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Down With Love

12 DAYS OF WHATEVER HOLIDAY YOU CELEBRATE SEASON IS actually late because I had PhD applications to submit but I’M MAKING TODAY DAY 1 so here is a nurseydex ficlet for you all!

Nursey recognizes Dex’s steps before he reaches their door, and makes a spur of the moment decision to leave his music on.

“Dude, are you… is that Judy Garland?”

Nursey has spent the better part of the afternoon lying in bed. Exams are over, his papers are in, all that’s left is Winter Screw, and Nursey is dateless. So he’s made the executive decision to put on some of the stuff his moms play around the house and just chill.

“Yeah bro. Love that woman.” Nursey can’t see Dex’s face from where he’s lying with his eyes closed on his bed, but he can hear the judgmental silence. “Why, you hating on my girl Judy?”

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richie: bros before hoes !!! amirite pals

eddie: i feel kinda sick. i wanna go home

richie: sorry ✔️✔️ guys🤧 my babe😱 is not 🚫🚫 feeling good😷 i’ll see👀 u friends 👨🏼‍💻 at school 👩🏻‍🏫 tomorrow 💯💯💯

saw TLJ and while I was happy to see my good friends luke finn and rey, the decision to have kylo ren’s dick out and completely revealed for all 2 hours of the movie was a baffling call on the part of the filmmakers

Levi stopped laughing and considered what Thalia had said. 

He could still vividly remember the day him and Violet met Thalia on the school bus. It was shortly after Penelope and Clementine had gone abroad, and it was the first day of a new school year. As kids, Levi and Penny had been really good friends, and when her and her mom left, he was pretty upset by it. Meeting Thalia had happened at just the right time for him and Violet. From that day on, the three had been inseparable- Thalia was right.

Even though Thalia had broken his heart when they had dated, they had moved on from that, and he saw her as a good friend yet again. He really couldn’t imagine not seeing her, and Weston, and Nate all the time. He didn’t even know if he’d see Violet, or Penelope. Where would they all go to college? The sense of impending uncertainty grew in his stomach.

“Thalia, you are dramatic as fuck too. I don’t think your opinion is valid,” Nathan, who has previously been very quiet, spoke up. 

His sister rolled her eyes, and shot him an annoyed look, but everyone else, including Violet, burst into laughter. Partially because they were surprised at Nate’s sassy comment, but also partially to dismiss the bittersweet feelings in their chests.

Sand Can’t Tell Secrets

Disclaimer: Characters and world are Pixelberry’s. I’m just borrowing them.

Pairing: Maxwell x MC - The Royal Romance

Warnings: None

Words: 1162

Summary: A night on the beach leads to confessions.

Notes: This is bad but I love my man and wanted to cheer myself up so!!! Here you Maxwell stans go. I’m definitely gonna write more of these two in the future bc wowo I love them.

You shouldn’t be doing this. Going out alone with Maxwell to some beach while Liam is waiting on you at a fancy restaurant that you had no interest in going to. You can’t, no, won’t force yourself to see the King as anything more than a good friend.

Maxwell holds your shoes for you after a long day of walking and bitterly playing the part of a well-behaved has-been. Guilt swirls in your stomach as the sand squishes beneath your bare toes, and you glance over at him, how the moonlight catches in his hair and plays in the deep brown of his eyes. You shouldn’t be doing this.

You’ve tried to suppress this… feeling. It started out gradual. After all, you first had your eyes set on Liam. But as time passed and your days filled with Maxwell, of his kindness and hilarity, his heart called to you like a magnet. He always expertly evades your advances, yet still stays and impresses and cares for you. Calls you pet names and makes you laugh when you feel all hope is lost.

How could you not fall for him?

“You seem preoccupied tonight,” he observes, a humorous glint in his eye, and nudges you with an elbow. “Thinking about Liaaam?” He drawls out the last word to sound as love-sick as you feel.

“Just tired,” you reply, stopping for a moment to turn and stare out over the horizon.

The stars are many and bright tonight, moon bouncing off ripples in the water around your ankles.

When he speaks, you hear his frown. “No. You’ve been… off lately.” Oh, no. Please don’t. “You sure it’s just ‘cause you’re tired?”


Your voice breaks. A warm hand touches your shoulder, and you almost melt. Almost. Instead, you angrily shake him off and stand statue-still, hoping he’ll either let it go or leave you to cry by yourself.

“Is it something I did?” His voice rings soft, like the cry of a kicked puppy, and you can only sniffle and curse yourself for bringing him into this.

You should’ve been more careful. Having him so close yet so out of reach hurts, and you know that. It was stupid to think that being alone with him wouldn’t bring about some sort of heartache. But he deserves to know.

“If I’m being honest, yeah,” you whisper, suppress a shiver when the sudden warmth of his arm against yours cuts through the cold wind. “But it’s my fault.”

He whips his head around to face you out of the corner of your eye. “What?! No. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

A beat of silence as you turn to look at him through thick tears. A pained expression paints his face, and your chest aches for him.

“Max, I fucked up. Big time.”

He searches your expression with confused eyes then steps in front of you, settles his hands on your shoulders, and says, “Then we’ll fix it.”

You make a sound of frustration. “I don’t know how we can fix me being in love with someone that isn’t Liam. I’m supposed to marry him to help House Beaumont, but everything got so messed up. I’m sorry.”

He drops his arms, face falling for a moment before a clearly faked curiosity, a forced smile, lights up his eyes. “Ooh, who is it?” He names off all of your friends, and you simply stare at him in response before finding both the humor to scoff at his aloofness and the will to stop caring.

“It’s you, dumbass… It’s always been you.”

His eyebrows raise, mouth opens and closes like a fish out of water. “Me? So…” a brow furrows in thought, “all those times you flirted with me—“

“I was being serious.”

“Oh. Well, I feel like a pretty big idiot right now, not gonna lie,” he says sheepishly, bringing his hand up to rub at the back of his neck.

When you speak after a contemplative silence, your voice is small, like a child who knows they’ve done wrong. “Are you mad?”

He sighs, worries his bottom lip between his teeth, and gives you an unreadable look. “Relieved, more than anything.”

Wait. What? That means that… no. No way.

You blink at him. “Wait, why?”

“Okay, listen.” He heaves an even bigger sigh, expression conflicted. “Bertrand told me not to say a word because he didn’t want to ruin anything between me and you, and you and Liam, and me and Liam but…” a fierce shake of his head to clear cobwebs from jumbled thoughts, “ah, fuck it.”

It takes a moment for the shock to wear off before you feel the comfortable heat of palms against your cheeks and the press of soft lips against yours. You part your lips to gasp, voice stuck in your throat, when his tongue licks into your mouth, testing the waters. He pulls you flush against him, hand at the small of your back, and you card your fingers through his hair as he deepens the kiss.

Long moments pass before you finally pull away, out of breath and blushing, and you can’t help but giggle at the relief washing over you.

He feels the same way.

“Sorry. That was… um… really nice,” you confess through hearty chuckles, bury your face into Maxwell’s neck. “I didn’t know you felt that way.”

“Hey, I thought you liked Liam. Didn’t want to get my hopes up and all that.”

You move back to glare blankly at him. “I’ve asked you to slow dance, take your shirt off, and I snuck into your tent and asked you to cuddle with me when we went camping.”

He stares at you for a moment in contemplation and mock offense. “Okay, in my defense, I don’t know American customs. Maybe that’s normal where you’re from.” He playfully ruffles your hair and pulls you into the heat of his body as you share a much-needed laugh, arms solid and safe around you. “Jeez, Bertrand is gonna kill me.”

“We’ll figure it out,” you assure him, take a moment to breathe in the sharpness of his cologne. “Look at all we’ve accomplished.”

“But you’re supposed to be queen. Say what you want, but that’s a pretty big deal.”

“We’ll figure it out.”

“… You already said that.”

“Because we’ll—“

He breaks from you and begins to turn away, voice chiding. “I was going to take you for ice cream but I think we’ll just go back to the hotel instead.”

“Wait, no, I love ice cream!”

You catch up to his quick strides and walk along the beach, and he grins impishly at you when your fingers lace with his. You talk about courtly drama and party stories and finally make it back to the street before Maxwell pauses, curses under his breath, and turns to you with a guilty smile.

“Okay, don’t hate me, but I might have forgotten your shoes back at the beach.”



“Damn it, Maxwell!”

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I'm afraid regarding the end that Damerey will be canon... Seeing the way Poe looks at Rey and all.. And he goes like I know. Like I love all the reylo moments in tlj but now I'm scared Damerey will be prefered because it's easier and every body likes Poe and prefers him to Kylo.. But Reylo is so much more interesting.... :'(

I don’t think so. I think next ep will see them become good friends and we will have a heroic trio or quartet now including rose. Who knows Rey might even be charmed by poe but only in a “why can’t I be force bonded with THIS one’” sort of way. But ultimately her destiny lies with kylo and poe’s is to become a leader amongst men. Though I wouldn’t be adverse to a little force bond jealousy from kylo. Because that boy has NO chill at all. And Rey will be like “… I only asked him to pass the ketchup!”

my bed is full of comics, records, scraps of paper with cartoon flowers drawn on them, cozy blankets, and pillows.
the snow, tonight, was beautiful and soft in that way that brings childhood memories of the crackle of logs in warm fires to mind.
the cat has taken up residence under the deck and the shed, alternating between the two, and has pulled in the blankets and towels left for her.
someday i need to tell you about the time i abandoned my car to burn on the side of a highway in new jersey (and, i suppose, the rest of that strange and wonderful weekend.)
there is a very specific comfort that comes from seeing friends in good places.


Your baking is as good as your dancing


There are two types of people

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I love your art so much! And I have question. How did Benny and Usnavi meet?

in my headcanons when theyre like 7 benny was the new kid in school and usnavi was charged with showing him around 

My friend recently committed suicide and I found these chat logs with a bot on his computer

Trigger Warning: Suicide, Violence

by reddit user masnaTellsHisStories

One of my good friends recently committed suicide. He was a lonely guy, certainly depressed, stuff like that. But I was surprised to find out that he committed suicide. Not shocked, just surprised that he didn’t reach out to us.

I was recently at his home and was looking through his stuff. Eventually, I came across his computer. There was nothing on it out of the ordinary. Some pirated movies, some porn, various documents and some games. Eventually, though, I came across these chat logs between him and some chat bot. Take a look:

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Casualty: 32 seasons NCIS: 15 seasons Naruto: 26 seasons Spongebob: 11 seasons, etc

People: Doesn’t bat an eye

Supernatural: 13 seasons

People: wHy dO pEOpLe sTiLl wAtcH tHIs sTuPiD sHow, wHEN WILL IT END???

Habby Borth @croixmeridies u babby!! I heard u like these uhhh Horse Bugs