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Hey, dogs are good.

Now that we’ve actually seen the trailer for 2x18. And actually all remembered that Lena has an ex-boyfriend. And apparently they are actually going to make out to some degree (under mind control or no), let’s all remember that Rahul Kohli is an actual sweetheart, probably got on extremely well with Katie (because they’re both nerdy as fuck) and not send him hate via Twitter or Insta during the hiatus (or at any time at all really)? Because that’s rude. He’s nice. Leave him alone. Also remember he has gifted us pictures of actual cryptid Katie McGrath too.

so did he just have those glasses ready to go or what

“leave the devs alone!!!!! they are trying their best!!!!! we should be thanking them for the game!!! be positive!!!!”

yea okay but did anyone tell u that u can in fact….be hyped as hell for andromeda but…..recognize there might be some problems with how they’ve marketed the game as a whole, especially their complete sidelining of lgbt+ romances? they’re completely selling this game on the “pretty good banging” and yet the only romances we’ve seen so far are straight romances? and??? people aren’t supposed to be the least upset or frustrated that sara has had 0 cinematic trailers??? bioware has marketed themselves on their inclusiveness and im sorry…..i just haven’t seen it yet

also, shocker:

they’re adults able to take constructive criticism!!! like adults!!!!!! amazing 

Golly jeepers. Look at that sky. It’s beautiful.

You know what else is beautiful?

This unholy abomination I created last night.

But you know what ELSE ELSE is beautiful?


Yes, you! You have so much potential just waiting to be reached. Don’t worry- you don’t have to reach it all at once. Let’s just promise to stretch for it a little bit today, yeah? You and I, we’ll make it just fine.

I hope you have a lovely day, and if not, I hope that you have the courage to believe that lovely days are on their way.

(P.S., Don’t forget your agua! Hydration makes a big difference!)

Cheap Socials

(or a short brainstorm of easy things to do with friends that don’t cost a bunch of $$)

Since we’re always focused on studying & sometimes you just need an easy break.

  • Driving somewhere for a day trip (or a night trip)
  • Book share! Grab books from the library & just kick it. 
  • Baking! (a lil more expensive but there’s something about getting some brownie mix and baking it that brings bonding)
  • Studying together!
  • Window shopping. 
  • Just walks in the park/hikes. 
  • If you’re walking, pick some dandelions with the fluffy tops and make a wish! (if you want, make it competitive and see who can make the most wishes)
  • Sleepovers! Just bring yourself and your body wash. 
  • Go to the city pool and have a nice swim depending on your mood/the season. 
  • Go to some high school’s sports game and have a good laugh.
  • Buy some seeds and start growing them. 
  • Go on a photo walk! Pick a subject (i.e. trees or dogs or weird signs) and just take photos of that thing for an hour.
  • Attend a city/government forum and just observe. 
  • Go people watching at a park or the mall!
  • Go to a drugstore/neighborhood marker and buy a few things you actually need, like garbage bags and toothpaste, and then a couple cheap, fun things, like different flavours of bubble gum.
  • Goof off with Snapchat filters!
  • Go stargazing in a local park/clearing/your roof. 
  • Roam at night with a milkshake and fries from a fast food joint. 
  • Go to a dog park and pet all the puppers.

Note that none of these activities have to be done with anyone else. If you’re not feelin’ other people, that’s okay! Go and have fun on your own!! 

All the love, darlings!

~ elle (@etudesthetics)


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“Muses” - Jikook Social Media AU

Jimin is a writer who is struggling with his creativity and Jungkook is a YouTuber who travels and paints all of the places he visits. What happens when they become each other’s muses without knowing?


Painting credit: imideviant from DeviantArt (it’s really good)



“Social media it’s just the market’s answer to a generation that demanded to perform. So the market said “Here, perform everything to each other all the time for no reason." It’s prison, it’s horrific, it is performer and audience melded together. What do we want more than to lie in our bed at the end of the day and just watch our life as a satisfied audience member?”


You’ve described having a love/hate relationship with social media:
Social media helps people communicate. That’s just a part of [the] reality we’re living today. That’s how people get their news, that’s how people share news back in the day you had to actually watch the news on television or read the paper. Now, everything is so instantaneous because of social media. I don’t like to share too much of my private life because to me it just doesn’t feel right. I do sometimes because I may think a moment is funny, cute or harmless. But it’s also an opportunity to do a lot of good. It really is.

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