good v. bad


Taehyung being savage af.

Episode thoughts - good v bad


- Serena is “very much” The One
- not leaving the Robbie thing a secret for later drama
- intensity of the kiss
- another Holby LGBT committee meeting on the roof
- Bernie thinking of Serena the entire time in Kiev parallels Bernie thinking of Alex the entire time at Holby pre-developing feelings for Serena
- Bernie confirmed lesbian (in my opinion) - important representation
- Serena confirmed bisexual (in my opinion) - important representation


- Berena-focused trailer but not enough episode time
- “Gays turning” trope - I think we could have seen a more intelligent conversation between Bernie and Dom
- lack of any decent reason why Bernie didn’t reply to Serena at all or come back sooner - “I’m rubbish” aka “this script is due soon and the episode finishes in two minutes so will this do”
- Bernie threatening to leave again, requiring Serena to put herself out there once more

Mixed feelings:

- generally rushed to get things moving now JR is back - great to have things back up and running without more dragging out but did feel far too rapid a pace
-Bernie’s unjustifiable jealousy. I don’t think logically, she has any right whatsoever. But that was pure feeling and ever so slightly anger / dark side. And for that reason, good to see (personal opinion).

Overall, it’s clear to me that this is going to be enjoyable to watch going forwards, but that Holby has a phenomenon on its hands that it just isn’t going to have the time to be able to depict 100% the way we would like it and the way it really should. I am hoping since these episodes were filmed they have seen this storyline’s popularity and will do it more justice in the future. In the meantime I look forward to what this fandom comes up with!!