good times on the 6th floor


“Almost Gemini” - [ John Constantine - One shot ].

Based onImagine: Being Constantine’s neighbor, and him always coming over to use your cat for his ritual to cross over into hell. 

Written by: A.Wölf.

Music and ambience: Rain // Song (Play both at the same time but ambience at a lower volume).


The rain woke me up.

I glance at the nightstand clock where “10:08 pm” flashes in red numbers. God, I hate getting out of bed. Time doesn’t matter, early or late, I just hate it, I wish I could stay. But working in a bar has its perks after all; like sleeping during the day and waking up at night.

My cat jumps out of bed, meowing to let me know she wants to eat.

I get up and stand in front of my window to look at the city lights blurred by the raindrops. And from up here, on the 5th floor of this apartment building, I can see a bunch of walking umbrellas, knowing that I will become one the second I leave for work. My cat meows again, reminding me she’s hungry.

After finally opening a can of tuna for her, I put on a vinyl record, turn the volume up, and head towards the bathroom to take a shower and start getting ready. I take a long time in there, letting the warm water relax each one of my muscles, and I thoroughly wash my hair while mentally preparing to come home smelling like cigarettes I didn’t even get to smoke, and god knows what else at the bar.

I put my hair up in a ponytail, and put on my leather jacket, almost ready to leave but still swaying my hips to the music when I hear a knock on the door. I sigh in defeat knowing exactly who it is. Another perk of this nightlife of mine if not the best; John fucking Constantine, my neighbor from the 6th floor, the man with two sides, hot and cold, my almost Gemini after being born in early May but having traits that would suggest otherwise.

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Am I Enough PT 12

Bucky X Reader

Summary: Things can’t go on like they have it’s time to change some things.

A/N: Hello All, I have had a rough month with writing no real motivation. But as today was my birthday today so I got my butt in gear and write this chapter enjoy. Also get ready for confrontations.


Getting out of the tower turned out to be the greatest idea ever. Especially when it was with someone that you weren’t mad at. Steve and you spent the day galavanting about the city. You went sightseeing, Steve explained how things were back then, everything had changed of course. There was of course some shopping to be done, but it was nic-nacs little souvenirs from today’s travels. Your biggest find was a stuffed plush you had gotten from the aquarium, your favorite sea creature. The best find though was from a little shop that carried Avengers items. You had found it tucked in the back of the shop on the clearance rack. It had Tony written all over it, a red and gold mug stating The Stark Truth: Party All Night, Invent All Day, and A Little Love In Between with a picture of Iron Man on the other side. You had giggled the while time. You couldn’t wait to give it to him when you got back.

It must have been a sight seeing Steve carrying this ginormous stuff you through the main lobby of the Avengers Tower. You had caught a few bug eyes yourself, you merely giggled while pulling Steve along a little faster eager to get home. The elevator ride was animated as you discussed the success of your day. You were both struggling to breath, you were laughing so hard, when the doors opened to the main living room. Clint was lounging with Natasha on the couch flipping through channels. Sam was talking to Wanda while pulling a massive sandwich towards him. He stopped it half way there when you entered, letting lettuce and tomatoes fall out the back.

“What the heck is that?” Clint flips around on the couch leaning towards it. He is making grabby hands at it.

“This,” you say setting your other bags down to take the stuffy from Steve, keeping it well away from Clint. “This is my new boyfriend, Mr. Snickelfrits.” You pull him in and cuddle your face in the fur.

“Oh, given up on the human race I see, well darn shame. Let me see him. Wanna make sure he’s good enough for my girl.” He reaches out again to inspect the new boyfriend.

You can’t help but giggle handing the plush over. Clint takes the animal and gives it a few squeezes testing his worth. Then he straightens his are to get a good frontal look. “Hmm, good bone structure, clear eyes, don’t see nothing crazy here. Sufficiently lean for now, might want to keep an eye out on it though. I know his kind.” He thrusts Mr. Snicklefrits down on the coffee table. “Now see here young man, you got yourself a good woman here. I don’t want to hear about any slacking off on your part you hear. I know how your kind works, getting a lumpy and popping stitches after so long. Well I won’t hear of it.”

He continues to educating him while the others laugh. You’re laughing the hardest by far loving every moment. You’re so caught up you don’t see the others gazes meeting around you. It was good to hear that laugh again to see the smile that splits your face. It had been to long for any of them.

You finally catch your breath and save your poor boyfriend from Clints grasp. “All right leave him alone. He will take perfect care of me. Now if you will excuse me for a moment I need to get him comfy in my room.”

“Wow, at that stage already. Moving pretty quick don’t you think?” Clint called after you. You merely stuck your tongue out at him, continuing to your room.

Mr Snicklefrits settled you head back to the living room, where you find the group chatting quietly to each other. Natasha sees you first and quickly changes whatever subject they were talking about. You decide to ignore it for now. They had been meddling a lot recently but maybe they were finally catching on that it wasn’t going to end well. Marching up you through yourself onto the couch between them.

“OK weirdos, what are we doing tonight?” You shift your head from side to side searching for answers in their faces. Most looked down looking slightly guilty, some attempting to pull off the innocent look. It was not working, you were however going to let it slide for now.

“Hey ho, people,” Tony storms into the room comoletely missing the atmosphere. “It’s time to get our groove on we having a game night! Go get ready!” He starts to shu people out of the room. They were all more than eager to escape the room with a good excuse to leave.

“Tony!” You get up skittering over to the side table for his gift. “I got you something while we were out.” You thrust the package into his hands as you approached him. You watched him unwrap it while bouncing on your toes, hardly containing the excitment of seeing his reaction.

He pulled out, taking a moment before throwing his head back in a full belly laugh. You couldn’t help but giggle along with him, knowing you hit the jackpot with the gift. He quickly grabs you into a hug, forcing all air out of your lungs. You squeeze him back for a second before tapping his back indicating your need to breath.

“Well I totally won that one.” You say with a giant smirk on your face.

“You did indeed! Now anything you need to make your self more comfortable?” He said morning to your current attire. You nod and head back to your room changing into one of your comfiest pair of yoga pants and a loose t-shirt.

Heading back to the living room you see a giant stack of games have been set on a table along with snacks galore on another. The group was chatting around the bar each grabbing drinks and chatting. Joining them you go to fix yourself a drink when a glass is slide in front of you already full and rest to go. You send a side long glance towards the person to bequeath you the drink. Bucky sends you a small smile, you can see the hope in his eyes silently pleading for you to take the drink as a show of peace for the evening. You pick it up and sip, of course it is perfect, just like every time before. You nod to him accepting.

Turning you find the majority have sat down and munching on snacks. They had left 2 seats open of course right next to each other. You sigh shaking your head while grabbing a plate of food for yourself. You sit and join the current argument on which games are to be played. Nat and Bucky are arguing for a card game, which came with protests of them being really good at cheating. Bruce and Tony also being able to count cards. Thor was confused and called for the simple games like the Go of Fish and Finding the Old Maid with no name.

You laugh at their antics while quietly getting up and choosing a board game. Selecting your favorite you quickly return and set the box down. The others continue to rant while Bucky send you another smile helping you set up the game and get all the appropriate pieces. They have finally noticed that a game has appeared before them and you and Bucky are quietly chatting over your cards. A little trash talk and a little plan of action.

Noises of agreement go around all once again sharing looks of accomplishment with each other. The game begins and you rotate through your turns. Throughout you find the usual stubborn people are giving in a little too quickly and Bucky is standing up for your choices a little too often. You feel a small twitch growing in your eye.

Games get traded for others, while funny stories get passed around. It’s pretty much how all your game night go. Bucky is practically your butler waiting on you hand and foot. Drink need to be refilled, done. More food, done. Piece or card on the floor, not even a chance to bend over before Bucky has returned it to you. The first twitch goes off after about the 6th time he asks if you need anything in an hour. You merely shake your head at him.

On the 4th game for the night, you’ve noticed a shift in the stories. Most of them containing time when Bucky and yourself were together. Everyone just keeps going, building it up. The twitch gets worse, the sighs more frequent.

It wasn’t that they weren’t good stories but did they have to be so obvious about their plan to get you and Bucky back together. It was the final straw when you got up to pick a new game. You headed to the table glancing at each trying to pick. You heard whispering behind you followed by a scrape from a chair. Bucky had joined you in picking a game.

“Do you need any help?” He whispers. You grip the table, while dropping your head to the table in a vain attempt to calm yourself down. Muttering that he was just trying to help and the others were forcing him. You catch him shooting a look back towards the main table.

They must have signalled at him because he followed with, “Are you feeling ok?” You felt the snap, heck Bucky probably heard it. He could see the way your back went ram rod straight and your breathing became heavy.

“Go sit down.” It was more of a mumble really, your last ditch effort to remain calm. Of course this is not understood by the super solider. He reaches a hand out placing it upon your shoulder. You flip around knocking it off you while turning to the group. Of course this would have been easier if it wasn’t his metal arm on you. You had swung so fast you were sure a bruise and maybe a cracked bone in your hand now. You clutch your hand to your chest, bouncing on your toes like it would alleviate some of the pain.

Bucky began to fuss, focusing on making the pain go away, eyes panicked with raised eyebrows. His hand flirted about you looking for a place to hold. Since the group had already been blatantly staring anyway they rose to assist.

“Sit down, damn it.” You scream at them, finally coming to a stand still. No one headed your words, still coming towards you. You shuffle backwards. “I said sit down, now sit! You as well.” You motion to Bucky. He carefully retreats not wishing to anger you further.

“I know this may come as a surprise to you, but I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I can pick a game out on my own. I am quite good at obtaining my own food. I don’t need to be waited on hand and foot. I’m not broken anymore.” There was a collective in draw of air. You shoot all of them a glare freezing any words about to come out. “No, nope don’t even speak right now. I am so frustrated with you all right now.” You point your finger at Bucky staring him down making sure he would understand what you were about to say next. “You best make note of everything I’m about to say cause this is where we stand right now.” You scan over the rest of the group, some were innocent in all this but best get it all out at once to prevent future issues.

“Yes Bucky and I have broken up. Yes he did cheat on me with Natasha. Yes I did run away for a little while. Yes I was broken and confused on how to go on with my life. It seemed like the best choice at the time. Even though none of you listened to me you still came after me and I thank you for that. Who knows what would be happening right now if you didn’t. That being said I’m doing alright, I’m working through it with the help of you guys keeping me busy and entertained. The meddling has to stop.” There was a chorus of protests going up, but you shushed them. “Yes you are don’t try to deny it. For a group of superheroes and spys you aren’t good at hiding this kind of things. You’re so obvious about it, especially tonight. I need you guys to stop now. I need Bucky to show me himself that he is capable of fixing this, whatever this ends up being. Let him prove it on his own.” You glance at the man himself. “I’m not saying you can’t get advice or ideas from them, but I want it to be you. I’m tired of every single meal or event having to be some staged intervention. Tony is a perfect example, forcing Nat and I to go on one of the most awkward lunches ever. I’m not ready for that yet, yes I may need a shove eventually but that is on Natasha and how much she may or may not value our friendship. Just stop please with the plans. It’s their mistake to fix not yours.”

You huff once more before turning back to the table to blink the tears out of your eyes, your hand still throbbing. You loved them all to death, it just killed you that they couldn’t seem to understand how much this hurt you. You feel a hand upon your shoulder, Tony slowly turns you into his chest resting his chin on your head.

“Sorry Kiddo, we didn’t mean to make you feel this way. We’ll stop interfering and let whatever happens happen. Now can we check out your hand, you’re bleeding.”

You pull your hand up to see the top scrapped up and a blueish purple tint forming. You pull a sheepish smile, nodding in agreement. Bruce and Tony lead you away to med lab for a quick look. The doctor looks you over and tells you, you’ve cracked the 3 middle fingers in your hand. He gives you some pain. Meds and instructions to proper care for your brace and sends you off.

It’s now about 2 am and people are still lounging around playing games. Sam sees you exit the elevator, quickly running over pulling you into a hug.

“Man I knew you were a special kinda stupid but really, thought you could beat Bucky’s arm in a slap fight.” Pushing you away to examine the rest of you. You shack tour head with a laugh. One by one they all get a hug followed by an apology, though Thor apologized for no reason other than eatting your snacks.

“Alright, I think we’ve had enough excitement for tonight let’s all get to bed. Including you Kiddo.”

You’re left with a squirming Natasha and Bucky. You couldn’t help but fidget as well this was the first time you had been alone with the both of them.

“I’m sorry,” Bucky speaks up first. “I just didn’t want to screw up the chance your giving me. You’re right though this is my problem and I want to fix it. I shouldn’t have related on them to fix it for me.”

“It’s alright I know why you did it, you know how they like to go over board with things.” He chuckles and nods. “Bucky,” He lifts his head eager to please you. “I know you can do it, you did it the first time you can do it again.” He nods once more and passes you gently patting your shoulder.

“Oh and Bucky, this” you raise your hand and indicate the bandages, “not your fault. You do have a tendency to take blame for things that can’t be helped. I shouldn’t have lashed out as I did. My temper got the best of me.” He gives his now signature nod and continues towards his room.

Going back to Nat, you take a small breath. She though beat you to the punch. “Thank you, for giving me another shot, I don’t know why in my ever mind I thought separating you two was a good idea.” You go to interupt her. She holds up her hand halting all protests. “Please just let me get this out.” You nod signalling her to continue. “I…I was jealous pure and simple. You had everything I wanted, down to the stupid little problems and I wanted that. Your relationship with Bucky and just complaining about little things from the office. I’ve never been jealous like this before, not with something so pure. I guess I was of you both. Bucky got the perfect relationship, with the normal love. I wanted it so bad it hurt. You had the guy who treated you like you were a Goddess and I wanted that. I’m not trying to reason with you make you forgive me. I want you to know how grateful I am that you still let me in your life and are giving me a chance to prove I was and am your friend and I will do anything to get that back with you. Please just tell me what to do to make it possible.” She had tears building in her eyes, her voice cracking several times while speaking.

Emotion runs through you, you want your best friend back. Every piece that made up it’s crazy self. From the shopping to late night talks with mountains of candy. Heck you would even take being thrown to the mats a few times. There was this fear though that what happened before would happen again. You couldn’t just throw yourself whole heartedly in it again.

“Its like I’ve told Bucky and the others, I need time. I can’t go straight back but I’m willing to try take small steps. Maybe a couple lunches with Wanda or the others. I want my friend back, someone to talk to and gossip with I miss you but I can’t commit right now.”

She nods her head eager just like Bucky to make up. “I’ll do it anything and I’ll do it myself.”

She rushes up to you, pulling you into a bone crushing hug. “Thank you for the chance.” Letting you go she retreats to her room. Sam comes out a few seconds later wrapping an arm around you.

“That was very brave, few would be willing to give it a shot like you have.” You shift to wrap your arms around his waist pulling yourself close.

“Just tell me I’m not making a mistake with this. I don’t want to hurt again but I want what I had before.”

He runs his hands up and down your back soothing your nerves. “I can’t, but I think you have two people that also want that just as much and are willing to work for it. You can’t take that for granted. It will all work out in the end. Life doesn’t come without pain though I can tell you that.”

Giving your arms a pat he leads you to the couch. Pulling up a movie you both cuddle into each other. You are quick to drift off, pain meds pulling you under quickly. You find yourself stretches out next to Sam, with the opening credits to whatever chosen movie begin to play.

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Crossing Paths- Chapter 1: Moving in

Notes: Betty is 21 years old and is finally leaving Riverdale to go to school on a scholarship to Boston University for creative writing. Jughead lives in the same building as Betty and are introduced to each other by Archie. This fic will be mostly fluff but I’m not saying anything for sure yet. Please leave any suggestions.


Betty reluctantly got onto the train from Riverdale to Boston, after an emotional goodbye from her parents. She was finally moving out and going to school, which she had been looking forward to for a long time. The only person she knew who was going to be even remotely close to her was Archie, but he was still a 2 hour drive away from where she would be living.

Once she was on the train, she pulled out her headphones to listened to music as she wrote in her journal, she had after all always dreamed about being a journalist and this was finally her chance to prove herself by working away from her parents and away from their control.

Betty had been friends with Archie for as long as she could remember. She even used to have feelings for him, but she had long moved on from those feelings once he started dating her high school bestie, Veronica. What kind of friend would she have been if she wasn’t supportive of their relationship, and was just jealous and sad all the time, she thought.

Once she finally stepped off the train, Archie was standing there waiting to greet her. He had volunteered to help her move in, so he drove 2 hours up from Springfield, Massachusetts where he currently lived with Veronica, the pair had been dating since high school, and decided they needed to get away from Riverdale. This move had made Betty feel especially alone in Riverdale for the past couple of months; besides the fact of not having a boyfriend, and working full time for her parents at the register, 2 of her best friends had moved away. She was ready to escape.

She stepped off the train, while almost tripping down the stairs from the weight of her bags.

“Hey!” Archie yelled over to her.

She wobbled over, trying not to fall and gave him a hug.

“Here let me help you with those” Archie gestured towards her bags.

“My car’s parked right over here”.

Once they got in the car they started towards Boston University.

“Thanks for picking me up Arch. I would have had no idea where I was going if I was alone”

“No problem, besides Veronica practically forced me to come help you move in, she just wants to make sure you are comfortable” Archie thought for a minute, “You should come stay with us sometime, like maybe on a weekend. It would be fun!”

“Yeah, that sounds great I’d love to spend some time with you guys!”

They pulled up towards Betty’s new apartment complex, as Betty’s stomach began to turn. She had never lived on her own and Boston was far away from her family and friends. Archie parked the car and as they walked through the door and towards the elevator, they saw it was out of order. What an inconvenient time for an elevator to stop working, Betty thought. They turned towards each other and shrugged then headed toward the stairs with a sigh and began to ascend the flights of stairs to the 6th floor where Betty’s room was. On the second flight of stairs they ran into someone that Betty swore she recognized.

“Hey Jughead!” Archie said when they turned the corner, as Jughead and Betty almost ran into each other, both gasping at the scare.

Surprised, Jughead replied “Oh.. Hey Archie, how are you?”

“Good, good.. Oh hey um..this is Betty, remember her from Riverdale?” “Betty, this is Jughead my friend from Riverdale, we ate at Pop’s together a couple times remember?”

Betty gazed at Jughead for a second before saying anything. “Oh, hi Jughead it’s nice to see you again” Where his eyes always that blue, she remembered thinking to herself. “Do you go to Boston University?”

“Yeah… I’m majoring in creative” he stuttered.

“Thats cool, that’s what I plan on majoring in too, maybe we will have a class together?”

“Yeah, maybe” he said, “Um.. it was nice to see you guys, by the way I live on the fourth floor if you ever need anything, Archie said you would be coming…” But he failed to mention how she had grown up since he saw her last, he thought.

Jughead looked down to see all the bags they were carrying. “Uh, is the elevator broken again or something?” he asked

“Yeah, there was a big sign on the door, great timing…” Betty trailed off, not sure what to say next.

“Uh, I can help you guys carry some stuff if you want”

“That’d be great, thanks man” said Archie as he handed Jughead a bag. Jughead then proceeded to pick up a bag in Betty’s hands, and smiled shyly” Once he turned to start up the stairs, she returned his shy smile.

Once they reached her door, they opened it and set her bags near the front door. Jughead stood awkwardly for a second when Betty turned towards him.

“Thanks Jughead” She said with a smile.

“No problem” he said with an exhale. “Well I better get back home, but if you ever need anything, I’ll be on the fourth floor, he turned to leave when Archie piped up.

“Nice to see you man”

“You too” he yelled back as he walked out of the door.

Betty started unpacking some of her mugs, into a cabinet in the kitchen.

“Wow Betty you really have a lot of mugs” said Archie in astonishment.

“Yeah well, you know how I like my tea” she replied, “By the way, Jughead said you told him that I would be coming, but why didn’t you tell me that he lived here too?” she inquired.

Archie couldn’t tell her the real reason was because Jughead used to have a little crush on her when they were 15, and got a kick out of teasing Jughead about stuff like that, so he just said, “Oh, well I just wanted to make sure that if you ever needed anything that somebody would be there to like help you if you ever needed it, and since you guys have met, I thought it would be a good option, plus Veronica was kind of worried about you being alone..”

“..Well thanks.. That’s very thoughtful of you two”

The two of them spent the remainder of the afternoon, unpacking things, putting sheets on her bed, hanging clothes, and putting away the rest of her mugs. Living alone was going to be a hard transition for Betty but she was ready to leave her parents, and had enough money saved up to get an apartment near campus, plus she was excited to get some much needed alone time.

A couple of hours later Archie decided it was time to start his drive home before it got too late.

“You gonna be ok here?” he asked

“I think I’ll be just fine, thanks again Archie for your help.”

“Sure, anytime” He said with a smile as he headed out the door.

Betty was feeling a lot better after unpacking her things, and now that she was alone with her thoughts, she turned on some music and started to cook herself some pasta for dinner. The thought of starting school in a couple of days was starting to sound more and more exciting and she fell asleep that night with an optimistic feeling.

Let’s Talk About It- Race, Colorism and Antiblackness on DWTS Part 2

I apologize for this being up later than I had initially planned to have it up. I had a lot going on. But I’m back. And I’m here and ready to drag. Anyway, I spoke about season 24 and Simone, specifically, in the last installment of this series. For this post, I will be focusing more on the pros and mostly Keo. There are a few things that I see regarding Britt and Brandon, but they haven’t been around long or featured enough for me to get a read on how they’re seen and treated on this show (which is sort of a problem in and of itself). 


So as we all know, DWTS has been on the air since 2005. From 2005 until 2014, there had never been a Black person as a teaching pro on the show. Even though there are tons of Black ballroom and Latin dancers all over the globe, the show never decided to give one a shot until season 19, nine years into the show’s existence. Season 19 was when we were all introduced to South African dancer, Keoikantse Motsepe. I was excited because Black people were finally getting some representation on this show. Finally after 9 years of never having a professional dancer on that looked like me. But I also knew that his inclusion was going to bring out a lot of ignorance. And it did. There wasn’t as much that happened immediately, since he and Lolo were the first couple out that season (thanks largely to her cringey interactions with the judges and Erin after a terrible dance). But there were still things that week and things that happened over time that I started see.

After Lolo’s first dance the first thing that Carrie Ann did, was screw up Keo’s name. I don’t think any other pro has had their name screwed up when they were being welcomed. And it wasn’t even his full name that she was saying. She was just saying “Keo”. That’s not any harder to pronounce than Maks, Tony, Val, Derek, Mark, etc. They were eliminated the next day, so the issues that could have followed this couple (because not only was he the first Black pro, but they were also the first Black couple on the show) died immediately. Then trio week came up. Val decided to choose Keo to help out with Janel’s salsa. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how angry I was when this happened. Now that I’m older, more mature and I understand these things better, I can better articulate why I was so mad. So I’ll set up the scene first. It was a tribal theme which was my first red flag. But no big deal, right? We’ve seen that type of number before. And while they are problematic, it’s never been too bad. That was until Janel dubbed herself the ‘Queen of Color’ with this sort of “You see what I did there? You see? Because Keo is Black and I’m Asian. But mostly because Keo is Black. Haha. Bet you didn’t get that,” look on her face. You can’t tell me it was about the colors in the dance because there was only red and blue chalk at the very beginning and the lighting had a subtle purple to it. So that doesn’t work on me. And she would have never said that comment, had Keo not been in the number. So then we get to the dance. The costuming was pretty problematic. There were other issues with the choreography itself, more specifically the stuff at the beginning without Janel. Once the dance ended, the ignorance and stupidity kept on coming with Bruno making comments about having jungle fever. If you didn’t know, jungle fever is essentially a non-Black person, being attracted to a Black person. It relies on the idea that Black people are from the jungle. In this sense, Black people are considered savages, uncivilized and less than human. There’s more to unpack with this dance and his comments, especially if you want to get into the Josephine Baker comment that he threw out there. But again, that would turn this into a dissertation and I’m not doing this for a degree and I’m not getting paid for it.

Let’s move on to season 22. Keo was paired with Jodie Sweetin. This was the first season that he had a true contender on paper. I had my reservations because up to this point, Keo hadn’t really proved that he was a great pro. He wasn’t terrible and always took great care of his partners. But teaching and choreographing for him hadn’t been very good. Others felt the same too and took it as far as to say that he didn’t deserve her. That was understandable at first until they came out and Keo started to really grow and deliver with Jodie. It was very apparent that he was doing a really good job. But everyone was holding him to a much higher standard than pros like Val, who was coasting that season with Ginger, or Sasha, who was playing things very safe with Kim Fields. There were even articles being written, that were asking if Keo was failing Jodie. I have never seen any other pro get negative press like that for “failing his celeb.” He wasn’t failing her. In fact, there is only one other pro that I think would have been able to do a better job than Keo that season. And that is Derek. Jodie may have been a good dancer, but she had a lot of issues with keeping her nerves under control. You could tell that Jodie was also very fragile and had just fixed a lot of the things that she had been going through, throughout her life. As Courtney said over on Pure, she was Mischa Barton, had Mischa done the show 5 years after she was fully recovered. You’ve had Maks handle his partners very rough and had many of the other men pretty much verbally abuse some of their partners. Some of these women have been reduced to tears. Bloggers rarely, if ever wrote about it. In fact, I only remember them reporting on the Maks and Hope problem during season 13. But Jodie doesn’t do as well as people expected her to, so now Keo is blamed and is not doing his job. That reeks of antiblackness. The man did right by Jodie as far as I’m concerned.

We’re still going to be looking at season 22, but for this paragraph, we’ll be looking at switch up night.  Now as most of you all know, I loathe switch up week. The energy surrounding it is always just bad. The pros and the celebs dread it, the judges are meaner than usual and the fans are absolutely terrible. Blogging during those weeks was the absolute worst. So I can only imagine the way that the pros and celebs felt. Anyway, Keo and Kim were put together. Their personalities meshed well, but there was a HUGE height difference between them. With only like 5 days to get to know your new partner, establish some sort of connection and get a routine together that fits them, there’s only so much that you can do. So Keo elected to spend most of the dance doing open work. That was a smart idea considering the circumstances and the fact that Keo is over a foot taller than Kim. However, the judges came down super hard on him and really made a huge deal out of it and acted like it was terrible. It was so bad and hard to watch them get verbally abused like that. The dance wasn’t bad at all and actually was pretty good. But from the way Maks went in on them, you’d think that they just sat down in the middle of the floor and played patty cake the whole time. I think his treatment was probably worse than the way the judges tend to rip Witney apart on switchup week. And they’re awful with her. What’s the difference between Keo and the other pros? Season 22 was a ton of antiblackness and racism aimed directly at Keo, and it was disgusting to watch play out. It didn’t help that after a 6th place finish, the show decided to bench him and brought back Gleb and Maks for season 23. And neither one of them even had a smidgen of the success with their partners that season that Keo had with Jodie. That right that just shows you that Black people have to do twice as much just to even get half of what white people get. He did and went through all of that in season 22, just to be benched for season 23.

Brandon, Britt and Keo

Now that I’ve spoken about Keo, I’ll also just say a little about Brandon and Britt. These two have been featured very little in comparison to the other members of the troupe. I think Britt has fared slightly better than Brandon in this regard. The show seems to have invested a little more into her. I think they might be gearing up to promote her within the next couple of seasons just based on the fact that they put her in one of the trio numbers this season. Hopefully they do right by her. I doubt they will though. And to be honest, I think the only reason we saw Brandon featured as much as we did, is because he and Rashad hit it off. In fact, I’m glad that Rashad was on this season. I don’t think Keo and Brandon would have been featured as much if it weren’t for the fact that he befriended them. And Emma being smart, decided to use them in a few of their dances like Brandon in the quickstep and freestyle and Brandon and Keo (and the other guy) in the tango.

And that completes the second installment of Let’s Talk About It- Race, Antiblackness and Colorism in DWTS. The next part will hopefully be up by this weekend. I think I’m going to cover a lot of the issues that Black men face on the show. I’ll talk about Black women in the 4th installment. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts about this one and I will talk to you all soon.

SpUk One shot post 1/?

This was a one shot I made on Q a while ago so here it is to kick of EngSpa Week

Author: me, @some-spicy-spuk

fandom: Hetalia

Ship: SpUk, EngSpa. Spain x England

Sum: England sucks at Just Dnce

Not So Dirty Dancing

The blonde haired Brit gasped, sweat dripping down his flushed face as he panted heavily. Just Dance was getting to him, it was hard, he was out of shape, and his boyfriend was so much better than him. Damn Spaniard and his amazing dancing.
“ Aaahh That was good fun!” Antonio cheered out happily, putting the WII remote down before glancing at his lover, on the floor looking miserably at the score board. Arthur had lost, again, for the 6th time that day.
“ This is not fair!” Arthur complained and put his hands over his face “ I don’t dance to flipping Shakira everyday screaming about my dam hips”
“ Ok that happened once. ” The brunette mumbled, a blush crossing  his tanned face “ now c'mon, one more, its my favorite ”
“ and what will I get out of it?” Arthur asked in an almost annoyed tone of voice, he didn’t want to loose again to Antonio, his ego would not allow it.
“ A kiss maybe?” Antonio said with a grin while Arthur snorted
“ and you are sleeping on the couch tonight Espoona ” The Brit said, pronouncing the nations name wrong just to annoy him. Antonio shook his head t the silly name and kneeled down next to him, placing a small kiss on his jaw.
“ Please?”
Cheek kiss.
“ For me?”
Neck kiss.
“ because you love me?”
“ God! Fine fine” Arthur exclaims, swatting Antonio’s affectionate kisses away from him “ so what song are we doing?”
“ Well… you know… Living La Vida Loca” Antonio exclaims with a  as the Blonde who was still on the floor groaned again and got up.
“ Well lets get this over with.”
The couple started to dance again and before long, both were screeching along to the music and dancing  as fast as they possibly could, trying to out do the other. Arthur was doing well though, maybe it was because of just the fun h was having, or maybe it was Antonio’s voice as he sang along to the lyrics happily, his emerald eyes shining with happiness. It was a catchy song and easy to move to. The blonde was trying his absolute hardest on this one, he would beat Antonio at this and he would do well. Soon, in a final flourish of music and lyrics,  they finished in their final pose, both panting from it before Arthur fell back onto the couch, exhausted by it all.
“ Hey… cariño.” Antonio started before turning to Arthur with a happy smile stretched across his features “ you… you still lost but I love you and I want to give you kisses anyways” the brunette grinned before pouncing onto Arthur who was on the couch and brought his lips into a passionate kiss of love. Arthur happily kissed him back, tangling his fingers in the Spaniards soft and fluffy hair to pull him closer. Soon the kiss broke as both needed air but they pressed their foreheads together and nuzzles one and other.
“ I love you… always know that” Arthur smiled. While the other male laughed softly.
“ I know.. I know and as I love you too” he says before swooping Arthur up into his arms. “ now I would say we are both quite dirty from that work out… so… bath?” he asks
“ together? ” Arthur asks in a hopeful tone.
“ well of course, no hush or else I might just have to kiss you again”
“ well then I wont ever shut up”
The brunette grinned before putting him down just to kiss him again happily. God how he loved his Arthur and God how Arthur loved his Antonio.


Modeling and Something More - Dylan Sprayberry Imagine

Modeling and Something More - Imagine

Prompt/Request: Omg so like what if you did a Dylan Sprayberry imagine were the reader is a grungey rebellious model/actress. And Dylan and Her have a photoshoot together,maybe you can add a smut-ish make out session like when they are in there dressing rooms??

A/N: OMG so I wrote this and had so much fun! I didn’t write the smut part though. This is nothing like what I usually write but it was a change. Im so sorry if the kiss scene was awkward since I didn’t know how to write a hot makeout session. The ending is kind of bad but I don’t know.. Anyways this one is kind of long so yeah! Nonetheless, I hope the person who requested this enjoys this anyway and tells me what they think about it. PS: THIS IS THE CLOSEST I HAVE EVER/WILL WRITE TO SMUT. (maybe ;) ALSO, I KNOW THIS ISNT TW BUT ITS DYL SPRAYBERRY AND I PRODUCE WHAT MY READERS WANT :D

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Word Count:  2004


Originally posted by trettbalbot

Your POV

I made my way towards the studio I was expected to be in 5 minutes for the photoshoot with another male model. Of course I was familiar with who I was going to be working with. Heck, he was a good friend of mine.

My heels tapped against the marble tiles as I walked into the empty and open elevator ahead of me. I pressed the button of the elevator, the button showing a lit up number 6. As the elevators closed and began to move, I went on my phone to check any new updates. Being a model and actress at the same time gets your life pretty busy. Especially if you’re known as the bad girl-rebellious famous person. I check my Instagram and it’s not long until I’m finally on the 6th floor of the building.

The doors open and I’m greeted with the fresh smell of coffee and people working. From where I was standing, I could already see the photographer and makeup artist working today. I think the noise of the elevator attracted the attention of everyone as I stepped out of it. Everyone but my manager, Beth who was already holding her notebook and yelling at everyone.

“Has anyone seen Y/N? She’s supposed to be here in 2 minutes!” She growled, scribbling in the pages of her notebook.

I chuckled silently as I snuck up behind her and tapped her shoulder. “Calm down Beth, I’m here. Relax.”

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HC: The differences between my Draco and Scorpius (in bed) 

Draco - 

  • Gay. Gayer then Gay. Boy saw a vagina once and told himself never again. 
  • Didn’t have his first kiss until 4th year, and then only reason that happened was because Pansy thought it was romantic. It wasn’t
  • not sexually active until after the war. 
  • His first time was with a dark haired boy in france. They were both drunk and Draco wanted to feel something, a freedom of some kind, it was messy and sloppy, but the boy certainly knew how to use his mouth. 
  • he topped until he and blaise met up for a weekend and he mentioned wanted to try bottoming. 
  • blaise offered and it as life changing in the way that he knew that he liked it better then anything else. 
  • He gets super turned on when someone is kissing his neck, there is a stretch of skin that gets him to melt and demand his partner to take off there pants at that moment. 
  • The Toppy-est Bottom ever. 
  • He is not afraid to demand, tell his partner how he wants it, egg them on. 
  • He enjoys being worshiped he would not mind laying back and just lettin his partner do all the work
  • and harry does that, like he will kiss and touch every inch of Draco’s skin and it will drive him wild
  • Draco is not very loud
  • its a lot of intake of breaths and little gasps and a few moans here and there, but he was always taught that sex is something fairly private therefor he is worried about being to loud 
  • he’s not very kinky, like he has a few fantasies, but nothing he has acted on. 
  • Draco is a cuddler, as much as he tries to deny it, and he does, it always seems to find his way back into his partners arms, or his head on their chest. 


  • Don’t even try defining his sexuality. but if you had to put a label on it, Pansexual is the closest thing. 
  • Except he doesn’t let emotions get involved, so he treats gender like its a hair color, - all the colors are nice, but its really how you dress it up. 
  • He had his first kiss in 3rd year with Rose Weasley in Hogsmead, it was a quick peck that only happened because of some mistletoe outside of the Weasley Wizard Weases - Hogsmead branch. Ron saw - he was pissed. 
  • His first time was with a 6th year student when he was in fourth year, he and Al had been taking bets on how many people they could snog before Christmas, and it went a little farther then that for Score, he was the first one to loose his virginity. 
  • His first time with a man was in 5th year with Albus, they had been fighting, neither particularly enjoying the game of quidditch had picked up boxing and fighting as a good way to not only stay in shape but get their agression out. Wrestling on the floor caused some… body reactions, which lead to awkward laughing then to snogging then to shagging. 
  • Scorp bottomed from the start, Al was naturally more dominant in bed and he also came to the realization that if he wanted to fuck something he could find a girl, but if he wanted to get fucked it had to be a bloke.  
  • Biggest turn on is some one playing with his hair, he will literally melt, and Albus likes to abuse this knowledge, not to get laid but to get Scorpius to agree to what ever he says. 
  • Score likes it rough, he likes biting and hickeys and sometimes blood. He gets off on being bruised, and while he enjoys it on his skin he can’t stand it if he bruises or hurts his partner, except for Al, who likes it just as rough
  • Scorp is quiet with women, grunts and hard breathing, but he moans and cries and screams with men. 
  • He is very kinky, wants to try all sorts of things, although he often gets in over his head, he has no issue giving up control. 
  • Is cuddler, he loves to admit it to, he loves hugging and clinging to anything and anyone, post sex, pre sex, just hanging out, he is always touching some one. 
JB Imagine

JB- “i swear it didn’t mean anything..”

For @seventimeseleven
You press the button to the 6th floor and let the doors close. You can barely hold in your smile. It The time was two in the afternoon and JB had told you that he hadn’t eaten lunch, so, in an effort to be a good girlfriend, you decided to surprise him with one of his favorite foods. The elevator dinged and you stepped outside, walking through the hallways to the room where Got7 usually practices.
As you near the door, you hear music, If You Do is playing. You peak through the door, wanting to see them practice since this was one of your favorite choreographies. Instead of seeing all of the members though, you see only JB, shirtless, practicing by himself. You grin, watching him practice, his body moving swiftly to the music and his brows furrowed in concentration. A layer of sweat was forming over his chest and forehead, he looked extremely good, and you couldn’t wait for the song to end so you could walk in.
As soon as the music stopped, you heard someone applauding him. The choreographer or one of the members is probably in there with him.
You wait a few more seconds while you try to rearrange the meal you’ve brought him, and as soon as you’re about to go in, you see a figure slide into view. It wasn’t another member, and it sure as hell wasn’t the choreographer.
A girl walked up to JB and stroked his arm, then the both of them started giggling, as she kissed his lips.
You felt your heart drop to your stomach. Your head was filled with thoughts flying back and forward, and you felt the tears begin to sting your eyes. You placed the food down, making just enough noise to draw their attention. JB’s head turned to face you, his mouth dropping in shock. Before he could even turn to run after you stormed away and into the elevators . He called and called for you but you didn’t even turn back, you just picked up your pace and went inside the elevator. You heard his footsteps near as you pressed the button of the 1st floor and the button to shut the doors.
Just before they could close, JB pressed the elevator button and pushed the doors open.
“Babe.” He said, out of breath.
“Stop, get out.” You said, pushing him out with his hands. He was now between to doors of the elevator, holding them open.
“No, Y/N, it’s not what it looks like.”
“Oh it’s not? So you were shirtless and dancing for her with the lights dimmed, then she comes and touches you and you two start giggling and kissing. We’re done JB.” You push the button again, not managing to do anything since he was holding them.
“Baby no, I swear it didn’t mean anything, she’s a trainee I was just-”
“Just dancing for her shirtless? I brought you lunch JB, because you told me you hadn’t eaten. This is what I get for trying to be a good girlfriend?” You scoffed.
Your head was pounding and all you needed was to get home because you were exhausted.
You managed to get him out with one effortless push, since he finally complied and stumbled back.
The doors shut and you started moving down, finally letting all the tears come.
Sorry it was late guys, I had a lot of school work to do and my family has a shit ton of birthdays in January so it was a party every weekend.

the ra for each floor is in charge of one event in the time leading up to classes starting and tonights is being run by the 6th floor ra whos a friend of mine and its spooky movies and i trust him to pick Good Spooky and not just gross gore fests so i have assembled a very good Pajama Ensemble to go down and snack and watch movies at 8

for the record i am wearing a shirt w a lil embroidered planet on it that says ‘i need space’, lavendar pajama pants w stars, pink moons, and pink cats in space helmets, and pink gold and blue alien socks. amazing, truly.


Summation of prompt: reader is kidnapped, BAU helps her recuperate, and she eventually joins the team and falls in love with Spencer.

My computer rage-quit this story and I lost it, so hopefully this second copy will be better than the first.  And this will be my only one today since it is so involved.

Here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

It had taken you nearly two years to recuperate from your kidnapping.  It was graduation day for the Academy, and despite your three Master’s within three different areas of psychology, you had still managed to find the time to graduate with your class.

Granted, you were a few years older than them, but just because you found your passion late in life doesn’t mean it wasn’t valid.

Your aspiration was to join the BAU.  They were gods in the schoolyard talk, and you dreamed of one day working with them.

Until you were taken from your bed in the middle of the night.

You remember the sobs of your other classmates, their training being blown out the window as he continued to drug the 8 of you to keep you asleep.

You remember your mind screaming out for help but not being able to move your lips.

And you remember the BAU coming to your rescue.

And after all of the pictures and all of the trials and all of the testimony, the tech guru only known as Garcia had found an article clipping somewhere where you had stated that if you ever made it into the BAU, that you considered that the height of your profession.

And they decided to take you in.

Rossi would come over with freezer meals, making sure you never had an excuse to not eat.  Morgan would come and sit on your porch at night sometimes, waiting until you fell asleep until you felt comfortable enough in your own home again to fall asleep by yourself.

Garcia even sent brightly-colored knick-knacks that you set up around the house, thankful to see at 2 am when you woke up with night sweats.

But the one who came over the most was Dr. Reid.

Spencer was very accommodating.  You got the feeling that he was lonely, which is why he didn’t mind sitting with you in silence, or reading his books aloud, or eating dinners with you even when you didn’t feel like eating.

And you came to enjoy his presence.

You started smiling whenever he showed up.  You started talking with him about childhood memories and your favorite hobbies.

You even opened up a little bit about the night you were taken…

And after an especially emotional trip down memory lane, his own walls and insecurities came tumbling down when he tried to wrap his arms around you for a hug.

And that was when your mind caved.

You can still remember the sweating of your palms, the heaving of your chest as your body struggles to bring air into your lungs.  You remember the crushing weight of panic on your chest as the physical pain ricochets through your body.

You remember the tremors as Spencer pulls back, his face filled with worry and horror as he holds out his hands, catching you as you fell back into the corner, your head vigorously shaking ‘no’ as you try to slap his hands away.

And that’s when you looked up at him with your tear-stained eyes and said…

“I’m not alright, Spencer.”

And for him, that was all it took.

He started researching the psychologists around the area, narrowing it down to two of the top ones in the city that owed the BAU a favor.

He even insisted he go to the initial appointments with you, just to scope out a bit further to make sure you were in good hands.

He was such a sweetheart.

Much to his surprise, after booking another appointment with the male psychologist, you ended up seeing him 3 times a week for 10 solid months before he would convince you that the only way to go with your aversion to human touch was immersion therapy.

“It starts simple,” you remember him stating, “you find someone that you trust to come to your appointments, and we start with just fingers.  Touching the pads of the fingers together.  And then we wait.  I’ll help you count, stabilize your breathing, give you positive things to think about, and when the anxiety of being touched rolls over, you and your partner will pull back, take a deep breath, and try it again.  And you do it over and over until the knee-jerk reaction is gone.”

“A-a…and then what?” you stuttered.

“And then you progress to hands.  Placing the palms of your hands within one another’s, and you work your way up.  Forearms, then whole arms, then touching of legs, hands on the back.  Things of that nature with the exact same calming patterns I’m teaching you now, until the reaction is gone.”

Nodding slowly, you swallow hard as you twirl your fingers around your long-sleeved shirt.

“With someone I trust?” you ask.

“With someone you trust,” the psychologist reassures you.

And you knew exactly who to ask.

Spencer obliged without a second thought.  His boss said that, unless it was imperative, he could stay back at HQ with the lovely Garcia until we got through my session, which would be numerous and frequent, in order to not allow the reaction to settle back in.

What you didn’t realize was that you would continue to exercises outside of the sessions.

“Now that we have gotten to hand-holding, I expect you guys to be doing these exercises outside of this office,” the psychologist had said.

“Wait, what?” you ask, your head whipping up to him as Spencer’s eyes settle on your face, not realizing his thumb is tracing soothing circles along the top of your hand.

But all the psychologist did was look down and smile.

So that’s what you guys did.  Spencer spent more and more time at your home, randomly taking your hand and coaxing you through the calming methods until one day, about a week later, out of nowhere, Spencer walked up beside you in the kitchen and took your hand in his.

And you didn’t react.

According to Spencer, it had taken you 3 minutes and 12 seconds to notice he was there, holding your hand, and when you had finally looked down to see what was causing the pressure on your hand, your heart rate didn’t speed up.

And your palms didn’t sweat.

And your chest didn’t heave.

And the panic didn’t waft.

Smiling brightly as your mouth unhinges, you spring from your seat and do a little dance, shaking your butt around the kitchen as Spencer laughs at your gyrating, his hands clapping together as he watches this girl, whom he has grown to care for and provide comfort for for a little over a year now, celebrate her first real victory in his presence.

And he loved it.


You had sent Spencer off that morning with the usual: his mug full of sugar-highed coffee, his brown messenger bag, clean clothes on his back, and a one-armed hug that you were able to finally work yourself up to over the course of the next year.

But you had slipped him a note in the process.

Getting into work, he shoved his keys in his pocket, feeling around for the random piece of paper as he crinkles his face and slides it out.

There’s a manila envelope in your bag.  Please give it to your boss.

Dropping the note and scurrying through his bag, he pulls out the sleek envelope, tucking his coffee under his arm as he flips the folder over, quickly working at the metal tongs as he throws the top open and works the papers out.

And his eyes began to water.

“You are so ready for this,” he murmurs, shoving the papers back into the folder and running for the elevator.


“Are you sure she’s ready?” Hotch asks, looking up at Spencer pensively as he nods his head.

“Yes.  She is beyond ready,” he says.

“Look,” Hotch says, sighing through his nose as he puts the envelope down, “I know the two of you have grown close since her kidnapping, but this is very unorthodox…taking someone onto the team that we have previously saved.”

“Well, then take that out of the equation.  If you were to be handed her resume, no name, no date of birth, and asked whether or not this person would be qualified to do the job,” he rambles as he sits down, “would you hire them?”

Sighing as Hotch glances back down at the envelope, he lets out a light chuckle and shakes his head.

“Without a shadow of a doubt,” he says.

“Then there’s your answer,” Spencer says.

And as Hotch looks back up at him, a warning glare in his eye, Spencer quickly adds in, “…sir.”


As you rushed into the FBI building, your hands fiddling with your hair one last time, you hear the ding of the elevator as you step out onto the 6th floor, the team turning around and giving you big, bright smiles.

“Y/N!” Morgan exclaims, coming near you and holding his arm out.

Eyeing him pensively, you feel a light tremor develop in your hand as you hold your arm out, quickly embracing him before he pulls back quickly.

“That was good,” he says, flashing you a warm smile as your brow furrows.

“You know?” you ask.

“We all do,” Hotch says, crooking his finger for you to come up to his office.

As the team gives you various thumbs up’s and good luck’s, you catch Spencer’s reassuring smile, a light nod in your general direction as you walk up the stairs, rounding the corner into Hotch’s office.

“Take a seat,” he says, motioning you to sit down.

“Thank you for your time,” you say, keeping your professional voice in check despite the nerves crashing through your system.

“Your resume is incredibly impressive,” he says, a shadow of a grin playing on his 5 o’clock shadow as you smile.

“Thank you, sir,” you say.

“I’m more concerned with your psychological state,” he says, setting your folder down and holding his hands to look at you.

“All of the files from my psychologist, and all of the tests he has done, and all of their outcomes-”

“Yes, yes I know they’re in there,” he says as he holds up his hand to you.

Nodding as you close your mouth, your eyes search his face as you place your hands in your lap, fiddling with your fingernails nervously.

“What is your relationship with Dr. Reid?”

The question caught you off-guard.


Pausing, you realize that you hadn’t really thought of that yourself.

What was your relationship with Spencer.

“Take your time,” Hotch says, bringing you back to reality.

“I suppose I…I love him,” you say breathlessly.

As silence fills the room at your new-found admission, you huff lightly to yourself as a smile graces your lips.

“I love Dr. Reid, Mr. Hotchner,” you repeat again, your eyes meeting his as his brow furrows even deeper.

“I am in love with Spencer,” you whisper to yourself as you shake your head, your smile beginning to ache your cheeks as you bring your hands to your face, covering your reddening skin.

“That is a serious thing to consider if I want to hire you to this team,” Hotch says, his voice stern, yet slightly wavering.

“I understand,” you say, bringing your involuntary smile back up to him, your eyes widening in surprise as you are met with a smiling Hotch.

“If I hire you, the two of you can’t be in the field together.  At all.  And the moment it affects your work relationship, you need to understand that you will be the one to go.  Not him.”

“Understood,” you say, nodding in punctuation as the smile continues to beam on your face.

“Then…there’s only one thing left to say,” Hotch says as he stands and walks out from behind his desk.

“Welcome to the team, Y/N,” he says as he holds out his hand.

But as you stand up, you hold your arm out to bring him in for one of your one-armed hugs that you had now just gotten used to.

You knew you had taken him by surprise, but in a pleasant way.

“You’re doing well,” he says, patting you on the back as he ushers you over to the door.

“We’ll get you a gun issued as well as a photo ID, and in the meantime, here’s your badge,” he says as he places it in your hands before opening his office door.

Walking out onto the balcony as the team looks up, you look over at Hotch as he nods before you throw your fist into the air, your badge in full view of the bullpen as they begin to whoop and holler.

“Welcome to the team, baby!” Morgan says as he claps.

Finally…another girl!” J.J. yells.

“Oh.  My.  God!” Garcia squeals.

Running down the stairs, tears in your eyes, you feel the team reach out to give you a hug, a huge smile plastered on your already aching cheeks as they wish you their congratulations and praise you on a job well done in your immersion therapy.

And as you pull away from them all, the sea of people parting, you find a teary-eyed Spencer, a smile stretched across his beautiful cheeks as he quickly wipes away a tear that was threatening to pour down his face.

“Congratulations, Y/N,” he croaks.

Taking off running, you barrel down the hallway of people, spring-boarding off of your feet and into the air, Spencer’s arms thrusting themselves out instinctively to catch you as your arms latch around his neck and your legs wrap around his waist.

And before you could think twice, you had crashed your lips into his, his hand coming up to cup the base of your head as you tilt your head off to the side, your tongue probing for his as he holds you close, his body swaying the two of you lazily side to side.

“Way to go, Reid,” Rossi mumbles into Morgan’s ear.

Pulling back from the kiss, your chest panting for breath as you look into his beautiful hazel eyes, his hand comes around and dances across your face, his fingers like powdered snowflakes against your skin as his eyes finally draw in to meet yours, his gaze soft and angelic.

“I love you, Y/N,” he says.

“And I love you,” you respond as you wrap your arms around him again, digging your face into the crook of his neck as you commit his scent to memory, his arms wrapping around your waist and holding you close.

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Is there more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good looking? If there is, The Wicked + the Divine will never know. Join Kieron Gillen talking to Jamie McKelvie, Kevin Wada, and Stephanie Hans as they talk about creating really, really, really ridiculously good looking comics.

Should be a good time, love Jamie and Kieron and I can’t wait to talk shop with them and Stephanie!  See you in a week, skittles!

Public Staircase Facial

I had an ex that used to live in a tower apartment with me. We would have to go down from our 7th floor apartment to the basement to do laundry. We were usually up late and one night well past midnight we were getting a little kinky in the laundry room. She would sit in the corner by the wall and suck on my cock while I folded the clothes, and if we heard a noise we would stop. This one night in particular we are going at it and all of a sudden somebody comes down the elevator so I quickly put away my stiffy, but I was really close. She kept giving me these looks like she wanted me to finish but the other lady, who was older, was taking a long time with her laundry. So in order not to look suspicious we left and I told her we should take the stairs up (mind you this is 8 floors). We walked in the stairwell and walked up half a flight so that there was no way we could be seen without hearing a door open first. I stopped and pulled my cock back out while she got back on her knees to take care of it. We were getting really horny and I told her to take off her shirt.

Before a few minutes were up, she was topless and just in her thong on her knees blowing me in the stairwell. She was barely 19 and had really perky tits and a sexy small white girl’s ass. I was getting really excited and I told her I was about to cum. She looked at me all excited, you could tell she liked doing it in open places. The thought of being caught really made her act like a whore. I could tell I was about to blow so I told her to lean back and she said “Wait, you’re not gonna cum on my face are you? how am i gonna clean it up?” I told her not to worry about it and that she could clean up once we walked up the stairs and got to our apartment. She said “What if somebody sees us?” To which I told her just to act casual. You could tell she wasn’t sure about this being that she was naked, but I wasn’t gonna give her enough time to make up her mind. I started stroking slower cuz I was almost there and then I shot my first rope on her most of which landed in her hair and a little on the forehead. The next shot landed straight on her forehead in a glob that dripped down just a little onto her nose. The next one streaked across her face and cheek, and the rest of them covered her lips and all over the rest of her face. Just then, we heard the door open beneath us and footsteps start up. We looked down to see the other lady who was in the laundry room staring up at us in shock and she said “Wow, I thought you two were up to something when I walked in, looks like you finished up.” I just stood there mortified with my cock out and my ex said “Sorry, we just assumed you would take the elevator back up.” The lady replied, “It’s ok, I’ve never actually seen a facial on another girl before, it looks really sexy on you.” She said “Thanks, I take them all the time, it’s a lot of fun.” As she walked by us she took a glance at my cock and told me I did a good job and I thanked her for it. Then we started our 8 floor climb. As we passed the 5th or 6th floor we passed a group of two younger girls, must have been 18 or so who saw her topless and with my cum still on her face. They giggled and walked past while trying to pretend they weren’t looking. Once we got to our floor we walked down the length of our hallway, my giant load on her face the whole time. It was one of the best sex experiences I have ever had.

Interview of Songsong after All-round: She did not medal, but won the hearts of the audience


Before the final score of the competition came out, Shang chunsong was already wiping her tears. As expected, she was knocked down to fourth with a minute difference of 0.116. 

Shang Chunsong: I’m disappointed, as I feel I could have clinched bronze. 

It is Songsong’s performance during the competition from which she obtained her confidence of medal-ling. She was in the 3rd group of the competition. During qualification, she put up a lackluster performance due to her cold. 

Her first rotation for today is balance beam, one of her strongest apparatus with a difficulty of 6.6. She executed it almost perfectly, but only scored a 14.833 with a 6.4 difficulty. Her inquiry was also rejected by the judges. 

Shang Chunsong: I feel that I was underscored on beam, as I have performed even better this time than during team final. However, the decision is solely on the judges and I cannot control my score in anyway. 

Songsong’s sequence of apparatus of having floor exercise as the second apparatus is advantageous to her, as floor exercise is extremely draining. She put up a good show on the event as well, moving up to 6th places after 2 rotations. 

On the other hand, vault is her weakest apparatuses. She scored a 13.833 and was put down to 7th place after 3 rotations. 

Her last event is bars. She managed to pull off a 6.7 set with perfection, also the highest difficulty in the competition. After successfully executing her bars, the almost solemn-looking girl finally showed some smiles. She scored 15.233 on that event, and was temporarily placed 1st during the competition. 

Songsong’s closest competitor during the competition is Mustafina. Her bars routine during the all-round was 0.1 less in difficulty than songsong, but scored 0.533 higher in execution. Even commentor and world champion Chen Yibing, lamented on Weibo after the competition that he is unable to fathom where did that 0.533 difference come from. 

When Mustafina is doing her floor-exercise, Songsong was still chatting with Wang Yan. However, when the score of Mustafina came out, Songsong was stunned. On her weaker event floor, Mustafina scored 13.933, and was 0.116 ahead of Songsong. The two American gymnasts Raismand and Biles then went ahead of Mustafina. As she watched her bronze medal slipped away from her hands, Songsong could not stop her tears.

Songsong: I was sad because how close I was to the podium this time. If the score difference were not as great, I might not be so upset. 

Out of all 24 competitors, Songsong’s D score is third. However, without any significant error, she is only ranked 8th in E score. 

Commentator: Songsong is crying, not because she has been defeated by herself, but because she has been defeated by the judges. She has lost to the “system”, but she has won the hearts of millions of audiences and supporters. She deserves a medal. 

The second flower Wang Yan also did very well, especially on floor, where she placed 3rd. She is 6th overall in the competition. 

Reporter: The distance between Songsong and the medal podium is a mere 0.116, and what is Songsong feeling right now? Betrayed? Disappointed? However, more important, in face of uncontrollable factors, both Chinese girls have put up their best showings and have proven themselves. Both girls are also eligible to apparatus finals, and let’s wish them the best of luck.

School boys and Monsters

It’s beautiful how much I suck at titles. But here is day three of ficsmas, I know it’s late okay I just didn’t have time to write it until now, I was busy doing important work…..that’s important. Shut up I was doing homework. Seriously I just HAD to add the Dean laughing gif because he was just so cute

written by @dean1winchester1dreams1of1pie

And away we go


Being the new girl wasn’t easy.

Being the new girl who was shy as hell made it worse.

Having the locker next to the hottest most popular boy in school made life hell.

You tried opening your locker for the 6th time, you silently cursed your uncle Bobby,

“Y/N, I think school would be good for you” he had said and of course your Aunt Jody agreed with him “I don’t want my girl to just be hunter smart. Book smarts are just as important.

You finally popped it open and stood on the bottom shelf, you were too short to reach the top shelf. You set your notebooks down and hung your bag up. You got down and placed the binder on the floor. You were going to get back up on the shelf to grab the notebook you had accidentally left there when a long arm reached up and grabbed it for you

“Need this?” a deep smooth voice asked

“Thank you Mr. Winchester” You said quietly blushing and picked up your binder from the floor

“You know you can call me Dean” He laughed shutting your locker and opening his own “I’ve been telling you this for three days”

Originally posted by pilesofsmile

“Thank you Dean” you whispered” He grabbed his binder and shut his locker “Anything you for darlin” He smiled and held his hand out.

This was how it had been, On Monday, your first day, he had helped you, and when there was a sudden bang you had reached for your gun, that wasn’t there, and accidentally grabbed his hand instead. Dean figured loud noises scared you so he walked you to your first hour and didn’t let go. When he figured out you guys had second hour together, he did the same. That’s how you figured out you two had the same classes and lunch hour and he would walk with you, holding your hand to every class and at the end of the day he would help you with your locker and you’d part ways. You’d walk home and he’d drive by, his little brother waving at you through the window.

You took his hand and blushed “You know you don’t have to do this, your friends might make fun of you”

“Who cares” he said gently holding your small hands in his much larger ones “I’m helping a friend”

“Friend?” you asked looking up at him.

“Friend” He smiled and the two of you went to class.


Bobby had given you enough lunch money for that day and that was the only reason you didn’t skip it. The lunchroom was a horrible jungle and you hated it. Everything was just one big jumbled mess, full of “You can’t sit here’s, lots of yelling, name calling and cursing. Honestly you would take hunting a ghost over this any day.

“Y/N OVER HERE” Dean called out and you looked over, Dean always saved you a spot, most of the people at his table were nice, Charlie, Cas and Lisa were sweet. But Dick, Ruby and Bella…

You brought your tray over and sat in the seat next to Dean

“Thank you Mr. Winchester” you smiled slightly and he shook his head and laughed

“You’re welcome kid”

Charlie grinned “Hey Y/N, how’s it going” you looked down and pushed your pizza around with your fork “pretty good I guess” you shrugged and she squealed, you looked up alarmed, you didn’t know someone’s voice could go that high.

“I GOT HER TO TALK TO ME” She cheered shaking Castiel who shook his head and sipped his milk.

You giggled and grabbed your milk. You had zero experience opening these, it shouldn’t be that hard. You fought to get the carton opened and after five minutes you huffed and set it down. You didn’t want milk anyway. Dean grabbed it and opened it in two seconds flat. Your mouth dropped open and he handed it to you.

“I loosened it for you” you said smugly and sipped it.

“Of course you did, he said and sipped his own.

You scooted closer to Dean when Ruby, Dick and Bella walked over, you didn’t like them at all and didn’t understand why Dean did. But Bobby taught you not to be rude and Jody reminded you of your manners.

Originally posted by myrazorbladeromance

“Well looked what the cat dragged in” Ruby smiled and sat in the sea next to you

“Ruby be nice!” Dean scolded

Ruby put on a sickly sweet smile, kind of like the demon you ganked last week. Oh the hexes you could curse this girl with

“I’m only teasing, Y/N knows that. Right honey?” Ruby grinned and you could have sworn you saw something flash in her eyes.

You nodded quietly, but Dean didn’t believe it.

“So have you decided who you’re asking to the dance next week?” She asked Dean. He shrugged, “I’ve got my eye on a girl”

Ruby bit her lip “No one at this table right?” he laughed haughtily. You rolled your eyes girls could be so…catty.

“Actually she is” Dean’s eyes flashed with fire. You didn’t like where this was going. You tensed uneasily, you could feel Ruby’s gaze burning through your side.

Just then Charlie jumped up and down “OH MY GOD DEAN I’D LOVE TO GO” Castiel handed her a paper and she held it in Ruby’s face, on accident of course.

“I KNEW YOU LEFT THIS IN MY LOCKER” she gasped and sat in his lap.

Dean burst out laughing and Ruby gritted her teeth “You asked Charlie?”

Originally posted by acklesjensen

Dean blushed and you giggled “Of course he did” Charlie smiled wildly

“He asked his best friend and the girl he’s had his sights on for a while” she kissed his cheek and you had to hold in a laugh.

Ruby got up and glared at Dean “I need to visit the little girl’s room. BELLA” She yelled storming off. Bella glared at Dean and followed her.

Dick got up and sighed, “You couldn’t let me finish my lunch?” Dean smiled apologetically and the four of you watched them walk away.

Charlie sat back in her seat “You owe me Winchester” she smirked.

Originally posted by candiedstars

After lunch Charlie and Cas went off to English and you and Dean walked to art class.

“So I was wondering” Dean said holding your hand, he looked Nervous? That was something you were definitely not used to seeing.

“See the dance is next week and I haven’t really asked anyone because I couldn’t really find the right girl and-”

He was not.

“So you know if you’re free next Friday” he scratched the back of his neck

You shrugged and looked down. You didn’t have any hunts and Bobby and Jody would be so happy. Not to mention Jody would just love to doll you up

“Sure, why not” you hugged your books to your chest and his whole face lit up

“Alright. I’ll pick you up at 7”


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There's something about that guy
This Harry imagine is dedicated to Linzi! Hope u enjoy!
Linzi’s POV
“Your room is 609, it’s on the 6th floor.” The boring looking lady behind the counter said to me, handing me the key to my room.  “Okay. thanks” I said cooly.  “You’re pretty lucky.” The lady added.  “Like how?” I ask, getting a bit confused. “We are hosting the boys from One direction tonight, and tomorrow. They are on their tour ya know.” She explained. I could tell she was really excited but tried to hide it. “Not every girl gets to be in a same hotel as them, you know, with a permission.” She laughed. “Oh cool..” I answered. I’m not really a fan of One Direction. I mean their music it’s cool and all but not excatly my kind of music. To girly. “Well have a good time. Hope you enjoy!” She said. “Thankss..” I nodded and faked a smile.  I walked to the elevator and soon I was on the 6th floor and walked to my room. There were guards on the hallway, Soon as they saw me, they stared at me for a moment.  “What?” I snapped at them. “Do you have a permission to be here. It’s on private use for tonight and tomorrow.” “My room is on the end off the hallway you dumpass” I groaned and showed my key to them. “Okay miss, sorry for a misunderstanding.” One of the guards apologized. I just nodded and walked past them. I mumbled few things under my breath. I put my key to my lock but for some reason, the lock didn’t open. I groaned and tried again. Nothing. “Open you stupid door or I’ll break you open!!” I shouted to the door. I heard the guards laughing.  “Seeing something amusing?-” I asked, getting angry . “-Well get your asses here and break that fucking door you assholes!!” I almost screamed, getting really frustrated. “Mabye you should check the key in the lobby” One of them suggested. Oh yes..the lobby. I didn’t think of that. “Well mabye I will” I said, storming to the elevator and almost hit the stupid green button that said LOBBY  The doors opened and the whole lobby was full of media, guards and some screaming girls. I pushed my way to the counter. There were 5 boys, with their bags and few guards. I saw the boys talking to the same lady who gave me the key. I got to admit, they looked pretty damn good. But one of them was by far the most attractive. He was tall and strong looking, curly haired hunk. With amazing facial expressions, strong jawline, huge hands and super wide shoulders, and big muscular arms, het got my jaw dropped to the floor. I was staring at his perfect figure, with wide eyes. He turned his head to look at me. A wide smile on his face, cute dimples showing, and his curles gettin’ wiped. I quickly looked away, coming back to reality. I remembered the apparently broken or wrong key. All the frustration came back. I waited for about 5 minutes next to them. Trying to avoid eye contact with that super hot boy. I was getting bored waiting my turn. One of the boys, another tall and handsome man with a birthmark on his neck was chatting with the lady. Doesn’’t he see that I’m here, waiting..“Yeah so what activites you have here, we were hoping that you have-” “Yeah yeah they have it alright, now move!” I snapped at him, and walked to him and pushed him away from the counter. He gasped a little. “Excuse me-” He started to say, getting angry.  “Save it big boy. Now it’s my turn. I’ve waited about 10 minutes already and I’m not patient and I don’t give a shit about your activites, so back off!” I snapped at him. He frozed. The hot boy started to chuckle a bit. I turned to look at him, and he grinned at me, and gave me a wink. I blushed and turned my head quickly to face the lady.  “Yeah my key doesn’t work. I need a new one.” I explained the situation to the lady who looked at me, her eyes widened. Probably she was still bit shocked about my actions. “Some service please…” I groaned, hitting the bell next to the counter. The lady coughed a bit.  “’s a new one.” She said, and gulped.  “Thank you!” I smiled proudly. “Here’s the old one. Fix it or something..” I said, throwing the key to her.  I turned around to walk away. “Oh sorry about the last one. No hard feelings” I said to the guy who I snapped at , and tapped his shoulder. He just smiled and nodded. I walked back to the elevator, pressed the CLOSE DOORS -button and wait them to close. They almost closed, but someone pressed the button from outside and they opened. I groaned until I saw the same hunky guy who I had an eyecontact with. He stepped to the elevator. I notice that the other ones were still on the counter.  “Hello” He said, with a deep british accent. That accent just gave me shivers. “Hii” I said smiling up to him. Boy he IS tall! “I’m Harry” He smiled, and gave his large hands to me to shake. I shaked his hand with my tiny one. That size difference.. “Linzi"  "What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl” He grinned, his dimples showing.  “Thanks…” I blushed and moved one of my red curles behind my ear.  “So Linzi, you were pretty frustrated back there” Harry chuckled. I grinned. “Yeah.. I’m not usually like that. And please tell your friend-” “Liam” Harry added. “-yes Liam, tell Liam that I’m sorry and I didn’t mean to be nasty back there” I giggled. “Haha don’t worry. He’s fine. By the way, what’s your room number?” Harry asked, watching his own key. “609"  "Mine is 608” He smiled. “Yay we are neighbours” He chuckled. “Haha good! Wallneighbours to be excact” I added, and grinned. I looked up to Harry, who was staring at me.  “What? Do I have lipstick on my teeth?” I asked, looking immediatly to the elevators mirror. “Haha no. You just have so beautiful brown eyes.” Harry said, looking me via the mirror. I smiled to our reflection. “I like your green ones!” I chimed, looking at Harry. “Your lips look good too” He said cheekily, biting his lower lip. That lip biting was always my weak part. I breathed heavily, and turned to face Harry. Hil lips were so perfect, soft and plump. I bit my lower lip too. He moved a bit closer to me, and bend down. He closed his eyes as his perfect lips crashed onto mine’s. I gasped a bit, closed my eyes and started to move my lips against Harry’s. Our lips were working synced. He grabbed my ass with his huge hands as I wrapped my hands around his neck. In a second, I was lifted up. Harry pushed me lightly against the elevator wall and forced his tongue to my mouth. I wrapped my legs around his torso and squeezed his perfect curles. Our lips fitted together perfectly and the feeling being in Harry’s arms was so special.  All I could imagine was his hard member thrusting into me. Nasty… I came out from my thoughts when I heard the elevators bell rang. The doors opened slowly. Harry put me down and and smiled at me. I grinned and bit my lower lip. “You have lipstick right there” I said as I wiped it away from his lips with my thumb. “So..would you like to go on a date with me?” He asked, trying to act as cool as possible when he saw the guards.  “We’ll see” I winked at him. And walked out of the elevator.