, let’s not discount that) to stand up to her says so much about Cyrene as well.



First time posting my work like this.. it’s going to hopefully be a series.. hope you enjoy it.

Author: Gotnolife7

Pairing: reader/ Yugyeom.

Rating: M for mature.

Summary: You weren’t boring, you were busy there was a difference. While you were working hard your best friends called you lame. You could be fun and you would prove it.

“I swear to God if you don’t stop trying to scratch your scalp I will shave your whole damn head,” you yelled as you swatted away the impatient boys hands, “you aren’t making me do all this work just so you can ruin it!”

Bambam groaned and let out an annoyed sigh, “It burns Noona!”, he whined as you placed a plastic cap over his head. Dark brown hair now turning a pale yellow thanks to you. He begged and begged you to bleach his hair and turn it red, so here you where cramped up in his small bathroom. The damn boy complaining when you were doing all the work.

“Thirty minutes I promise,” you chuckled as you gave everything a once over. That only made him more whiny, plump pink lips pouting.

“Yah, are you almost done? Some of us have to use this bathroom,” Mark complained, leaning against the frame. You smiled and patted Bambam’s shoulder, “all your’s, come along child,” you giggled as you made your way out of the bathroom.

It was your normal Saturday schedule, you held up in your two best friends apartment just hanging about, and of course Bambam whining. You started out friends firstly with Marks girlfriend when you just moved to Seoul, who then introduced you to the both of them, Mark quickly taking the role of big brother. That relationship however hadn’t lasted very long and neither did your and her’s friendship, your friendship with the boys however stuck like superglue.

“Don’t even know why you are complaining, you wanted this,” Mark chuckled as he plopped himself down on the sofa next to you. Bambam only rolled his eyes in response making you chuckle.

Although you had two more years under your belt Bambam had a good nine inches in height under his. People confused you as the junior and him the senior and the boys never let you live it down. It was also more embarrassing out at the bars when you would get carded left and right while he just ordered his drinks freely, no one even batting a lash.

“How much longer does that have to stay on his head? We are going out tonight,” Mark grumbled while playing with his phone. You groaned, all you wanted to do was stay in and watch some movies, the boys however had other plans. Plans that of course included drinking and girls. You certainly didn’t feel like going out and being social, fact it was the number one thing you hated most in the world. It wasn’t that you weren’t good at it, you just preferred acting as if you were well into your fifties and stay in.

“Do we have to? I don’t feel like being fake social,” you grumbled as you threw your head back against the sofa, staring up at the ceiling.

“Oh no, don’t give me that. I know you Y/n and the last time you even spoke to the opposite sex, other than us, was at least two months ago,” Mark says, eyes narrowed as he tosses his phone down next to him.

It was true, it had been a while, in all aspects. Mark however was being slightly nice, the last time you even hugged a guy that wasn’t either Bambam or him was at least eight months ago, sex on the other hand. Well hell you were pretty much a born again virgin.

“And? I’m fine? If you haven’t noticed boys don’t like me,” you sighed, Bambam letting out a snort. “I agree with that Bambam,” Mark chuckled.

Your head whipped up glaring at the both of them, “ wow, so what? You all want me to become a hoe?” you half shouted as you slapped Marks shoulder.

“You need to live a little Y/n, what are you gunna do when we get girlfriends?” Bambam says, looking genuinely concerned,“we just don’t want you to be alone.” The thought did cross your mind, the boys did date here and there but it seemed fine that you all still hung out regardless.

“I’m not guys. Seriously I’m okay,” you sighed as you looked down at your hands. As much as you hated to admit it they were right, you had been feeling kind of lonely lately, especially at night. Hell your mind seemed as dirty as a mans at this point and your hand was your only lover, however you were shy as hell. Even if a boy glanced your way you couldn’t deal. It was sad.

“No, nope. Not having this. Tonight is the night Y/n I’m serious. Finals are over, you have tomorrow off. Let loose. Just once and we will stop bugging you,” Mark started, staring you dead in the eyes, your annoyance growing. You hated being the stick in the mud but you especially hated being called the stick in the mud.

“We will even buy your drinks,” Bambam chimed in as he crouched next to Mark, all eyes on you. Something in you shifted.

“Okay fine. Fuck it,” you groaned as you raked your fingered through your hair. It was true, you needed to live a little. You could be fun, and you were going to show them that you can have fun.

It was a little past eleven thirty when the boys finally swung by your place to pick you up. You gave yourself a once over, a wicked smile spread across your now dark red stained lips. The boys were going to freak and you knew it, but tonight was the night. You were going to have fun, let loose, and hell maybe finally at least talk to a boy.

The clicking of your heeled boots against the pavement seemed to be the only sound you could hear as your anxiety grew, your fingers fidgeting with the black tennis skirt that just barely seemed to cover your butt.

“Damn Noona, you look hot as fuck,” Bambam whistled out the passenger side window as you approached the car. Score one, as uncomfortable as you felt you knew the outfit was a good idea. “Finally wearing the leather jacket I got you two birthdays ago,” Mark chuckled as he held open your door signaling you to hop in.

You knew you needed to show the full outfit to gage the reactions, if you needed to change then now was the time. With shaky fingers you unzipped the jacket letting it open to reveal the deep red lace top that clung to you like a second layer of skin.

“Well I’ll be damned. Someone’s sure as hell looking for a man tonight,” Mark chuckled as he glanced at you in the review. You inwardly sighed in relief, at least you look decent. “No ones going to mistake me for a boy tonight,” you chuckled as you played with your pixie cut hair. If you had a dollar for every time you were mistaken for a boy by some drunk idiot, you would have endless drinks for at least six months.

You arrived at the club ten minutes later, your heart hammering in your chest, you needed alcohol and you needed it now. The bouncer let the three of you in as soon as you approached the entrance which surprised you, usually you would be waiting in line for an hour or so but apparently you just needed to show a little skin and boom easy access.

“You should dress like this more often, maybe we don’t even need to buy you drinks,” Bambam laughed as he patted your back, you rolled your eyes.

“Cranberry vodka now,” you demand as you pushed the tall, now red haired boy, towards the bar. You needed liquid courage, it was the only way fun Y/n was going to come out. As soon as he handed you the pink glass you swallowed it down in one gulp.

“Easy,” Mark yelled over the music at you. You ignored him as you quickly downed a shot of tequila Bambam handed to you. The liquid burning your throats but making you feel warm and fuzzy all over.

It only took twenty minutes before the boys quickly found their prey for the night leaving you alone with your third drink. You didn’t mind however, alcohol finally doing its job of loosening your tense muscles, your hips now swaying to the beat.

“Hey you look kind of lonely pretty girl,” a gross, clearly older, gentlemen chuckled. His breath smelling of gin and cigarettes. You sighed, “no I’m fine thanks,” taking another sip from your glass. This was usually the type of males that spoke to you, ones that assumed you were a lot younger and had some kind of sick little girl fantasy.

“Oh come on now don’t be like that. Did your little friends leave you all alone? Why not spend some time with a man,” he whispered in your ear grabbing you by your wrist to pull you forward. You could feel your stomachs churning.

“Piss off! I’m clearly not interested!” you yelled trying to break his hold which seemed to grow tighter, you knew you would have a bruise tomorrow. Suddenly you felt an arm wrap around your waist pulling you backwards into a hard but warm surface.

“Kindly take your hands off my girl,” an angelic voice growled behind you, a shiver running down your spine.  You could feel heat rising in your cheeks, it sure as hell wasn’t one of the boys. The older man only glared before he let go and took off. You turned to face your savior, their arm still wrapped tightly around your waist. Without heels you are a small five foot, with heels however you were a good five three average height yet when you turned all you saw was a very pale white neck. You craned your neck up, you could feel your eyes grow nearly popping out of the sockets.

Warm brown eyes staring into yours as you scanned down his whole face, making note of the small mole just below his eye, staring all the way down to the pair of plump soft looking pink lips now forming a smile, your heart was beating so fast you were sure he could feel it.

“You alright shorty?” he chuckled, arm wrapping slightly tighter around you. Breath, you needed to breath but your lungs seemed to be failing you.

You meekly nodded taking in a shaky breath. He chuckled, you could feel the vibration. Taking another breath you slightly came to your senses and took a step backwards, his arm dropping it’s hold.

“Erm, thanks. You didn’t have to..” you started as you glanced around desperately trying to find one of the boys. You felt so small and awkward under his gaze.

“It’s no problem. He was being a bit to touchy. Doesn’t seem to know when no means no,” he continued, stepping a little closer. You looked up at him wide eyed, every hair on your body seeming to stand tall.

There was no denying he was handsome as hell, your nerves were a wreck, this was out of the norm and you didn’t know what to do. You could feel your teeth grab hold of your bottom lip and you nodded in response. He looked down at your mouth causing your heart to beat rapidly.

“Are you here with someone? Maybe you should meet back up with your friends,” he pressed, his lips closer to your ear now. The music was so loud yet in that moment all you could hear was his voice, your body very aware of his breath against your skin.

Keep it together Y/n. You can do this. You yelled at yourself. This was your night after all.

“I’m here with some friends but I’m fine. I can take care of myself,” you shrugged, taking a quick swig of your now watered down drink. A smirk spread across his mouth and you could feel your insides screaming. Damn he was attractive.

“No denying it baby girl,” he chuckled and all of a sudden his arm was around your waist again, “care to dance? Maybe a way to say thank you for swooping in and defeating the bad guy?” his sweet voice making your whole body melt. You bit down into your lip hard, fuck it, you nodded and set down your drink.

He guided you down to the dance floor, you let the music take over, your hips swaying to the rhythm. Your body was on fire, arms wrapped around his neck, his hands finding their way down to your hips pulling you closer into him. If the boys could see you now.

His forehead came down to rest on yours, your body’s so close you could feel his chest rise and fall. Hooded eyes staring strait into yours, his warm breath washing over your face. A giggle escaped you lips, you felt like you were on fire, and suddenly his lips were attached to yours. Your head was whirling, you kissed him back and felt so alive.

Fingers tangled into soft black hair, the grip on your hips tightening. Alcohol running through your veins  making you brave. You bit into his bottom lip begging for entrance and he gladly gave it, your tongue slipping in without hesitation.

He pulled back breathless, “want to get out of here?” eyes glazed over, lips slightly plumper. God he was so damn hot. You nodded before quickly pulling him back in forgetting about all the other bodies surrounding you, kissing him slow and hard.

He broke away and wrapped his arm around, guiding you out of the club. You thought about Mark and Bamabam when the cold air from outside quickly hit you but the man pulled you closer to him as if to keep you warm and suddenly all you could think about were his damn lips.

Quickly you started getting closer to a sleek black car, his arm still wrapped around you to guide you, you grew impatient. Once you got closer to the vehicle you spun grabbing hold of the front of his shirt quickly pushing him against the door, gripping the back of his neck and pulling his mouth down onto yours. He froze for a second, clearly shocked by your sudden brave actions, but quickly collected himself and kissed you back. His large warm hands sliding into your unzipped jacket, gripping your exposed rib cage, a shiver running down your spine.

“Inside. Now,” he groaned against your lips as he quickly unlocked the door, you broke away and plopped down onto the cool leather seat trying to regain a normal breathing pattern. Your skin was on fire and begging to be touched. He quickly got into the drivers seat, door barely shutting before his lips were back onto yours. You couldn’t stand it, you needed him and you needed him bad.

“Drive now. Not here,” you gasped in between his slow kisses. You didn’t know how or when he did it but suddenly the car was on and you were driving away from the club. His hand sliding up and down your thigh.  Your teeth bitting down hard on your now plump bottom lip.

The music was off but all you could hear was your erratic heartbeat. His fingers slowly creeping up high, playing with the hem of your skirt. You didn’t look at him or stop him, you made sure to stare straight forward to keep yourself focused. A giggle escaping your lips, his fingers growing braver moved up further meeting a small corner of your clothed lace thong. You thanked god you were smart enough to wear some sort of cute underwear. His soft fingers sliding under the fabric gently grazing over your core.

“Already so ready,” he hissed as he felt how wet you had gotten just from him kissing you, your head leaning back into the seat as a small moan escaped your mouth. Suddenly his hand was gone, now both hands gripping the steering wheel. You let out a little whine. “Almost baby girl,” he chuckled as he sped up.

You had no idea where you were but you really didn’t care, you just needed him to hurry. Time wasn’t even  relevant to you to be honest. He got closer to a large apartment complex, a garage door gliding up, quickly pulling in and parking in a spot. You finally turned to look at him and his lips were back on yours, his hand flying under your skirt rubbing your clothed clit. Gasping and groaning your fingers laced into his hair, your hand slowly sliding down his chest to his pants growing more and more impatient when you felt how hard he was.

He groaned in response, the sound driving you crazy. As quickly as it started it ended and he was out of the car leaving you to regain your reins. He helped you out of the passenger seat, his arm wrapped around your waist again guiding you to an elevator.

You both waited in silence until the elevator doors opened, quickly stepping inside, the doors closing and you were back to your attack. Your body pressed against his, hand against his crotch making him groan into your mouth. It was the longest elevator ride of your life, the small ding making the both of you jump in surprise as if you had gotten caught. He smiled down at you as you giggled.

“This way baby,” he whispered in you ear giving it a quick nip, you yelped and followed behind. You noted how nice the hall and doors looked, definitely the nicer part of town. He stopped in front of the door at the very end of the hallway and quickly typed a code into the door, a click indicating it was now unlocked.

Let the games begin.

You went in first trying to look around the dark apartment, a click behind you made you jump. His fingers grabbing the tops of your shoulders spun you around, your back pressed against the cold wall, soft lips latched back onto your mouth. He was eating you alive.

His lips going painfully slow but strong, he was in control and your job was to just stay standing. Your body on such a high that you knew if he let go your knees would give out. Slowly you felt your jacket being pushed off your shoulders, the smooth fabric sliding down your arms hitting the floor with a light thud. Your hands slid down his chest, fingers undoing each button carefully as if you were saving the wrapping to a gift.

Dull nails scratching up your spine making you whine. When you finally reached his waist line your fingers went through his front belt loops and you pulled him closer making him chuckle into your mouth. You undid his belt undoing each button on his tight black jeans and slowly slid your hand into his boxers, groaning. He was hard and ready, and damn was he well built.

A low moan against your lips made you feel brave. It had been a good while, you were definitely out of practice and you could feel anxiety start to bubble. A fire erupted deep within your belly as he sighed into your mouth, you wanted to do good and by god you wanted to keep hearing his sweet moans.

Biting gently down onto his bottom lip you slowly slid down, fingers tugging into his belt loops causing his pants and boxers to slide down with you. You grabbed hold of him, hard and warm in your hands licking off the precum.

“Fuck,” he groaned as he grabbed hold of your hair. You giggled as you started your teasing, slow kitten lapping from bottom to tip before taking him in your mouth fully. He was a mess, groaning and breathing erratic, your hair being gently pulled.

It drove you mad, just the sound of him coming undone could get you off and you wanted to make him scream your name which he didn’t even know.

“Enough,” he growled pulling you up from the ground a little roughly, looking you dead in the eyes. No not enough, you needed more, you needed him. You licked your lips slowly, he stared down at your mouth and sucked in a breath.

“No. More,” you whispered as you pulled him to you mouth latching on to his, hand slowly stroking him causing his to shudder. Roughly he grabbed hold of your hands pinning them about your head, you let out a frustrated whine making him chuckle.

“Patience,” he whispered in your ear as his hand slid down your side, his other hand still holding your hands in place. He tugged the bottom hem of your skirt and hummed, “the little school girl skirt stays,” he chuckled, fingers gliding up your thigh. You giggled in response.

His fingers gently tugged your thong to the side and quickly slid two fingers into you causing you to cry out. There was no need to even warm you up. “So tight and ready,” he groaned as he slowly pumped his fingers in and out of you. You moaned and moved your hips into his hand.

“Please,” you moaned out, he was teasing you and you couldn’t stand it. It was now or never. He stared into your eyes, glossed over and full of lust, and quickly tore you away from the wall gripping you from behind your thighs and suddenly you were in the air. You wrapped your legs around his waist, his hard member now pressed against you causing you to move your hips, teasing him.

“So impatient baby girl,” he growled giving your ass a quick slap causing you to giggle. You were quickly thrown onto a soft bed, legs spread, eyes locked onto his. His shirt was suddenly gone and he stood in all his naked glory before you.

“I’m a little over dressed,” you giggled, he moved on top of you. Your top was quickly pulled off over your head, his mouth suddenly wrapped around your nipple. He was going to be the death of you.

“The skirt stays,” he said in between kissing down your torso grabbing hold of your thighs. Suddenly he was hidden under your skirt, underwear now on the floor, and stared licking your clit. You let out a loud moan. If this was how you were to die, so be it.

“I’m not done with you yet,” he growled as you heard the sound of a ripping wrapper. His tip right at your opening, and slowly he pushed in. You gasped, damn it had been a long time.

“So tight,” he moaned as he finally slid all the way in giving you a moment to adjust. It felt like forever before you slowly raised your hips to his causing him to moan.

Slowly he pumped in and out of you before the pace began to quicken. Both of you moaning and gripping onto each other for dear life. A fire growing inside of you threatening to escape.

“I can’t. I’m going to,” you moaned as your nails dug into his back.

“Ride it baby,” he moaned as you quickly reached your peak. In the midst of your orgasm you heard him let out a loud moan before you felt him twitch in you, collapsing next to you. Both of you breathing hard, coming down from your high. His arms wrapped around your small form, holding you close.

You were so weak and spent, your head cuddled deep into the crook of his neck, the both of you passing out.

You were on fire, hell you felt like you were in a fire. Sunlight forcing you awake from your blissful sleep. Slowly your eyes cracked open. This wasn’t your apartment, it sure as hell wasn’t the boys. You grew slightly panicked until you felt arms tighten around your waist causing you to look down. There he was.

Mr. Last night. Oh god that’s right. Your mind whirled. There he was all naked chest, sheets wrapped around you and him. He clung to you like a baby, so warm and soft.


Slowly and gently you loosened his grip and slipped off the bed. Your skirt the only thing covering you, quickly you swooped up your top, underwear, and heels dashing out of the room as quietly as you could. As you made your way down the hall you noticed how fancy the apartment was.

Must be loaded. You thought as you picked up your jacket from the floor of the door way before making your exit.

Here you were heels in hand, Ms. Walk of shame to the bus stop. No idea where you were or even what time it was.

Stick in the mud who?


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Pia i'm the zoology student again guess what i'm graduating with a 2.1 i've gotten the second best grade and i'm so so so happy because i cannot do maths at all like i can't divide really or time tables and i'm graduating with a 2.1 and you've helped me so much with the modules when i was struggling.. okay right fae functional morphology and the physiology ash and augus helped so much but i just can't thank you enough for everything your writing your posts everything oh also gulvi neck armour?

Congrats!!! Woot for getting through so much, woot for doing it with an awesome grade, and extra woot for graduating. That is so so awesome. <3

I hope you’re doing a ton of cool stuff to celebrate and if there was a life kudos button I would totally be pressing it like a million times because that is like, an awesome amount of achievement right there.

(Also Gulvi neck armour - I get the feeling she’d never wear it. In fact most of her armour isn’t super useful, but that’s because she flies, and she needs really lightweight materials to get up into the air and down again the way she wants to, so a lot of her body aside from her organs/chest/heart are actually completely unprotected).

Just Another Tuesday on Camp Half-Blood (or, Nico’s Sugar-Induced-Extravaganza)

I know most of you probably think of Brazil as Christ the Redeemer, beautiful forests, Girl From Ipanema and samba/carnival, but do you even know what brigadeiro is? Lmao

Paolo can speak English here for plot reasons. Constructive criticism is welcome!

(Nico di Angelo/Will Solace, humor/fluff, general audiences, 1,351 words.)

Will knew something was wrong the moment he saw Nico bouncing to meet him in the infirmary, where he’d been taking care of boring paperwork with only his siblings making him company.

Nico didn’t bounce. He certainly did not jump around the camp with a content smile plastered on his face, as he was doing now.

He most definitely did not run and hug Will without a reason, much less this publicly. 

Will was frightened.

“Hi!” Nico shouted happily. “I ate brigadeiro!”

Will dimly noted that Paolo entered the infirmary and was running toward them, frowning. He also noticed how fast Nico’s heart was beating, but that could be from the running sprint. Still…

“Is that a drug?”

“No, it’s a dessert!” Nico explained, then got out the hug so he could look at Will. His eyes were huge, pupils slightly dilated, and he had a firm grip on Will’s shoulders. “Will, it’s wonderful! And it’s so easy to make! We could eat that everyday!”

“Hm. I doubt that, honey.”

Nico frowned as Paolo reached them.

“I don’t like honey. Or corn.” He mumbled, but by now Will was looking at Paolo, silently demanding an explanation.

“Will, hey. Listen, I think your boyfriend might have had way too much sugar? He ate, like, half a can of condensed milk, and ate almost all the brigadeiro.”

“The dessert.” Will said, dubious that a food could turn Nico into this.

“Yeah, man. It’s harmless, I swear. I just wanted to introduce a little bit of Brazilian culture to camp.”

Nico’s eyes widened and he gasped, shaking Will by the shoulders.

“Will! If we move to Brazil we can eat that everyday!”

“We can’t speak Portuguese, Nico.” Will reminded him, very patient.

“We don’t need Portuguese to eat.” Nico complained, and Will chose not to reply. He just breathed in very deeply, weighing his options.

“…Okay. Okay. I’m gonna put some water in your organism, and then–”

“No!” Nico whined, and it shut Will up. Nico didn’t whine. Or… pout like this. What was even happening? “I’m so full, I can’t drink anything right now.” 

A second later, Nico straightened his back, his eyes wide and bright at whatever idea he’d just had.

“Will!” Nico whispered, then kissed him, his eyes only half-closed. He tasted like milk chocolate.

Will could hear his siblings yelling “woohoo!” and wolf-whistling in the background; undoubtedly, Nico could hear them too, but his boyfriend didn’t seem to mind for once.

This was it. Nico had to be stopped; Will pushed his boyfriend away.

“Hm, lo– Neeks.” He cleared his throat, rummaging his mind for any good ideas. “Uh, let’s… Let’s go to the Hades cabin, yeah? I’ve been meaning to, uh–”

Nico giggled.

Will.” He drawled out. “I know what you’ve been meaning to do.”



Nico hadn’t said it in a quiet voice either, no. He had said it loud enough that Austin and Kayla stopped whatever they were doing and an uncomfortable silence followed.

Shit shit shit.

Rationally speaking, Will knew no one actually thought they were going to do anything other than a kiss on the lips, at most. The entire camp was aware they were probably the chastest couple in history (they were fifteen, for Apollo’s sake!), and that Nico would murder anyone who dared spread false rumors.

But, well, Nico wasn’t exactly himself right now, was he?

And if any rumor reached either Jason or Reyna (or Hazel), Will could start saying farewell to life and deciding what would be engraved on his tombstone.

“Hm–” Will was torn between trying to explain that that was not what Nico meant or throwing his boyfriend over his shoulder and running away from camp forever.

The second option sounded more and more tempting by the minute.

And then Nico threw his hands in the air and yelled:


Okay, Will had to take him out of here before any more of his nerdiness was revealed or Nico would kill him later. He gave a pointed glare toward Kayla and Austin, who promptly tried to pretend their laughter were coughing fits instead. 

Only Nico was fooled.

“Are you okay?” He asked them, frowning. “Maybe you should go see a doctor.”

“They’re fine, Neeks.” Will mumbled, scowling at them one last time before turning back to his boyfriend. “Let’s go.”

“Hey, ho. Let’s go!” Nico started singing, and Will gently dragged him by the arm toward the door. Paolo, who’d been fidgeting, moved out of their way and shot them an apologetic look, but Will would only be able to forgive him after Nico was fine, so he didn’t bother responding.

In one hour, Nico did more than he usually did in a day.

He decided he wanted to climb the lava wall (”I’m gonna fight it, Will. I’m gonna win.”), so he did just that and did a victory dance afterward. Will had never want to record something so badly in his life, but the moment he saw Sherman lifting a camera, he ran and literally kicked the bastard’s ass, confiscating the object.

Sherman, in a rare wise moment, decided not to argue against the person who patched him up almost daily.

Nico kissed him a lot, as well. It felt as good as it was worrying, because Nico usually wasn’t prone public displays of affection. His eyes started watering when Will pushed him away, though, and it was as if all his energy had been sucked away all of sudden, so Will proposed kisses on the cheek for now and it appeased them both.

Nico also had the sudden desire to listen to music out loud, so they went to the thankfully empty Apollo cabin and put Ramones on the speakers. Nico danced (or simply bounced) until he fell face first on the bed, right beside where Will was sitting, promptly giggling and mumbling it was a comfortable place.

He was asleep within a minute, and Will finally allowed himself to sigh and chuckle a little. He knew Nico was adorable, but today had simply been too much.

In a few minutes, he had Nico under a blanket and was caressing his silky hair. The doctor side of him told him to get up and get some water for when his boyfriend woke up. The rest of him ignored that.

Now, Will would never say this out loud (mostly because it would always sound creepy, no matter what words he used), but he loved feeling Nico sleep (…see? Creepy.), in the sense that he could feel his heart beating and the way all his muscles relaxed.

Nico was peaceful, whole, alive, and getting well-deserved rest when he was sleeping. What was there not to love?

Will only wished it was nighttime already so he could sleep until morning. If he took a long nap in the afternoon, he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep later and would risk staying up all night.

So after an hour and a half of wishing he could take a nap even with the sun up, Will gently poked him awake.

“Neeks? Neeks, it’s time to wake up, man.”

Nico hummed.

“Hey, sweetheart. You awake yet?”

“Don’t call me sweetheart.” Nico mumbled without opening his eyes.

Ah, he was awake alright, and back to being annoyed at and inconvenienced by most things. Will smiled.

“You know, I was thinking. Okay, we can’t move to Brazil, maybe we can have our honeymoon there. What do you think?” Will said, seemingly nonchalant, and watched, delighted, as Nico’s face shifted into poorly concealed confusion and panic (mostly panic), then realization.

Will could see the faintest hint of a blush in his boyfriend’s face before he hid it in the mattress and groaned out loud, the sound pained. He knew Will would never let go of his sugar-induced-extravaganza. Good.

Will just laughed.

Needless to say, Nico’s sugar rush was the perfect advertisement for the Brazilian dessert, which ended up being a success in both Camps, even though Will never let anyone (especially his boyfriend) eat too much of it again.

It was for the best.

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Warren and chubby!reader where she's a total virgin and he begs her to let him make her feel good so she finally agrees and he has her ride his thigh and she looks so good wearing only his leather jacket rocking herself back and forth on his jeans and making cute little noises he didn't know he loved to hear but now it's his favorite sound ever and her face buried in his neck and her small breath and little bites. And when she throws her head back when she cums he nuts in his pants.