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Adrien sneaking off to his first day of school.

Two days in a row.

Origins Pt. 1 & Pt. 2


I figured out Adrien’s superhero identity, y’all.  I’m 99% sure he’s the Flash.

Someone sent me a message and my reaction was: Renner! Do something! Say something! It’s not okay what’s going on!

And he’s doing….. Nothing.

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NAME: Andrew
ZODIAC: Gemini
FAVORITE COLOR: Light blue and light pink
FAVORITE SEASON: Autumn and Spring
FAVORITE PLACE: Parks are lovely 
FAVORITE HOLIDAY: I really like Easter!!
NieR;Automata, it’s an absolute masterpiece
LAST SHOW YOU WATCHED: Gintama and Sangatsu no Lion
WHAT’S YOUR HONEST OPINION ABOUT YOUR MUSE?: Scathach is such an impressive person. She’s completely developed as a person with perfect understanding of herself and other people, and how to bring out the best of other people, and that is absolutely amazing.

WOULD YOU DATE YOUR MUSE?: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh nah that would be very very very strange.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE KINDS OF THREADS?: You know those fights that carry real emotional weight, I can’t get enough of them. But it’s so difficult and writing one of these threads is one of the main reasons I am still RPing.

ARE YOU A SELECTIVE ROLEPLAYER?: For Scathach, I am super selective >> I find it hard to thread with someone I don’t know and it doesn’t feel right when Scathach gives out generic responses for the sake of a response. 

Somewhat related to the question above, my main goal in RPing is to figure out how to write scenes and stories to stir emotions, so I don’t want to spend time on simple interactions unless I feel like it can amount to something! (sorry!) 

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE MUSE?: Without a doubt, Scathach is my favourite muse. She’s amazing, super fun to play and her character suits my goals very well. Also I’m pretty sure I’ve projected myself onto her a lot but she’s a lot like me I think??

Either way, I think we’re a good mod and muse match hah! A battle-crazed woman with a boy who loves the fight. 

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE FANDOM?: Almost two years ago one of my tumblr friends joined MHGW as Issei, and I thought it would be fun! I joined as Natalia Kaminski, a difficult muse to play T_T Unfortunately she is now dead.

(randomtrivia Scathach blog was born December 2015 when I rolled her on FGO lolololol thanks @bewitchingserpent U REMEMBER THAT INTENSE CONVERSATION??????) 


I’m going to stay here until someone can play Scathach for more than a week. 

As long as Scathach lives, I will be here and I will fight people.

Seriously though, if the fight makes your blood boil, that is the first thing you should do when you make a Scathach blog please fight someone and feel it. She’s a whirling crimson moon and she spins a demon’s pirouette. 

Out with the mundane conversations and instead, exchange words as you exchange blows. 

u can see why i love her so

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It’s so nice when you exchange phone numbers with a very good old friend and both start catching up and you just realize how much things have changed, how many years have passed, but the spark of the friendship is still there ♡

electricpoolshark  asked:

Can I get some words of encouragement along with my fresh coriander today? I've been having a bad week with how well I function and I've got to deal with people all day today.

As we always say, if encouraging words were a herb, they would be fresh coriander, and therefore, if fresh coriander were some facet of language, it would be encouraging words! But if the delicious green leaves have not sated your appetite for encouragement, remember this: nothing is final. Nothing is eternal. All of the things that hurt you will fade to nothing and all of the things that make you smile will burn brighter. Everything changes, and change is what gives us our power. You are having a bad week now. That’s okay. Soon, the wind will change direction. The tide will come in. The first fragile leaves of fresh coriander will crane their necks, still soft with the downy fur of newborns, out of the frost-cracked soil. And it will be a good week.


Good Question: Why Do Politicians Ignore Environmental Issues?

Summer is almost here. It’s time for summer time Cirno. I actually don’t know why she’s tanned in the new touhou, but I’ll take it. Max cutie.