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“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters



You acted like the bad guy in front of her, but I know you’re hurt inside. I was aiming for that.


Two different runs of Lost Canals of Manderville Toilet [7-23 and 7-29].  First time[7-23] we got a bit too lucky on the last room.  Many friends left us a bit overwhelmed. XD  But last night we did the thing and came out on top!  I have to say this place is a lot of fun but more so is the people we run it with!

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Flamethrower Fanworks Masterpost

Yep I’ve decided that @deadcatwithaflamethrower ( Flamethrower ) gets a dedicated masterpost.  WARNING MANY OF THESE CONTAIN SPOILERS!!

After all I have written poems for:

Qui/Obi across multiple fics (listed in the poem tags)

Pipes Play and Choirs Sing



Re-Entry (+ Re-Entry Journey of the Whills)

We Exist
Veils and Masks (What Lies Beyond)
A Quiet Love
No Words Needed
Best Kept Secret
Ironwood Blue

Not a Chosen One (submission)
Not a Chosen One (art version)
Kenopsia (submission)
Fuck You I Win *a Venge theme song

Swung by Serafim

Restorative Draught
sense  (art version)
Friends from Allies
All’s Well
(no) happy ending
drums beat deep beneath
Sing Sorrow
Deceiving Appearances
The Unicorn and the Thestral
Fire and Flame
This Is It
It isn’t Over
(oops i forgot to title this one)
mask (hey this one has a name similar to one of the early ones XD)
Never Again
And Yet
Year’s End
freely given

AU: What even is this (an Ending Scene) (ficlet)

Of a Linear Circle

Stay Close

Ashlesha (Awaken the Stars #1) 

Refuse to Die
Take My Arms that I Might Reach You (Audio Link)
This is Love

Euan Debates His Life Choices (fic)  (AO3)
Draw Me (fic) (AO3)

(please note that July is an AU and Draw Me takes place in that AU)

Listen Tumblr might be a great big shithole but I met the person I love most in the whole world on this shithole and I made friendships I wouldn’t trade for anything and what I’m saying is in the dark cesspit of this hell some of the interpersonal relationships are the only bright points.

hi im sarah and ive been stanning jeremy shada since season 1 of adventure time and he’s the reason i got into voltron in the first place, im here to bring u the latest news of his career


Y’all today has been such a good day. I got up early and cleaned up the house, got a call today about college and i’m like now not waitlisted. The voltron hype!! I finished like 3 drawings today, i just gotta color them. so much progress. 

But i’m super excited i got accepted back into my program. LIKE. I have been agonizing over what i would do if i didn’t get back in. I feel so light now, the weight on my shoulders is a little better.  

Home - Joe Sugg

Request: Joe imagine where y/n and joe meet at a club and go home together– next morning she wakes up to joe making breakfast and being sweet/flirty/sexy

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: PSA, there’s double “that that” and “for for” in this so just know it’s not a grammatical error LOL!

I hope you like :)


Everything about him was everything you ever wanted. The way his brown hair fit so perfectly upon his head but was still long enough that you could run your fingers through it. The way his blue eyes shined underneath the lights, it was as if they shined brighter than any star in the galaxy. The way his hands fit so perfectly on your waist, you were sure they were made just for you. His name was Joe and you had no idea that that one little moment would change your entire life.

You had ditched your friends almost immediately after Joe asked to buy you a drink and some time throughout the night, you noticed Joe had done the same. Usually, being alone in a club with a boy you didn’t know was never a good idea but for some reason, you felt so safe and secure with this one, you knew you didn’t need supervision. His arms felt like home to you and that was a feeling you had been searching for for a long time.

Just as Joe brought his lips down to yours, the constant buzzing in your pocket was driving you absolutely mad so you had no choice but to look. Joe removed one hand from your waist and scratched his neck awkwardly as you looked through your messages. Your 38 messages. Your friends were having a discussion in the group chat about whether or not you had died or if you had found a boy. So you sent a quick “Alive.” text and just as you were about to lock your phone, you saw the time. 2:43am.

“I should really get going.” You said, looking up at Joe. You could see the light fade from his eyes and you knew he wanted you to stay just as much as you did. “Care to walk me home? It’s just around the corner…” You suggested, not wanting the night end.

As you two walked down the street, Joe slipped his hand in yours and pulled you closer to him. Although it was beginning to heat up outside, at quarter to three in the morning, it was not warm enough to not be wearing a jacket…something neither of you thought about.

“Is it alright if I grab your number? I’d really like to see you again.” Joe said, as you stood in front of your house.

The thought of Joe wanting to see you again made your heart flutter. You wondered if he had felt it too. Was he thinking of your eyes in the way you were thinking of his? Did you feel like home to him just like he did to you? You smiled as you handed his phone back to him and just as you went to turn around, he took your wrist in his hand. You turned your head to face him and the feeling of home grew even more. His lips were soft, just as the kiss was. There wasn’t too much force within it and for you, it gave you a feeling you never wanted to end.

“Would you like to come in?” You asked, surprisingly. 

This was something you never did. Nights out were always a good time with friends and if you happened to find a boy, great. But you never once went home with them or invited them inside yours. But Joe was different. Being with him was like already being home.

Unlocking the door, you couldn’t even lie to yourself. You knew what you wanted and holding back was not an option. You opened the door and allowed Joe to enter first as you closed the door behind you. Suddenly, your back was pushed up against the door and Joe’s chest was pressed against yours. You looked into his blue eyes that shined through the dark before looking towards his lips. He let out a little smile before closing the gap completely.

As you rolled over the next morning, you noticed the space beside you was empty. The boy had left you. You rolled your eyes as you thought about it. How could I be so stupid? How could I think he was different? As you managed to gather your thoughts, you climbed out of bed, putting on an over-sized t-shirt you had in your closet and headed towards the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee but that’s when you saw him. The boy had stayed.

“Morning love, how do you like your eggs?” He said, looking over at you with a smile on his face. The same smile that had found its way into your heart.

You leaned against the counter as he continued to make breakfast and you couldn’t help but smile. Who knew you’d find home within a club? Who knew you’d find home within a boy? Who knew you’d find home so damn attractive?

“Is everything okay?” He asked, placing the plate of eggs on the counter beside you.

You wrapped your arms around his neck as he placed his hands on either side of you, disabling you from moving…not that you wanted to. You pulled him closer to you and pressed your lips against his, this time feeling him smile into the kiss. You broke apart and looked into the blue eyes that had managed to get you hooked. 

Everything about him was everything you ever wanted. And you couldn’t wait to see where it went.

"Jealous." Grayson Dolan

Requested :)♡

Gray and I don’t usually go on “official” dates, normally just cuddling and watching tv or doing something with Ethan, but tonight he’s taking me on an actual date. Yes, it’s just to the movies, but it’s still something out by ourselves.

He’s been super cute the whole evening; holding my hand, opening doors for me, gazing into my eyes, and paying for everything like a true gentleman. He even let me decide what movie to watch.

“Hey, this is your date too, you can choose the movie.” He purses his lips together and shakes his head. “It’s good, I want you to pick.” So we decide on Finding Dory, which I think Gray will secretly enjoy too.

We stand in line amongst a sea of people waiting to get our popcorn and drinks. I lean my head on his shoulder and hold his hand while his other one rubs up and down my back in a soothing matter. We both look around at the other couples and families with their kids on a night out. People watching is another thing we like to do together. Sometimes we even make up stories about the people we don’t know.

“You see that women in the red top” Grayson nods towards her. “She’s waiting on her husband, Larry, to arrive because she told him they need to do more stuff together to rekindle their relationship and made him agree to seeing a movie. Now he’s late, and she’s getting pissed off because she wore her red top that she thinks he likes.” I giggle at his attempt of a story.

“Ok, ok… I see,” then I see someone I didn’t think I would ever again, at least not now. He sees me too and we lock eyes from across the room. He’s with a group of his friends I remember from a long time ago. He waves to me then sets off towards me.

“Who’s that?” Gray asks in my ear. Before I have a chance to answer he’s already here. “Y/N! Wow, didn’t expect to see you!” He says. “Me neither!” My heart is pounding with nervous anxiety. “Grayson, this is Michael. He and I used to date a long time ago.” I introduce them. I know Grayson wouldn’t be mad Michael’s here, he’s not that type of person. “Nice to meet you man. I’m Grayson, her boyfriend.” Grayson extends his hand and they shake.

“So,” Michael awkwardly rocks back on his feet. “How have you been? I feel like it’s been such a long time.” He asks. “I’m good! Doing great actually.”

“Are you still friends with Sarah?” He asks.

“Oh my god, yes! Do you remember that time when-”

“That’s what I was thinking of too!” Michael and I burst into fits of laughter remembering old times together while Grayson stands off to the side. We reminisce about old times which makes me smile, we did have a great time together back in the day.

Another ten minutes pass of Michael and I having great conversations until Grayson pipes up. “Awesome, well, we’re gonna go.” He tries to grab for my hand and escort me off to the food counter.

“Well, Y/N, it was really nice seeing you.” Michael leans in to give me a hug which I accept. Not two seconds into the hug Grayson harshly bring his hand down on Michael’s shoulder and shoves him away from me.

“Can’t you take a hint?!” Grayson fiercely asks. “Get out of here! She obviously broke up with you for a reason!” He yells at Michael.

“Grayson! What the hell?!” I gasp at him. Michael takes this as his que to leave, silently walking back over to his friends. “Why did you act like that? He was being nothing but polite!” I ask him.

“Yeah, politely trying to get into your pants again.” Grayson knows for a fact that Michael and I never slept together, so I don’t even know why he would say that. We’re next in line to order our drinks and the man behind the register cheerfully asks how he can help us.

“Is he just trying to get into my pants too?” I turn to Gray. “I’m useful for more than just that, Grayson.” I feel my body to rigid at him. Why is he acting like such a douche? I shake my head as I walk away and out of the building. The theatre we’re at is in Santa Monica so I just decide to go walking around by myself. I feel an ache in my chest realizing that Grayson’s not trying to come after me.

I keep walking until I get to the pier and stop and stare. This is where Grayson and I first met. I was walking past him and Ethan with my friends when one of them wanted an autograph. I didn’t know who either of them were, I wasn’t big on Youtubers. But when Grayson and I locked eyes I knew that it was something different.

I lean against a lamp pole lighting up the dark sky and the water, leaving little speckles of light along the waves that come crashing in.

That situation back at the theatre was just too weird! First, I never thought I would see Michael again. Second, I never thought Grayson would act like that to anybody, wether he liked them or not.

The sky keeps getting darker and darker, at least thirty minutes going by. I guess Grayson isn’t coming to get me, so I start walking back to the theatre by myself.

I look up from my shoes and take in a sharp breath. There, I see Grayson standing not ten feet away from me. His eyes are sorrowful and his hair is a mess, probably from running his hands though it so many times.

“I’m stupid.” He simply says. I laugh internally. “Yeah, you are.” He bites at his bottom lip, something he does when he’s nervous.

“I’m sorry for how I acted, I don’t know why I did that. I’ve never been mean like that to someone before… I think that’s because I’ve never had someone like you to protect before. I know Michael has never hurt you and he never will, but I want you all to myself. Yes, that’s selfish, but I’m allowing myself to be selfish with you. I’m in love with you, Y/N, and I’m sorry that I ruined our evening, but I won’t be sorry for how I feel.” He pours out his soul to me staring into my eyes the entire time.

My chest feels warm and my eyes water. “Yes, Michael and I were together for a while. And it was a fun time in my life… but that’s all it was. Fun. No passion, no love, no adventure, no excitement. That’s what you give to me, Grayson.” I step closer to him with each word. “I’m in love with you too, and I’m not sorry either that I’ll probably get jealous as hell over you.” We’re standing face to face now.

Gray looks over his shoulder at a clock on the wall, seeing we’ve missed our show. “Still wanna see a movie with me, Y/N?” He asks so kindly if makes my chest hurt. His eyes look down at me with a little twinkle in them, his rosy cheeks and warm smile giving me life.

“Of Course I would.” He grins at my response, hands coming down to the sides of my face and lips coming down on mine in a frenzied excitement. His deep and passionate kisses fill me with warmth and love. And that’s how I always want it to be.

AU where somehow that group of random characters that Teridax teleported into space instead ended up on Bara Magna, purely so Lewa can finally have a lucky break and flip out over meeting the real Mata Nui who is so cool and hanging out with him

It would also be amazing from the view of the Bara Magnans for all of these gigantic magic cyborgs to turn up and start gasping in awe and bowing to the gold dork who fell out of space, but really the mental image of Lewa just trying to handle talking to the real live Mata Nui is pretty good

Actually I was going to try and give another character’s reaction as an example but there is no character involved I wouldn’t want to see the reaction of. Miserix tactfully reminding Mata Nui that not all Makuta were allied with Teridax so please don’t group him in any plans of revenge for his exile. Helryx not being sure what she was expecting but it certainly wasn’t this. Axonn jabbing his massive finger at Mata Nui and issuing endless “I told you he was real”s at Brutaka. The Matoran searching for the Turaga in the Agori villages. Just everyone having a good time with the Great Spirit and his great friends

Storm accompanied Floyd on tour in America in 1972. He was the only person let loose backstage with a camera, because of his familiarity with the band, and there are a whole bunch of photographs where you get a real sense of intimacy within Pink Floyd that isn’t usually associated with them, and it comes flooding back. You realise these guys were best friends, really close. We were all great friends, having a good time together.
—  Aubrey Powell, MOJO Magazine (May, 2017)
First Time for Everything // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Spencer x Reader’s first time in bed and Reid is a virgin

Requested by: Anonymous

Warnings: Smut(awkward virgin smut at least)

Spencer was completely, irrevocably head over heels in love with you. There was nothing else he was so sure of. There was nothing that would ever change that either.

He had fallen in love with you the moment he set eyes on you, with the way you had walked into the office as their newest member, so young and full of life. Your immediate greeting had been to hug everyone, hugging JJ and Morgan as if you were greeting old friends.

“He has a no touching thing,” Morgan had quickly warned as you had turned towards him. You had simply smiled with no judgement in your eyes and nodded in understanding.

“Very nice to meet you Dr. Reid,” you had greeted, sending a small soldier salute towards him in an effort to break the ice. Spencer had chuckled and nodded, repeating that it was a pleasure.

Every day after you came into the office, hugging everyone before stopping at him.

“Today?” You asked as you held your arms open. He’d smile politely and shake his head no, afraid that your feelings would get hurt. Instead you had always nodded and saluted him in the same cute way from before.

“Good to see you too, Dr,” you’d greet, the same unwavering smile on your face. You never held the fact he wasn’t physical against him and it came as a relief. He wanted you to like him.

With each passing month he found himself in a surprisingly joyful mood whenever you entered the room. You grew on everyone, especially JJ as the two of you seemed to share that same sense of kindness. Every day you asked for a hug and every day he would refuse, although he had to admit that as the days passed by he ultimately regretted not hugging you on that first day.

“Today?” You asked again with that same bright smile after nearly six months had passed. This time Spencer rose from his seat and wrapped his arms around you as you let out a joyful squeal. The team smiled as they watched the exchange from their desks.

“The wait was totally worth it,” you commented with a smile as the two of you pulled apart. Spencer blushed, nodding in agreement.

“If I knew your hugs were that great I might have said yes sooner,” he joked as he looked down at your pretty face. His heart was still beating rapidly against his chest as your lips pulled back even further, revealing the beautiful smile he had thought of the entire night before when he couldn’t fall asleep.

Everything had happened in a blink of an eye afterwards. You and Spencer found yourself wrapped up in each other at Hotch’s birthday party. The team noticed how the two of you seemed to ignore everyone else in the room and left the two of you to your privacy. Your lips had met in the tension of the moment followed by Spencer asking you to be his girlfriend.

“Only if you’ll be my boyfriend,” you replied with a cheeky smile. He grinned as he pulled you back into him and pressed his lips against yours again.

That had been nearly a year before. Spencer had been living in pure bliss the entire time. He had a good job, great friends, and a beautiful girlfriend. For once in his life everything was absolutely perfect.

Except for one fact. He still remained a virgin.

It went without saying that Spencer had never quite been popular with girls at a young age. While everyone was having sex in college, he stayed locked in the library at the mere age of 15. His lack of social skills hindered his relationships with women as he grew. He couldn’t even shake hands with them, much less touch them in such an intimate way.

Spencer wanted to tell you. No one on the team knew he was a virgin. They all knew how awkward he was with women but they had all figured he would have had sex at least once by now. They usually just left the subject alone. He was nervous about telling you because he had heard you talking to Penelope about old boyfriends before so you were surely more experienced in that field. You had never forced anything on him, allowing him to go only as far as he wanted to. The most Spencer had ever gone were heated make-out sessions. You suspected he was nervous about sex so you’d always kept your mouth quiet when he’d pull away and simply cuddle with you instead of attempting to go further. 

Much to his relief you had been completely understanding.

“Is that what you were so worried about?” You asked with a small smile as you sat on Spencer’s bed after he had just revealed that he was still a virgin.

“Yes,” he admitted. “I just…I want it to be good and well I’m not experienced at all and I know you are and I’m probably going to be horrible compare-”

You shushed him as you placed a hand over his mouth.

“Spencer, I would never compare you to anyone. I love you. You’re the one I want,” you assured as you gently cupped his cheek. He smiled softly at your kind reassurance.

He hesitantly leaned forward, capturing your lips in a sweet kiss. You in return locked your arms behind his neck, pulling him down on top of you as you continued to kiss him. The kiss grew more intense as Spencer’s tongue dominated your mouth, his hands slowly trailing along your body. He froze as your hands moved down and pulled your shirt off, throwing the thin fabric aside. He stared at you, momentarily stunned by your beauty before you reached for his hand and gently placed it on your breast, giving him an encouraging smile.

“Are you sure?” He asked hesitantly as he understood what you were asking for.


He nodded before kissing you deeply, his hands fumbling with your jeans as he tried to get them off. After a bit of clumsiness he finally succeeded, pulling them off with your underwear as well. He took a moment to look at you in utter disbelief that you were his.

You smiled that same smile he adored that let him know that you truly loved him. It made him even more nervous as he recalled all the books that claimed a healthy sex drive was key to a lasting relationship. He gulped as your fingers undid the buttons on his shirt, sliding the fabric off of his shoulders before moving to undo the button to his pants. He quickly slipped out of them, a feeling of embarrassment filling him as his erection popped out of its confines.

“Impressive,” you replied with a wide grin. You comment effectively calmed his nerves for a moment as he was often self conscious about his own body.

“I’ve read a lot of books on this lately and I’m pretty sure I can figure out how to make you climax and hopeful-”

“Spencer,” you interrupted his nervous rambling with an amused smile.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” Spencer admitted with a small frown. You smiled encouragingly.

“You’ll do fine.”

You giggled as he clumsily positioned himself against you, shifting around nervously unsure of how to approach the task. Your legs wrapped around him, pressing the tip of him to your entrance. He gave a soft moan at the sudden wet contact, looking at you with a look of adoration.

“There we go,” you said softly as you pulled him in closer, his dick sliding into you slowly as you eased him into it. He felt short of breath as an overwhelming sense of pleasure consumed him. He’d never felt something so good before and it didn’t surprise him that you would be the one to bring it to him. He groaned in pleasure as he fit his entirety inside of your warm walls, feeling the slick warmth of you against his most sensitive part.

You hummed in pleasure as Spencer slowly began to move inside of you. His body fell on top of yours, his elbows giving out at the amount of sensations going through him. You didn’t complain as his weight dug into you. Instead you turned his head towards yours and kissed him passionately as he rocked his hips into you.

Your small moans filled his ears as his cock moved against your wet walls, only working to increase his arousal. He had waited so long for this moment and it was more than he could have ever anticipated. His soft grunts continued as he found a pace he enjoyed, moving in and out of you slowly. The look on your face was one of adoring serenity as you looked at him, a slight sheen of sweat on both of your foreheads.

Spencer had read that a man’s first time was usually his quickest from the excitement of the new sensations, and he was proof of that. In moments he was overwhelmed by the warm wet feeling of you and let out deeps gasps as he felt himself pulsate, spilling himself into your insides. His body slumped heavily into yours as he took deep breaths, his cock twitching as he slowly pulled himself out of you.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized as he rolled onto the bed next to you, covering his  face in shame.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about,” you reassured with a smile. He looked at you with uncertainty. “You did great Spence.”

He sighed but nodded, wrapping an arm around you as you laid your head on his chest. He stayed silent for a moment before a wolfish grin spread on his face.

“You know, I also read that the good thing about sex beginners is that although they finish fast, they’re basically ready for round two in no time.”

You laughed as you looked up to see his wolfish grin smug on his face.

“I’m ready when you are.”

anonymous asked:

So I noticed in where dragon dare when Sashi shoots her fire dart and it cuts back to Rippen and Blaze Rippen just had the best what the hell expression on his face :) and Rippen was just perfect in this episode using Sashi obvious affection and Penns jealousy to his own advantage

Okay, so I looked back in the ep to see what you were talking about and…

omfg Rippen…..

I just……

Stained Glass Eyes

Note: I’m a new fic writer! I love writing but I’m also super busy so I’m not sure how frequently I’ll get to write but I’m doing this so hopefully more often than not. Lmao also I started writing this like 2 years ago for a completely different fandom so the first few chapters (bc there will be more than one) the writing could be a little weird, I’m editing them and such but they’ll most probably be different than later chapters bc I’d like to hope that my writing has improved since then :) This is the 1st chapter, so it’s just getting things started, let me know if a part 2 is wanted!

Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Summary: (High School! AU) Lafayette and (Y/N) are seniors, and their paths only crossed under an unfortunate (and unlikely) event.

Warnings: some swearing, semi-badly translated french

Word count: 2310

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Warmth (Angelica Schuyler x Reader)


Request Queue 

Warnings- It’s a bit longer and more emotionally than I meant because my brain wouldn’t shut up oops

Request- “Hey idk if you’d wanna write something like this but I’ve kinda been dying for a modern day bi!reader makes their way through Alex,Herc and John (good blood, not drama) and ultimately ends up with Eliza or Angelica that nobody saw coming you know?”

Song- Girls/Girls/Boys – Panic! at the Disco 

Words- 3,602

John had been the first. You had met at a college party, the first of that year, when you were both wasted of your asses. You’d had a night of awkward drunken making out, some almost-but-not-really sex, and very awkward confrontation in the morning. But then he decided to text you, which you really respected, especially considering he went out his way to find your number since you never gave it to him that night. Or maybe you did. You still couldn’t quite remember. Either way, it was a nice thing to do, not a lot of guys would. The two of you went on several dates over the span of about two months. You had some good times, some really good times, but in the end, you both agreed that you were more compatible when both of you were drunk, and who wants a relationship clouded by alcohol all the time? Well that and…there had also been the matter of his best friend Alex…

Alex was a sweet boy, but oh so misguided. The kid barely said two words to you the entire time you were dating John, despite being his roommate and you spending a lot of time in John’s dorm. He was always on his laptop, doing god knows what. You thought maybe he was one of those computer geeks. One of those awkward guys with a heart of gold underneath. Turns out he was kind of an asshole. Once you and John split, Alex jumped on your train faster than a street painter running from patrol. After John, now a solid, and platonic, drinking buddy, had practically begged you to go on a date with him so he would shut up about you, you caved. He didn’t seem like the worst person to date, even if it was a little strange that he was your kinda-sorta-ex’s roommate. The first date actually went rather well, but there wasn’t much of a second date. There was a lot of texting and some casual hang outs, but he was taking overload classes and never had time to do things with you. You ended up spending a lot of time alone or with other friends. You were in more solitude dating Alex than you were when you were single. It came to the point where neither of you felt like you were even dating anymore, so without ever formally ‘breaking up’, you separated.

Then there was Lafayette. There was definitely Lafayette. When two men who know you, and what you like in bed, introduce you to tall, fit man with a French accent, how the hell were you supposed to resist? Lafayette was…something. You were never openly a couple, but if anyone left the two of you alone for more than five minutes…well… He was just so alluring; you couldn’t help it.  That ‘friend with benefits’ deal lasted for several months, until he traveled back home for the summer, and you both realized that phone sex just wasn’t the same.

It was during that summer that you met Hercules. Hercules was your favorite to be with, though you would never admit that to any of the other boys. You’d never actually fallen in love with Hercules, thank God, but out of all the boys, you’d come the closest to love with him. Hercules was funny, he was fucking hilarious actually. And he treated you right. Not that the other boys hadn’t, but you could always tell he was putting effort into the relationship. It started as a close friendship, one of those slow burn relationships that tore you apart in the best way. However, when you finally got together, things didn’t really…click. Everything seemed great on the surface. He was a great guy, never did anything to make you angry or upset, but that was just it. He was too perfect, not to mention he never seemed very into the idea of sleeping with you. When you asked the other boys about it, they said that despite the way he spoke, they weren’t sure if Herc had ever actually gotten that far with a girl. You confronted him about it calmly, fearing that maybe it was you, maybe he found you unattractive, or repulsive even. His face paled when you asked, but you reassured him that he could be totally honest with you, no matter what if meant for the relationship. That was when it all came tumbling out, and things started to make sense. Not to indulge in stereotypes, but the man did design clothes. It also explained why he’d never tried to have sex with you. Relieved, that it wasn’t you, you hugged him and explained that you weren’t mad. You totally understood. Eventually, he worked up the courage to tell the entire group, and then his parents. You couldn’t be happier for him.

It had been months since that summer, and having tried your hand at dating four guys in about one school year, you were taking a needed break from the dating pool. It was actually kind of fun being best friends with four exs. The jokes and petty fights that flew through the group always had you laughing for days, like this particular conversation.

“Okay, be honest, Y/N. Who was better me or Laf?” John leaned across the booth to ask you. 

“For the last time, I’m not answering this question.” You took a sip of your cold drink and looked at Eliza, Alex’s new girlfriend.

“Are they always like this?” she whispered.

“Men are so competitive.” You rolled your eyes, which made Eliza giggle. You’d only talked with her a few times before you and Eliza were good friends. She was great for Alex. Extremely patient and what not.

“Oh!” She jumped as her phone buzzed. Alex turned to her with a concerned look. “Angelica.” Eliza explained. Alex nodded and turned back to his conversation with John.

“Angelica?” you asked Eliza.

“My sister. She just flew in from London.” Eliza spoke up to the rest of the group. “Is it alright if my sister joins us?”

No one objected so she started to type on her phone.

“Y/N, we did not come out tonight to watch you play on your phone the whole time.” Hercules stated about ten minutes later.

“What?” You looked up from your phone. “Sorry I was…” You froze. Someone new had joined the group. “I was just… Nothing. Nevermind.” You shook yourself from your daze and stared down at the table. God, she was beautiful. You wanted to keep looking at her, but that was weird, obviously, and for some reason you really didn’t want this girl to think you were weird.

“Anyway as I was saying…” Eliza stated. You could feel her eyes on you. “This is my sister Angelica.”

Eliza went around introducing each of the members of the group.

“You already know Alexander, of course. And this is Y/N.”

You looked up from your twiddling thumbs and smiled at Angelica. “Hi.” Your voice was quieter than you meant it to be. You cleared your throat. “It’s nice to meet you.” You stuck your hand out to shake hers, instantly regretting it. Who even shakes hands anymore? Were you making business deal?

Angelica laughed slightly. It sounded like what nectar from a flower tastes like. She took your hand and shook it before sternly telling Alex to move so she could sit next to you.

“So.. do you um… do you live in New York?” You asked her when she was comfortably seated next to you in the booth and Alex was pouting in a wooden chair.

“I used too,” she nodded. “But I live in London now.”

Your eyes widened. “That’s awesome! What made you decide to move so far?”

She shrugged and looked past you slightly, but a small smile still played across her face. “Kind of on a whim, you know? I’m an independent person so I guess I liked the idea of figuring it out and finding my own way in a new place. I love the adventure of it.”

“That’s amazing.” you said breathily.

Angelica’s dark eyes met yours and they stayed locked for a moment. “Plus it’s such a beautiful face-I mean place!” She sat up straighter. “London! It’s a really beautiful…place.”

Eliza frowned slightly at her sister, but didn’t say anything.

“What about you?” Angelica asked. “Are you from here?”

“Not originally,” You let your finger graze over the icy edge of your glass. “I came her for…college. That’s how I met these losers.” You gestured to group. “And this loser,” You pointed at Alex. “introduced me to your lovely sister.”

Eliza smiled and flipped her hair which made the group laugh.

“Yeah.” Eliza added. “Thank God Y/N dated John and Alex or else I never would have met her.”

You felt thoroughly mortified.

Angelica raised her eyebrows and turned to you. “John and Alex?”

“And Lafayette…” you mumbled, your hand over your face.

“And me!” Herc chimed in.

Angelica hummed and stared forward.

“I’m not like I’m a slut or anything!” you said quickly. “I mean…not like it’s necessarily bad to be with a lot of people, but like…I-”

“Since when has Y/N felt the need to explain herself to anybody?” John said, genuinely confused.

Lafayette pursed his lips and stared at you. “I certainly ‘ave not ever seen zis.”

“You must be special, Angelica.” Hercules stated, giving you a knowing look over his beer glass. You took a long sip of your drink. Your mouth was suddenly feeling very dry.

Angelica stayed for about another hour before Eliza told Angelica she was taking her back to the hotel, insisting that Angelica needed to sleep. Angelica made Eliza promise to give her everyone’s numbers before she was shooed out of the bar by her doting sister.

You left to your campus apartment soon after that. Your roommate was already asleep so you decided to go to bed as well, but that proved to be easier said than done. You couldn’t stop thinking about Angelica. Her laugh. The way she bounced when she was excited. You wanted to know so much more about her. You stared at the ceiling, picturing her smile. Your phone buzzed on the table next your bed. It lit up the dark.

You furrowed your brow and pulled it closer to your face. It was a new text from an unknown number. Even more confused, you opened it quickly.

Hey it’s Angelica, Eliza’s sister? This might sound weird but I can’t sleep (time zones and what not) and I was wondering you if wanted to do something? If you’re tired by all means sleep but I just thought I’d get to know my sister’s friend a little better

Your chest swelled, and you flew out of bed, flipping on the light. Thoughts filled your brain a thousand a second.

Was what you were wearing good enough? You should brush your teeth. Thank God you’d been too lazy to take your makeup off. You never texted back you idiot!

I’m totally down! Where are you staying? I’ll meet you

She texted back a few minutes later with the name of her hotel, and you practically ran out of your apartment.

Angelica was waiting in the lobby when you arrived at her hotel. She’d added a scarf and hat to her outfit.

“You live in England!” you laughed. “Aren’t you supposed to be used to the cold?”

Angelica smirked. “Laugh now, but it’s the dead of night in autumn,  and you’re going to regret that later.” She pointed to your thinly fabricked clothes.

You started down the street. “I feel like I should be asking you what you want to do. You’re the native.” She laughed which sent a jolt of electricity through you.

“True, but it’s been awhile since I’ve really explored. Who knows what’s changed?”

You shrugged. “It’s up to you, princess.” You stopped walking. “No, I mean-”

Angelica grabbed your hand and smiled. “It’s okay.” She started to pull you down the street with her.

Even when you stopped in front of a large building, she didn’t let go of your hand. “Okay. Honest guilty pleasure,” Angelica turned to you rather seriously. “I love looking at shops around Christmas time. I know Christmas isn’t for another month, but there are already lights up, and it just makes me feel warm inside.” She looked gleefully through the window of the store. It was closed at this hour, but she was right.  The early Christmas lights cast red gold streaks across her face. Watching her gave you that same warmth. 

 “Me too.” you stated.

“Really?” she turned to you excitedly. “It’s just so peaceful. There’s no craze of Christmas shopping yet, but you still get the spirit and glow. “ Several cars honked behind you. Angelica laughed. “Maybe not that peaceful.”

“You wanna see something with a lot of spirit and glow?” you prompted.

“Of course!” 

You smiled and lead her through busy streets and broken sidewalks to the place you knew so well by now. You were so excited that you were practically out of breath by the time you reached it.

“Tada!” you exclaimed excitedly. Angelica’s eyes shone as she surveyed the area. It was a forest, but every year, just after Thanksgiving, someone came and wrapped every tree in sparkling white lights. Angelica was speechless and maybe even breathless. Her mouth hung open. “Alex and I found it together last year.” you said proudly.

Angelica nodded slowly. “So you really dated all those boys, huh?” She turned to you. You suddenly felt like an animal on unwanted display.

“Uh, yeah. It’s quite a story.” you explained.

“I’d love to hear it.” Angelica stepped closer.

You laughed quietly and looked down. It was only late November, but there was a slight frost on the ground. Angelica had been right, you were pretty cold. “I guess the short version is that none of them were the one, you know? And I figured, why waste time dating someone if you don’t think it’s going to last? I mean we’re all still friends, obviously, so it’s not a big deal.” She nodded and took a another step closer to you, watching you carefully. “It was nice to have fun for awhile, but they only would’ve gotten hurt if I stayed with them.” You avoided her gaze.

“So you’re one of those people…”

“One of what people?” You were slightly offended, but mostly worried. You cursed Eliza for making her sister think that you didn’t take relationships seriously.

“One of those people thinks love is scary.” Angelica said almost tauntingly. “Someone who thinks that if love isn’t easy it’s doomed and that falling in love will end badly.”

You scoffed. “I’m not like that.”

“Oh really?” Angelica raised one eyebrow. Her skin was glowing from the Christmas lights.

“I’m not scared to fall in love. I just…haven’t yet.”

“You don’t seem like someone who’s never had their heart broken, Y/N.” You finally met her eyes. She was looking at you quizzically, but not like she was analyzing you, like so many others had. She looked at you like an abstract painting, and she wanted to know the meaning behind it. Angelica took both your hands and led you over to a bench a few feet away. You shivered slightly and Angelica smiled, removing her scarf and placing it around your neck.

“It’s alright to admit you’ve been hurt before.” she said softly, her hands still against your neck.

You smiled weakly and nodded. “It’s just been so long since I’ve talked to her, or about her even.”

“Her?” Angelica asked quickly, almost eagerly.

You chuckled. “Yeah, her. None of the guys know about her, not even Herc.”

Angelica put her hand over yours. “What was she like?”

“She was…amazing, beautiful. The first girl I really fell for.” You stared at the trees. If you squinted hard enough they almost looked on fire. “We moved into a room together my sophomore year of college, which meant my grandma would never talk to me and parents would be embarased to talk about me to their friends.” Angelica pressed her lips together and nodded, staring at the ground. “But it all seemed worth it, you know? I was in love.” you said in fake dreamy voice. “It was supposed to be nice and good. Just me and her together no matter what.”

“So what happened?” Angelica prompted.

You looked down at your hands. “After a while, something was…off. She didn’t understand me. She tried to, sure. She’d listen to my problems and held me when I was upset, but…but it was like she had this mold in her head, of what the perfect person would be. And if I wasn’t that, if I wasn’t her ‘perfect someone’ or her ‘dream girl’ was, I was nothing.” You paused for a moment. Angelica said nothing. “So I got out. I went to another college, farther away. I met new people, stopped talking to old friends who knew her, the usual stuff.”  

“That’s terrible.” Angelica said after a moment. You met her eyes again. “You don’t deserve to be treated like that.”

You shrugged. “It happens.”

“No it shouldn’t.” Angelica held tightly onto your hands. “You’re a great person, Y/N.”

“Angelica, you just met me.”

“Doesn’t matter.” She smiled and shook her head. Her dark hair bounced under her hat. “I already know that you’re really special.” You looked into her eyes for a long while. She scooted closer to you on the bench. You glanced down at her lips. Your chest felt impossible tight.  

“Angelica I-”

“Shhh…” she whispered. Angelica placed her hand on the side of your face. You smiled and leaned in, wrapping your arms around her neck.

Maybe you were still a little intoxicated, or maybe just really happy, but something about this kiss was special. Angelica put her arms around you and pulled you closer.  You pressed against her lips like you needed her. Your skin was cold, but you felt so warm.

When you finally parted, you could see your breaths mingling in the frigid air.

“Well…I was gonna say that I think you’re special too.” you explained.  You both started laughing, unable to take your eyes off of each other.

“It’s late. We should get back.” you whispered. Angelica nodded and stood up, reaching her hand out to you. You grinned and took it. You walked her back to her hotel and then caught a cab back to the campus.

The next morning, your room was invaded by John, Laf, and Herc, much to your tired body’s chagrin.

“Come on!” Lafayette was trying to quite literally drag you out of bed. You mumbled something about sleep and grabbed onto the headboard.

“Alex is picking up Eliza and her sister, they’ll be here soon.” Hercules explained. You perked up quickly and got out of bed.

“Wow.” Lafayette commented, laying down in your place. You changed out of your pajamas and quickly started brushing through your hair.

“This is a really nice scarf, Y/N. Whose is it?” Hercules was holding up the piece of fabric that had been sitting on your nightstand. He wore a smirk on his face.

You snatched it  away quickly. “It’s a…friend’s.” Hercules raised his eyebrows at you.

“She’s blushing! If it’s not yours, whose is it, Y/N?” John grabbed the scarf away from you and tossed it to Lafayette.

“It looks like a woman’s.” He brought it up to his nose. “Smells like it also.” Lafayette looked to you for explanation.

The doorbell rang and John went to get it. You desperately tried to pick up any mess in your bedroom before they walked in. You went out to the ‘living room’ area to see Alex and Eliza walk in. There was a pause when Angelica stepped inside behind them.

You gave her a soft smile. “Hi.”

“Hey.” she said, smiling back.

“Oh uh,” you turned around and ripped the scarf out of Lafayette’s hands. “Your scarf.”

Angelica shook her head. “Keep it.”

“Oh…okay.” You held it to your chest.

Non!” Lafayette gasped.

“It can’t be.” John added.

“Totally.” Herc smirked.

“What? What’s happening? What am I missing?” Alexander asked quickly. You avoided everyone’s eyes, but Angelica was all smiles. John looked between you two.

“Did you…are you…?”

“I told all of you!” Hercules exclaimed. “I can smell gay a mile away!” You covered your face with your hands.

“Angelica’s gay?” Alex turned to Eliza who nodded like Alex should’ve have already known that. Truth be told, Eliza had probably told him and he’d forgotten.

“What? But zat must mean…”

“Yes! I like girls too!” you exclaimed, tired of the guessing and embarrassing truths.

“Wait,” Angelica turned away from the crowd and towards you. “They didn’t know?” she whispered.

“Not really.” you whispered. Angelica looked down guilty. “No! No,” You put your hand on her arm. “It’s not bad, I just never really knew how to bring it up.” you explained. “I guess this as good a way as any.” You and Angelica both laughed quietly.

“Oh God, it’s so cute.” Eliza interjected. She wore a proud smile on her face.

“Why didn’t you ever tell us?” John asked.

“I don’t know… It just never really felt like something to bring up. I didn’t want it to be a big deal when I told you so I just never did. Forgive me?”

“Of course.” Lafayette wrapped his arms around you. You had to go up on your toes just to hug him back.

“This isn’t weird, is it?” you asked Eliza. “Not that this is a this but like…” You looked to Angelica, and she smiled reassuringly.

“Honey, I got used to weird the second I met Alex.” she said. Everyone laughed. “Alright, now can we go to brunch because dear God, I need to eat.”

“Okay, we definitely need to leave then.” Alex said quickly. You all walked out to brunch laughing, and your hand held tightly onto Angelica’s.