good way to celebrate i guess


distorts are nice

a concept: keith and lance kissing post every battle as a way to celebrate the success

“you did good out there”

“you too :3″

*stare at each other smiling for like an eternity*

“we should you know… go back in the lions and return to the castle”

“right.. right.”

*hold hands while walking towards red and blue*

“i guess we’re inseparable” “good”

like you cannot convince me these two wouldn’t be sappy as hell once in a relationship

SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.18

A/N: This is getting closer and closer to the end and I’m excited, yet sad because I’m in love with this story that I’ve created. Anyway, I didn’t mean to kill you with the last chapter (I’m lyin), so this chapter is my apology. A whooollee lot of fluff with like a splash of drama. I’m sure you know 100 notes and feedback by now, but I hope you enjoy💕

Boiiiii I’ve already written pt 19 and there’s so much shit that goes down, it might kill you.

**WARNING**: Smut but like…that gentle shit lmaoo

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

~ “We won’t get caught”
~ What?
~ There’s pictures of us swapping spit at the mall all over the internet rn
~ You couldn’t have just said kissing?
~ Shut’re in trouble
~ Well fuck
~ Just go on twitter and say the picture is old or something, they won’t know
~ Ahh, you do have a brain
~ Fuck you
~ When? You know I will happily

You rolled you eyes at his comment and decided not to text him back. Locking your phone and placing it into your back pocket, you continued to pass the time by binge watching Law & Order SVU while shoving hot fries into you mouth.

Hours after hours of watching the show, it was about eight in the evening when you decided that you should probably cook dinner. While chopping the raw chicken into chunks, the buzzer for your apartment sounded, alerting you that someone was trying to get to you. Wiping your hands off on the small towel beside you, you quickly trotted to the door to figure out who was there.


There was silence for a few seconds before the husky voice belonging to Calum came through the intercom.“H-hey, Y/N.”

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I Love You - Finn Balor One Shot/Imagine

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“Y/N!” Becky said as she came up to the table in the catering room of the Performance Center “Happy birthday!” she said hugging me before she sat down next to me and began to eat the grapes that were on the paper plate in front of me
“Thanks babe!” I said happily, it was the day of my birth and today I was turning 26, an age that everybody in WWE says everything began to happen for them so I was extremely excited for the next year, being down in NXT for 2 years now I knew my hard work would pay off sooner rather than later, Hunter even said that to me himself on more than one occasion which confirmed that I was on the right path in life
“Are You coming out with us tonight?” She asked pulling me out of my thoughts
“I don’t know..I’ve got training in the morning” I said shrugging my shoulders
“Come on! It’s your birthday we need to celebrate!” She pressed
“Yeah! Come on! I’ll be there!” I heard a thick Irish accent come up behind us and I turned to see a smiling Finn walking up to the table and sitting on the opposite side of me
“Now I guess I have to come” I said rolling my eyes
“Good!” Becky said “I knew that would work! Thanks for the back up” Becky said to Finn as I rolled my eyes once more before getting up from the table and making my way towards the mirror room to work on my promo skills
“See you tonight!” Becky yelled after me and I smiled, nodding slightly and waving before walking through the door

Later that night I finished getting dressed at my apartment, We had all agreed to meet up at this club in downtown Orlando and Becky’s plan was to drink until we couldn’t remember what happened that night, but I on the other hand didn’t plan on drinking seeing as how I had to train in the morning and if you try to train hungover you will more than likely find yourself puking in the corner and pretty much feeling like you’re going to die at any second..

As I made my way into the club I spotted Carmella, and Cass and then there was Enzo and Liv, Becky was already starting on the drinking because I saw her passing out shots to the group and I shook my head before heading towards the group to get this night over with
“Look it’s the birthday girl!” Becky said drunkenly and I laughed a little at her slurring of words
“How much have you drank?” I asked her and she looked at me not answering
“A lot” she said simply after a few moments
“She’s been drinking since before we got here” the same familiar Irish accent said as he leaned up against the bar with his arms crossed
“Great…” I said sarcastically, I loved Becky but she was true to her Irish roots and could drink with the best of them
“Oh! I love this song! (Y/N) Come dance with me!” Becky said grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the dance floor

We spent the next few hours dancing together and with the rest of the group when I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder and Finn leaned in
“You want to get out of here?” He asked and I looked at becky
“What about her?” I asked motioning towards Becky and he looked at Cass
“We’ve got her.. We’ll take her home” Cass said
“So?” Finn asked
“Let’s get out of here” I said with a nod and he smiled at me and began to lead me out of the club

We ended up back at my apartment somehow and decided to watch a movie, We were laying on the couch under a blanket fort when I noticed Finn being rather quiet, after basically talking my ear off the entire way home seeing him switch and be quiet began to worry me
“You Okay?” I asked him and he looked from the TV to me and then back to the television
“Huh? Oh yeah” He said quickly and I nodded and let it pass for a few minutes before not accepting that answer
“Are you sure?” I asked
“Yes..” He said and I still didn’t believe that answer, I’d known him for going on two years now and I knew when something was bothering him
“I don’t believe you” I said shaking my head as I paused the movie
“Y/N, come on.. It’s nothing.. really.. just press play again it’s getting to the good part” He said brushing me off
“Not until You tell me what’s wrong” I said crossing my arms and he rolled his eyes as he stood up and began to walk towards the kitchen, it was quiet for a few seconds before he let out a sigh, I saw him trying to muster up the courage to say whatever he was about to say
“I love you” He said quickly and I wasn’t sure I heard what he had just said correctly
“What?” I asked
“I Love You..” He said again and I saw him relax after he said it once more
“Finn..” I said shaking my head “You’re drunk” I said and he shook his head with a smile
“Quite the opposite Love, I’m very much sober” He said “It scares me..” he said
“Why?” I asked unsure what to think as I stood up and walked towards him
“I’ve ruined my fair share of relationships being in this business..” He said “but finally finding someone who understands what it takes to be in this business and all of the sacrifices that it costs and I’ve never been looking for a relationship since being here but now.. I’ve finally found the one person who makes me want to have a relationship, I’ve fallen in love with you and it scares me to death” He said and I walked towards him as I looked up at him “Please jump in at anytime..” He said “Seriously.. If you don’t say something I think I’m gonna throw up” He said and I laughed at him and shook my head
“Shhh” I said leaning up to place my lips on his gently, he hesitated for a second before kissing me back as he hands found their way to my lower back and I pulled away from him to look him in his eyes
“I Love You” I said
“You do?” He asked looking for confirmation in my eyes
“I’ve been wanting to say that for so long but I didn’t know if you felt the same way..” I said with a nod “but now..” I said kissing him once more “I Love You”
“I Love You” He said

Lie Down (Rydam)

A break in your regularly schedule Reyder programming for a little fluffy Rydam. I’m pretty sure I have like…two Rydam followers so I really hope you see it! :P

Sara was beginning to wonder if anyone had brought anything but EDM to Andromeda. The music was loud - and bordering on obnoxious - but Prodromos’ settlers didn’t seem to mind. The colony was expanding, its coffers were swelling, and its inhabitants’ lives were slowly growing easier. These people had more than enough reason to celebrate.

And Liam Kosta threw one hell of a party.

Sara was cowering by the bar. She used the term loosely, of course, because the bar was just the spot where Liam had decided to distribute the booze. She used the clamour by the liquor crates as a milling human shield, placing it squarely between herself and anyone who looked like they might try to strike up a conversation. She tried not to wince when the bassline shook her aching skull. She tried not to glower when the lights began to strobe. She nursed her beer against her chest, forcing a smile whenever a passer-by made eye contact. August Bradley looked her over with concern when he drifted a little too close - but Sara turned on her heel and fled.

A planet like Eos was perfect for an outdoor party. Liam had managed to scrounge up some tarpaulins, though God only knew which settler he’d convinced to part with them. Sara had seen him out here earlier in the day, scrambling around in the sand while he and the other party planners struggled to string up their cobbled-together pavilion. He’d been bare-chested, of course. That went without saying.

The night was cool, but it wasn’t cold. The air was still, but not oppressive. Sara was grateful for it when she slipped away. She’d never find peace and quiet here; not unless she buried her head in the sand - but the thumping music faded a little when she crested the nearest dune. The sharpest edges of her headache dulled.

Sara was exhausted. “SAM? You’ll warn me if anything tries to sneak up on me, right?”

“Yes, Pathfinder. Do you intend to sleep?”

Sara only grunted in response. She tried to settle down onto her haunches to enjoy the rest of her drink - but her jelly legs wobbled a little too violently, and she flopped down onto her back instead. She watched her beer drain away into the sand.

She sighed. “Fuck.”

“Dr. T'Perro has asked me to remind you that the Alliance Navy recommends active personnel maintain a healthy sleeping schedule.”

“I do keep a healthy sleeping schedule. And I’m not Alliance Navy.”

“The demands placed upon an Alliance marine are similar to those placed upon you, but the comparison is not truly necessary. Four hours of sleep per night is not considered healthy for humans in any occupation.”

“I slept in this morning, SAM.”

“That was not sleep, Pathfinder. Mr. Kosta pointed out as much.”

Sara snorted. She sometimes wondered if SAM’s apparently unintentional references to her sex life were really as unwitting as they sounded. They couldn’t be - right?

“Whatever you say,” she muttered. “But it was definitely relaxing.”

A quiet laugh sounded somewhere behind her, and Sara’s stomach tried to drop down through her spine. She twisted around, already fumbling for some way to explain herself - but it was only Liam. Thank god.

He lay down beside her on the sand. “Don’t stop talking ‘cause of me.” He was sweaty from dancing - and a little breathless, too.

“You’re hoping for an ego boost,” Sara accused. She rolled over onto her side so she could hook her chin over his shoulder, fishing around in the space between them until her fingers found his hand. “What would you like to hear?”

Liam grinned at her. His eyes were just a little bit unfocused; his smile just a little bit sloppy. “I don’t need to fish, Sara. I know I liked it. Know you did, too.”

Sara laughed. “You’re not wrong.” She didn’t have the energy for much else, so she pressed a brief kiss to the top of his shoulder. “Great party, by the way.”

Liam shrugged, letting the compliment roll off him like he did so much else. “You get good at celebrating when even the small things are a win. We used to put street parties together for people back in HUSTL - you know, once the dust settled and people stopped bleeding.”

“You’re good at this. Connecting with people.”

“Guess I am,” he replied. He smiled a vaguely tipsy smile, turning his head to brush a kiss across her lips - then paused, brows pulling together while he examined her. “You look really tired.”

Sara sighed into his mouth. “I am tired, Liam.”

“Want to go back to the Tempest?”

“No. This is your night, and I don’t want to cut it short.” She pushed herself up onto her elbows, intending to stagger upright -

But Liam kept hold of her hand. “Lie down with me.”

Sara sighed. “Liam, really -”

“I could use some sleep,” he persisted. His smile turned sly - but it was the slyness of a man who’d had one too many beers. It was painfully obvious. It was achingly sweet. “You wouldn’t just leave me here, right?”

She thought about protesting. She thought about dragging him back to the party he’d worked so hard to make perfect; maybe stumbling onto the dancefloor with her fingers curled into his shirt. She shouldn’t let her failings bring him down. She shouldn’t let exhaustion -

Liam’s hand travelled up to her collar, tugging at it with gentle insistence. “Lie down with me.”

And Sara did. Her eyes were closed before she’d even hit the sand. Liam stretched his arm around her shoulders, hugging her to his chest, and Sara nuzzled in as close as she could get. Several moments passed in almost-silence, the persistent throbbing music fading.

“Love you,” Liam murmured into her hair.

But Sara was already asleep.

A Little Too Late Part 40

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 40

Characters: Gabriel, Lucifer, Castiel, Dean, Sam, Denise (minor OC), Y/N

Word Count: 1,104

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I didn’t want to spoil who the reader ended up with, so I left it out. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

The masterlist to this series can be found HERE!

You took a step back from the angels, bumping into two other people.  You turned around, noticing Dean and Sam were standing behind you.  Their arms were folded across their chests.  Your mother stood behind them, leaning against the wall.  

“As much as we hate this [Y/N],” Dean mumbled.  “You have to choose.”

Sam gave your arm a gentle tap.  “You can do this [Y/N],” Sam encouraged.  

“I think you know who it’s been all along,” Dean spoke in a low voice.

“I know you don’t wanna hurt anyone [Y/N],” Sam added, keeping his voice quiet enough to where the angels could not hear him.  “I think they’ll be fine with your decision.”

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If Good and Evil can’t find a way to work together, neither side will survive.

Hey there, Strangers.

Did you know that I have currently written 25 different fics for the Life is Strange fandom? Now, this might not seem like a big deal, 25 isn’t that many, yada yada. But, to me, it is. This is the most I’ve ever written for any single fandom.

Do you know how many words have gone into these 25 fics…?

190,792 words.


When I wrote my first fic, I wasn’t doing anything serious. I just wanted to write down some thoughts about Nathan Prescott and what he was being accused of doing. Then, I made a Tumblr so that I find other things about this character and the game (which, btw, good luck finding a Nathan Prescott based fic back during episode 2.) and I ended up being apart of this fandom, and I’m so glad that I did!

I have met a lot of nice people in this fandom, and they are what make me want to keep writing fanfics. I mean, them and Life is Strange in general :) I love to write and every comment or review that I get makes me so incredibly happy! I don’t think you guys even realize it, either! :D

Anyway, I guess in a way I’m celebrating my 25th story with this post. I actually want to share with you some of my favorite fics! :) Now, I’ve read a ton of amazing fics for this fandom, and if I were to list every single one, this would go on forever. So, here’s 20 in no particular order! :3

Stuck in the Brozone by @somethingsimsyworld

GrahamScott - Rated: T

Sense of Me by trecoolio

CaulScott - Rated: M

Love is Strange by @cabbiebori

GrahamField - Rated: M

Vortex Club Energy by @sassmasteredd

GrahamField - Rated: T

Altruismby Buttercup_Bee   

CaulScott - Rated: M

The Cracks In Your Foundation by @nobigdaddyiwonttakeyourpills

CaulScott - Rated: T

Something Good by @yadadenada

CaulScott - Rated: T

Zombies! by @king-of-gore-knight-of-trash

GrahamScott - Rated: T

Far Off, a Symphony by @detectableninja

Warren-centric - Rated: T

GrahamScott by @go-ape-with-nathan

GrahamScott - Rated: T

20 Questions by DuskNSunset             

CaulScott - Rated: T 

Sorry by @sebastian-the-mercat

GrahamScott - Rated: T

you’d be so nice, you’d be paradise by sitvha

GrahamScott - Rated: M

Movie Night by @roxstrider

GrahamScott - Rated: K+

Pleasant and the Unexpected Surprises by Lady_Jadi     

CaulScott - Rated: M

Not Her by @prescotch

CaulScott: Rated: K+

Exposure by @gunophilia

GrahamScott - Rated: M

Prestigious by @uncomfortable-writers

ChaseScott - Rated: T

Testament by @vhctoria

ChaseScott - Rated: T

Forget the Horror by @thehappinesstheory

CaulScott - Rated: T

There you have it! Again, thank you guys so much for your awesome support and comments! You guys make my day! I don’t care if Life is Strange is technically over, I’m going to stay here. :) I hope you’ll stay with me, too!

As always, I hope you all have a lovely day! Thank you!

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anonymous asked:

Congratulations on your milestone! <3 Would you mind writing Uliro either during or after a spar?

Prompt fill for my Follower Celebration!

Me, writing romance: And then they kissed. And it was good, I guess. Weird and slimy but I guess they like it.

I’m too ace for this. This prompt really made me work in the best of ways, thank you so much!

Thank you to @melonbugg for helping me figure it out, as always.

Ulaz flipped him onto his back once more, the hard thud resounding through Shiro’s body. The feeling of hitting the training mats had become all too familiar to his aching body. He was sure Ulaz was probably feeling fine, the jerk.

“You need to change that movement,” Ulaz stated, hand reaching down to the man on the floor in front of him, “I’ve seen it too many times.”

Shiro reached up and accepted the offered purple hand. The other man lifted him up without any aid from Shiro, picking him up a few inches off the floor accidentally before placing him safely on his feet.

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                                                                        10th May

I’m over a day late with this mess…. school keeping me busy af -.-

But here is John Constantine lighting up new cig for new year. There’s 35 cigarettes in his mouth now (for years from Constantine birth year) and he’s been through 3 packs and on good way through forth with 64 stubbed out cigarettes in his little ashtray (for years from Hellblazer birth year).
Sounds like a fun way to celebrate your birthday!


On this day 34 years ago, someone quite special was born. Now, let me just start out saying that I would never have thought that I would stan (yep gotta use the new hip thing to say now >~< lol) someone so hard before.

Okay, correction. Never thought that Orlando Bloom, first celebrity crush, would be replaced. He was replaced by Russell Crowe. Who was replaced by Richard Armitage. Who was replaced by Tom Hiddleston quite recently.

This man I’m about to talk about is a very close second. Tom is still first but this dork (I’m calling him a dork in a good way cause it is, trust me) is really REALLY close to taking over.

I’ve had a rough patch over these last couple of months. I have told some, very few actually. Others I haven’t, though you can make some guesses and even then it would only be a little bit of what I have gone through. Some I have solved. Others will be solved in the future.

I’m also sure a lot of you don’t even read these birthday wishes (which I’m totally cool with cause they’re my quote-unquote therapy and my way of showing the person that they mean something to me without putting it deep into their faces).

Anyway, 34 years ago, Henry Cavill was born on this day. This guy has played a part in the show The Tudors, is the Man of Steel (real life and in the movies, if you catch my drift), and a huge dork. I mean, he’s a huge dork. His little, not so little, American Akita is named after the Man of Steel himself, Kal-El. Kal for short of course. He apparently “adopted” a bat a while back and named him Ben, after his friend Ben Affleck. At least I won’t be the only person in this world who names animals after real life people ;) coughcough Totally not gonna name a corgi Hiddles >~< coughcough

Henry is mostly known for his Man of Steel part and I will not deny that he fits the part as the Man of Steel for his already kind and gentle heart, but his part in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was pretty dang good. If he was one of the runners for James Bond against Tom Hiddleston, I don’t know who I would want more. It would be quite the hard decision. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. or The Night Manager???

What I like about him more is he tries his best to avoid drama at all costs. He tries to get along with other actors. On National Superhero Day, he posted on Instagram a picture of him in his Superman costume/shirt (idk on which, honestly looks like the costume but he’s filming MI6 at the moment, don’t ask how I know that okay). Anyway, he posted that picture with the caption:

“Fly your colors today brothers and sisters. It’s National Superhero Day! I personally just want to thank all of you guys and gals for keeping us so entertained and setting such a fantastic example for superhero fans, young and old, around the world.” and tags so many different actors from both the DC world and Marvel world. (Side rant he didn’t tag Tom, but that’s okay).

I have the feeling he didn’t want us or any one else to just wear their favorite superhero shirts, but to also wear the pride of our country. Those soldiers who risk their lives out there to protect us. Now that could just be me feeling things, but he does believe in a cause like that. He runs in marathons to raise money for all kinds of causes. For pete’s sake, he’s a well-known (fairly) actor and doesn’t have an assistant. He takes care of his own social media accounts. He does train with someone, but that was only before his incident. He hurt his knee a few months back. He’s recovered, but even after he as recovered, he’s still training. Still working on movies. He’s trying to show people that if you want to chase your dreams, chase them.

Happy birthday, Henry Cavill!!! Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a beautiful day! Give Kal a big hug! Go get a drink or something! Take a break! It’s your day! ❤ Can’t wait to see Kal-El come back from the dead!!

First Love: Prologue

Title: First Love

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Unknown (Most likely Fluff)

A/N: This is it guys! I am so excited to share this story with you. I hope you like it. I am currently working on Part one right now so when I finished I will post it. Please send love, I am really nervous about posting this. 

Prologue / Part 1 


“And uploaded!”

Sighing in relief, you lean back in your office chair exhausted. Being a You Tuber was not as easy as it looked. Filming was one struggle, but editing and uploading is a whole nother story. It has been Three years since you started your channel and it’s recently boosted in subscribers and you were still in shock about it.

You grew up dancing hip hop, lyrical and jazz. Your parents wanted you to become famous by making you take dance, singing and acting. At the time you were against it until you one day decided to make a dance cover channel. At first, you did just normal dance covers to Rihanna and Justin Bieber etc.. until you discovered K-pop. Even though you lived in y/c you fell in love with K-pop and the dances they did, which is what inspired your channel.

You bit your nails nervously. The video you had just uploaded wasn’t really a cover, but more you making up a dance to one of your favorite songs at the moment. Give It To Me by Agust D has been on repeat and you wanted to choreograph it so bad, so you finally did and decided to take a risk and upload it to see if your subscribers liked you doing this sort of thing, or if they wanted you to just stick to covers. You refreshed the page to see the views and comments. So far all the comments here positive. Smiling to yourself you shut down your computer and laid on the sofa before dozing off from exhaustion.

“Y/N! I am so sorry I am late again!”

Turning around, you smile. Luna has been your best friend and close dance partner since middle school. She also being a huge fan of K-pop made guest appearances in your videos often.

“Honestly Luna you should know I don’t care at this point,” You chuckle as you stand up and turn on some music to start stretches, looking over at Luna joining you.
“I saw your video last night, it was so so good! ~”

“Really? I am actually somewhat worried about it, it’s not something I normally post. I hope my subscribers like it too because I absolutely love the choreography and the song” You bend over and touch your toes then sit on the ground to go into the splits.
Luna shoves her phone in your face, showing you the number of views and comments. “I don’t think people hate it y/n. If they did, you wouldn’t have so many positive comments.”

“We will see Lulu, it’s still pretty new. Give it a week or so then all the negative stuff comes flowing in the more it get shared around. Trust me. All my BTS videos get hate”

You chew at your bottom lip nervously, “I love dancing to their songs though.”

“Speaking of dancing and music! What are you going to do for your next cover?~”

“You know I really haven’t decided yet, I was thinking either Seventeen’s Boom Boom or Monsta X’s Fighter, but I am not solid on either yet.”

Luna pauses as she goes into the splits as well and you can see her thinking hard. Smiling you sit cross-legged and pulled out your own phone to look at new music, naming off a few song here and there to see if any peeked either of your interests. “Hmm, what about doing a nonK-pop cover?”

“Lulu, you do realize most of my subscribers are fans of K-pop right?”

“Oh, yeah good point, Hmm” You look over as she goes cross-legged as well and she gasps “ I know! You can make up choreography for Karama Butterfly by Girls’ Generation!~”

You nod in agreement, “That isn’t a bad idea at all, it’s a good song. Want to help me?” You say as you stand up and hold out your hand for Luna to grab.

“You know it!~”


Two weeks passed and your video has racked up a decent amount of views and you expected it to stay that way. Yawning quietly you sit at the computer biting your lip in frustration as you edit your new dance video for Karma Butterfly. The response has been very positive from your first self-choreographed video, so you and Luna came up with a dance for Karma hoping your subscribers would like it just as much as Give It To Me.

“Almost Done…..Horray!” Excitedly you threw your hands up in the air as you went to upload it to your channel. Once the upload was complete you turned your computer off and collapsed on your bed and passed out almost as fast as you laid down.

You rudely awaken the next morning to your phone going off and groan and turn over in bed trying to ignore the phone. Only to have it go off again a few moment later. Sighing, you grabbed your phone and looked at it, blinded by the bright screen that shined directly in your face. You had two missed calls and three texts all from Luna.“Really Luna, what do you want now?” you grumble annoyingly as you open your texts to read them.


9:30 am: Y/N!!!!!!!!!!


You chuckle and pull up twitter and go to Suga’s account. You Follow all the member of BTS on their social networking accounts. They are your favorite boy group and you have done plenty of their dance covers on your channel. Luna always says your Bias Suga but you deny it and say that you love all the boys equally but deep down you knew you had a soft spot for Min Yoongi.

You opened Suga’s page to find an update with a YouTube link. You looked down and saw your video and squinted. There is no way that a K-pop idol would watch your silly videos, you thought. As you pull up the link to see for sure.“No…way…”

Up pops your video of you dancing a cover of his song. Immediately you back out so you can read the full post.

Min Yoongi: Never ever did I imagine choreography to this song. This shit is dope!

Squealing, you dial luna, who picks up right away. “Y/n!!! Where the hell have you been, did you see the post!!!!!! He posted your video!!! You have almost 100,000 views now!!! I’m just so happy for you!~”

“I am still in shock, how did this even happen!!!!”

“From what I have seen it looks like a few fans posted it to his and the other member’s accounts and he just happened to see it I guess.”

“Wow… I’m…. speechless I can’t believe this”

“The other members have shared the video too! Y/N you are becoming an internet sensation”

You laugh, there is no way, it’s just a dance you think. “I don’t know about that luna but it is definitely cool.”

“Don’t kid yourself y/N! You have amazing talent. I’m just so happy for you. I have to go but we defiantly have to celebrate. Meet me at the bar tonight for the usual on me!~”

“Sounds good to me.” You say your goodbyes and fall onto the couch trying to comprehend what just happened. BTS noticed your videos. You didn’t know what would happen now, but you never expected it to end up like it soon would.




Now that summer is here and everyone is worrying about their appearance, I’ve realized something. I don’t give a single flying fuck what others think about me or my appearance because guess what? I love myself- it’s been a long time coming to get to this point in my life and the healing has not been linear, but now, in this moment, I’ve never felt so liberated and I think that’s worth celebrating. Learn to love yourself the same way you love others, it feels good.

The Best Screw Up

A/N: My lovely, talented friend @remember-me-forever-silent-angel requested a Luke Alvez x Reader with the lyric “I know I’m good for something, I just haven’t found it yet” from the song Miserable at Best by Mayday Parade.

There is angst. Also I feel like I may have strayed a bit from the song. I don’t know. I really hope you like it. Also I have no idea if this is the way thIngs would be as far as cases. I just went with it.


You couldn’t believe you’d messed up yet again. You felt like such a screw up your whole life. You said the wrong thing, did the wrong thing. It was so frustrating. This time you had sent the wrong case files upstairs. You worked in the file room at the FBI. The BAU had asked for some files from a cold case. Apparently, a body had been discovered that was similar to an old case. You had pulled the files and placed them on your desk. Unfortunately when you went to take them upstairs, you’d grabbed the wrong stack.

You hadn’t realized it until just now when you picked up the stack of files left on your desk to deliver them. One of the files had fallen and as you picked up the papers you’d realized your mistake. Now you were rushing back upstairs trying to hold back the tears. You didn’t want anyone seeing you upset, but you were just so emotional sometimes.

You went to step out of the elevator; you weren’t paying attention and ran right into someone trying to get on the elevator. Your files flew out of your hands, and you groaned. You apologized without looking at the person you nearly bowled over, then bent down to try to get the files put back together. As you were gathering the papers, you could feel the tears threatening to fall. You quickly rubbed at your eyes hoping they wouldn’t be red rimmed.

Your gesture didn’t go unnoticed by the person who was still there. “Hey, are you okay?” he asked in a gentle voice.

You glanced up then and saw the kindest, chocolate brown eyes looking at you with worry. You just nodded, concerned if you tried to speak, the tears would flow. You looked back down quickly and finished gathering the files. The man you’d ran into offered a hand to help you to your feet. You hesitated a moment then took his hand.

He smiled at you, still looking a little worried and asked, “Are you sure your all right? You seem upset. I’m sorry about your files. I hope they didn’t get messed up to much. I’m Luke by the way. I don’t think we’ve met.”

You realized you were going to have to say something now. You toom a shaky breath and cleared your throat. “I’m Y/N. I work in the file room. I mixed up the files the BAU wanted with some other files. These are the correct files. I need to find the others that I brought earlier. I’m really sorry for the mix up. I can’t believe how stupid I can be sometimes.” You voice was starting to crack as you finished speaking.

“Hey, don’t say that. Mistakes happen. Don’t worry about it. Here, let me take those, and I’ll get them to my team and bring you the other files. You okay to wait here?”

He seemed to understand you couldn’t handle being around anyone else right now. You nodded and gratefully handed him the files. As he walked away, you couldn’t help but think about how kind he was. But you didn’t care what he said, you were still a screw up. You could feel the tears threatening again.

Luke came back a few moments later, files in hand. He gave them to you, and you thanked him, turning to go.

“Wait! Um..Y/N, do you have a few minutes?”

You looked at him, confused. “Well, I have to get these files to the right place,” you said hesitantly.

“Oh, of course, but after that? Do you think you could take a break? I thought we could get a coffee. It seems like you could use a break.”

You could feel the tears threatening again, this time due to his kindness. You really were a mess. “Um…okay. Meet in the lobby in about ten?” you asked, thinking that should give you plenty of time to deliver the files then grab your purse from your desk.

Luke smiled again and said, “See you in a few then.”


And that’s how you found yourself seated across from this seemingly really sweet guy, crying into your coffee about what a screw up you were. You usually didn’t breakdown in front of people like this, but it was like his kindness broke you.

He placed his hand over yours, getting your attention. He didn’t speak until you looked up at him. “Y/N, what I’m about to say isn’t to make light of how you feel, but don’t you think you’re being hard on yourself. So you mixed up the files? It was easily fixed. And everything else you described? Maybe dwelling on the negative is having a negative effect. Let’s look at the positives. Today, I met a really cute, shy, sweet woman that I wouldn’t have met. Had you not mixed up the files, who knows if we ever would have. And honestly, I think I want to get to know you more.”

You just stared at him, mouth open. What the hell? Was he serious? But then you realized, you were really glad you met him. Maybe the mix up of the files wasn’t the end of the world, but you still messed up a lot. You finally spoke up saying, “All right. I’ll give you that one. Meeting you has been the highlight of my day.”

His smile widened, and you couldn’t help but smile back. “So as much as you think you’re a screw up, there must be something you’re good at…”

You looked at him and frowned a bit, thinking and said, “I guess I haven’t found it yet.”

Luke held your gaze and said, “I would love to help you find it then. Whatever it may be.”


Additional a/n: I’m not trying to make light of anxiety and the like. Trust me, I’ve felt the way the reader does before and probably will again. All my love to those who struggle with these type of feelings.

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Red velvet headcanons for: How Thomas is/ What he does when reader graduates and or when she gets her first job in her desired field


  • okay so idk i kind of left it up to the reader to decide their major
    • i see the reader doing something with business personally but i just left it as (M/N)
    • so there’s where you have your own little personal touch in the story
  • when you graduate, thomas is so proud
    • he brings james and dolly along too since you’ve gotten a lot closer!
    • they become your biggest support group over the years
  • thomas has been with you for the last 3 years of college so for him not to be at your graduation would be horrible
    • he’s put up with you were you were crazy stressed, put up with you when you were irritable and swamped with finals, but the whole time he’s been really encouraging
    • you really couldn’t have done this without him (both financially and emotionally)
    • he’s your biggest cheerleader so seeing you graduate makes him feel good too
  • when your name is finally called, he’s cheering the loudest (and it’s really cute)
  • as soon as you’re off the stage, you greet your family and then thomas
    • he brings you a big bouquet of flowers and just covers you in kisses
    • he’s just so proud of you
  • he gets you another charm to add to your bracelet
    • it’s a little diploma and you’re crying a little
  • you go to spend time with your family so he doesn’t have you for the rest of the night
    • he tries to sneak you away when you have time

first job!

  • okay so thomas is automatically going to be like “do you need a job somewhere? maybe i can find you one”
  • if you want him to find you a job, he’ll go through his contact list
  • but if you don’t, you gotta tell him like “hey, i love you but i’m doing this on my own”
    • he won’t be offended (you’ve always been a little independent)
    • and a little stubborn (you kept working at the cafe despite him telling you not to)
    • he’s not gonna stop you if you’re like “back off i got this”
  • the perks of him being older than you is that he knows a lot more about the world in general
    • when it comes to your job, he helps you with your resume, interviews, etc.
  • once you do land the job, he insists on taking you out to celebrate
    • you’re like “thomas,,, no” 
    • but he’s like “baby,,, i’m taking you”
  • all in all he’s just crazy proud of you and he loves you so much
    • the one thing you really love about thomas is that he’s not threatened by your achievements
    • he ultimately celebrates you and there’s no competition
    • he jokes that you won’t need him anymore
      • thomas: “college graduate, you’re at a steady job…guess you don’t need me anymore”
      • you: “hush. i couldn’t have done this without you” 
    • he jokes that he’s gone from your peacock to being your purse
      • you laugh so hard when he explains himself
      • “i’m a purse because i’m just there to make you look good. i’m just there on your arm, baby.”
  • the job pays well so you take him out to dinner every once in a while
    • it’s a small way for you to say thank you

(i’ll do the other ones later, jinx!)

Chapter 4 - Lucky Day

Chapter One & Two  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21

You were sitting nervously in the chair in Mr. Kim’s office. While you had been looking after Jongin he’d added 2 weeks to your pre work in Korean. You’d been doing test every night, conversations every day, greetings, writing, translating from English to Korean and back and learning more about which words to use when addressing seniors, youngsters and those socially higher than you. Mr Kim had also added in slang and more conversations and he had gotten you to start watching videos of translators at concerts and variety shows to give you an idea of some of the work you would be doing.

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Can you please continue the Daddy series with Jimin next please?? I love how cute you make them 😄

THIS ONE SEEMS A LITTLE CHOPPY idk im stressed my writing is suffering but i wanted to get something out for you all!

Dad Chim

Originally posted by babiescars

  • okay time for chim chim aka probably best dad material in the group
  • okay jk they’d all be amazing dad material
  • but you get what i’m saying yah?
  • chim is someone i don’t see caring if he was married or not when he had a kid? he would want to marry eventually but if he had a kid before marriage it wouldn’t be that big of a deal
  • like he would only care about the fact he’s about to have a beautiful cute baby!! that’s all that would matter to him!!
  • but obviously he wouldn’t just have a kid with anyone?? that’s obvious right
  • i think he would want kids pretty bad, but he wouldn’t want to burden his love and so he would keep his mouth shut
  • but then after all the other boys start to have families he’s like yup it’s time
  • so he comes up to you one night, and by comes up to you i mean he legit flops on top of you as you’re watching a psych marathon,,,
  • and you’re like oh hello there i thought you were idk, supposed to be showering??
  • and he shakes his head “no no i had an idea!!”
  • and your eyebrows furrow at this “last time you had an idea it ended with yoongi nearly beating you half to death for trying to put his baby in a sheep costume”
  • “but she looked so cute!!”
  • anyway
  • “well what’s that got to do with anything?”
  • and jimins eyes get all wide and he smiles all shyly and he’s chilling on top of you like it’s the most casual thing in the world “i wanna have a baby too!! but our own baby, and we can name them after jeongguk or something!”
  • you smile softly and stroke the hair from his eyes
  • you love jimin but you’re not ready and you don’t want to break it to him and ruin things and ruin the moment but you’re just not ready for a baby
  • you try to think of a lie before he catches onto you oh he catches onto you
  • his smile falls and he kinda rolls off you and he “oh. i shouldn’t have forced that on you like that, i’m sorry…”
  • his voice is so soft and quiet and you regret not having an actual talk about this sooner
  • because you knew it would happen sooner or later and you knew that he would want to start a family but you’re scared and you’re worried that you two are too young and that you guys don’t have enough life experience for this
  • you want to tell jimin and explain yourself but he’s up already, and he says he’s gonna take a shower and that you should sleep because it’s late but you know he doesn’t want you to see him get upset
  • “jimin wait a minute!”
  • but he’s already in the bathroom and he has his music on and the door is locked
  • after that night he doesn’t bring it up again but nobody can deny the way his entire face lights up when he’s holding taetae junior
  • he’s good with kids, great even like even hoseok’s sonny boy, who shrieks when hoseok isn’t holding him, is pretty okay with jimin
  • he gets so smiley and his eyes twinkle and he giggles when he gets the babies to laugh
  • he’ll legit have mini min on his lap and baby jung snuggled up to his side and princess kim trying to climb up his shoulders and it’s so endearing
  • and you’re like oh hell nah im not gonna take that happiness from jimin like he’s so happy and bright and you can tell he’s in heaven
  • so you’re like hell yah man i’m gonna talk to jimin okay i’m gonna tell him i’m ready for a kiddo we can do this as a family
  • you wanna make it something special so that night you’re like imma make a delicious dinner and i’m gonna make this so memorable cause this our baby!!
  • but then it gets to dinner time and jimin is gonna be home from practice in like thirty minutes and you’re so ready for this
  • but apparently your stomach is not because out of nowhere you’re stricken with the sudden need to hurl
  • you race upstairs to the bathroom and you lean over the toilet and that’s how jimin finds you when he gets home
  • he goes into panic mode right away like does he get you a drink, does he pull your hair back, does he call an ambulance?
  • you’re moaning on the floor
  • jimin does what any normal person would do and he calls mom seokjin instead “help the love of my life is on the floor idk what’s going on right now i’m scared jin please come over.”
  • and then he kneels beside you and he cradles you in his lap and strokes your hair and he sings to you so soft and sweet in an attempt to calm you down
  • you bury his face in his tummy “oh jimin that came out of nowhere i hurt jimin, i hate throwing up you know.”
  • he kinda laughs at this “baby doll, why are you throwing up? i heard there’s a lot going around, i guess that happens a lot in winter ya know? we can see the doctor tomorrow if it gets worse.”
  • jin does come over and he’s holding his baby in one of those little holders that you wear on your front you know what i’m talking about he has his baby in that and she’s wearing a tiara and sunglasses
  • and he kinda oh !! alright !!
  • “jimin, it’s probably just the common cold,,, or maybe the flu yah that’s what that’s called…”
  • and jimin is like wth i leave the love of my life for one second and they contract the plague that’s it i’m calling out tomorrow this is serious
  • and he does call out okay the next day he makes you stay in bed even though you’re like plz i’m fine
  • he makes you soup and he braids your hair for you or puts it into pigtails if your hair is short and you two watch your favorite movies and you’re still feeling kinda weak so you kinda forget about what you were gonna tell jimin
  • and then you don’t bring it up because as the weeks go on he gets slammed with new album work and your personal job that neither of you have much time to think about babies
  • until wait, surprise, you guessed it, you find out that you’re pregnant!!
  • since you continued to feel pretty shotty you were like ehh i should go to patient first!! and patient first was like!! you’re looking kinda pregnant there kiddo!!
  • and so obviously you got the little test (well they gave it to you) and they were correct believe it or not
  • you guess you’re gonna need to be having an entirely different talk with jimin
  • except christmas (for non celebrators just think new years time!!) is almost here and you’re like hell yah man that’s a good time to do it
  • except that you’re not really about planning stuff and you get absorbed in other things aka jimin trying to lift that tree by himself,,,
  • jin is throwing a pretty rad holiday party by the way and you and jimin are obv invited to come celebrate and by celebrate i literally mean there’s going to be a wii bowling tournament where half of those involved are tipsy off eggnog
  • but that’s okay because you’re with friends and that’s what matters!!
  • in the back of your head you’re like yah i better tell jimin that i’m pregnant,,, but you’re distracted again, this time by the pictures of sugar cookies jin has put in the “santa squad” group chat
  • you know better to keep secrets especially something so big but jimin was so excited to have a lil kiddo you wanna make it special and stuff
  • you decide you’ll ask some of the other boys for help tonight if they don’t end up drunk singing christmas carols instead
  • you’re excited for the party though, you wanna try your hand at parenting by seeing if you can manage some of the babies
  • tbh if it comes down to it, you wanna hold mini min, she’s still so soft and chubby
  • you wonder if your baby is gonna be soft and chubby and you rest your hands on your tummy and jimin kinda catches you from your reflection in the mirror
  • “are you feeling sick again? we should really take you to the doctors…” and jimin kinda starts to worry
  • you laugh and pat his head because he’s so caring?? and so cute??
  • “i’m okay just thinking about those sugar cookies.”
  • and he smiles and his nose crinkles up and his eyes get those lil wrinkles at the sides you know what i’m speaking of??
  • you hope to god that your baby has his smile
  • better yet you hope the baby looks like him in every single way possible
  • like you’re dating an angel and you hope your baby is an angel too
  • you know they will be cause jimin is the dad!!
  • anywaaaaay
  • y'all are at the party now okay and immediately there’s a child on jimin’s leg and you like down and it’s taetae junior!! and he’s babbling excitedly and jimin just beams and scoops him up in his arms and kisses his lil baby face and your heart just floods with this warmth that you can’t really explain
  • you kinda rest your hands on your stomach again and you’re like baby please come soon so i can see jimin this happy every single day
  • before long there is another baby trying to climb jimin and it’s princess kim so jimin hands you over taetae junior so he can hold jin’s baby
  • taetae junior is not happy and he starts to wail
  • “oh my god jimin i broke it”
  • jimin laughs “just bounce him on your hip!!”
  • and so you do, and you make funny faces and start to sing a little bit and soon the kid is calm, cool, and collected and actually snuggled up to you and trying to play with your hair and you’re actually really like this feeling?? and it feels so right??
  • jimin looks over at you and he gives you a soft smile “you’re gonna be an amazing parent one day…”
  • you just want to scream out that he’s gonna be an amazing parent too, and he’s gonna be one soon and that you’re expecting but you keep your mouth closed and silently thank him
  • okay time for the party to start but taekook have already turned up they’re dancing to some freaking weeb nonsense and you’re like god help us how are they parents and the babies just watch on in awe and hoseok is trying to get his kid to dance even tho that kid won’t let hoseok put him down and-
  • you can’t believe you didn’t want this for yourself and jimin and you’re feeling kinda guilty and you wanna apologize but you know you should focus on the good instead
  • okay so the kids are playing on the floor, tangled up in christmas lights and wrapping paper and jin is like shoot i made eggnog it’s hella good guys i’ll go get some cups
  • he comes back with glasses you know, hands them all out
  • you politely decline
  • everyone freezes and stares at you with wide eyes and you don’t really understand why but within five seconds jimin is shrieking and he’s tackled you to the couch and the others are cheering and clapping and the babies look mildly horrified save baby jeon who’s trying to get a foot in her mouth
  • and you’re laughing and trying to get him to stop kissing your face all over because it tickles too much “well i wanted to make it special but i guess i ruined that huh?”
  • jimin won’t let go of you the rest of the party he has you on his lap and he keeps his hands folded on your tummy and he’s smirking like guess what guys who’s gonna be a dad that’s right it’s me it’s me
  • and the others would definitely tease him “too bad you’re the dad, they’re never gonna grow over five feet tall!!”
  • jimin gets all pouty at this
  • he gets so into the baby thing like he’s trying to take pictures every month to compare belly bump sizes cause he’s like hello my child!!
  • he talks to the baby casually as if they can actually respond “hey there lil park pumpkin, don’t you love this movie? it’s like my favorite ever especially the romance subplot ehehe.”
  • “do you want spaghetti or carry out for dinner, yah i agree, i like carry out too!!”
  • he spoils you rotten like he’s like hey guess who has a massage appointment with me that’s right, you do!!
  • like if you continue to work expect to come home to a bubble bath every single night
  • he low key seems more excited than you for the baby,,,
  • stockpiles baby food in the house even though you explain babies don’t eat baby food right away and you still have like seven months to go before they’re even born?
  • buys a bunch of toys too!!
  • he wants to teach the baby korean first like he begs you every single night that you teach them korean first it’s very important that your baby is raised in korean culture
  • so you two would have a korean name for the baby for sure
  • he definitely insists in raising the child in his culture whether that means through food, language, traditions, or whatever
  • but at the same time he doesn’t want the kid to be made fun of for being different so he wants an english name for them as well and so he asks namjoon for help a lot and namjoon is bitter because he’s riding the no dad train alone
  • the first time you guys go to see the baby he starts to laugh rather than cry because “oh my god is that a dinosaur in the- HOLY HECK I SEE A LITTLE BABY HAND DO YOU SEE THAT BABY HAND?!”
  • he just giggles and waves to the screen as if your baby is able to see that do they even have eyes at this point??
  • jimin would definitely want to find out the gender of the baby he would tell himself he wouldn’t care but he wouldn’t be able to contain his curiosity and the other boys are like pestering him to find out??
  • okay and you guys follow in the footsteps of all the boys before you and you’re like gender reveal party except sneaky little jimin checked the envelope when you two said you were NOT going to check the envelope i’m actually crying,,,
  • so jimin knows
  • nobody else knows and they make it a family ordeal to try and guess
  • namjoon shows up alone, in blue, tugging along a bunch of presents cause he has a soft spot for chim
  • jeongguk and baby jeon are in pink and have lil pony tails on the tops of their heads, princess kim and jin are in pink as well, along with hoseok and baby hobi
  • tae and taetae junior are in blue!! along with yoongi and mini min who are late because they were taking a father daughter nap
  • jimin is in white,,, to signify purity,,, which the little scoundrel lost when he checked the envelope
  • you yourself are in blue cause why not??
  • the party goes well except jimin nearly crying because he loves all the babies so much and he can’t wait to have his own,,,
  • okay but y’all reveal time
  • it’s like at the most random moment like you’re stuffing your face with a cupcake and trying to open yet another present from namjoon and jimin is like “ATTENTION EVERYBODY I WOULD LIKE TO TALK ABOUT MY BABY, MY BUN, MY MINI ME… OR IS IT A MINI ME”
  • s/o to nancy and will this one goes to you
  • okay so once he has everyone’s attention he gets all shy and flustered and he buries his face behind his hands “well it should be a girl…”
  • and he’s smiling and you’re gasping and you run to hug him and you have cupcake all over your face but that’s okay
  • anyway you always have cravings speaking of which,,, the convenience store owner down the street knows jimin by name because he makes so many trips to pick you up pickles and strawberry ice cream
  • okay also !! he wants the baby to have her crib in your guy’s room so she has a bassinet right next to your bed
  • jimin’s parents send you two a bunch of gifts and his mom sends over some of jimin’s old play toys and old clothes (even though they were boyish- for baby two she says), and some traditional family recipes so you two can raise the baby as surrounded by korean influence as possible
  • jimin always cooks for you even though he’s not amazing and he cooks all the time sometimes he does too much,,,
  • first kick is actually amusing because before i saw someone’s baby kick i thought it would be cute then i was like exposed to the reality and that shit is scary so like when it happens you’re chilling and then the baby kicks as you’re sitting there getting rid for your bubble bath and you shriek because that’s scary?? have you ever seen that??
  • jimin comes running in and you’re like “baBE my stomach moVED”
  • and he gasps and he puts his ear to his stomach even though you said kick?? and he’s screaming with you because what the hell your baby is kicking and it’s weird as hell and you two break down into laughing because it’s so overwhelming
  • anyway the baby comes on the exact due date
  • like the exact date
  • chim is nervous so he laughs tbh,,, like you’re driving there because you dropped a plate while cooking eggs for breakfast and you were like wth is this oh wait my water bROKE
  • anyway he’s pretty calm but he’s so excited that he just giggles and laughs and smiles and you’re like jimin plz you’re driving like a graNDMOTHER
  • anyway you get there and everything is pretty calm, you get into the delivery room but then you see the needle they’re trying to stick in you and you lose it
  • jimin holds your hand super tight and he smiles and starts to sing save me to you to be ironic and as you’re distracted they stick the needle in you yikes
  • he’s actually really good at calming you down!! like he got lessons from the other boys and he talks you through it and he gives you deep breathing exercises to use and everything and squeezes your hand and helps you focus
  • pregnancy through meditation
  • anyway she’s born and he’s laughing and crying at the same time like tears are streaming down his face but he’s in hysterics and he holds her and she’s so small and he immediately goes to kiss her face all over
  • she looks more like you but she has his eyes and his lips but other than that she looks more like you (she ends up super short too btw thx)
  • you guys bring her home and she’s immediately the most spoiled baby
  • she has at least a million stuffed animals
  • when she’s older jimin always plays dress up tea party with her and they have jin and his baby over sometimes
  • she’s a pretty fussy baby at first like she’s always crying and you’re about to lose it because you’re exhausted from having that bean so jimin always gets up at night and takes her downstairs to watch some baby einstein with her to make sure she calms down
  • he LOVES holding her and giving her the bottle he feels truly like a dad in that moment
  • he sings to her obv like he always has and it’s super calming she’ll just stare up at him with the widest eyes in the world and babble and try to sing along when she’s old enough
  • she’s always eating too i swear, always needs to be fed or else she’ll cry
  • also cries when she’s not being held but jimin is okay with that because that means he gets to hold her 25/8
  • he likes to sprawl out on the floor and have her sleep on his chest because she’s so tiny
  • always has her in stripes and then matches her always
  • he always takes pics of her too and sends them to his mom i cry
  • doesn’t like when the other babies get near here for the most part because he’s scared they’ll scare her…
  • loves buying her cute clothes too, like his fave hobby
  • always thanks you for making his dream come true too
  • also would probably suggest you two have another baby like a year and a half after this angel is born ;)))
  • you slap him
  • but it’s definitely up for consideration,,,
  • part two to comE!

I grew up not even knowing about homosexuality, because my parents decided against it. I didn’t even know about gay people until I was around ten.

I remember I used to see two girls kissing or two guys walking hand-in-hand down the street and thinking, “They must be really good friends, because girls don’t kiss girls and boys don’t kiss boys.”

I once asked my mum about the latter, and she replied, “Well, I guess girls could kiss girls if they really wanted to, but no, boys only kiss girls and girls only kiss boys.”

I actually find it really disturbing that my parents thought that way, like? What is so godawful about gays that you need to “protect” your child from them? Homosexuality is natural and it should be celebrated and recognised the same way straight couples are.

Please take the time to reblog this in your own way if you think so too.

Our rainbow smols deserve a chance!!


Guess what, of course I’d celebrate my fave boy’s birthday in a special way! So for a start I got playing with some photos today~ Lighting in my room isn’t the best >:,3 but! I could get a few good ones out of it! Wahaha, I’m actually pretty happy with those ´ ω` ♡ and as guests for these photos we have bunny So-chan and a family of puddings!! Always a pleasure working with them!

Pride Month FAQ

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❤🌈Sexuality: idk bro lmao I like what i like, but i guess bi or pan or something ;-;

💛🌈Gender pronouns: Tbh i’m a she, but i dont mind they/them/her/him or whatever lol. Unless your an asshole like this one guy that was liek “girls on the internet dont exist unless proven with pics” then you’re good lmao.

💚🌈Gender: female

💙🌈Relationship status: @sabotenderamiga

💜🌈Celebrity crush: this is hard, but I have to say Serena Willams, & Tinashe. Oh and Nyane Leboja, theres way more but these are my super crushes at the moment.

💙🌈Crush: @sabotenderamiga Always & forever

💚🌈Best Friend: @sabotenderamiga, @ayumimamia <33333 He’s like the only irl person that knows of my secondlife thing and this Tumblr lol, @kurasoberina, @foxglove-hime, @kimochis, @iwikedsimblr and theres much more, i just feel confident enough tagging these people because i dont want someone to be like “Uh i aint her best friend asgfhkjlhk;jl”

💛🌈When you came out?: I dont think I ever came out? Just sorta was like “Oh hey I’m dating a girl now,” one day. My parents don’t know about me liking not just guys, but I don’t think it’s all that important tbh.If they know they know, but I don’t feel i gotta come out or anything.

❤🌈First person you came out to: Idek bro lmao, I never really kept it  a huge secret. The attraction was always there too

💛🌈First gf/bf: Some girl on Trickster online XD.Then my first bf, if you even wanna count it was some weird in 7th grade I dated for like a week LMAO.

💚🌈First heart break: shavon.

💙🌈Ever had a crush on a straight person?: Yeah

💜🌈Fallen for a friend?: Yeah

💙🌈Cool straight friend: I have a lot xD

💚🌈Best LGBTQ+ friend: A lot…XD @ayumimamia, @foxglove-hime, To be honest i don’t really go out of my way to ask if my friend’s LGTQ+ or not, lol ;-;. It doesn’t really matter to me, as long as you’re not some weird racist or homophobic/trans phobic, etc. asshole.

💛🌈Person that made you doubt your sexuality: No one lol. Like i said always had the feelings bro Unless these means someone like belittling my preferences, then nah not really, but then again I’m not all that bothered what people think I am lol.

❤🌈Are you proud of your sexuality?: Yeah why not. most people whether they’re they/them/he/she are cute.

💛🌈Are you comfortable with your sexuality?: Yeah why not ^ 

💚🌈Describe yourself: I don’t go out of my way to really find out my sexuality or wonder “Omg who am i what do I like” this and that. i just like who I like, and if that makes me this or that then I’m this or that, no big deal lol. I have like 0 preferences beyond not being a asshole. Cute smiles and nice eyes are good, but most people have cute smiles and nice eyes anyways haha.

Beyond that i’m just a stressful potato ball, laidback with some things, but super stresseed and nervous all the time with others, and most things ashfjlkj;lk’;l. I overthink to much.

💙🌈LGBTQ+ hero: Laverne Cox

💜🌈Favourite part of being LGBTQ+?: People will never know if I’m out here to still your man or your girl LMAO ahgsfkjhlk;jl’k; Im kidding, i’m kidding.

I don’t really know to be honest ;-;. I can’t realy like…answer this question? I mean even if i wasn’t LGBTQ+ i’d still have the same friends probably.

The free cookies are nice though