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hello tumblr

my name is meggie and i like to take dramatic™ selfies

that is all thanks bye

anonymous asked:

I love your tumblr name. And I would die for Saiko too. she's. too. damn. cute. What makes you like her so much?

Why thank you  anon : D  I recently changed cause i just  love her so much?? and I felt like i needed a change, but anyway Saiko is so good for such a number of reasons?? ldk where to start 

1.I love her overall design and think it’s super cute? I really like the shade of blue that’s used for her hair and think it just pops really well, she’s short she’s chubby and she can rock both long and short hair girl is cute as heck.

2. She loves the haise/kaneki so god damn much omg there relationship is beautiful and it’s easily one of my favorites in re: like even when kaneki left the ccg she still cares so so much like she was absolutely devastated when she thought he died like the next time we see her hairs all flat and sad from I’m guessing hiding in her room and crying but then she finds out kaneki might not be dead after all?? she loves her maman so much ;w; 

3.She has so much potential as a character and to develop? like i feel like we’ve just scratched the surface for her and just every arc she just ends up getting better and better. so when we finally get her arc I think she’s just going to be amazing!! I want to dive deeper into her past and learn about her life before joining the ccg and just asdjk! Saiko is just so amazing I love her!!

The year is 2027. I’ll be outside a movie theatre. “I still can’t believe the Artemis Fowl movie is real”, I’ll say. I’ll be with the kids in my family. I’ll start my story, “it was 2009 when I first saw about…” “AUNT NOT AGAIN” they’ll say. I won’t care. I would be smiling because it finally happened.

What’s good tumblr?

My name is Ceyara (pronounced like Ciara, don’t get it twisted). I’m 24 and I reside in Philly. All black, all day every day. I’m chill but don’t get on my bad side.

Nicknames: Cece, or Freckles if I fucks with you. 

Relationship Status: Single-ish…I prefer this over everything else.

Job: I make my money how I make it…

Hit me up if you wanna know something.


What’s good Tumblr. The name is Rochelle but most people call me Ro. I’m a painter and lover of all things art. I’m was born on a rainy Wednesday in September 24 years ago. I’m originally from New Orleans but relocated to Atlanta after Katrina. I love it here in the A. I would love to meet new people, showcase my art and give you a glimpse of the life of Ro.

So you wanna start an askblog:

1.  Find a character that you love and can relate to. 

You will probably have to dress up a lot for it, so make sure that it’s worth it! The character will probably take over your life too, so be sure of your decision. It is good to have a cosplay too. It doesn’t have to be the official one, but please lay down time on a casual cosplay or closet cosplay and make sure it fits the character

2. Find a good tumblr-name
The name should contain the word ‘ask’. Usually it start with ask, but it is OK to have a different name too. This is because it will make it easy for the people seeing your name to know that it is an askblog. The name should also have something to do with your character and preferably easily recognized, and not too long. Maybe even include a pun if you are nerdy enough!

3. Introductory post!
When you have created your blog, you need to post your first post! This should be an IC ‘hello and welcome’ post where you explain that it is an askblog and that you are starting out. You could also include that you would love for people to send you asks. Try to make this as good as possible, it’s your first impression after all!

4. Make a pretty tumblr theme and profile picture!
I will not talk about this too much, since there is many pages about how to do this. Try to keep it to your character and please USE NO GIFS AS BACKGROUND AND NO AUTOPLAY MUSIC, this can seriously trigger panic attacks in some people. Try to include a page about yourself! What country are you from? How old are you? DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR ADRESS OR ALL YOUR NAME, but about everything else is fine! The picture should probably include an ask bubble, to help people easy see that it is an askblog!

5. Interact with others!
Now you have your blog! You will soon notice that you get no asks. Why is that? Because no one knows who you are! Try to follow and more important, INTERACT WITH OTHERS! Go to other askblogs and send them IC asks, try to make friends! If you are able to, follow askblog for the character that you do! This can help you a lot!

(Making gifs will not be in this tutorial, but should be between these steps)

6. Empty askbox
Still have no asks? That is Ok. Go and ask your friends if they can send you some or SEND YOURSELF SOME ASKS. There is nothing wrong with doing it and it can help you to do funny questions and questions you want to do. Otherwise, go make posts of your own! Is the character famous for loving trees? Go to the woods and film your character proposing to a tree! You can do fun things on your own, and the posts I make myself often give me more notes than asks

7. Spread out your posts!
Now you have your questions, how do you do after that? Well, If you have 10 asks, it will be tempting to answer them all at once. Try to schedule them instead. Because otherwise your blog will have 8 posts in the spam of some minutes and not so many people will notice it. If you spread them out, preferably over a couple of days, you will get much more recognition!

8. Keeping followers
After following those steps, you should have started to gain followers! Now, how do you keep them? First of all you should know that people follow you because of the character that you portrait, which mean that they want to see them, not other things. Try to keep your blog as much to your own posts that you can. Use your private account to reblog fun stuff. Yes, even if it’s a picture of your character. And keep in mind that people might follow you because you make them laugh, so make sure to keep the negative private posts to a minimum, preferably only to your private blog.  Try to keep the nature of the blog consistence, for example, mixing a roleplay account and a askblog account is never a good thing, make two blogs and have them separated instead.