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It’s important that I first show you the good, for you to truly understand how bad it got.
—  Exert from a book I’ll never write.
Words said in Anger

@shangst-week​ I missed day 1 but hopefully this makes up for it.

Day 2 Prompt: Anger/Depression (why not a bit of both)

Words: 2934

Summary: Shiro has a nightmare, Lance tries to help, Lance does not help.

The last droid disappeared in a blaze of blue just before it hit the ground. Lance exhaled heavily as he lowered his rifle, pausing for a moment to get his heartrate under control. Slowly he let the thoughts of his teammates in danger, that drive which fuelled his training, fade away. He rolled his neck to the left and right, deactivated his bayard and made to leave, when all of a sudden familiar arms wrapped round his waist and the room started spinning around him.

“Nice work Sharpshooter!” Shiro exclaimed. His voice was light with laughter as he spun Lance round, hoisting him up like he weighed nothing at all.

“Shiro!” Lance squealed. He grabbed on tight to Shiro’s arms and tried to sound serious and commanding. The hysterical laughter may have ruined his composure a bit. “Put me down! I’m disgusting and sweaty, and stop! Kissing! My! Neck! You dork!”

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Michael In The Bathroom||Animatic(done on Flipnote Studio)

Just sharing bc I saw this around and it’s actually really good???

dragonsarecats  asked:

hey!! just wanted to let you know that your most recent felix/bri post (which is AMAZING and ADORABLE and both the kids look gorgeous as always) is flagged as sensitive which I'm pretty sure is an accident so I'm just letting you know!

oh shoot! there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it (i know the flagging system is SUPER janky), so do you know how i can address that? 

i’m over 18 so i haven’t actually seen any “sensitive posts” on my own dash, and so i also can’t find any way to deal with it. i think i saw a staff post saying OPs can “click a button to request proper verification” if they consider it an error, but i can’t see anything like that?

please let me know!! i don’t want anyone missing my posts just because tumblr is messing up and wrongly flagging them as unsafe or inappropriate ):  


apparently it can be done through the app, just not on desktop! a bar shows up above the image with “this image has been marked as sensitive” and the option to “request review”, so hopefully if there are any actual human staff moderating this it’ll get looked at. 

my blog should be completely sfw for 13+ (which is the age you’ve got to be to create a tumblr blog in the first place), so please let me know if this happens again with any of my other posts! 

How can I not believe in the power of my thoughts and positivity when the voices in my head take over most of me?

Because if negative thoughts can affect me so much ―  keep me up all night, make me cry, push people away, be suspicious all the time ― I can only imagine how much positive ones will benefit me.

BONUS!  Here’s the new doodle vs the 2015 one.  Basically being tired vs not being tired. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I won’t get mad or anything. It’s important to make sure you feel comfortable and secure.