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Robert Pattinson has arrived in Cannes. This photo with a happy fangirl was posted on her IG today Wednesday, May 24, 2017. He’s having dinner at a restaurant about a half an hour north of Cannes near Nice, avoiding the masses of people currently crowding Cannes. No details on who was with him.

Good Time will have a photo call and press conference tomorrow, and then the premiere screening is at 10 pm, Cannes time. This is Rob’s 4th trip to Cannes, and Good Time is in competition, one of only 19 films with such a distinction.

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Robert Pattinson Will Rewrite His Career at Cannes, and 7 More Predictions About This Year’s Fest

“Robert Pattinson and Louie Garrel Are Kicking Things Into High Gear

New York sibling directors Josh and Benny Safdie cracked the competition this year with their heist thriller “Good Time,” but it’s likely to attract the most attention for star Robert Pattinson. Now firmly into his post-“Twilight” phase, the actor plays a bank-robbing New Yorker trying to help his mentally disabled brother over the course of a single frantic night. Pattinson, who has been in Cannes competition before with David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis,” is well positioned to wow audiences already enamored of his earlier roles with something edgier and more surprising; he could be a strong contender for the festival’s acting prize.

He will have competition from Louis Garrel, the French heartthrob who plays a young Jean-Luc Godard in the ’60s-set “The Redoubtable.” Garrel, whose prolific filmmaker father Phillipe is premiering a movie in Directors Fortnight, is already a major celebrity in France; early glimpses of the movie in its trailer prove that he’s gone the extra mile with his portrayal of the New Wave legend, which could help his odds at Cannes and beyond. “—Eric Kohn, Chief Critic Indie Wire.

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