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There was a skydive mess up too????

oh anon, i am about to show you an actual blessing in video form

everything falls apart in the last minute or so and it’s absolutely incredible

So you want a Queer PoC treated with respect…an amazing storyline……….who moves a show forward………..may I introduce you the light of my life and love Sameen Shaw ……..who happens to be neuroatypical as well………… Person Of Interest and you shall find her

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I am working on a very long response to a pro map post. While I was knee deep in bullshit I found out he just took pedophile articles and copy and pasted places where they looked good. No criticism no why this is right. Just copy and pasted. It’s a waste of my fucking time and I’m getting a migraine but I wanna make you guys happy and I dont want to give him the satisfaction of thinking that antis are not replying to his post because it has a lot of articles. We just don’t blantaly copy and paste shit that make us look good. We actually take tine with the shit we write, which is what I’m doing.

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my dream is that Gilgamesh and Enkidu adopt Tine

god……. that’s fuckin ideal if u ask me. also, i feel like enkidu and tine would get along really well in a non-grail war scenario! i think they’d be good friends

please give tine a good family, she deserves the world hhngg

ok skincare moms does any1 have any thots on let the good tines roll scrub from lush? cus i love it but i’m always apprehensive abt exfoliants and microtearing..

Happy Vivillon-tine's Day


Let’s make Feb 15, the day after Valentine’s Day, into Vivillon-tine’s Day. Just trade a bunch of Vivillon on Wonder Trade to spread different patterns around. It doesn’t take long to evolve them into their final stage, so start breeding or collecting Scatterbug and Spewpa now to have a bunch by Feb 15.

Let’s spread some different Vivillon patterns around through Wonder Trade!

This is my fan art of Marinette-Dupain Cheng from Miraculous Ladybug.

I don’t know if this looks nice but I swear it looked nice on my laptop ;’( (since I uploaded it using my phone because for some reason my laptop/browser can’t upload or like anything on Tumblr)

Please don’t repost w/o permission, edit, or remove credits. Thank you :)