“Since I was a little kid, I’ve always had one goal; to make the world a better place.

As daunting as the task may sound, it’s actually quite simple.

The notion is this: if you change yourself, you can change the world.

Sages, Mystics, and Healers throughout the ages have said this very idea. But it has never rung so true in the hearts of all beings until now. We find ourselves in a planetary shift.

This world IS changing.

And I for one am changing with it.

I refuse to sit back and watch. And neither should you!

We are living in a participatory universe. There is no doubt about it, and no debate regarding this scientific fact, any longer.

Quantum physics has proved these deep spiritual truths.

Our actions DO matter.
Our thoughts DO change reality.
Our beliefs DO manifest.

I believe in what I am doing so strongly that I push against my fears and insecurities every day in order to actualize my potential.

Here’s the thing… We All Can Do It.
And I’ll be here to remind you of that.

We’re in need of universal awakening.

This is a call to all light workers.
This is a call to you.
Yes you.
Reading this right now.

Find the light within you and share it with the world.

Together we can make life absolutely miraculous.

The whole universe is rooting for us.”

~ Jenna Galbut (via Facebook)

anonymous asked:

positive vibes! so I figured out i was a transmasculine person about a month ago and ive finally started to see myself as masculine in the mirror automatically instead of gravitating to all the little feminine things immediately! :D