good try dude

“Have I been there, I could have healed you.”

I can’t move on, it’s been weeks, but the zutara feels won’t let me go. Curse you talented fanfiction writers, meta writers, and headcanon writers. let me move on please.

ok i tried using sai seriously and boi am i disappointed.


“by monday, this will all be but a dream. trust me, no one will remember anything. except maybe that i accused cheryl of twincest.”


If Good and Evil can’t find a way to work together, neither side will survive.


welp, there it is

There was this cute japanese meme I saw a long time ago and couldn’t resist  👀

SO.. FLUFFY.. 👀 


@brotzlyweek day 4: Laugh
Dirk absolutely adores Todd’s laugh, no matter where they go, he’ll do whatever he can to just stop and take in Todd’s laugh. It’s not so rare that Dirk forgets what it sounds like, but it’s also not an everyday event either. So, here is Dirk enjoying Todd’s laugh at some dinner on a slow case week :3c

thirstykurapika  asked:

Sorry if i am bothering you with more draws ;w;, but i just wanted to see how pairo would look in your style and what is your take on an older pairo? ^^

You’re never bothering me, I love it! :D

The only problem is that I have no idea of what my style is

When it comes to Pairo i wonder if would have got be fully healed if he’d lived


cute Seungri laughing as he poses for the Angel Eyes photoshoot ◠ω◠



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as someone who actually nonironically likes vore its so obvious that griffin is a dirty vore lover lmao

theres a lot of things i expected from running an ironic, jokey-joke griffin-based vore blog but the amount of messages i have gotten that start with something along the lines of “as someone who genuinely likes vore, I think - “ is absolutely not something i had predicted and still dont know how to respond to usually

frequent customer interactions at the ice cream shop

Customer: I’d like a small.
Me: Sure! Do you mean a single scoop or a kiddie size scoop?
Customer: A small.

Me: [hands customer a taste on one of our reusable taster spoons]
Customer: [tries to hand it back to me when they’re done tasting instead of placing it in the used taster spoon bucket, labeled USED TASTER SPOONS, which is 6 inches in front of their face on top of the cabinet.]

Customer: I’d like that one.
Me: Which flavor?
Customer: [vague gesture at the cabinet] That one.

Me: Waffle cone or sugar cone?
Customer: Cone.

Me: Cup or cone?
Customer: Yes.

Some fucko: yall didn’t hate Jashi and all this other gross shit before it became canon!! why yall reacting like this now that it’s canon!

because most people avoided the ship because they didn’t like it and all the gross shit people were doing with it and now that it’s canon there’s literally no way to avoid it

And it was poorly written to boot, as this relationship literally came out of the blue nowhere like someone had mixed up a Jashi One-Shot from AO3 with the actual script of episode 8