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Marvel’s The Defenders is on Netflix; I finished it over the weekend. I’m going to talk about it here, with plenty of spoilers, so skip this post if that’s an issue.

Overall, the show was pretty solid. Only 8 episodes, but I feel like it was better for having been only 8 as opposed to 13. It wasn’t dragged out longer than it needed to be. 

I like the way that colors were handled in this show, especially in the earlier episodes. The various segments of the show were faithful to the characters’ individual shows, like for a Luke Cage seen, you’d still hear rap music in the background the way his show had it. 

Elektra really stood out in this show. Like @maxximoffed said, Elodie Yung really deserves an award. Plus, she is perfect at that crazed, bloodlust face that she makes when she kills. Like, when she took out Alexandra in Ep 6. Elektra is a character I 100% believe. Btw, I’m going to sidebar a little here, Elodie Yung is in that new The Hitman’s Bodyguard movie with Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, and Salma Hayek, and Gary Oldman. It’s pretty entertaining, regardless of what a Rotten Tomato says. And it’ll probably be the only time you get to see Deadpool, Nick Fury, and Elektra all interacting on screen lol.

Iron Fist is still pretty meh. He’s not really a likable character to me. So hotheaded, rash. If I recall correctly, Matt told him at one point to stop acting like a child? Fitting. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch season 2 of Iron Fist when it comes around, but I have faith they’ll rectify the mistakes of season 1. 

It’s a shame that Colleen was sidelined for most of the show. I understand, we already have 4 main characters, not to mention the villains. Trying to focus on too many people would have spread everything too thin, with only 8 episodes. So I’ll settle with seeing a lot more of her in Iron Fist season 2.
On that note, I remember in the Luke Cage show hoping to see Misty lose her arm so she’d finally get her comic look, with the bionic arm, so I’m glad it happened here. While obviously Tony Stark won’t be the one to provide it to her like in comics, it’s fitting enough that Iron Fist will be the one to hook her up instead. Hopefully with the events of the last episode, they’ll focus on Misty & Colleen’s friendship heavily in Iron Fist season 2, because I do love the Daughters of the Dragon. It’s about time they come together.

I think Karen & Foggy have never really been very supportive friends for Matt, at least not in the way I want them to be. They’re supportive when it comes to his day job, but they don’t want him being Daredevil, though it honestly does even more good for people. They’re rather frustrating, being so close-minded. Trish having that talk with Karen near the end, about how Jessica is a great friend when it comes to the stuff that really matters, could help Karen change her mind about supporting Matt’s endeavors, but Foggy is a lost cause. 
Then again, from that last shot of Matt being nursed back to health by the nuns, it appears they could be doing the Born Again story for season 3, so maybe it’s time for Karen to tell the big secret. Idk, I don’t like to speculate too much, it’s usually a waste of time.

Unlike with Daredevil, I like the entire supporting cast of Jessica Jones. Trish and Malcolm are both great and love Jess despite her naturally trying to push everyone away. Hogarth is always good to see too. I think this was a good season for Jessica, and I like the growth she’s shown. One could say that in her show, she was actually legitimately a bad person, despite the superheroics. They say “hurt people hurt people”, and it’s definitely true in her case. But she’s getting better, and I’m glad to see that. 

Back to the music, I notice they really like the Wu-Tang Clan. I thought it was funny that in the last episode they used their song “Protect Ya Neck”, because Inspectah Deck has that one line you could hear mentioning Spider-Man. And Method Man was in season 1. Idk, I don’t have a problem with the Wu, but all this talk of Harlem, why don’t they use like, the Diplomats? When I think of Harlem rappers, Cam’ron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana immediately spring to mind. I would take Mase too though lol. Not a huge problem, but it is something I think about. 

The antagonists. As always, I love Madame Gao. I’m glad she seems to have slipped away at the end there and probably survived. Looking forward to her next appearance. I liked Sowande, shame he died so early on. Bakuto, he’s cool but lowkey creepy at the same time? Speaking of, I liked the differences between the Hand members. For instance, Madame Gao mentioned that Bakuto cared too much about his followers. This guy ran basically a Hand summer camp and cared about all of his disciples. 

Anyway, I’ve typed probably too much here, so I’ll wrap things up. Loved it.  Can’t wait for season 2 of this, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and *looks at smudged writing on hand* Ironic Fisting. 

Sex Workers: Don't let a Poor Man tear you Down

I just had a “client” call to inquire about my rates, and then tell me I didn’t have “the type of body” for my rates while trying to tell me he still wanted to fuck me to fulfill his fantasies in the future. At first I started letting my neurotic insecurities take over, started noticing the extra pound I gained, examining breakouts from weeks ago, things that he doesn’t even know or see.

Then I got some sense back into me, and reverse searched his number.

Research Stalking: ON

LOL, it’s a bald, middle aged, Hispanic guy living in the hood projects of Los Angeles with 2-3 kids from different baby mama’s. The rusting bucket car in his profile is worth less than my hourly rate.

I sent back “My especially positive reviews online are good indicators that I clearly have an upscale clientele base that deem my figure "worthy”. Unfortunately for you, I only cater to a very selective caliber of men who are successful in life. I’m sorry to hear that you certainly don’t qualify to be part of the lifestyle I cater to. It’s one thing to be poor, it’s another to be bitter about it. I wish you luck in your search for a girl that you MIGHT be able to afford, and who you won’t feel so threatened by simply because women are out of your reach. There’s no need to discuss a future meeting because I’m only interested in successful men with class. Please be aware any messages or calls you send back will be lost in the abyss of blocked numbers. Have a good day.“.

There’s been wealthy men who’ve insulted me but few. In my experience, nobody is as vindictive and degrading as an unsuccessful man after hearing rates or allowances he can’t afford. Whatever he says to tear you down (criticizing weight, curve sizes, facial features, age, etc) is done so HE feels better because he can’t attain what other men he’s jealous of, can. It’s backtracking cause he doesn’t want to admit he wants something he can’t have.

(This is of course, for the ladies that don’t "bait and switch” or catfish POTS or clients.) It’s not unreasonable for a man to say your rates are way too high if you’re falsely advertising something or someone you’re not.

Moral of the story to all SW: If he’s called/texted/reached out to you in an attempt to set up a meeting or arrangement, you’re obviously attractive enough. You are something that he wanted but can’t admit simply because he can’t afford you. It doesn’t matter what your rate is, whether it’s lower or higher than the average; he reached out in hopes of meeting you.

Don’t let a poor man tell you you’re worth less because of his own empty pockets.


So I recently started Samurai love ballad: party and I have to say, SO ADDICTED OH DEAR LORD! xD My good friend has been making me a fan of it’s characters for ages, so when I finally picked it up, as you can expect, I went crazy xD

Personally what I fell in love with instantly was the music and artwork. I loved how the music changed with the mood, which just enhanced the experience. Not to mention the MC actually having a mind of her own, which is usually not the case and honestly a let down in most otomes. She refreshingly has a great personality and a strong mind. I was hocked as soon as I finished the prologue. So if you are a fan of historical stories and romances. This game is definitely recommended from my end. And as a bonus the men are gorgeous as well haha(we all know most of you were wondering that lol). So ya, that’s what I am up to these days apart from other things. If anyone of you starts the game, do let me know how you found it. I am personally currently playing Masamune’s route and DAGNAMMIT KAWAI POTATOS STAPH. *ahem* Anyways, until next time peeps! Have fun!

                                   (My two potatos in all their glory)

Reviews, Comments and Other Rare and Fantastic Beasts

I have had a number of new followers / favourites notifications, etc. come through on the fanfic archives lately (yay!) and, as is my wont, I’ve reached out to those people to say hello, start getting to know them, thank them for their interest, etc. I’m chatty like that, as many of you already know, and I’ve made some great friends in the fandom as a consequence of that sort of interaction. 

A couple of new followers responded to my greetings today and one of them said rather matter-of-factly to me: “I rarely comment on stories; instead, I just read them and enjoy them.” A few lines later, she said she was hoping I would be putting more stories out there soon….


Now, I like to think I’m a nice person (heh; who doesn’t?) and I like to think I’m fairly tolerant of other people’s foibles, but that one left me rather gobsmacked and thinking some rather unkind thoughts. It’s the vending machine thing, right? You stick your coins in and get a goodie out. Nom! Only some readers aren’t putting any coins in the money box, and that vexes and perplexes me rather more than I ever realised before. 

Due to constraints on my time, I don’t read nearly as much fic as I’d like. And I’m hella picky when it comes to stuff I like well enough to actually finish reading. But if I finish a story, I will always try to leave a review, post a comment, send a PM or otherwise indicate that I was there, I read it and I had thoughts about it and/or appreciate it in some way. 

I can understand not reading something at all; maybe it’s just not your cuppa, or you don’t have time, or you don’t like the writer’s style, or whatever. Fine. No problem. That’s what makes the world go ‘round.

I can also understand reading but not commenting on a story if, say, you really hated it. I mean, if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all, right? That’s just being kind. 

But I don’t think I’ll ever understand how people can read and reportedly ENJOY a story and then just carry on without saying something nice to the author. It’s just…mean. As in stingy. As in parsimonious of resources that cost nothing but time (and precious little of that). 

I guess that is all I have to say on the matter. Please forgive me for ranting. I’m just another fanfic writer spitting the dummy over the dearth of reader interaction. Don’t mind me! 

Mob Psycho 100 Fanfiction Masterpost: Gen Edition

Fanfics with no sexual or romantic relationships. 

They are all for either teen and up or general audiences.

If you feel like there is a work that belongs on this list that isn’t on it, please let me know. If there is a work on this list that makes you uncomfortable for any reason, please let me know and I’ll take it off the list.

This one got really long, but there’s a lot of good fics on it, so give it a look! Featering Lulatic, dyingplatypus, warfare, and honestly these are all good authors and good fics. Make sure to leave kudos and reviews!

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Random appreciation for some of Sister Bernadette/Shelagh’s humor + sass™

Sister Bernadette didn’t have much screen time in the beginning but when she did, she was actually quite funny and a little sas-master flex. I know that during series 2 when she was fighting her feelings for Patrick and trying to basically figure her life out she was rather quiet and sad - but how come when she finally got married and settled in with Patrick she was almost boring? I know, I know she was trying to adjust & figure how how to be a ‘ordinary woman’/wife/step mum but why’d she have to have a 180 degree change in personality??! 

I love Shelagh so much *obviously* but I didn’t like seeing her character like that in series 3(but lets not talk about series 3 because I have other frustrations*clenches fists* but that’s for another day). 

She’s definitely has come full circle, she’s confident in herself again & we occasionally see her sense of humor and sass come out every now and then (i.e the “Shelagh Turnova” line aka one of the best scenes ever/actual gold *l love it*) but I hope we see more of that side of her personality in the upcoming series because we have been cheated for long enough😭😂

* also bless @nurse-franklin for sending me screenshots because I’m lazy😭👏🏼*

Care and Feeding of Writers, Part the Umpteenth

Discussions of AO3 feedback often raise the question of “do pro writers also…”  And the answer is, yes, yes we do.  But our desire for and adoration of feedback is multilayered, with the odd and uneasy reticence that art+commerce creates…

the following was taken from a discussion on my Facebook page.


I note we’ve stalled out with 24 reviews of THE COLD EYE on Amazon. They’re all wonderful reviews, so I can’t feel too bad about that, but I’m kinda hoping we can get more up there before the trade paperback edition and the third book are listed, she said wistfully…

(Goodreads has 73 reviews up, also predominantly good. I’ve love to see that hit 100)

Why is this important? Well, obviously, for my own egoboo. Never underestimate the kick in the pants a good review can give a writer to get back to writing (“they liked it! They might want more!”). It’s like a very public fan letter (I like the private ones too, yes). But even more than that, and more directly useful than that, reviews (and ideally positive reviews) are the best, most effective marketing tool anything ever gets. It’s not me you’re reviewing for, it’s the person browsing for their next book to buy. Lots of people saying “oh hey I liked this” is far more likely to push a sale, or at least get them to take a look at the book….

And the more we sell, the more I get to write, the better I can afford to do things like feed the cats and house myself, without becoming a burden on society and/or ending up living in my bestie’s basement…

(mind you, it’s a very nice basement, and comes with hot and cold running dogs, but still.)

anonymous asked:

Izzy, what are your thoughts on the wedding scene currently going on as of now (chapter 218) and the dropping of two bombs upon the mafia community? Which do you think is going to cause more waves, the fact that their daughter is their FOURTH child, the fact that Dorea has two full sets of guardians at her disposal, or just how strange Dorea's guardians/constellations can be?

Oh wow, this was a quick question.

As for what’s more surprising, the mafia community has to learn of these things before they can react to them.

So obviously, there’s going to be a bit of talk about the historical bits for those who care. More talk about Xanxus, his wife being Talbot’s niece and them being at the wedding and what this means for the Vongola’s succession. Because Nono is pushing this foreign civilian heir for taking over which is seen as Strange because look, still have a son, he’s capable, has family, knows us and the customs here so lots of ‘why Nono?’ discussion is probably happening.

Most people 1. Aren’t Flame-active, even in the mafia. 2. Lack sharp Flame-senses.

So number wise you might have a ratio of 1-in-10 to 1-in-50 for people that are Flame active depending on bloodline and famiglia/organization. Some have traditions for or against it, such as the Molinaro who believe Latents make better Dons for their Famiglia, being less emotional driven and volatile.

In other words, unless introduced to someone with very sharp senses -or cheats- most aren’t going to notice the extra Guardians or the strength of the bonds. Beyond that, magic can hide a lot.

Dorea is planning on keeping the kids at home; her husband is doing some risky things in a more public setting. She might introduce a few people to them in private but those are likely to be few and far in-between. Other than the Varia who already know and can’t give said information away without violating contract and dying.

Honestly Izzy expects a lot more chatting about how innovating Dorea’s people are because we’re heading up to a particular Daily Life chapter that’s has Broad Implications in the wider criminal underworld. And not the bit about Mukuro as he’s part of the Kokuyo Arc.

Izzy wonders how many people can guess what Izzy is referring to before it’s made blatantly obvious?


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Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Word Count: 1890

Warning: Fluffz

A/N: Derek and the reader are going out on their first date. (This is my first Criminal Minds post.  I am still binge watching the series and am only on season 6, so that’s as far as I go right now.  Will open up to more when I get through it all.)

“How about some fireworks tonight?”  Derek’s deep voice whispered into your ear from behind.  It startled you, causing you to jump in your chair.  You could feel your heart rate surge to some ridiculous rate.  Just as it always did when you were around him.

“Fireworks?”  Turning to look at him, he was far closer than you expected.  You were almost nose-to-nose with him.

“Yes, fireworks.  Real ones.  There is a festival going on downtown by the river.  Lots of good food and they are having fireworks tonight.  I thought you would like to go with me.” He took a seat on the edge of the shared desk.  The two of you flirted often but he also flirted with Garcia too so you never thought it would amount to anything.  Look at the man; he is a beautiful specimen of the human race.

“You want to go with me?” Crossing his arms over his chest, he smiled that Derek smile.

“Yes I want to go with you.”

“Like, a date, go with me, or like good friends/coworkers and you have no one else to ask?”  With a frown, he scooted closer to you.

“As in I want a date with you [Y/N].  A date like hold hands, talk about our favorite things, me getting the chance to stare more into those beautiful [Y/E/C] eyes, date.”  To say you were stunned was a bit of an understatement.  Somehow, in the stunned daze your brain was able to transmit to your mouth signals that made you agree.

“Yes.  I want to go with you to see the fireworks tonight.” Derek’s face lit up instantly as he stood from the desk.

“All right, baby girl. I will pick you up at seven, okay?” Nodding slowly, you watched him turn to walk away.  It took a moment for it to register.

“Wait?  Don’t you need to know where I live?”  Turning back to you, he was still walking backwards towards the door.  

“I work for the FBI baby; I think I can find it.”  With a wink, he was out the door.  Once you had the chance to catch your breath and let your heart rate return to normal, you finished your report setting it on Hotch’s desk for him to review.  He wished you a good night and went back to his work.

As you walked in the door of your apartment, you got a text message.  Once you finally fished the phone from your bag, you read it with a laugh. Garcia had wrote:

I knew you would say yes!  You had better tell me tomorrow EVERY detail!!!!

Of course, she knew. That woman knew everything.  You texted back quickly.

Did you put him up to it?

Waiting on her response did not take long.

Oh no girl.  He came to me asking how to do it.  Give yourself some more credit.  You are a kick ass FBI agent with a gun.  Why wouldn’t he find that sexy as hell?  

She ended the message with five kissy faces.  Penelope just knew how to make people feeling amazing about themselves.

You are the best.  Love you girl.  Let me go find something to wear now.

Yes, something hot but not slutty.  Can’t show the goods too soon.  Remember EVERY detail.

Laughing louder this time you threw the phone on the couch as you sorted through your closest.  This was going to be difficult.  It was not sundress weather and a festival really wasn’t dressy either.  So sleeveless aqua button up blouse with fitting pair of jeans and your sleeved black wrap and comfy calf high boots.  You pulled your hair up off your face and applied just a bit more makeup than you normally wore.  Tucking some money, ID and a credit card into a small wallet, you were set for the night.

Derek was exactly on time, which did not surprise you. He was on time for everything.  The man nearly took your breath away when you opened the door. Dark leather jacket over a dark blue shirt, jeans and boots.  He looked amazing.  “[Y/N], you look great.”

You could not help but grin at him as you moved to let him inside.  “Thank you.”

“You ready for a good time?”

“Definitely, let me just make sure I have all my stuff.”  He waited, watching you recheck your wallet; you pick up your keys and phone.  “Okay, let’s go!”

The car ride downtown was quiet, as you were nervous.  Any other time you would talk his ear off.  Whenever you partnered up for a case there was no shortage of conversation between you.  Now you were petrified of making a fool of yourself.  “We don’t have to make this weird, [Y/N].  We are two adults going out to have some fun.  No pressure, I promise.”

Looking over at him with a shy smile, you nodded.  “I know. I’m just… nervous.”

“Nervous?  Baby girl it’s me.  It’s still Derek.  Same guy you have worked with for a year now.”

“Worked with yes.  This is different.  I like you.  A lot more than a coworker should.  So when you asked me out, I was stunned.”  His quiet laugh forced you to look over at him, when you had been avoiding his gaze before.

“I like you too, [Y/N]. Definitely more than a coworker should. I have since the day you walked into the conference room and Hotch announced you were the new team member. Damn I wish I had known you felt like that.  I would have asked you out a while ago.”  You laughed quietly looking off to the city as it passed you.  The thudding in your chest had just started again.

There were vendors lined up down the street.  So many rich and wonderful aromas as you walked together.  There was display after display of merchandise to buy, trinkets and clothes.  A large stage was set up right in front of the water with a live band playing.  It was something that reminded you of home.   The little town in Pennsylvania where you were born would have festivals like this several times a year.  They were always so much fun.  Derek had chosen the perfect place for a first date.

“Where do you want to look first beautiful?  Food, music, see if anything looks like you can’t live without it?”  With a bright smile, you looked around, until one thing stopped you. Derek followed your gaze until he saw it.  The homemade fudge stall.  “Of course you want something sweet.  At least I know what kind of gift that would never fail.”  Pulling him along behind you, you laughed.

“Chocolate wins, always. Never know what to get me, get me chocolate.”  You ordered a palm size brick of peanut butter fudge for you and another brick of peppermint fudge to take to Penelope in the morning.  The woman deserved a treat after helping Derek.

The next few hours when faster than you could believe.  You and Derek danced down at the main stage for a while.  There had been many times when you were out with everyone from work, you had seen Derek dance.  It was far different being the one he danced with.  It felt so good.

The dancing had worked up quite the appetites.  Dinner consisted of an amazing Philly cheesesteak for both of you washed down with watery beer.  If you had to be honest, it was one of the best nights you had ever had. Derek was right. There was no pressure.  Just two people having a good time together.  The crowds had started to migrate towards the river and it closed in on the time for the fireworks.  The pair of you found a perfect spot to sit on the grass and watch. A few minutes before they began you felt a vibration of your phone from your pocket.  

Of course, Penelope wanted to know how it was going.

What’s going on?  How is it? Is he being all dreamy and acting like a total gentleman?

Returning your phone to its rightful spot, you left her unanswered.  A smirk grew on your face as you scooted closer to Derek.  “Good message?”

“Just Garcia being nosey. She can wait till tomorrow.”  He laughed making sure he was thigh to thigh with you now.

“Gotta love her.  She is the best.”  With the close proximity, you could feel when his phone vibrated.  “How much you want to bet that’s her?”

“I’m not betting against that.  I know it’s her.  I didn’t answer, so guess who it up next?”  The fireworks started just as you rested your head on his shoulder.  It had been ages since the last time you had seen fireworks. The bright and beautiful colors and the company made for a wonderful time.  By the end of the show, you were leaning against him, and he had his arm around your shoulder.  As the show finished, you turned to look at Derek and found he was staring at you.  “What?”

“I don’t think I have ever enjoyed fireworks like this.”  

“What do you mean?” He held you against him, not wanted to let go.

“The way you enjoyed something so simple.  Your face lit up, you relaxed and just enjoyed it.  This is what I wanted.  To have a great time with you.  I hope we can do it again.  [Y/N], I want to see you again.”  The flush appeared on your cheek quickly.  

“You get to see me a work, just about every day, if not every day.”

“Don’t play.  You know exactly what I meant.  I want to see you like this.  May I take you out again?  Soon?”  You pretended to think about it for a minute.  The suspense was killing him.

“I guess… we can talk about it if you buy me some of that homemade ice cream back there.”  Derek laughed loud.

“Woman I will buy you the whole damn stall if we can do more than talk about it.  Come on.” He stood up quickly offering his hand to help you up as well.

The ice cream was purchased and he watched you eat half of it before you offered him a bite.  “Hmm I will take the bite if you are going to go out with me again.”   There was no if about it.  You would continue to go out with him as long as he wanted; you just had not told him yet.

“Fine, I guess I will go out with you.  Now take a bite!”  You all but shoved it in his mouth, both of you laughing as you made a mess on his chin. He did enjoy it so much he actually walked back to get some of his own, which he happily shared with you ensuring you also had ice cream dripping down your chin.  The car ride home was easier.  You were talking and joking as you did when you were at work.  

Derek walked you up to your apartment like a gentleman.  “I will see you tomorrow baby girl.  At work, then for another night like tonight.” With a kiss on the hand, he left you on the verge of hyperventilating behind your closed door.

That wonderfully smart, funny, and beautiful man just stole your heart.  And you were perfectly happy with that.

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SAMURAI JACK SEASON 5 Ep 2 Reaction/Review😱

It seems Samurai Jack can go from Hilarious to Sad to DARK AS F*CK today we talk about the 2nd Episode of Samurai Jack ’s season 5 return! The Daughters of Aku are here and Jack is their prey.

GREAT WORK GENNDY good to have you back Jack


Life of the Camelot Royals ft. Sick Tedros
  • Tedros: *is very sick* Aggie, i'M COLD
  • Agatha: *trying to finish Tedros' paperwork since he's sick* you are literally swaddled in blankets
  • Tedros: can you tuck me in, Aggie?
  • Aggie: Tedros i am trying to accomplish this report you were supposed to send in yesterday
  • Tedros: *sighs*
  • Tedros: Aggie, i'M HUUUNGRRYYY
  • Aggie: *sighs and decides to humor him* wait for a moment
  • Aggie: *leaves the room and comes back later with a bowl of Tedros' favorite soup* here, you big baby
  • Tedros: *stares expectantly at Agatha*
  • Agatha: *sighs* fine
  • Agatha: *starts feeding Tedros*
  • Tedros: *makes sound of contentment* tell the staff the food's getting better
  • Agatha: *blushes* i'll be sure to tell them
Skylines & Teacups Part Six

part one / part two / part three / part four / part five / part seven / final part coming soon

Pairing: You x Suga

Summary: It was a quiet lonely night at a cafe right outside of the city when a mysterious looking man approached you. There blossomed something you never expected in your wildest dreams - not after everything you’ve been through.

Genre: Angst, a little splash of fluff

Word Count: 3915

Warnings: slight strong language

Author’s Note: I’m about 95% sure that the next part will be the last! Thanks for reading! 

Originally posted by beui

——— Three Weeks Later ————–

It was a summer night and the sky left nothing to distort the view of the city lights. The cafe was filled with clusters of people buzzing around asking their friends if the cafe was “as good as the review said”. You sat in a back corner of the top floor, near the door to the balcony. Clutching onto your teacup, you gazed out the window that was angled perfectly to your eyesight. The tea was freshly hot but it gave comfort among all the unusual faces. The cafe had gotten unusually busy ever since a popular blog gave the cafe an extraordinary review. The place was once only littered with familiar regulars but now tourists and teenagers were hoping to get their peak at your favorite view. Although you were happy the cafe was doing well, you couldn’t help but be bothered by it all. They were intruding your special location.

A location you hadn’t been to in three weeks.

Your eyes were melting into the sun that was falling asleep behind the skyline when someone sat in front of you. Sojung’s newly dyed red ends caught your attention and you looked at her in the seat. “Are you on break?” You questioned your friend. “Finally,” She breathed as if she hadn’t breathed all day. “These past view days have been exhausting. It’s never been this crowded in the two years I’ve worked here.” She spoke as if there were no air in her lungs, resting her head on the table. “On the day I decide to come back to the cafe, it’s like this. I have to admit I’m disappointed.” You half joked, glancing around at the people shuffling around. “Disappointed you didn’t see Mystery Man?”  

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rated T+
word count: 5,197
ship: shiro/keith (sheith)
note: companion fic to @kcgane​‘s fic Helix; highly recommended you read that one first, as this has many of the same scenes, except from Shiro’s POV

A/N: the numbers before each scene indicate the life cycle or time loop; they’re not in order. (eg: 7 = 7th time loop/life cycle)

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This is how it worked: Takashi Shirogane lived his life in perpetual longing.

There was really no other way to explain the tumultuous feelings that plagued him in nearly every lifetime – at least in all the lifetimes he could remember. There was the feeling of expectancy, of always waiting for something. Or someone.

The sensation of missing something or someone, and never being able to grasp it. The gnawing feeling of waiting, of anticipation. And then, the crash of loneliness. Of an opportunity missed, of someone slipping right through his grasp. He remembered, always remembered those feelings, the rise and the fall, but never the climax. What does he keep missing? Who does he keep missing?

It’s a myriad of scattered timelines, places he almost remembers, a tickling in the back of his consciousness. It’s the feeling of always forgetting something, like when you’re leaving the store and know you’re missing something but, for the life of you, cannot recall what it is. That’s the feeling he gets when the boy with violet eyes turns away.

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anonymous asked:

Just read a interview with Tasya. I think she answered mostly about what we know in the end of season 4 and not much about what she knows about season 5. But she made me think about loyalties. If faced with that choice, do you think Bellamy and Echo will be loyal to each other or will they be loyal to their people? After 6 years, the spacekru will see each other like family but at the same time, Tasya said "you can take the girl outta Azgeda, but you can’t take the Azgeda out of the girl"

I finally got to read it. I liked what Tasya said despite that reviewer being totally biased shipper trash. I actually had to go and read some of her other reviews to make sure I was seeing what I saw, and the Tasya interview was actually LESS biased than her review of the whole season which totally misunderstood the show, the characters, the themes and the story. So exhausting. Anyway. Interestingly, Tasya’s defense of The 100 is the opposite of what this fawning fangirl writer says about The 100 when she tears it down.

Tasya however says some really interesting stuff that gives insight into Echo.

TT: I felt that people started seeing her differently this past year. Some saw beyond the warrior mask right away, and others are still warming up to her. Throughout season four, her armor starts to break, and beneath it is this vulnerable child who’s lost everything. She has to rebuild her world all over again, and deal with the trauma of the past.

At the end of the day, Echo isn’t inherently evil, she was trained to do one thing: protect Azgeda. Azgeda is a pretty brutal clan, so to survive, Echo cuts emotion out and focuses solely on strategy and execution (no pun intended). Part of humanizing Echo, as villainous as she was at the top of the season, was trying to figure out who she would be in today’s society. Along with my coach, we began looking at child soldiers and young terrorists. The stories of these kids really break my heart. Many were stolen from their families, and conditioned to behave a certain way. Finding Echo’s broken heart, and understanding that she must have been brutalized as a child, helped me bring her adult story to life.

Hopefully season five invites the audience to get to know a different side of Echo. But like they say, you can take the girl outta Azgeda, but you can’t take the Azgeda out of the girl. She’ll definitely retain her badass side that makes me love her so much. 


Growing up without a family in a ruthless environment, Echo was put into training almost immediately. She lost her childhood to combat training, which hardened her, but it also cultivated this cool, capable badass we met in season four, and saw a glimpse of in season two. Azgeda would be a scary place for any orphan, even those who were training as assassins. Little Echo was conditioned to be ruthless. She had to protect herself from a variety of threats at every corner, never having a safe haven to call home. So it follows that she latched on to Queen Nia pretty tightly when Nia noticed her. By promoting Echo into the royal guard, Echo suddenly had status, protection, and a purpose. That was the closest thing to a family she ever knew. How sad is that? But her fear of abandonment, and her incapacity to trust others easily, are scars from her childhood that never leave her, which we see her struggle with in season four. She’s terrified of losing her “family,” and will go to great lengths to protect her kin.


Reuniting with the ground is troubling for Echo. Octavia greatly threatens Echo’s assumed trust in her new ‘space family’. Loyalties will be tested once again at this terrifyingly awkward family reunion. How much Bellamy decides to trust or defend Echo is up to the writers. My hope is that Echo has finally found a home, and some friends. 

So while the interviewer keeps pushing Becho (again and again) Tasya is like ‘oh i love your enthusiasm’ and turns back to Echo as a wounded, orphaned child soldier who is searching for home and family. 

WHICH IS AN INTERESTING STORY. And one we don’t talk about enough because we want everything to be about shipping. 

What I’ve been thinking is that Echo turns her alliance from her King/Queen onto Bellamy as her leader and savior. What I’ve been hearing from JR and Bob and now Tasya is issues of family, parallels with Octavia, almost a father-child role, which is NOT shipping. It’s more that king/knight thing going on. 

If we can look at Echo and Bellamy’s relationship, and Echo’s character development along these lines, instead of shipping, either for or against, what we have is a good developing story that gives us a lot more room for narrative growth and conflict and redemption in season 5 than another ship or even a romantic triangle or jealousy or whatever. What WILL happen when Echo is faced with her Azgeda people coming out of the bunker, and her loyalty to her new king and family is tested. What will happen when confronted with the Queen of those people, Octavia, whom she’s replaced as Bellamy’s family? oh. wow. That’s a story. Y’all ask me about that one, not the B/xcho stuff.

But nope. Interviewer wants to keep her shipgoggles. Sorry you guys. You know I have problems with shipgoggles and I really get angry at professional reviewers who present their biases as objective analysis. 

Just because someone says something is an analysis, does not mean that their interpretation and hypothesis are correct. If I read the whole thing going “but that’s not how…” “but the other character…” “but that didn’t happen…” “but what about…?” “but… but… but..” then I don’t consider that a good analysis. 

fine. i wasn’t going to link back to the horrible reviewer but in the interest of letting you read for yourself. [x]  Add her to the list of bad professional reviewers I don’t respect.