good times good times c:

only true LiS fans™ remember

-the leaked chaos theory kiss
-the leaked version of ep 2
-stop gaysulyzing life is strange
-Rachel Amber is alive theories
-Rachel Amber is a time traveler theories
-the general despair after the chaos theory ending
-when we all predicted the ending from the second episode

-max is rachel amber

Throwback to when JRot tried to make us care more about Grounder culture/history than about the Delinquents and the show almost got cancelled

Monday night I did 60 minutes of weights and 60 minutes of pilates. Tuesday night I did 45 minutes of core workout and 60 minutes of vinyasa yoga. Wednesday night I did 60 minutes of weights. Thursday night I did 60 minutes of freestyle yoga.

I feel fucking pumped and I’m ready to fight the entire goddamn CIA.

also around… 3:30ish this morning my group got extremely silly and joined every quick play match as hanzo/widowmaker/ana just for the hilarity and introduced ourselves by spamming any combination of the following in team/match chat

  • no aim squad here
  • squad UP
  • our motto is “47 shots no kills”
  • whats a scope
  • “objective”???
  • whats a “gold”
  • how dare you im pro widowmaker
  • im top 100 ana actually

honestly tho i’ve hung out with a lot of my tumble friends while dreaming and it’s generally 1) they needed to move in with me 2) i needed to help them move house in general or 3) we hung out in a kitchen. my kitchen, their kitchen, that one time in the abandoned restaurant’s kitchen…