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11 Questions

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1) Any music you’ve been particularly into lately?

Imagine Dragons, like I’ve always been into them but lately, I’m just more addicted to them 

2) Who was your first celebrity and/or fictional crush?

Please don’t laugh but it’s Vegeta from Dragon Ball.

3) How tall are you?


4) What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Like it’s according to my food but it’s mostly chocolate or vanilla.

5) Pick four countries you would like to visit!

okay, let’s see India, Spain, Brazil and Egypt.

6) Your personal opinion on listening to music in a language you don’t understand?

Support, whether because you are interested in the language\culture or not If the singer has a good voice and good rhythm (and good lyrics if you look for translation) I don’t see why not, I know I do it.

7) How do you usually do your hair?

Well, I have REALLY short hair currently (pixie cut) so it’s either just sits messily on my head or I wear a cap if I’m in the mood (though when it was long I used to put it in either a ponytail or a bun, tbh I didn’t like it much down my shoulders)

8) Favourite mythological creature and why?

Vampires, Dragons, and mermaids (like the actual methodology, the Disney version is cute but I like the dark and bloody one :3 )

9) Do you prefer swimming or hiking?

Omg hiking for sure! I never really liked swimming that much and I'm not very good at it (i don’t dare go swimming alone without someone I trust or a lifeguard)

10) What is the most bizarre or ridiculous dream you’ve ever had?

Like I dream a lot of zombies (it’s weird since I don’t watch many zombies themed films, not even the walking dead) But the cool thing is if the zombies catch me and kill me in a dream, I have the same dream like a week later and I know a zombie is coming at me from that direction and avoid it to live longer (it’s like a game! though this tells me if there was a real zombie apocalypse I’m dead -_-)

11) Sunrise, sunset, or stars?

Easily stars!!! though I really really like sunset and sunrise, but the night sky still has the largest portion of my heart :)

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this ended up being a lena del rey with @llamavillana

“Feet don’t fail me now, take me to the kara´s arms
Oh my heart it breaks every step that i take,
But they are open up the gates and tell me,
I’m in Daxam
Come and take a walk on the gay side,
Let me kiss you hard on the pouring rain
You like your Luthors gay,
Choose your last words this is the last time cause,
Kara and I,
We were born to fuck”


Mark spitting fire 🔥🔥 surprising all the judges

Every word she said, like knives in the back of my head. Over and and over she said, “I’m just not cut for the weather, so take your wedding bands and your drunken friends. I just can’t keep you together. I’m no good, you’re no better.”
—  Knuckle Puck // No Good