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Between the shows Lucifer and Goblin, which one do you like better?

Goblin is by far the superior show. Goblin was a finely-crafted four course meal where every dish was a recontextualization of my favorite foods. (Surprise redemption arc confit! Destined arranged marriage on a bed of pin(ing) nuts! Coq-au-enemies-to-reluctant friends!) It was visually stunning and I went through the entire cycle of human emotions watching it, from surprise and affection and delight to grief and aching and—it never once lost me. It’s carefully and persuasively written, and so, so good.

But Lucifer is more fun, Lucifer is a bag of chips, or a chocolate bar—junk food sure, but reliably delicious and easy to swallow; a romp propelled by the incredible chemistry of its cast and the different things Tom Ellis can do with his face. It doesn’t have to be a Modern Television Classic, it’s just here to give you a good time, hit its character beats (unerringly, I should mention) and go home. And that’s exactly what it does, time and again.

They’re so different—lucky for me, I don’t have to choose just one.

I want my time back!

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List 10 movie you didn’t have a good time watching or weren’t worth your watch BUT are considered “classics,” were popular, or HUGE hits.

1. Titanic  F Leo Di Crapio

2.  Robin Hood:  I walked out…

3.  Jurassic World: Love Dinosaurs…but…meh

4.  The Sixth Sense : If you didn’t figure out the “twist” in the first 5 minutes…

5.  The Little Mermaid : My girlfriend and I battle over this…sorry, sweetie!

6.  Annie Hall : I’ll admit…I didn’t get this movie’s “greatness.” Meh…

7.  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 

8.  Brokeback Mountain 

9.  Bonnie and Clyde 

10.  Tootsie

So…I may get slack, I may not, but these movies STUNK.  I will give the Little Mermaid another chance (HuG) BUT…WHY DIDN’T SHE JUST WRITE HIM A NOTE SAYING, HEY!  I’M THE MERMAID! KISS ME!  Or something!

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TLOP = Ye's Greatest Hits

Travis Scott once said Kanye’s latest album (7th), The Life of Pablo, would sound like “the Kanye everyone wants”. After a few listens, I can agree. TLOP has pieces of each Kanye, based on the differences of each of his prior 6 albums, all in one album.

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1. Ultra Light Beam - has a “College Dropout” feeling to it; very soulful, organ and drum heavy, choir included, standout feature verses, and lyrically has a continued message to “Jesus Walks”. 

2. Father Stretch My Hands pt. 1 - This track, is my opinion, is “Graduation Ye”, where he mastered making anthems and big stadium sounding tracks, without rapping too much. Then, he adds CuDi who helped him beast 808’s & Heartbreaks, especially on hooks. Yet, the song is short and sort of an interlude, which Ye used in the past as a technique to sequence the "Late Registration” album. 

3. Pt. 2 - The first part of pt. 2 sounds like some 808’s & Heartbreak / Dark Fantasy shit…lyrically and sonically. Then Ye interpolates his new signee, Desiigner’s song “Panda,” which adds trap influence to the song. Ye didn’t really experiment with clashing songs until “Yeezus”

4. Famous - Famous was originally called “Nina Chop,” but Ye had Swizz Beatz come and program a beat that made him spit in a very Dark Fantasy-ish way. This track is like “Hell of A Life” & “So Appalled” off Dark Fantasy mixed with “Blood on the Leaves” off Yeezus. Rihanna futuristically encompasses Nina Simone on the hook, but Ye makes sure to add Nina’s original voice to the end of the song. 

5. Feedback - sounds like it couldv'e easily been on “Yeezus”. Fire. 

6. Low Lights - Low Lights sounds similar to the “All of The Lights interlude” on “MBDTF,” with a similar eerily beautiful intro of piano as “Diamonds” on “Late Registration,” on top of a prayer over the track. 

7. Highlights - this is Ye advancing how to classically use features, of different musical genres, all on one track, which he first mastered around the “MBDTF” album. His raps on this track are very “College Dropout”-ish, lyrically and flow wise. 

8. Freestyle 4 - another track that’s fire and couldv'e easily been on “Yeezus”

9. I Love Kanye - this is Ye identifying his roots, around the “College Dropout” era, lyrically, and even in his cadences. 

10. Waves - another song like “Highlights,” where Ye advances his ability to make fire collaborations. He pretty much uses this skill to complete the TLOP album from here on. This collab is with Chris Brown, who bodies the hook. Chance the Rapper wrote this song and fought for it to make TLOP. Ye was also going to call his album “Waves,” based on how dope the song is. It sounds new, but if it had to be sonically reminiscent of any prior Ye album, I’d say it’d be “Graduation”

11. FML - Ye makes a fire track with The Weeknd. Lyrically, he goes off in “808 & Heartbreak” cadences. The Weeknd’s voice, and the topic of this song, fit as an extension of when Ye was very reflective of his personal feelings on family & life as a celebrity on 808’s as well. 

12. Real Friends - pure “Late Registration” type shit. Heavy drums, poignant & introspective raps + a R&B innovator on the hook (Ty $). 

13. Wolves - I love Wolves. Shit sounds like it couldv'e been on “Cruel Summer” or “Yeezus”. Ye adds Frank Ocean, who lyrically enhances the song, like he did on his features on “Watch The Throne”. Ye also adds raps and a bridge, where he once again goes off in a College Dropout- type tirade, speaking of family, religion, and society with in-your-face / profane lyrics that are humorous, but very real. 

14. Silver Surfer Intermission - Ye gets French Montana to contact Max B on a phone call, to basically shit on Wiz Khalifa, who made a tiff about Kanye naming is album “Waves,” without paying homage to Max. This is another interlude to continue the album, similar to the sequencing of “Late Registration,” even though this intermission starts the bonus songs on TLOP. 

5. 30 Hours - Lyrically and sonically “Late Registration Ye,” who, on the track, is presently rapping about his life during the “College Dropout” days. Ye adds Dre 3000 on the end of the song, just so his voice can bless this soulful track, which has a funky hip hop beat, with a simple yet, beautiful sample. 

16. No More Parties in LA - Kanye raps along Kendrick Lamar and holds his own, stepping his bars back up over a Madlib beat skeleton. Ye also re-samples the same Ghostface excerpts from “New God Flow”. This song has a similar spirit to the collabs of the original “G.O.O.D. Fridays,” even though it’s just Dot & Ye going in. 

17. Facts - Braggadocio Ye. “Watch The Throne” raps, because he basically is assessing where he’s at in life and shitting ostentatiously. Beat was re-done by Charlie Heat, and the track is also lyrically reminiscent to “Cold” or “Go Hard” with Ye & DJ Khaled, as you can tell Kanye was having fun on the track as well. Probably shouldv'e got Khaled to put Cloth Talk on it. 

18. Fade - reminds me of a modern day “New Workout Plan,” sonically. Great sample & collabs by Ty $ & Post Malone, just by how they fit in the song. 

Ye has described this album as his “gospel” album, and that’s cool, but to me, it sounds like what his greatest hits would sound like sonically, and at times lyrically (as far as cadences & flows), but in an individual album he made. That’s pretty dope. I can’t call TLOP a classic this very moment, but it’s definitely fire and overall feel good music that you want to play at least once a day.

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Sergio Ramos or Pepe Reina

I need context here.  What is my purpose for them?  Am I fighting a bull?  Sergio.  Am I looking after hyperactive children?  Pepe.  Sergio is a very attractive man.  If I were doing a photoshoot and needed a model, he’d be a good pick.  On the other hand, I would love to style Pepe in a nice classic suit.  Also my thirst for Pepe Reina is very well documented.  I’d very much like to get utterly shitfaced with both of them.  It seems like a great time.

Mmm, I guess on a purely like “10/10 would hit” kind of level, I pick Pepe.  I like them both equally but in different ways, but Pepe is def my type and also a bro, whereas Sergio is mostly just a bro for me who happens to be objectively attractive.  And that’s the deciding factor here

I want Pepe to serenade me with La Bamba.  He could also carry me in his large keeper arms.

Thorn and Flame part 3

(part 2)


If Max had been hoping for a peaceful summer break, he was doomed to be disappointed.

Rescuing Ralph the teacup griffon was only the first of many unwise things Max caught Tali doing. A week later he found her coming out of the shower at four in the morning, and from the sand and the flecks of seaweed in the tub he could only conclude she’d gone for a dip in the ocean. When pressed, she merely mumbled something about selkies and retreated to her bedroom with a cup of tea. Three days later she came in from an ‘evening run’ completely out of breath, with her arms and legs scraped and scratched.

On top of the trouble his roommate seemed determined to get into, Max still couldn’t sleep properly. It wasn’t that he was having nightmares; he simply felt restless and uneasy, laying in bed sometimes for hours before he finally drifted off. His dreams were no more disturbing than they had ever been. Alcor had offered to help Max sleep better, but Max insisted he was fine.

As Max drained the tub of the griffon’s bath water, Alcor said, “I’ve seen a lot of people go through the kind of trauma you and Journey just experienced. No one is ever completely fine.”

“I can cope,” Max replied. “But…thanks. For the offer.”

Alcor conjured some ointment and bandages for the griffon’s more serious wounds as Max carefully dried the creature with a big fluffy towel.

“So how’s Journey doing?”

Max shrugged one shoulder. “Same as me, I guess.”

“He’s probably been asking you to explain everything that happened.”

“Actually no.” Max applied another bandage to the griffon’s flank. “We haven’t really talked about it at all.”

“You should talk about it eventually,” said Alcor. “It helps, trust me.”

Max chuckled softly.


“Sorry. It’s just, I can’t tell what’s more unexpected: that a demon is unironically saying ‘trust me’, or the fact that I already do. It’s not the sort of thing you imagine happening to you, you know?”

Alcor joined in Max’s amusement. “I know it better than you’d think.”

The griffon, finally cleaned and bandaged, had evidently tired itself out struggling with Tali all the way home. It curled up on the towel Max had used to dry it.

“What should I do about this?” said Max.

“Well you could keep him,” Alcor answered, then smiled at the look Max shot him. “I’ll take him home with me. I know some kids who would love to prove how responsible they are.”


“As for Tali…Keep an eye on her, okay? She has a few habits that get her into trouble, and now that she’s ‘grown up and away from home’ I don’t doubt she’ll make extra efforts to get into things she barely managed to stay out of as a kid.”

Max cast a dubious gaze at the teacup griffon. “Should I be expecting anything really serious? And what do I do if anyhting happens? It’s not like she’ll listen to me, I’m just a roommate.”

“You’ve got my circle,” Alcor replied. “It anything happens that you need my help with, or anything you think I should know about, just call me. No sacrifice needed. Though snacks are always appreciated.”

The early incidents were small enough that Max was willing to let Tali get away with them. After all, she hadn’t brought back any more animals, or been seriously wounded; and he thought if she’d done anything truly illegal she might at least give him a reluctant admission of her guilt and a story explaining why what she did was right. And since he was already awake most of the time, her late entrances weren’t really keeping him from sleep.

She also got along well enough with Journey, who still came over to Max’s apartment regularly. When Jo came over with a classic limited edition dvd set of the post-Transcendence hit tv show Vixen, Tali absolutely refused to leave them alone to watch it.

“Are you kidding? I’m not going anywhere while you have this here. Where did you even get this? How is it in such good condition?”

Jo carefully removed the dvd case from Tali’s grasping fingers. “Birthday present from my grandma,” he said. “She had it from hers. My great-great-something-great-grandpa had it signed for his girlfriend - that was before they got married. See?”

When Journey showed her the signature Tali’s eyes went wide and round and she stopped breathing for a moment. “By Alcor’s sweet and fluffy demon sheep I need this. Can I-“



“Nope.” Jo held the dvds just out of her reach.

“But Pacifica Northwest is my idol and this is the show that made her acting career! It’s one of her best roles!”

"This is a family heirloom and no amount of begging or bribery will make me give it up. If you don’t stop trying then you’re not allowed to watch it with us.”

Tali set her jaw. “I’m not going to miss out on the original dvd special effects for anything.”

“Great,” said Max as he set down a big bowl of chips next to the ice cups and bottles of soda on the coffee table. “You can sit on the floor. Unless you want to bring out your desk chair.”

Tali glared at him and stalked off to her room, and returrned with a giant pillow.

She whined again when they skipped ahead to the thirteenth episode, but they weren’t about to start over again just for her, and it wasn’t as if she hadn’t already seen the entire show five times anyway.

After the end.

It’s over. After God knows how many years, and even more battles, it’s finally over. The gates of Hell are sealed until the end of time, all its demonic denizens trapped. And the gates of Heaven have been thrown wide, never to be shut again. And Sam, Dean and Castiel? Mankind’s champions? They’re still standing.

Dean and Cas get a house together. A small, one-storey farmhouse, in the middle of a sea of fields and forest, around which Cas (though he knows it’s foolish) places wards that could keep even an archangel at bay. The house is a bit of a fixer upper, but then, so is Dean, and he can adapt. A fresh beam here, a new coat of paint there – a new window when Cas gets a little too enthusiastic about skimming stones on the pond outside. With his angelic duties discharged, Cas works alongside Dean. He’s never had to work with tools such as hammers or wrenches before, but Dean’s a patient teacher.

For the first few years they don’t really talk much, but their touches say all they need to – a gentle hand squeeze, a hand resting on his shoulder, a passionate kiss as they lie together beneath a clear night sky. Dean will open up eventually, but it’ll take time. ‘Till then, Cas will wait.

They travel. Sometimes they go to see somewhere specifically – The Appalachian Mountains, The Grand Canyon, The Great Lakes – Dean knows it’s kind of cheesy, but the expression of joy and wonder on Cas’ face might just convince him otherwise. Other times they’ll just drive. No destination in mind, they’ll just hit the road, and keep going till the road ends. And then maybe a bit beyond that.

Life moves on. Dean opens a small garage in the nearby town, offering classic car maintenance for the most part. He also runs outreach programmes, teaching the local kids car maintenance, and making sure they appreciate what does and does not count as good music. He’ll come home in the evenings to find that Cas has spent the entire day watching a butterfly flap it’s wings, completely enraptured, or watching and marvelling at the life of a single ant. Sam visits occasionally – he finally got his law degree, and opened a small practice in the city, specialising in anti-discrimination lawsuits. He even got a haircut, eventually.

Finally, many years later, Dean dies. Cas buries him in the garden, in a hole he dug himself. There’s no gravestone, but a tree will grow there. A mighty oak, with branches at just the right intervals for the local kids to climb, and have all sorts of marvellous adventures in. Cas rarely, if ever, was seen on earth after that. He’d moved Upstairs, to be with Dean, together, for the rest of eternity.

by tobsjpalfrey


GARY JAMES : You toured England in the early 60s?

Yeah. We worked The Beatles Tour. It was Orbison and The Beatles. In fact, Orbison was supposed to headline. He had never been to England and was second only to Presley in record sales over there. By the time we got over there to tour, The Beatles had become the biggest thing in the world and they really didn’t know who should close the show, so finally the promoter decided that Roy close the first half of the show and The Beatles would close the second half. As much pandemonium as there was with The Beatles, they still wouldn’t let Roy get off the stage until two or three encores every night. It was amazing.

When you saw The Beatles, what did you think of them? They didn’t look like anything that was around over here (America). Did you think it was unusual the way they were dressed and the way they wore their hair?

But again, that caught on very quickly. We were there for two weeks. I traveled with ‘em on a bus everyday and got to know 'em and they were all good guys. I couldn’t wait to get back because what we would do when Roy took time off to write or record, our band would go play some clubs somewhere. We started doing a lot of Beatles songs and Elvis songs at the time. The Beatles were just catching on over here. So we would kind of help introduce some of the songs that people had never heard.

GARY JAMES:  But again, the very first time you saw The Beatles, did you think to yourself… what’s this?

Well, it looked different. I could see the reaction of the people and the kids was just phenomenal. I knew right away these guys are gonna be… if they hit here it’s gonna be the biggest thing in the world. It didn’t take 'em long (laughs)

GARY JAMES : So you liked The Beatles as individuals?

Yeah. We had a great time. I put 'em on for the first week with my frog noise. Finally, they realized they never heard it except when I was around, so they knew it was me doing it. Paul McCartney actually got to the point where he could do it pretty good.

Excerpts from Gary James interview with Bobby Goldsboro, Classic Bands website