good to know that you will be back in season 3


“It’s time for you to forgive yourself.”

“Yes, Master." 

"Do not say you’re proud of me." 

"Me? Never." 

Ezra and Sabine (aka Space Children) hugging their adopted father, Kanan Jarrus

(I know that others are sad/angry that Sabine stayed with her family but I’m actually not. Now that has nothing to do with me not liking Sabine, yes she’s not my favorite character but I do still like her. I’m glad she choose to stay on Mandalore. That way she can help rebuild her planet and get it back to how it was before the Empire took over. It’ll be strange not seeing her with the Ghost crew but honestly this is necessary, for the good of her people she needed to stay, and I have no doubt that she’ll come back. 

But until then we have that Sabine and Kanan hug to gush over because like GUYS, Sabine hugging Kanan was literally my favorite part of ”Legacy of Mandalore“. Just like when Ezra hugged Kanan back in ”Holocrons of Fate“, because Kanan might not be the best Mentor but he is a damn good father and deserves all the hugs for trying his best. He’s just awesome and Ezra and Sabine love their dad and Hera loves her husband and Zeb plus Rex love their brother. Just— URGH so much love! And he loves them all in return.)

jacquipoirier  asked:

was there any indication that hyde still loved jackie in season 8? i only was able to watch like 4 episodes and they werent in order. I think i just saw the first two, the valentines day ep and the finale.

I saw the first episode, the one where Jackie falls and gets super dirty and Hyde is like 3% nice to her, and the finale, so I’m not sure I can answer this as good as one can do. Except that I know for spoilers and conversations with my friends a few things.

Okay, let’s put on the heart eyes to talk about this shit. Here comes the long ass meta after the cut, pals!

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Grown Up (daughter!reader)

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: Mention of parent death

Word Count: 2,163


Hello there. I have a pretty detailed request, if you get around to it. Basically the reader is deans daughter and it takes place between seasons 3 and four when Dean has gone to hell. Basically she goes nuts without her dad and starts hunting and gains a pretty good reputation. But when Dean comes back he finds out about it and is not happy at all and finds her and when they see each other it’s all emotional and what not. The rest is up to you. Thanks in advance if you get around to it

Hey! I don’t know if you still take requests or not, but if you do could you please write another Dean with angsty teenage daughter reader? The way you write Dean as a father is my absolute favorite. Thank you so so much!!


    He wouldn’t let you come near that hunt. It was his job as your father to keep you away from a fight he knew he wouldn’t come back from. No child should watch their father die, and he made you promise that you would stay put until Sam returned. You obeyed, but not before you begged him, sobbing, to stay with you. One last kiss was pressed to your temple, a silent tear fell from his cheek to yours, and then he was gone, leaving you numb and trembling on the dingy bed of an even dingier motel room. Hours later, there was a moment when your heart clenched and ceased to beat, and you knew it was over.

    Sam wouldn’t let you see the body. He brought his brother back wrapped in a pale blue sheet that didn’t hide the blood. He asked you to stay away, and then he begged. When you wouldn’t listen, he threw his arms around you and held you until the fight left you. On the day you buried your father, he let you draw the sheet back from his face only for a moment – long enough to say goodbye. Taking the amulet from around his neck, you shoved it into your uncle’s hand and told him to hide it.

    You wouldn’t be persuaded to stay. If you could drive, you could take care of yourself, so you left. Sam tried to change your mind, but your mind was made up. It didn’t matter that he’d made a promise to take care of you. You wanted to hunt, and you wanted to do it alone. Three days after burying your father beneath six feet of earth, you got behind the wheel of a rental car and never looked back.

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About why Victor has that angsty look in the Episode 11 preview

Okay, I know people in this fandom hate sad theories because they always turn out wrong, but I can’t help point this pattern out.

Back in episode 3, Yuuri said: “The battle for my final figure skating season has begun.” The emphasis here is on the word final; Yuuri knows he’s going to retire after this. 

In Episode 4, Yuuri says, “I don’t know how long my body will hold up.” Now, I know that this is just a reference to the fact that figure skaters have short careers in general, but let me continue.

At this point, please keep in mind that Victor has commended Yuuri on his stamina, age, lack of injuries, etc. If Yuuri has such good stats for a figure skater, why is he retiring now, when he could basically revive his career? Remember that both Chris and Victor are older than him.

In Episode 9, when Victor said, “I wish you would never retire”, Yuuri gets teary eyed. I know this could mean that Yuuri is sad that eventually, Victor is going to have to go back to Russia and they cannot stay together forever, even though that’s what Victor explicitly states he wishes for. But what else might it mean? What implications do those words hold for Yuuri’s personal life, independent of his life with Victor?

Keep in mind that Yuuri doesn’t say “Please be my coach until I retire”; he says, 
Please take care of me until I retire”.

Neither of them is talking about the time beyond Yuuri’s retirement, really.

Now, I really don’t like putting pieces together like this but, I have a feeling there might be some sort of revelation about Yuuri in the next episode that we (as well as Yurio and Victor) are not really going to like. There’s already hints of angst in the preview, but I’m not going to take the liberty to guess what it might be, just that there is a possibility something might be revealed. 

I know that if the entire show and Yuuri’s career and love life are portrayed in the music of Yuuri’s FS theme, it seems like there’s going to be a happy ending that we all will like, and that is what I hope for.

please don’t hurt my baby Kubo-sensei

12x07 - Extremely late review and meta

I know I am extremely late to the party here (and have been MIA since before the episode aired for many reasons – the big 3.0. being the main one) but here it is! My episode review and meta! I am 100% certain that every point I want to discuss has already been meta’d to death and I can’t wait to actually get back on my dash and go through it all since I have 5 days to catch up on but anyway I’ll try to sum up my thoughts as best I can. Overall I enjoyed it. I got a bit bored during the rock scenes and all the blabber about social media and the LA lifestyle and OMG they need to ease up on the establishing shots next time (we get it guys, you want us to believe that you are in LA. You did good okay? Better than you did in Hollywood Babylon anyway!) I liked the Winchester banter though and adored Cas as always. Bobo always writes well and tends to do a very good job of capturing the themes of the season. Overall it was a good episode. It wasn’t my favourite of season 12 and it wasn’t my favourite Bobo ep either (that medal goes to 9x06 every time) but I did enjoy it. 

Lets go over the main themes which are under the cut because this got loooong:

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Imagine Barry saving you when you get kidnapped <3

Originally posted by thecwflash

A/N: Okay so I was really tired when I wrote this! I don’t know if it’s good or anything but here you have it anyway. 
Remember if you want me to write anything for you just request! The request box is very much open. 

You were walking home from work, music in your ears while texting Barry. It was very new between the two of you. He had asked you out after being friends for a half year. He came to Jitters everyday, ordered the same thing at exactly the same time. You had always thought he was a very punctual guy but after your second date you knew better. That boy was always late. 

You didn’t see him coming from behind.

You felt something hit the back of your head. After that everything turned black.

Your eyes opened slowly seeing darkness. One lamp was turned on, on a desk across the room. A tall figure leaned against the table. “Finally awake huh darling?” He had what looked like a gun in his hands. You tried to talk but duct tape covered your mouth. “Shh… don’t talk” he said and started walking towards you with slow steps. His face was covered with a mask. His voice was deep. He touched your cheek. Gliding his hand down your neck. Tears formed in your eyes and fell down one after one. You tried to ask him why he was doing this but didn’t know if he understood. “Ah… Well you see darling, you have a friend that I am very interested in. I know he’ll be coming soon to rescue you.” You looked up at him confused. Who the hell could that be?

The next thing you knew the door was opened but you didn’t see anyone come in. “You’re about to find out. He’s here,” you looked around trying to catch a glint of this friend of yours. “Come out, come out wherever you are.” He teased and raised his gun. All you saw were a flash. Something being so fast you couldn’t catch it with your eye. The flash… But I don’t know him? you thought to yourself. The flash took the gun from the guy and he had a panicked look on his face. That’ll serve you right idiot. The duct tape was ripped from your mouth and you expected pain but it never came. Your eyes were closed and you felt yourself being carried. You opened your eyes only to see the colour red and a lightning right in the middle of his chest. Soon after you were sat down. You stumbled feeling a little lightheaded as a strong hand took your arm steading you. You looked up at the red masked face. “Who are you?” Your tears were dried on your cheeks from the wind in your face. You didn’t know the flash or at least you didn’t think you did. The flash looked down. “I don’t know if I should tell you.” He said in a voice changed by a computer. “Oh come on you can’t leave me hanging now can you?” You tried to sound sassy. The flash didn’t seem to believe you. Something about him reminded you of someone. His eyes, his mouth and his body. How could you not remember who? He looked at you with a glint in his eyes, which you knew very well. “No way…” You took a step back which made you both realize he was still holding onto you. “But it couldn’t be? Barry?” You reached out to take the flash’s mask of but he beat you to it. Inside the mask was the one and only Barry Allen.

“Barry what? Is this why you’re always late for our dates?” You asked. Barry had run the two of you back to your apartment. Barry slept over a couple of times but tonight he didn’t know if he was welcome. “I just revealed my secret identity and that’s what you are wondering about?” You shrugged. “What else should I worry about? I know how good you take care of the city, you don’t seem like you get major damage all the time and you’re a freaking hero. What is there to worry about?” He looked at you in awe. How can she be so chill? He thought to himself. “Look Barry, it was a shock at first but I found out myself, you didn’t tell me so it’s not that crazy. If you know what I mean?” You walked into the bathroom and Barry followed you. “But doesn’t it freak you out? Aren’t you scared or anything?” He kinda wanted you to have some kind of reaction but it didn’t seem like that big of a deal to you. It was also a major relief to him. “I don’t have to be scared. After tonight I know you have my back. And even before the flash made me feel safe and on top of that I get to call the flash my boyfriend too.” He smiled at that. “Now Barry what are you waiting for? An invitation? Go get ready for bed.” You smiled at him and he nodded grinning from ear to ear.



when i had all but given up on television, along comes this show, and i’ve been hearing about it from a few of you back when we were conversing about Birth of a Nation and other “slave movies”. just got Hulu (that is, a friend of a friend’s password…) and i just finished season 1 of Underground and i must say this is one of the best show/film/visual art i’ve ever seen.

i would probably rank this in the top 3 films i’ve seen about slavery, as well. i think we all know of a number of films and made-for-tv movies about slavery. some trash, some slightly trash, and a few that are really good. and when i say really good, i’m talking about historically accurate in content, visuals, relationships, etc., interesting/exciting plot, and, most importantly, a reverence for the history and for those that went through such an ordeal that isn’t just about shocking and awing. this is one of the REALLY GOOD ones. 

one of the things i can remember a number of you bringing up is the nuance of this series. and that is precisely why it is gold. there’s a lot of films and visual representations that sustain a lot of stereotypes and assumptions about slavery as opposed to really showing the complexities in identities and relationships and hierarchies. not every person enslaved that worked the field was ready for freedom; not every biracial person who worked in the house was docile and uppity; not every white person was a rich slave owner. there was nuance in the agency of (some of) the enslaved Black women who had relations with their “owners”. there was a complicated relationship between some overseers and those they oversaw. this series seems like it actually has an African American historian on the crew, as opposed to just a film made from general knowledge that’s been circulated about slavery.

but know that you need to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself before you watch this series. my dad refers to these films as ones that “make-you-wanna-go-kill-white-folk”. and i’m sure those emotions will come out. but for me, there was just a lot of crying and sadness and reflection. but that’s a sign of a good film. 

and i’m so ready for Harriet Tubman in season 2!!!! i can’t wait!

watch season 1 here for a fee; it’s also available on HuluPlus. 

woooo!! Oh man, that episode was better than I expected.
Sabine’s mom; Countess Ursa Wren, first off ma'am you’re very beautiful (and I love your helmet) - and that I can see Sabine’s taken a lot from you other than physical appearances.

Tristan, Sabine’s brother - first off, you’re a very good looking guy, secondly - I know that no brother would sell his sister or his family out to anyone; especially NOT to the likes of Gar Saxon.

Sabine, I know you’ll be back somewhere near the finale. It’s gonna be quiet without you. We’re all gonna miss seeing your purple hair walk across the screen from time to time, but I know you’ll come back soon. Probably sooner than expected!

Overall, this episode was fantastic! And I can’t wait to see how Clan Wren will continue to rise above the Empire and shows them who controls who!

Eden Hazard reckons Premier League leaders Chelsea already have some teams beaten before they run out at Stamford Bridge.

Hazard: “Yes, it’s significant. It’s difficult for the opponent to come here and win games,’ Hazard told the London Evening Standard. Do I get that feeling that some teams are beaten before kick-off? Yes. We are playing better than last season. It’s a little like two years ago when we won the league. I remember the second part of the season back then - sometimes the team didn’t play well, but we always scored at least one goal and Thibaut Courtois would make at least one good save, like against Arsenal. We are in full confidence here on this pitch. You know the fans bring everything, they support us.

Chelsea swept Arsenal aside 3-1 in their last home match, which was an 11th successive victory in all competitions in front of the Blues supporters since losing to Liverpool on September 16.

renae9000  asked:

I dont know maybe its just me but i think K Williamson coming back and writing the finale is significant to end this show properly .. The first 2 seasons were so good and season 3 was the last good season.. JO and CD destroyed the writing, the storylines with retcons and plotholes so much so its unbearable to watch now.. I believe if Nina had stayed we would probably had seen a shift in the storytelling.. I have Faith K Williamson to do the right thing by SE..

I completely agree. The quality of the show was certainly at it’s best when Kevin was a part of the team in seasons 1-3 and I definitely think if Nina had remained for the final two seasons there’s every chance there would’ve been a slow build back up to Stelena. The final scenes we got with them in 6x22 felt as though there was a lot of unfinished business and that the writers were simply doing the best with the limited time they had. 

But what you said about Julie and Caroline destroying the show got me thinking. I always see so much hatred for them and the blame is put on them by Stelena shippers for advancing Delena, dismantling Stelena and the decrease in quality of the show, but I’ve always been curious about what extent this is actually true. So I’ve just looked on Wiki to establish who wrote which episodes to kind of assess the situation, because I do think that sometimes this notion that Julie and Caroline destroyed the show is kind of invented by the fans and I’m not sure where it comes from. 

So here are the episodes written (or co-written) by Kevin Williamson: 

  • 1x01: Pilot
  • 1x02: The Night of the Comet
  • 1x06: Lost Girls
  • 1x07: Haunted 
  • 1x10: The Turning Point
  • 1x11: Bloodlines
  • 1x13: Children of the Damned
  • 1x20: Blood Brothers
  • 2x01: The Return
  • 2x07: Masquerade 
  • 2x13: Daddy Issues
  • 2x19: Klaus
  • 3x01: The Birthday
  • 8x01: Hey Brother

So this is very interesting actually. You say season 3 was the last good season, but based on the fact that Kevin contributed to the writing of only one episode, it stands to reason that he had no real influence on that. It’s also interesting, because despite Kevin being known as the King of Stelena, he actually hasn’t written that many of the classic episodes known for being Stelena-centric. The main Stelena centric episodes he wrote were 1x01, 1x02, 1x10 and 3x01. 

Now what’s also interesting is that episodes that are very Stelena centric or have amazing Stelena scenes have been written consistently by Julie and/or Caroline. 

3x14, 4x01, 4x19 and 5x18 were all written by Caroline and they are some great Stelena episodes, actually some of the best, in my opinion. The season 6 finale actually had really great Stelena scenes and was written by Julie and Caroline, similarly they wrote 3x06 where we have the whole, “I knew you’d catch me scene”. Julie is the one that wrote 3x22 whereby Elena chose Stefan.

It’s also interesting to see just how many other writers there actually is contributing to the show. I never knew there were that many. Trust me, there’s a lot. For some reason, Julie, Caroline and Kevin are the most well-known, but there are so many more that have written for the show. In fact, Julie, Caroline and Kevin haven’t written nearly as many episodes as you’d have expected them to. So actually, when you begin to dig a little deeper it’s interesting to see that things aren’t necessarily as we think they are. 

Having said this, there’s no disputing the fact that Kevin adores Stelena and as I already spoke about in my meta, I’m sure that he will 100% give them an ending they deserve. Even if it isn’t necessarily a romantic one, we know for certain they will have a final scene together and even if it’s similiar to 6x22, where they acknowledge how much they mean to each other, that they were in love and still love each other, that they were happy once and changed each others lives, then I’d still be happy with that. 

According to Wiki Kevin and Julie are writing the finale, so he will definitely have a very hands-on approach where the writing is concerned, which is definitely a positive. Just like you, I have complete faith that he will deliver on providing Stelena with the closure they deserve. 

Why I’m feeling good about Swan Queen endgame right now:

1) Emma literally made every possible excuse she could think of in that icky scene to get out of being “stabbed” by H00k’s “sword”. That was NOT the behavior of a woman in love driven mad by passion! She is still uncomfortable about sex with him, and I suspect the reasons will unfold later this season.

2) Emma blatantly lied to H00k when they were drinking at Granny’s. She didn’t just tell him a little white lie that she was okay. She lied big time and told him she went to see Archie (um…seems rather late and sudden to be having an appointment with the therapist, no?) and that everything was okay. Granted, you can tell that H00k is not totally buying it, but nonetheless, this shows that Emma is still holding back from being completely open with him. Their relationship does NOT have a solid foundation of trust.

3) Regina’s monologue, man. I made a much shorter post about it earlier tonight in my haste and excitement, but watching it again just really makes it all so much clearer! When Regina says that some see her as a hero, it’s no coincidence that they show Emma. And when she says, “I see my strength,” they show Emma staring at her trembling hand - showing her weakness. They are deliberately setting Emma and Regina up to be foils of one another. While Emma has been Regina’s savior, now it’s looking like it’s time for Regina to finally save Emma. And the cherry on top? The True Love Theme played over that whole sequence! But as soon as the scene shifted away from Emma and back to Regina and Snow on the bench, the music changes back to normal again. Lastly, Regina vows to start a new story - one that has a better ending than her last. Can we say SWAN QUEEN?!?!

Its gonna be okay.

Pairing :: Michael Jones x Fem!Reader
Warning :: Alternate Universe, 1960 American Mental Asylum, Loosely based off AHS Season 2, Shock Therapy, Death, Strict Religious Extremists, Talk of the Devil and Tainted Souls (just accusation of extremists), Mistreating of Patients, Swearing, ANGST ANGST ANGST.
Word Count :: 3,100
Summary :: You are a patient of Briarcliff Mental Institution. A new patient has recently come, his name is Michael, he seems to be the only good thing in this place. Though good things come with consequences.
AN :: I think this is my best legit story I have written for you guys. I hope this will be my intro back into writing for you guys!

You feel a tap on your shoulder and jump out of your mind. You have been sitting in the common room staring at a gray wall for god knows how long. You turned to see your fellow patient and cell neighbor Terra.

“You o-okay?” She asks, she pretty much has a permanent stutter from her therapy here, she gets nervous very easily. “Ya-ya I’m fine, thank you. I just have nothing to really do.” You reply reassuringly. She smiles at you contently.

“Well, I h-heard there was a n-new patient.” She informs you as she takes a seat next to you on the couch. “Really? It’s been months since we have seen anyone new.” You reply you’re awfully curious as to who the new resident is.

“I heard it’s some young guy. Apparently, he’s known to be very violent. Had some sort of outburst in town and people lost their minds. So, of course, they call Sister Jude and claimed he was “mentally unstable” so now he is being sent here.” Another patient, Georgie, pipes up from across the room.

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With Me

Will lingered in the hallway, watching the firelight lick over Hannibal’s arms, his face, the book in his hands. He made no motion, did not go to him and sit beside him on the sofa. He stood, breath held tight, wrestling with himself. He wanted to go sit there, but-

“Will,” Hannibal’s eyes looked up, then flicked towards him, turning his head to find him in the doorway, “come, sit down.”

And he’d been trying so hard to avoid detection, standing down wind and everything. Still, Hannibal had invited him, no point resisting now. He stepped forward gingerly, making his way consciously into the room. Here came the tricky part.

There were many seats to choose from, a sturdy rocking chair, a winged arm chair with its own ottoman, and the sofa, of course. Without looking too deliberate, too tense, without warning Hannibal, he hoped, he measured his steps and sat down next to Hannibal. He sighed with the cushions, making himself lean back in the posture of relaxation and stared into the heart of the fire, unblinking. He felt Hannibal start, pause, felt his eyes skip over the page, onto him, then back, afraid of being noticed for his watching.

“What’re you reading?” Will asked when he was sure Hannibal had read the page fifty times but not taken in a word of it.

Hannibal’s fingers hesitated over the page, trying to read for him. “The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám,” he let the pages fall open towards Will, “In translation, unfortunately. I plan to learn Persian to read it properly.”

“All that for a book of poetry?” Will mused, tilting his head back.

“It is beautiful,” Hannibal explained, “and deserves to be understood in its native tongue.”

Will nodded thoughtfully, “Well, that’s one project for the future.” He winced; they hadn’t discussed the future yet. At all.

“Yes…” Hannibal hesitated, feeling the elephant in the room, “if I find myself with enough time on my hands to-” He silenced abruptly as Will’s arm came down around his shoulders.

Will gulped, feeling like a high schooler on his first date, all stilted movements and anxious energy. Keep calm, relax; it wasn’t as though they weren’t both mature adults who had done this a million times before with other consenting adults. There should be no problem, no awkwardness, and yet… his heart beat in his throat like a bird thrashing at its cage.

Cautiously, Will stroked his thumb against Hannibal’s shoulder, almost to remind himself it was there, real and solid. Hannibal jumped, nearly dropping his book, “Will, your arm-” he fumbled, trying to turn to Will without turning in to Will and finding the proximity made this almost impossible. To look him in the eye he’d have to get closer.

“I’m nearly healed,” Will swallowed, his voice sounding high and foreign, “besides I should be stretching it anyway, so I’m not so sore. So the muscles… heal the… the way they’re supposed to.” He tried not to watch Hannibal, curving into him, pressing against him. He tried to focus on the fire as Hannibal gave in to the position Will had put them in with the softest sigh. It couldn’t be done.

Hannibal turned his head to reply and found his cheek brushing against Will’s shoulder. His eyes closed instantly, his lungs involuntarily inhaling. Will felt his bicep tense with nerves, there was a painful yank at the still closing wound, but he gave no sign of pain, transfixed on Hannibal.

“Physical therapy,” Hannibal returned abruptly, lifting his cheek, voice rough and low, “will be the hardest part of the healing process. It will be… lengthy and very painful for some time.” He licked his lips, trying to open his eyes all the way and failing, “You should still be resting.”

“I can sit here.” Will felt his hand come around Hannibal’s shoulder, palm flat against his arm. His body decided before he did that he wanted Hannibal closer.

“Could we… just… come here,” he mumbled, squeezing Hannibal to him with one long pull.

Hannibal’s last restraints broke. Before Will knew it he felt arms wrapped around him and a face pressed into his collar. Stunned, he put both arms around Hannibal and held him. Hannibal fit into him like a warm, heavy blanket, pressing against him everywhere he felt lonely. Though he’d been alone, he’d never felt lonely… until Hannibal. Only made sense that being with Hannibal could soothe that ache, maybe the only thing that might.

Hannibal’s hands skirted the edges of his bandages, wary of pressing too much, of being too much. Yet, he held tight, squirmed half into Will’s lap, as close as he could possibly get. Will could feel his heart beat, a skittering patter in reckless time, and he was sure Hannibal had no idea Will knew about it. The moment reeked of desperation, and yet… his arm curled tighter around Hannibal. And yet he pressed closer and yearned to feel Hannibal melt against him, melt completely.

Hannibal gave, he shuddered, he kept perfectly silent, but he shook like a leaf. Will held him close and never once thought about letting go. Hannibal gave so beautifully, he pushed and melted and succumbed so perfectly in his arms. This… this was nice. It was actually… really nice, holding Hannibal. He hadn’t expected that.

Will let his head fall against Hannibal’s, let himself breathe in his hair, press skin to skin, rest together like this. He listened to Hannibal breathe and slowly their breaths fell together. He lost track of time and was on the point of sleep when Hannibal murmured something in his ear.


“The fire’s all but gone, we should go to bed.”

The words struck a bell and cracked Will’s eyes open. He was still holding onto Hannibal, smushed together in one corner of the couch. “N-No, don’t go,” his voice croaked, groggy. The implications of it didn’t register immediately, too tired to remember to care too little.

Hannibal paused. “I won’t. But wait here, I’ll get some blankets.” His legs hit the floor and he slowly rose, untangling himself from Will’s arms with unfair grace. Will whimpered, freezing where his Hannibal blanket had been. He closed his eyes and curled onto the sofa completely.

Hannibal returned. He knew he returned because he felt warm again, he felt welcome pressure and weight on the sofa, covering him, slipping up beside him and into his waiting arms. Will’s lips lifted, pleased to be embracing Hannibal once again.

“You’ll regret sleeping like this in the morning,” Hannibal muttered into his chest.

“Won’t,” Will grumbled, one hand stroking idly at Hannibal’s back.

“We could sleep on the bed… still together.”

Will heard the request in his pause. His arms tightened, “Too tired. Drag me to bed tomorrow.” And he hunkered down, pulled Hannibal close, and silenced him for the night with a kiss.

Alrighty here’s my ships that I remember off the top of my head. Avoiding most canon couples.


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Guren x Shinya - Guren doesn’t deserve to be seen right now until someone BRINGS MY BABY SHINYA BACK HERE AND UNTIL GUREN FIXES HIS FUCK BOI SHIT UP.

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Sensei x Hiro - she called it but for realsssssss 0_0

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Kokkuri-san x Tanuki - eheheheh

Gou x Seijuro….shut up ok. We don’t talk about this >__> you know he’d be SOOOOOOOOO good to her. Like you just know.

Okabe x Mayuri - I actually don’t like “christina” tbh :T

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Clear x Aoba - Clear is my favorite but the other guys are cool too

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Oreki x Chitada- if there’s another season and they don’t go out I’m going to throw my laptop across the room :))

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Saitama x Genos - Genos is so cute they should be happy together <3

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!!! if you’re learning Spanish and you totally missed over the whole “i should probably practice listening” phase, definitely go check out Coffee Break Spanish on Spotify!! As far as I know it doesn’t even play any ads which is so nice! If you need practice with conjugation and grammar, definitely check out Season 1&2, but if you’re just looking for listening practice that starts off slow and steadily gets harder while also giving you GOOD, not forced conversation, skip to Season 3+. They explain everything they said, albeit in short spanish descriptions, explain harder vocabulary !!IN SPANISH!! (my fav way to learn new words), have an “intermission” where they teach a tongue twister and a useful way to make your Spanish sound more natural/not just simple phrases, and finally end with explaining harder grammar concepts that might have appeared in the listening. The best part about it all is if you get confused by what they said, you can go back and hear it again, or you can skip over stuff you might already know. I know they have a website with notes on all this, and I’ll try to find that and post it later!!! 

anonymous asked:

Who do you hope will show up in the framework? A lot of the old cast members are busy right now, but what would your wish list be? <3

oooooooooo my goodness, what a question!

1) #TRIPLIVES    (and they bring him back with that newly built body AIDA is totally making on the side and EVERYONE’S THRILLED THE END)
2) Mike Peterson (and/or Ace!)
3) John Garrett   (I really want him to be the one who texted Daisy!)
4) Donnie Gill
5) Maria Hill / Nick Fury  (I know, I know, nah and nah, but STILL
EDIT (see, I knew I’d forget ppl!):
6) Anne Weaver
7) Akela Amador   (whatever happened to her?? seeing her in the Framework wouldn’t tell us, obvs, but still!)

hmm. that’s all I can think of! notice how it’s all season 1 people, haha. 

and take note that I’m specifically not mentioning Raina bc I know there’s no prayer’s chance in hell the show could afford Ruth Negga now, haha. I’d love to have her back (in non-porcupine form, yuck), but nope, alas.

My Status on each character after OITNB Season 3
  • Taystee: You just gotta accept it now you the Mom sweetheart
  • Black Cindy: Girl take a shower
  • Soso: You're still kind of annoying but it's ok bb we love you
  • Sophia: You deserved fucking better Jesus Christ leave her alone
  • Daya: Sweetie you have been through way too much but MAMA IS TRYING TO HELP YOU LET HER DEAR LORD
  • Stella: Unlucky love.
  • Norma: I have no idea what's going on in your head but people worshipping you was not something I expected
  • Leanne: I was so fucking wrong about you
  • Piper: What. The. Actual. Fuck.

thelootqueen  asked:

I know a lot of fans obsess over the idea of Stiles "finally" getting a good night's sleep, on dereks chest, drooling all over the place, and derek being super smug and fond about it. BUT what about derek? he barely slept at all through 1st and 2nd season. What about Derek finally feeling SAFE enough to sleep, probably in stiles bed, and the sheriff can't even be mad like. "Stiles. I swear to god, wake him up and I will ground you for life" And stiles being offended bc why would he even do that?

Okay, so yes to both of these boys getting sleep. But also, Derek is in a place now where he can get sleep. Hopefully on a beach somewhere. He can start being happier, can start letting himself heal and live as best as he can, whereas Stiles is in hell right now and needs all the blankets and cuddles on offer. 

So, let me go back to that infamous summer between seasons 2 and 3 where Stiles was totally helping Derek track Erica and Boyd and poor baby Derek really wasn’t getting any sleep whatsoever, not without horrible nightmares at least.

Think about this for a second. Think about the fact Stiles starts to clock Derek always offers to drive through the nights if they are searching long distance. Think about how he sees how tired Derek’s eyes are, but says nothing because he likes his throat thank you very much- he plans for many people, yes girls and boys, to kiss and suck on it at some point- so he does not want to give himself over to throat maiming threats again.  Not that he thinks Derek will actually follow through on those threats but he is very tired and cranky so Stiles decides to annoy him about other things instead of his bedtime habits. 

But the thing is, you know, you just know, at some point Stiles is going to wake up to find Derek asleep. Probably in the Jeep. And he looks so peaceful and happy. Until he doesn’t. Until he starts to whimper and say thinks like “please, I love them” and “Kate” and “why” and Stiles’ heart just breaks because he read his dad’s case files, but this is pretty much the moment he clocks who Kate was to Derek. Derek never expressly says it but Stiles can tell. He just knows and it makes him sick.

And so Stiles gently wakes him up. He expects Derek to threaten him or snap, but the dude just looks so damn sad and Stiles scoots closer, offers Derek his shoulder. Derek looks at it like it’s going to bite him and Stiles wonders for a moment if this is a good idea, but two seconds later he finds himself rolling his eyes and saying, “my mom always said shoulders were good pillows when you couldn’t sleep”. And okay, so maybe his mom hadn’t said that, but Stiles did used to fall asleep on her shoulder quite a lot, so same difference really. 

And it takes a moment, but suddenly Derek is nodding and letting his head rest on Stiles’ shoulder, falls back to sleep, and sleeps so soundly and peacefully that when he wakes up he actually smiles in surprise. Stiles can’t help but feel a little bit smug (because oh yeah, who’s the man), but mostly he just feels happy Derek looks better. (And isn’t that something. He cares. About Derek. Huh. He’s going to put that in a box and think about it never.)

They never talk about it, but every time after that when Derek needs some sleep he shyly seeks out Stiles’ shoulder and Stiles always just smiles or says “what’s mine is yours” with a wink. They never make a big deal out of it, it’s always casual, but Stiles notices the way Derek just…relaxes, like a tuckered out puppy (look, he can’t help it with the dog jokes, okay?) as soon as his head is on Stiles.

Sometimes, after that summer, Stiles catches Derek looking at his shoulders. Sometimes Derek crawls through his bedroom window and Stiles lets him use him, like before. Sometimes Stiles goes over to the loft, offers himself up. It’s never a big deal, just like before, but it becomes more as the weeks go by. They begin to talk, sometimes they sleep lying down.  And when Boyd dies and Stiles puts a hand on Derek’s shoulder, yeah, it’s how his dad used to comfort him, but it’s also their thing. That comfort, that promise of, I’m here for you. 

And when the Nogitsune happens, Derek realises two things. One, he can’t sleep without Stiles. Two, even if he could sleep, it wouldn’t mean anything without Stiles next to him.