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heterosexual-asterisk  asked:

Hey, guys! I know you probably get asked this a lot, but I'm looking to step up my study game in the aesthetics department. What would you recommend as a sort of "starter kit" (i.e. pens, notebooks,) for those who already take good notes and want to organize it in the way that you guys do? (I'm entering year 11 and starting the IB next year, if that helps at all.)

Hi there! We’re sorry for responding to your ask so late D: But we saw this ask, started brainstorming, and got a little carried away :P 

Below are just a few suggestions that we would consider putting in a “starter kit”. There are still so many great stationaries that the study blog community uses, so please please please, if any other studyblr has suggestions, feel free to include your suggestions <3 It would be a huge help to everyone ^_^  

***We think you can get most of these items on Amazon, but we’re not 100% sure, so we’ve included some reference links just in case :) 


Pens: Muji, Pilot Juice Gel Pens, Stabilo point 88, M&G (M&G has sooo many different types of cute pens, go check them out if you have time!) 

Highlighters: Zebra Mildliners, Uni propus window, Stabilo: pastel

Markers: Copic Markers, Crayola Supertips, Tombow dual brush pens, artline Stix Markers 

Washi Tape: Wishy Washy, Cute Tape, Kawaii Pen Shop 

Journal: Muji, Moleskine, Rhodia, Cavallini 

Notebooks/paper: Muji (They have lined, dotted, graph, you name it! ) 
Rhodia, Fivestar Notebooks, Campus (They have so many cute cover designs), Morning Glory (Cute and practical Korean stationary)

Cute Stationary Shops: Kawaii Pen Shop, Kikki-K 

Note Taking 

Titles: Awesome posts by studypetals, eintsein, us (stvdybuddies) 

Banners/Doodles: Mindblowing posts by just-try-to-inspire, studywithinspo, journalsanctuary (1) (2), studypetals, architstudy 

Organization: Note taking styles/strategies by emmastudies, eintsein, ateacherfairytale (on highlighting) 

We completely understand the desire to step up one’s game in the aesthetics department; we’ve both been able to do this since establishing our blog thanks to the supportive study blog community :) But we would also like to remind you that it’s key to figure out whichever note-taking style and strategy works best for you! The most important aspect of studying should be to learn and understand the material! Aesthetics comes second <3 

P.S Again, these were just some items that we came up with off the top of our heads! If any other study blogs out there have suggestions to add, we would be happy to include them, and perhaps make this into a “starter kit” masterpost :) 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I just wanted to start off by saying I LOVE your stories. I think I've been regularly checking your blog for new updates for at least a year now! Unfortunately, I got in a car accident the other day (guy turned left in front of me and no way I could brake in time), but on the bright side, everyone is completely fine. I'm still a little shaken though so I was wondering if you could do a modern AU with Saizo's reaction to finding out Corrin has been in a car accident and him consoling her?

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

It was a regular day in the office (go figure). Saizo, Head Supervisor of the Sumeragi Corp., was supervising as always. He didn’t waste any time in his work, head down and doing his best to succeed and make sure those under his supervision did as well. 

Considering he was excellent at said supervision, pretty much everyone in the office fell under it. It certainly kept him busy; his phone always off when he was in the office, he never so much as glanced at it, even after getting married. 

It enticed employees to circle rumors around. He was so cold-blooded he didn’t even have time to text his wife? Did he even get married because he loved her? Or was is some sort of arrange thing between him and a stranger?

Saizo never paid any attention to the rumors. They were foolish, and knew nothing about his personal life. To be honest, nobody did. He wanted to keep it that way. He didn’t realize that was all about to come to a screeching halt, of course.

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anonymous asked:

Hello there! Sorry if this is too much of a question, and please dont take this the wrong way... You dont have to answer if you dont want to! Im a highschool student and this year were starting to learn about Feminism and Sexuality (such as the LGBTQ+ Community)I saw your bio on twitter, the tags on your blog and everything. I was wondering if you can recommend any blogs and sites that have "really" good information about the two topics? I mean no harm, I just want to learn and advance learn :))

Hello! You are very welcome to follow my other tumblr which focuses on feminism, lgbtqai+ (and trans in particular) and representation: @queertechniques - I have collected information and thought-provoking posts for many years and you might find one or two things that are helpful :)

So I’m thinking about making a multimuse side blog for all the ideas I have for OCS and canon characters, because I really can’t handle more than one blog at a time, but I wanna rp other characters and also give my other OCS a chance to shine (vali gets all the spotlight tbh). It’ll probably include canon muses like general iroh, zuko, archon radonis, fenris, merrill, etc as well as my OCS from Vesuvius and DA, as well as historical ‘OCS’/interpretations of historical people like Genghis Khan ( I used to rp him for a brief period and I miss it). Sideblogs are kind of crappy but its the only way I’ll keep the blog active tbh. How do you guys feel about multimuse blogs? I had a really good experience with a multimuse blog when I first started rping on here so I don’t really get why people are turned off by them. Do you think it would be a good idea to maintain activity on both blogs?

on remaking

hey! it’s Alex gayfaes. I’m not gonna be using this blog anymore, because I feel I’ve gotten “in too deep,” for lack of a better way of saying it?
uhh, I guess the point is that I really don’t want a lot of people coming along with me. Ideally, this’ll be a fresh start.
Like, you can interact with this post if you want, but you probably won’t be getting my URL unless I’m following you already!
Also, I’m not gonna change much, even if I am changing blogs. You might find me again, lol, but ideally it’ll be just me and my good friends for a while!
I wish you all the best, and I give thanks to all my followers and mutuals, whether you followed yesterday or back in 2014.
I’ll still be using this blog as I transfer URLs and sideblogs, and it will stay up as an archive, but I probably won’t be logged in for much longer. This weekend will probably be the last time I’m signed in as gayfaes, actually, once all is said and done! (so feel free to confess anything while I’m still around ;p)
Really though shoutout to every kind anon, sweet mutual, and all the support I’ve gotten. I want a fresh start, but I won’t forget about you!
Ily all 💜💖💜

anonymous asked:

Sexuality is a fluid thing, though. It would made Timon suddenly gay out of nowhere, then yes, it might be OOC, but that doesn't mean you can't develop it. And, maybe he still largely prefers females, but he winds up being attracted to a guy and doesn't know what to do with it. I think it'd be good character development for him to struggle with those sorts of feelings and come to terms to it. I mean, I thought //I// was straight for years, but now I'm pretty much 100% gay, so. People can change.

I could not agree with you more Anon!

I’ve actually fully consciously done that on this blog with @daggy-o way back in the past.

Timon was still largely straight, but he started to develop feeling that were distinctly not straight for the beaver. Everything was subtle and handled with a delicate hand on the end of my writing. But… people saw through the subtext lol.  and I started getting shippy Anons about Timon and Daggett’s relationship. Which is EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED.  

So yes. Sexuality is a fluid thing. I hope all the readers of my blog know and remember that. And I think it’s very realistic to see Timon come to grips with feelings he’s never felt before. ❤️

writing an autistic character when you are not autistic - a masterpost

completely double spaced version on google docs here – this post is more blocky for the sake of people’s dashboards, but still long so people will be less likely to glaze over it. my apologies if that makes it hard to read

things to look for and avoid in an autistic character

• symptoms only manifesting as “nonverbal and rocking”
• super smart / living calculator
• super dumb / doesn’t understand anything
• all the symptoms you can come up with for them are “awkward” and “has special interest(s)” (please do more research)
• trains, technology, and/or math as special interests
• acting like a child
• getting treated like a baby
• unreasonably cruel and uncaring about others’ reactions to them being cruel
• if they’re comparable to sheldon from the big bang theory, start over
• animal comparisons
• a lack of feelings
• please no stories about what it’s like to be autistic told by allistics

the right way to write an autistic person

• lots of symptoms, including secondary ones not included on a general diagnosis requirement list (here’s a list i rather like that was made by an autistic person – their blog is also a good resource)
• having a good amount of general knowledge and actually talking about it (i cannot believe that i have to say this)
• talking about things outside of special interests (again…. come on……….) (special interests are usually the default things our brains go to when theres no stimulation or we want to entertain ourselves – it isn’t literally all we think or talk about ever. if a conversation has no connections to a special interest, reconsider having your autistic character bring it up in a context that is not an introduction.)
• explicitly expressed to be capable of attraction and romantic feelings – if your character is an adult, add sexual feelings to this point
• capable of general functioning, just with a disability that makes it more difficult – not a walking disability (….sigh)
• a wide amount of feelings and emotional turmoil (but perhaps only being able to express it in limited ways)
• we’re people
• just people whose brains are wired differently

things to avoid in research for an autistic character

• autism moms / autism blogs and websites not run by autistic people
• any affiliation with autism $peaks means you should walk away and never look back
• a scientist trying to create explanations for what autistic people do without actually asking / not mentioning asking autistic people
• anything about a cure for autism
• a person that “worked with autistic kids” phrased in the same way as “worked with animals”
• talking about autistic people as if they are mysteries, are like animals, or are otherwise othered weirdos instead of people

things to look for in research for an autistic character

• actual autistic people talking about their experiences and symptoms
• just stick to that and you’re good but it’s hard to find sometimes ngl. just look for the above red flags

things i would personally like to see in an autistic character

• less easy to swallow sadness and more destructive anger. i would love to see a canonically autistic character who was frustrated easily by small things and had trouble communicating why
• not a story about being autistic, a story that happens to have a character or characters who are autistic – it isn’t pointed out or questioned, they’re right at home with the rest of the cast and not othered (a la symmetra from overwatch)
• intensive sensory issues / small sounds making large reactions
• clear communications about not liking x sensory thing (for example being touched)
• poor motor skills / clumsiness and not being laughed at for it
• walking funny (body bent downwards, walking very fast, walking slowly, big strides, shuffling, stiffness, etc)  – no one treats it as if it’s funny or something totally strange
• a big personality that has a presence so they can’t be cast aside (but feel free to have quiet characters too) – if this was along with being nonverbal they would probably leap to being one of my favorite characters ever
• a fear of asking for clarification on sarcasm or jokes because of past experiences and an arc about the character becoming more comfortable asking questions

>> if any fellow autistic people want to add something, feel free <<

allistics are encouraged to rb this

recommended reading~

while you’re waiting for me to post or just looking for suggestions, i hope this helps! it took me ages to compile and i’ll update as i come across new pieces, so i hope that both readers and writers alike appreciate this’=) as a reader i know how satisfying it is to read quality fics, and as a writer i know how gratifying it is when someone acknowledges your work. i’ll be honest, it’s mostly smut and lots of fantasy!au because i am a mermaid princess, so of course i’m always thirsty; BUT it’s not all that this list is, i assure you there’s a nice mix of everything~

love always, 토끼 언니

my mobile master list.

last edited may 28 ′17 (top three are new, sorry the descriptions suck,, i’m sick)

*i edit this post constantly, so be sure to check it often for updates! i used to keep authors together, but now i just put the newest pieces at the top. i’m always looking for new material, so don’t hesitate to dm me some or drop me suggestions in my ask!

**if you have written or read any scenarios/fics of any genre for SF9, IKON, VARSITY, B.A.P, PENTAGON, VAV, or NCT please send them to me!! these groups need more love!!!

pepero day (smut) || @kittae

best friend!yoongi is so accurate and i am in love? this is easy going and cute.

five months (smut) || @ellieljade

seeing ex-namjoon at a party and you’re on the arm of a new guy after a while (when neither of you really stopped loving each other in the first place) leads to some *things*. this is very rough, demeaning, and super dirty so if you’re not into that, don’t read this ok~~~~~~~~

nudes not flowers (smut) || @jheartseok

hobi + kookie i am dEAd. this was super good, long (and multi-part) but very good, a nice storyline as well.

professor turned call boy (smut) || @aegyotrashcan

i can SO see taeyong as a strict prof omg, and this just in time for finals too ;)

lightweight two (smut) || @btssmutgalore

okay this was a lot angstier than i thought it was going to be but the storyline is good i enjoyed it. this one is for you jungkook noonas~

my teddy bear (smut) || @hyungjooki

points for creativity, wow this opened my eyes to a new world. didn’t exactly match changkyun but this deserved a spot on the list~

rhythm (smut) || @onlylovekpop

I AM SCREAMING SO MUCH CAN THIS BE MY LIFE PLEASE wow i’m not sure i’ve felt SO in tune with Y/N before lol. she actually felt like me this time. i’m always down for jooheon and you should be too.

nude two (smut) || @btssmutgalore

okay i’m not into sexting nor did i ever think i would be, but this scenario has changed my life!! accidentally sending taehyung a nude is actually the best thing ever, wow. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PIECE. it’s so well written, 10s all around. the dialogue is A+++++++

forbidden (smut) || @btssmutgalore

hoseok is one of your brother’s (taehyung) best friends and it’s hard to deny each other when you’re both around each other so often..

a secret || @stormae

MAE NEVER DISAPPOINTS!! college!nct and some sicheng yes please! technically there is slight smut but truthfully i think it’s the build up that makes it feel so intense so if you’re not in the mood for heavy stuff you should definitely read this.

control (smut) || @jungblue

i usually steer clear from dom!reader pieces because it’s not me at all BUT if i ever did venture out to try myself as a switch this is exactly how i think it would go down, realistically. i really really enjoyed this jimin one~

taste (smut) || @jungblue

poly!taegi help loosen you up while studying so ya know, so you can uh,, think better..:.

step-brother (smut) || @idolimagines

i actually read this one a long time ago but i lost it, but i found it!! so much angst and tension with soon-to-be stepbrother!jaebum oh my eff. it’s a mini series and markson have notable characters throughout! i cried a lot, i loved this so much.

arrangement (smut) || @the-goddesswrites

call boy!hyunwoo is already a yes please BUT this storyline makes it 10,000x better oh my gosh please read this. the appreciation i have for this piece is through the roof.

daddy devil one two (smut) || @dom-joonie

i am such a power sub and this gives me life!!! devil!namjoon ruler of all 7 levels of hell? how can you not be intrigued by this one. (i’m not super into “daddy” but i like the dynamics i just personally prefer another name haha)

the boy next door (smut) || @hansolmates

ROOMMATE!HANSOL!!! this one is so well written with such a good storyline and character development ah. jeonghan+jisoo have active parts in this as well. i cried too but what’s new lol.

misunderstandings (smut) || @hallyuwriters

if you’re new here, know now that i am SO into fantasy au. especially werewolf!! so here’s a mildly angst-ish vampire!you and werewolf!taehyung.

call boy (smut) || @caliboyjaeffrey

rylee and these nct call boy fics are gonna be the death of me. sicheng is such a sweetie, my gosh.

bonus round (smut) || @bxebxee

if i harbored feelings for hoseok this long i too would also give in at the stairwell *insert upside down smiley*

impatient (smut) || @bxebxee

royalty!au and prince taehyung, oh gosh. you’re betrothed to each other and he writes you private letters and ahh i am a mess already please read just read

wait for it (smut) || @workofteaguk

i am such a sucker for royalty!au and with  prince jungkook? hell yeah i’m going to love it. you’re also a princess, how can you not enjoy this one! there’s mild angst but hang tight because it all works out in the end!

call boy two (smut) || @caliboyjaeffrey

so this one was actually on the list AGES ago but sweetheart went and added a second part AND I LOVE IT EVERY BIT AS THE FIRST!! you need to read it!!1! but i do need to warn you that taeyong AND yuta are in this so you will have to wear your seatbelts okay bbies~

face riding (smut) || @17mounteens

there is so much more than just face riding lol but this minghao one shot is well written (as with everything else admin scooter writes – quality). i feel like minghao deserves more writers.. but yeah hehe

thin walls (smut) || @chokemewithjaehyunschoker

neighbor!jaehyun (i might have a thing for neighbor!jaehyun idk this is like the second one haha). this one was very different from the usuals, really really recommend~

jailbreak two || @jooheonster

criminal!jooheon. security guard!you (but you quit after the first, js). this two parter actually takes place like a year a part but that makes it even better? so much tension and feels my gosh.

on a dare (smut) || @badgirlfanfics

this wasn’t even supposed to be angst but i cried?? kihyun being an ass is amusing as always but this felt so real? ANYWAY the storyline is ridiculously good, the smut is amazing, and wah it’s just perfect in every way ok.

shotgun under the blood moon two (smut) || @2badseoulsad

okay i was so conflicted on whether or not to put my own writing but if you only ever read one thing by me LET THIS BE IT. smoker!taehyung but of all the other boys make notable appearances. it’s smut, but it’s funny too, and ah please just read this i promise you’ll enjoy it ok. probably the peak of my writing career.

say his name || @haeng-syo-peace

this fic is the reason i opened this blog to start writing again i kid you not. a must read. it has EVERYTHING in it, and copious amounts of angst and smut. jiho and namjoon!

sins and virtues (smut) || @blackpearl-scenarios

demon!namjoon, i’m kinda emo over this one.

passion (smut) || @deathbyyoongi

hobi angst-fluff-smut done proper!! realistic but dreamy, ah, i love it.

until we meet again || @alienpikachu

this ghost!taehyung piece will rip your heart out and piece it all together again and you’ll be crying and you’ll love it ok.

i don’t bite || @alienpikachu

eeeee vampire!yoongi and guess who delivers his packages..

tinder 2.0 (smut) || @tayegi

a fabulous concept with some angst and jungkook!!

adoration (smut) || @pleaseseokjin

werewolf!seokjin is your boyfriend but watch out for namjoon bc he’s in heat…

time of the month (smut) || @no-more-cream

werewolf!jimin yessss. also appearances by the other two rotten maknae.

why not? two (smut) || @monbebeaf

best friend!changkyun is so comforting and i need him in my life ahh.

territory (smut) || @imaginethisbts

dogboy!taehyung is such a cute concept ugh.

talk dirty to me (smut) || @idolized-scenarios

kiseok(simon d) and that low voice comE ON.

with love and money (smut) || @jaebumgotme

sugar daddy!yoongi realness. it’s got a good storyline, and yonni paints beautiful pictures in your head i’m tellin’ u~

blue bloods (smut) || @jaebumgotme

why do i love when jimin is abrasive but not? tbh pretty sad.

i’m not a kid, two (smut) || @drquinzelharleen

businessman!jungkook as your boss’ son with an actual storyline yay!!

scent, sweat, heat (smut) || @itsyvvngis

werewolf!jungkook dramaaaaa. chimchim makes an appearance too~

feelings || @jaehwan-mp3

this soulmate!donghyuck(haechan) is next level, really love the concept!

not to be || @jaehwan-mp3

ah soulmate!jaehyun for when things seem bleak but you just gotta make things happen.

soon, two, three ,four || @blubeeny

this novella should be published my gosh it’s flawless! romance, heartache, smut, fluff, it’s got everything. probably the truest piece to minhyuk as fiction can get~

from dust to dust || @jungkxook

warlock!jimin has my heart torn. there’s some smut in here but it’s light.

claimed (smut) || @ellieljade

tbh jimin is a real brat and gets jealous bc of how flirty hobi is around you but of course my heart is still fluttering after finishing this so..

elevator rides and expert tongues (smut) || @mystikimagines

a classic. oh yoongi…

roommates? two (smut) || @keurimnsuga

THIS ICONIC TWO PARTER WAS THE BEGINNING OF A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP. it holds a very dear place in my heart. also, who doesn’t want taehyung as a roommate.

princess (smut) || @daddyjooheon

jooheon is my ult so of course this is in here.

color you mine (smut) || @noir0neko

teacher!jimin oh be still my beating heart!

below zero (smut) || @noir0neko

in a world where you’re both rich but of course you’re still not enough (to everyone but taehyung). super angsty but i love hurting myself so

void, two, three || @ncttrashaf

if you like dying here’s a johnny trilogy. eloquently written though, bless~

just one day (smut) || @t-o-p-madam

I HAVE NEVER CRIED MORE AND LOVED IT SO MUCH. i’m not trying to shove this one down your throat but it’s perfect and you’re missing out. boyfriend!hyunwoo is so realistic and maybe that’s why it kills me.. (also, this deserves SO many more notes than it has?? wtf i don’t understand)

holier than thou || @stormae

tattoo artist!ten needs soo much more appreciation ahh a true work of art~

hellion (smut) || @stormae

demon!ten sounds hot (and it is wow) but tbh i cried at the ending.

salt and iron || @i-would-rather-be-queen

bodyguard!jooheon is something you didn’t know you wanted until now.

inbetween (smut) || @bangtanboysboo

i am literally mega heart eyes for every fantasy!au this fairy dumpling(i hope you take that as a compliment?) writes. nymph!taehyung on this piece, eek!

instinct (smut) || @bangtanboysboo

it’s mating season and both you and your mate werewolf!jungkook are going crazy. werewolf!jimin is your brother. i’ve read this one so many times you’d think i’d have it memorized by now but nope.

strangers (smut) || @the95liner

wealthy and sophisticated jimin yes please. also, you’re in art curator, go you! i thoroughly enjoyed this one.

the switch (smut) || @kookingtae


the equation of love || @kookingtae 

professor!yoongi gosh this series has dragged my heart over the whole damn creation, i love death.

la douleur exquise (smut) || @kookingtae

okay i’m really not one for “the other woman” type scenarios but frick man, this one got me crying on my knees. taehyung angst ouch.

triplicity (smut) || @kainks

poly!yoonseok, honestly i’d probably make a deal out of something dumb like this too so #relatable.

just like honey (smut) || @taehyugme

a proper sugar daddy!seokjin

mine (smut) || @whoistaehyung

super intense alpha werewolf!namjoon. i really enjoyed the detail of character rank, it added to the story a lot. werewolf!jaebum is in here too but it’s not about him.

a sip from the grail (smut) || @asexpectedofthestork

being a donor to vampire!jungkook just got a little more exciting..:.

delicacy || @failaise

very unique vampire!jooheon, really beautifully written~

internet fiend || @thedreadedsweaterinyourcloset 

neighbor!jaehyun steals your wifi to watch porn, giving you viruses lol. v entertaining!

You’ve heard of Lance making Keith laugh and Lance becoming space goo, now get ready for-

Keith saying or doing something that makes Lance laugh hard and it’s not at him (which is a big plus), almost making him cry, and Keith’s Pining Ass is all over the clouds, and then Lance slaps his back saying “haha that was a good one dude” and Keith is dead. Shiro come pick him up. Maybe it’s also the moment when Keith really fell in love of Lance’s laugh. Him starting to make more stupid things in front of Lance does not relate in any way, nope.

Centering whiteness in the craft.

I’ve been into the occult for as long as I can remember. At 8 I was checking out books on satanism, vampirism, and witchcraft from the library, at 10 I started doing my own spells and interacting with Faefolk, at 13 my mom told me about the spell work she used to do growing up. I have grown a lot since those days of building fairy houses in my front yard out of rocks and flowers and leaving little offerings of honey or juice in exchange for good luck or help finding something I lost, and in those years of navigating the pagan and witch communities both online and off, reading books nonstop, blogs nonstop, etc, I noticed a trend. 

Paganism, the occult, and the craft are all very very white. Not only that but whiteness is centered as the one and only way to participate in these interests. First it started in the wiccan books I read as a child, the “white vs. black” magic that is shoved down the throats of aspiring wiccans and witches and eventually they spew it back at anyone else who will listen. If you’ve been on my blog a bit, you already know my gripe about white or black magic. If you haven’t browsed my blog or been there for my rants here is the nitty gritty: The idea at it’s simplest is rooted in colorism and racism, where white is seen as good and black or darkness seen as bad, this trope has been carried over into many different movies and books featuring magic as the villian who usually practices “black” magic has darker features, dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair, while the good characters practice white magic and as such represent purity with their fair skin and hair and eyes. Not only this but historically the magic and practices of those of color, brown and black people, have been demonized for centuries while magic performed by white people are seen as some kind of fairy tale, quirky, beautiful, sipping tea by a potted plant, aesthetic. 

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ML ANGST IDEA: Just like him

Gabriel Agreste is revealed to be Hawkmoth. Ladybug and Chat noir finally defeat him and he is arrested. Paris was shocked by the reveal, but was happy that hawkmoth was no more.

Adrien’s life was a cyclone of events after that. His Dad was in prison, his mom was still missing. Nathalie was his legal guardian, and his Dad’s company was being run by the board of directors until Adrien was of Age.

People started treating Adrien different, he could feel people treat him different. A lot of fake smiles, and nods. Photographers wanted to use Adrien as a model a lot less. Fan girls of his started trickling down. This part didnt bother Adrien that much, he never cared for that. But the way people treated him at school was different. Chloé was distant (One of the few blessings) saying that it might not look good being seen with Adrien right now, some of his classmates avoided talking to him. Kim teasing him about his Dad being a villain. Alya constantly questioning him about it (for the blog). The only two people who didnt act any different towards him were Nino and Marinette. Nino was his best friend and that wouldn’t change. Marinette was one of the sweetest people in existence, she could never be mean to anyone unless they absolutely deserved it.

The rest of the world seemed to think that he was the soon to be super villain! That he was some scorned rich kid plotting his revenge. It pissed him off, the fact that his Dad was a villain, the fact that everyone treated him coldly, the fact that he now lost both of his parents.

He began transforming a lot more. Chat noir was on the prowl every night. He would watch over the city. It was something to take his mind off of everything.

One Night Ladybug showed up to join him.

“There aren’t anymore Akumas Chat, we can relax.” Ladybug eased the cat hero. The two were standing on a rooftop in the middle of the night.

“I kind of wish there were…” Chat muttered under his breath. The night air suddenly felt much colder on the roof.

Unfortunately for the cat hero, Ladybug heard him.

“Don’t even joke about that. Without the akuma, the people are in a lot less danger. Paris is a lot better off without Hawkmoth.” Ladybug spoke.

“Is Adrien Agreste better off?” 

Chat noir didn’t even realized those words shot out of his mouth. The sharpness of the question pierced Ladybug right through the heart. How did Chat noir know about Adrien? Well it isn’t like Adrien isn’t a random kid, he was the son of the Fashion Tycoon turned super villain Gabriel Agreste. 

“Chat noir…”

“I can’t sleep anymore Ladybug.” Chat noir interrupted, which really didnt mean much as Ladybug was still at a loss for words.

Ladybug stood in silence as she waited for him to continue.

“I havent slept since the night before we captured him. I remember how ecstatic I was when we finally caught him. But when I saw his face… his real face. He had a son, Ladybug. He was the only parent left in Adrien’s life, and we just took him a way. I handed him over to the police…” Chat noir was on the brink of tears.

Ladybug hugged him from behind, tears slowly leaving her eyes to trickle down her cheeks.

“I never once realized any of this. But it isn’t your fault Chat, we were just doing our jobs. Adrien doesn’t deserve to lose his father over our actions. But Hawkmoth deserved to go to prison for his crimes. Sometimes being a hero means we have to make tough decisions. Deep down, I am sure Adrien doesn’t blame you for what happened.”

The night grew quiet once again as Ladybugs words reached Chat noir’s ears. For a moment, nothing but silence. But then, Chat noir started to laugh. Ladybug released her hug and backed up as she watched Chat noir cover his eyes as he laughed, tears streaming down his face.

“Chat?” Ladybug questioned nervously.

She watched stunned as he instantly stopped laughing and undid his transformation right in front of her, revealing the crying blonde rich kid that missed his father.

“But I do Ladybug.”


Continuation here

Looking Around: A Guide to Architecture

Hello Friends! After some feedback, I’ve decided to go back to my roots and do some less esoteric content than architectural theory (which I will, of course, return to - I’m thinking about starting a not-regular blog or a podcast about it.)  The purpose of this series is to give people the vocabulary they need to talk about houses and architecture in general! 

I don’t know if y’all know this but there’s a lot of different parts and styles of architecture. Everything in architecture has a name, whether it’s ornament, architectural styles, or stuff like parts of a roof - either way, we should all be empowered to talk about architecture. 

The good news is we all already know quite a bit about architecture.

Architecture speaks to us through personal experience. By looking at it long enough, you start to get a feel for it. Even amateurs can tell whether or not a house is new or old, even when the exterior has been significantly remodeled. Something just tells us - that’s an old house, or that’s a new house. The key to dating a house is to be able to pick out those codifiers - sometimes its a material (vinyl siding) or an architectural element such as window or dormer. 

Most of us can identify a house that fits the labels “Victorian,” “Colonial,” or “Modern.” That’s not so far off from the truth - it’s a matter of narrowing it down, being able to say that Victorian usually codifies a type of ornate house from the 19th century, or a new house built in what is more specifically called the Queen Anne style. Colonial has been a type of house since, well, the colonies - but there’s a big difference between a 2005 colonial and a 1804 colonial. Not to mention the myriad differences between Spanish, Dutch, or English subtypes. 

Because I don’t want to wait until next week to get this started, I’ll be posting the first article in this series on Friday - it’ll be about the Minimal Traditional style and how it has manifested itself in housing since the 1920s!

I hope you all enjoy this new series as much as I will!

meetmyinnerdemons  asked:

Hi, I wanted to ask you if you know any fanfictions about Johnlock texting/letters/internet messages, something connected with that? :)

Hi Lovely!

I thought I didn’t have many of these, so I was so excited that I would be able to get this done in 10 minutes… it’s now 4 hours later and I finally got a rough list done for you and I STILL can’t find the one I wanted to add to this list! I’m so angry, because I THOUGHT it was an FFNet fic, but i can’t find it urg. Oh well. I hope you like what I have picked for you instead!


  • Unquantifiable by 221b_hound (M, 2799 w, Ao3) - John remains a terrible and foul-tempered patient, but he does try to make up for it with pet names and text message silliness. In the meantime, Sally Donovan visits Baker Street for a hint about the Milverton case, and has to deal with a Sherlock Holmes who can’t find words big enough to thank her for saving John’s life at the warehouse. For afters, there’s a viewing of The Princess Bride. Part 33 of Unkissed
  • Happy anniversary by Salambo06 (E, 3772 w., Ao3) - John inhaled deeply, feeling his cock pulse under the silk gown, and he let his eyes travel on the lean body in front of him. Sherlock was kneeling on the bed, their bed, and the picture had been taken so John could perfectly see his bare chest and pelvis. But what mattered most, what made John harden rather quickly, was the pair of panties Sherlock was wearing in the picture. Black, string over each hip and laces that outlined Sherlock’s erect cock barely hidden under the soft underwear.
  • A Brand of Gold by aquabelacqua (M, 12,757 w. Ao3) - John sank deeper into the pillows, let the mist and blur of the wine settle around him, let it shore up his nerves and dim the warning signals that flashed dully in the back of his mind. He let the rest of the disappointment about Lucy and his strange accommodations and about the weekend as a whole fade into obscurity. He let the vital, missing piece snap into place as surely and as cleanly as if it had always been there. He was flirting with Sherlock Holmes. **MUST READ**
  • Come Home by hudders-and-hiddles(E, 3763, Ao3) -  When John leaves for a medical conference, Sherlock tries to entice him back home.
  • A Study In Auto-Signatures, Sniper Dolphins, and Sex Holidays by cwb  (E, 32,690, Ao3) John and Mary go on their sex holiday, and Sherlock is grumpy and pining about it. Part 1 of HOT DOLPHIN SEX **MUST READ**
  • The Real Meaning of Idioms by feverishsea (T, 21,691 w., Ao3) - After two weeks away, John finally texts Sherlock. He doesn’t expect Sherlock to respond. He doesn’t expect Sherlock to keep texting him. And he really doesn’t expect things to spiral out of control so rapidly.
  • Bread and Wine and Curry Once a Week by cwb (E, 8737 w., Ao3) - "I am not agitated. I’m just tired of it. The insinuations, the comments, that I have no… no interest in relationships, or sex.“ John and Sherlock muddle through a relationship. **FAVE!**
  • Entanglement by orphan_account (G, 3218 w., Ao3)On Christmas Eve, snow covers London, John visits Harry, and Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson untangle some knots. Lovely pining Sherlock fic. Love this one!
  • Definitions by siennna (T, 101,528 w., Ao3)Throughout his life, Sherlock Holmes has always taken facts and held them close like treasures, because in a world of complex emotions, unpredictability, and the unknown, logic has never failed him. Puzzles can always be solved and equations will always have an answer; he seeks and finds comfort in the steady absolution of facts and the knowledge that everything has a definition: an unchanging, consistent meaning. However, at age thirty-five he discovers the exception to all of his neat, tidy logic when he meets John Watson, the one person who evades definition and refuses to be easily categorized—and who makes Sherlock question his own previously unshakeable ideas about everything from life to love. (Apparently a WiP, but it feel complete enough, as the “last chapter” has been waiting for over 2 years)
  • Tease You Till You Come by phoenix089 (E, 6090 w., Ao3) - Initially, Sherlock was rather put out by John’s lack of presence on the case. But then he starts to recieve pictures, several of them, of an unexpected nature. The case is forgotten rather quickly after that.
  • Text Me When It’s Over by immaculately-flawed (K+, 1K+ w., FFnet) - After the fall Sherlock starts writing texts to John. Of course, he never sends them… Until he does by accident. Post Reichenbach fic but not angsty.
  • Texts and Tea by JillianWatson1058 (K, 959 w., ffnet) - A John who is woken up at 2:30 in the morning is not a happy John. Sherlock, frankly, doesn’t care. He just wants his tea.
  • Message Not Sent by Queerasil (K, 762 w. ffnet) - Sherlock texts John after the fall and during the hiatus. The messages are sent, but never received. Sequel to WORDLOCKED, TSTM, and Wait, How Do You Play This Game Again?
  • Iunctum by Fudgyokra (K, 221 w., FFNet) - He stood still for a long time, staring not so much at the words he’d been sent, but at the signature that marked them: A simple ‘SH,’ neatly tucked at the close of the words ‘I’ve missed you.’” A 221B ficlet; Sherlock’s return from the fall.
  • The Art Of Communication by StillWaters1 (T, 2K+ w., FFNet) - Lestrade was used to getting odd, non sequitur texts from Sherlock. But when “John went out for milk” was followed by a terse “two hours ago,” Lestrade immediately understood three things: John was missing, Sherlock was quietly panicking, and this could all end very, very badly.


  • Letters by Jenna Flare (T, 2K+ w., FFNet) - John leaves letters on Sherlock’s grave as a method of coping. Sherlock reads them every week. Sherlock/John, John/Mary. T for swearing. Post-Reichenbach
  • Letters From Beyond by LittleBabeBlue (K, 637 w., FFNet) - A letter for John was found in Sherlock’s coat after he jumped. Post-Reichenbach.
  • Dear John by starwarsfreak95 (T, 601 w. FFNet) - Not all Dear John letters are bad. Sherlock tries to explain to John why he did what he did and how much John means to him.
  • Pen Pals by WerewolfDoctor (K, 2K w., FFNet) - Most people don’t become pen pals by one of them writing a not-suicide note. Then again, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have never exactly been normal, have they?
  • In the Dark Hours by hubblegleeflower (E, 51,639 w., Ao3) - John, wounded and silent, drifts back to Baker Street for healing…and then goes home again. He visits, gets more upbeat, chattier, smiles, jokes… and still goes home again. Sherlock wants him to move back in - it just makes sense - but John shows no signs of doing so. This is the story of how John and Sherlock learn to say what needs to be said when they’re both so very, very rubbish at talking.
  • There’s Something Living in These Lines by teahigh (orphan_account) - (M, 4676 w., Ao3) - Two men, complete opposites in almost every way, who speak only in letters and pages torn from books.
  • Correspondence by Cleo2010 (T, 8031 w., Ao3) – Sherlock’s been spirited away on a case for Mycroft. Part of the deal was that he and John could communicate via letter until the case was completed. Maybe the cliche is true, absence does make the heart grow fonder. Or perhaps something is growing on the feet in the fridge. Read their letters month by month. Written after series one.
  • White Blank Page by SarahCat1717 (M, 11,936 w., Ao3) – Post-fall, Sherlock is off eliminating Moriarty’s crime web. He finds he misses John. He can’t divulge that he still lives, but he placates his need to communicate with John and still feel a connection with him by sending him blank letters. But over time, this writing exercise lends itself to Sherlock exploring his feelings for his friend. What will happen when Sherlock returns to London and the man he has been “writing” to regularly for the past two years? NOT S3 compliant. Mary who?
  • Get It All in Writing by aceofhearts61 (T, 2423 w., Ao3) – Sherlock and John write each other love notes. Part 8 of A Love with No Name
  • and stand there at the edge of my affection by coloredink (G, 2683 w., Ao3)
  • Winter of Life by You_Light_The_Sky (T, 5178 w., Ao3) – It was an experiment, really. On Christmas, Sherlock wrote to Santa asking for a friend. He got a broken toy soldier instead. This is the story of how he finds him again and again.
  • Dear John by wendymarlowe (E, 3 Parts, 30,802 w. Ao3) – With Sherlock dead, John eventually (under duress) makes a profile on an online dating site. And falls into a long-distance relationship with an enigmatic partner who reminds him of Sherlock in all the right ways. (Hint: it turns out to be Sherlock.)


  • The Case of the Vanishing Blog by Hekateras (K+, 2K+ w., FFNet) - Sherlock is in it for the hunt. John is in it for the action. Even so, the events at the Pool leave a mark on both, unwilling as they are to admit it.
  • One-Way Mirror by StormyNight108 (K+, 830 w. FFNet) - Post-Reichenbach one-shot. It’s been months since the incident, where a man lost his best friend. Slowly but surely, John’s life is starting to turn up a little. That night, his blog is updated to share good news to his followers, and one anonymous commentator is quick to share his happiness. It’s about as close to his friend as he can get right now.
  • Don’t Go Without Me by MirabileLectu (T, 1K+ w. FFNet) - Deep in the recesses of the cluttered space under John’s bed, far from the prying eyes of nosy landladies, there is a box.
  • To Sleep, Perchance to Smother Your Flatmate with a Pillow by Linpatootie (G, 5308 w., Ao3) - Sherlock wants to conduct a sleep study of sorts. John contemplates smothering him with a pillow. Part 1 of Two Coffees One Black One with Sugar Please
  • Journal of Truths by Goddess_of_the_Night (T, 2317 w., Ao3) - When John escorts Sherlock back to Baker Street from the tarmac, he discovers a journal that Sherlock has kept secret…that he has kept secrets in. What he sees when he opens it is nothing like what he expected. He expected scrawling notes of observations, or maths equations, or drawings of plants…anything but what he actually finds: confessions.
  • You fit me, Sherlock Holmes by orphan_account (G, 10,077 w., Ao3) – An unfortunate series of events leads to John accepting being a part of Sherlock’s study in physical intimacy. As the days pass by, John realizes he might be in for more than he bargained for. He doesn’t entirely mind.
  • Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by cypress_tree (E, 10,669 w., Ao3) – John helps Sherlock with an experiment: for an entire month, they are not allowed to touch each other and must remain at least one metre apart at all times.
  • The Great Sex Olympics of 221B by XistentialAngst (E, 58,611 w., Ao3) – John Watson thinks Sherlock Holmes should admit that he, Watson, is more of an expert on sex than Sherlock is. But Sherlock refuses to concede the point. He comes up with an experiment plan that will resolve the issue. The results will determine who wins the prize. But sometimes even the best thought-out scientific study has unexpected consequences.


  • I Believe In Sherlock Holmes by Cennis (K, 2+K w., FFNet)When John came to Baker Street one Sunday about six months after the funeral and found an elegant wooden cane, expensive-looking yet sturdy, stuffed away in the shoe cupboard, he began ‘blogging’ again. It began with post-it notes. POST-FALL.
  • In case of emergency by AlessNox (K, 520 w., FFNet) - Sherlock is charged with making a list of what supplies they would need in case of an emergency.
  • The Three-Word Tin Collection by TheBookshelfDweller (K, 1K+ w., FFNet) - What happens when Sherlock has to store the things he wants to say to John while deconstructing Moriarty’s web, but the Mind palace proves an inadequate place to store them?
  • 206 Reasons by whitchry9 (K+, 1K+, FFNet) - John won’t wake up, so Sherlock lists all the reasons why he should. Because he appears to be a bit besotted. How inconvenient.
  • Because Blah Blah Blah Happy by cwb (E, 4,578 w., Ao3) – John is entirely done with the milk situation and gives Sherlock a list of shit he’s pissed about. Sherlock sets out to make John happy. John is happy. Sherlock makes his own list. They are both very, very happy.
  • The Trouble With Being Subtle. by VictoryCandescence (NR, 5429 w., Ao3) - In which Sherlock experiments, John misinterprets, and everyone else stands back and waits for the light to turn on.
  • The Importance of Torn Papers by MyLittleCornerOfSherlock (G, 2427 w., Ao3) – Little things make a big difference, even little notes of thanks. Small reminders to show he cares.
  • Our Enthusiasms Which Cannot Always Be Explained by withoutawish (M, 32,961 w., Ao3) – The list that is tacked haphazardly on the refrigerator of 221B reads, ‘Kidney(s), and/or a full cadaver (preferably male, late 30s, under six feet tall), bag of fresh toes, sixteen cow’s eyes (corneas retained), dual exhaust hand –held flame thrower, an unopened first edition copy of Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’, and no less than ten abhorrently gruesome murders in the upcoming month.” The one neatly hanging next to it simply reads, “Sex.” One of these lists is not John Watson’s. If John Watson were to put what he really wanted in list form, to live in a land somewhere beyond ‘almosts’ now that Sherlock Holmes has indeed returned to him, he would never be able to look his flatmate in the eye ever again.
  • See Recipe for Details by pandoras_chaos (E, 4,981, Ao3) – John knows Sherlock’s mouth will never water over the sweet smells of baking chocolate biscuits or a lovely roast chicken, but he’s watched Sherlock nick mince pies out of Mrs. Hudson’s fridge often enough to deduce that the man does have taste, albeit confusing and obscure.
    So John makes a list: Things Sherlock Likes

And I have a few on my Marked For Later List which also have this theme. I HAVE NOT READ THEM, so I don’t know what they are like; I was waiting for them to finish before I do. As well, Alexx has a tonne of lists you can check out too!

How to learn foreign languages

Hello, guys!

I`ve said before I`m interested in foreign languages. I learn English and Italian only but I hope one day this list will get bigger. So, I wanted to share my experience in learning languages with you all.

At first. If you are not very organized (i am)  it will be good for you to find a school of foreign languages or a teacher.  As to me I prefer to study with a group. This way you can practice your speaking skills not only with your teacher but also with people whose knowledge is the same as yours. Better to study with people your age. So, my English group consists of three 16 year olds (I`m 16 too), Italian: 18 year old and 24 year old girls.  I feel myself okay with them all. 

Doesn`t matter if you have classes with teacher / group or learn language yourself you can use all of these tips to improve your skills.

To know any language well you have to be good at 4 things:

                              ○ Listening

                             ○ Speaking

                             ○ Reading

                             ○ Writing

Let`s talk about all of them.

Listening.  You need to listen and understand what you`re listening to. How to do this?

              • Watch films, tv shows, youtube videos, cartoons in the language you learn with subtitles. For example you start with subs in your native language, watch, listen, read subs and try to ‘connect’ them. When your skills will get better watch with subs in this language, to understand written text is easier than just speech. Also you will know how some words are pronounced.

              (I think everybody knows English speaking Youtubers or at least it`s not difficult to find them, what I can`t say about other languages. So I made two playlist of Italian and RussianYoutubers I like. Check it out if you learn one of them.)

              • Music. When 2 years ago I became interested in English I started with this. I was listening to the song while reading its lyrics in English, then in Russian, than in English and in Russian again. Repeat it hundreds of times. Or at least just listen to music in this language.

              • Audiobooks and podcasts.  You can just listen to them like podcasts or listen while you are reading (the same book of course). Almost the same thing like watching films with subtitles. You can find original book or adapted for your level.  

              • Exercises.  Buy a book or find on the internet listening exercises for your language and do it.

Speaking.  It`s quiet easy. Just speak.

              • With yourself, oh how many time I did it and heard that my friends had done it too. In the car, at home, etc. You can record it for the memory or to listen it later and find your own mistakes. It`s okay, if you are alone now, speak with yourself.

              • If you have a friend who learns the same language offer him/her to speak this language always or just sometimes.

              • If your lever is good start a channel on Youtube.  You will have to speak really a lot. There`s no other way, your speaking will get really better.



              • Learn lots of words. To know the language fluently you have to know many words.  So, develop your vocabulary.

              • Read and translate quotes, phrases and so on. It is not hard to open Tumblr/twitter/etc. and read some but it is helpful.  

              • Books, stories, fan fictions, blogs, etc. Just read a lot.

Writing. (spelling)

              • To improve your spelling just rewrite texts of your level. You can find more here.

              • Do lots of exercises. As I have already said you can buy a book or find them on the internet.

               so, i hope some of these tips i know will help ypu to achieve the success. 

(and i wanna thank my sister for being my ‘model’. follow her instagram!)

anonymous asked:

Why don't you use grey contacts for Sirius? :o Just curious!

(( OOC: When I started this blog I didn’t have good grey contacts, and I thought… well… he’s a dog… so maybe I’ll use my yellow contacts when he gets angry or excited… dog traits peeking through! Then I ended up liking the way they looked… and now it’s just kinda become his thing. *shrugs* ))

it’s been such a long time since i’ve done one of these wtf ?? anyway great way of starting off i guess … . uhh okay so basically this follow forever is a THANK YOU follow forever to all the people who’ve been sticking by my side all this time. personally, i rarely follow back (and me following first happens almost never i’m so sorry djhgbdfhjgd me, a terrible person) and the people whom i’m following i’ve been following for so long i’m just? y’all brighten up my dash tbh. after having my blog deleted not once, but TWICE, while i was feeling down and considered just leaving for good so many of you helped me get up to my feet and that really helped back then. 

i’m starting to ramble and that’s no good so without further ado, here i heccin’ go!!!! time to be bamboozled!!!!! / / / BOLD = amigos OR if you see yourself bolded and think ‘wtf we never talked ?? weirdo !!!!” worry not!!! this simply means that i rlly enjoy your presence on my dash - also, some ppl in bold i’ve talked to before and even tho we’re not necessarily friends it simply means that i truly enjoyed talking to u when i did and it left some mark on me and that some day we’ll definitely be in touch again … . .  when my Health stops deciding to ruin all my relations dgbdfjgh

# - d

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*and finally, a lil message to my friends and not only, but to everyone whom i talk to: i’m sorry for not doing so these days. life’s a roller coaster, and i find myself falling behind with each day but once everything settles down (hopefully soon) i’m really looking forward to chatting and just ?? catching up with y’all … . i really miss you and i lov u and i hope you’re all having  a great time!!!! me @ y’all: treat yo self

[New Sides] Draco x Reader

A/N: My first published fic on Tumblr! It is currently 2:49 AM haha,,, I desperately wanted something to start my blog off so it’s not as good as it could’ve been, but still!

Word Cound: 1,742

Warnings: I think there is like one curse word? Hufflepuff Reader. Female pronouns. Has not been proof-read.

Summary: (Name) has a small clothing accident which leads to a flustered Draco and a sweet ending! (Will probably do a part two.)


There she was.

‘Bloody hell, how could someone be that perfect?’


Draco studied her, taking in her features from afar.

He had almost memorized her and the way she walked, the way she talked, the way she would get so lost in her own thoughts in class.

She would walk to the side closest to a wall alongside Neville Longbottom and her Hufflepuff friend Lynne. She would make small conversation and express small emotions. Very rarely would she draw attention to herself, her smiles being short and sweet and her laughs as delicate as a daisy petal.

She had a nervous twitch where she would play with her hair in some shape or form, twiddling it between her index finger and her thumb or curling it around a few times before brushing it out again.

She didn’t like rough flirting. He had figured that out immediately when Cormac approached (Name) and shot out some weird pick up lines, did the thing where he trapped her between two of his arms and backed her against a wall, and basically told her she had to go out on a date with him.

Her answer was obvious when all he received was a hard slap to the face and hard shove backwards.

They were partners in Potions once and Draco found himself staring at her constantly. She was so gentle, yet she knew how to stand up for herself.

He had learned so much about her just by studying her and seeing how she reacted to certain scenarios.

Draco, on the other hand, didn’t even try to approach her. He knew all it would end in was a rejection, and honestly he didn’t want his reputation damaged… No matter how infatuated he was with her.

Draco turned his attention from the Hufflepuff girl scurrying to catch up with her friends.

“… Did you hear me?” Blaise snapped his fingers in front of him, causing him to jump slightly.


“I asked what you were staring at.” Blaise stated, eyes narrowed. “A chick?”

Keep reading

2017 #borderlinebrilliance

Hello everyone, I apologize for the lateness of this announcement but as some of you may know, May is BPD Awareness Month and we are going to celebrate it much like we did last year, with a series of #borderlinebrilliance events every Monday in the month of May, starting this weekend on May 1st!

What is #borderlinebrilliance?

#Borderlinebrilliance is an annual series of events in the month of May for the BPD community to celebrate BPD Awareness Month!  The name is inspired by the selfie blog brilliantborderlines which posts selfies of people with BPD. We believe that we as a community should celebrate all the ways that we are brilliant as people, both as a way to feel good about ourselves and as a way to breakdown the stigma against BPD.  It’s a way to say “we are more than our disorder” and also a way to say that having BPD does not make us any less wonderful or worthy of love and respect and celebration.  

BPD Awareness Month in the past has been fairly negative, an event geared towards educating neurotypical individuals and non-borderlines about the harsh realities of living with borderline personality disorder. While awareness is important for people who don’t know much about BPD, it’s just as important, perhaps more so, to encourage acceptance of the disorder and we who have it. We already know how horrible this illness can be–we talk about the realities of living with BPD all the time.  So this time we want to talk about the fact that we are worthy and deserving of love and acceptance and respect, and a huge part of that is finding a way to believe that about ourselves.   We want BPD Awareness Month to be for borderlines as much as it is about borderlines, and here at SBD we are in a position to celebrate our community, to celebrate each other and our achievements, to support each other, and have fun.  

One of the most radical things that so many of us are trying to learn on our personal journeys through life with BPD is self-love. Self-love is the most crucial and most difficult thing to learn and to accept on the path of recovery.  Since many of us may never fully recover from BPD, we have to learn how to love ourselves, BPD and all.  That means finding a way to conceptualize this disorder so that it is more than solely a source of self-hatred.  It’s a way of helping our community find the hope that things can get better and that we do have things worth celebrating, that we are worth celebrating. So on every Monday for the month of May we’ve planned an event where members of our community celebrate and support our brilliant members.

The #borderlinebrilliance Schedule:

Every Monday during May we are going to have a photo event where you are encouraged to post a photo (or two, or three, or however many you’d like!) that connects to that day’s theme/prompt.  The themes are going to be similar to last year’s.  They are:

  • May 1st - Selfie Day!  Post a selfie, ideally one that you feel particularly good about.
  • May 8th - Identity! Post a photo of something that you feel expresses your identity or a component of your identity. This could be artwork, a character you deeply relate to, a poem, a place or an event that is significant to who you are, etc. We want this month to be about self-love, so try to focus on a part of yourself that you like, that you’re proud of, that you respect, etc.
  • May 15th - Mirrors! Post a photo of something that you feel expresses how you relate to the phenomenon of mirroring. This could include traits or characteristics of another person or character that you’ve adopted (even temporarily) into your own identity, a trait/characteristic/mannerism you’re prone to mirror while in the presence of another person, or a trait/characteristic of another person or character that you want to be able to mirror.
  • May 22nd - Black and White! Post a photo that you feel expresses the concept of Black and White.   This could be a black and white photo, a selfie of you wearing black and white, or something more abstract that expresses black and white thinking or extremes.
  • May 29th - Self-Care! We’ll be posting some guides for how to create a Self-Soothe Kit or a Comfort Box, and we’d like people to share photosets of their creations! Practicing self-care is an important part of working towards self-love, so celebrate the ways that you take care of yourself and the things that help you feel better.

When you post your photos or your prompt responses, remember to tag them with #borderlinebrilliance! We’ll be tracking the tag and will reblog tagged posts to this blog so that the community can see them and celebrate them, and encourage each other.

-Your SBD Mod Team

EDIT: For all the members of our community who feel uncomfortable posting photos of themselves for various reasons, that is absolutely valid! I’ve tried to make the prompts (except for the selfie day) things that you don’t necessarily have to take a picture of yourself in order to participate in, and you don’t have to commit to participating in every event so you’re more than welcome to skip the selfie day if that makes you uncomfortable, but we are also totally on board with the people who would rather post artwork or written responses to the prompts instead of photos!