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"What are they going to call you?" Sherlock asks when he goes with John to be fitted for his super hero outfit. "John Watson," John chuckles. "That's boring," Sherlock says motioning to the tailor to make it tighter. "It's my name," John says annoyed, "how can my name be boring?" "It's not boring to me," Sherlock says resisting the temptation to kiss his best friend, "you know how you think Jean Grey is the boring x-man because she doesn't have a mutant name? That's what you are right now." "Oh"

HAHAHAHAHAHA “make it tighter”!!!

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b. August 1, 1978, Dhani turns 37 today!

I had nearly forgot until I saw a blog I follow make a note of it. I guess it’s his birthday wherever they live.

So I hope that Dhani’s going to have a great birthday.

So I guess everyone else should have a great day on this, the day of Dhani’s birthday.

- Kelsey <3

P.S. The Dhani Harrison tag might have some nice posts in it. I’ll reblog the ones I really like for everyone.