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also teen sammy wore sunglasses and unironically made finger guns you cant convince me otherwise

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Take Care of You

Word Count: 1200ish

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut at the end. Friends with benefits situation.

Summary: After a successful hunt, the reader and Sam discuss a friends with benefits situation.

A/N: Thank you to my lovely pals @melonshino and @like-a-bag-of-potatoes for always reading my crap and dealing with my current Sam crisis… :) I’m thinking more parts to this if it gets a good reaction…? :-)

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“Here’s to a case well done, boys” you raised your bottle of beer into the air to toast yet another case closed. Sam and Dean raised up their beers to clink against yours before taking a drink.

A vengeful spirit was terrorizing a town and after a complicated salt and burn, you finally got rid of it. Of course the best way for you all to celebrate was at the local bar.

You had been a hunter for your whole life. Your father was a hunter and his father was a hunter - you were destined for the life. But you enjoyed the life. You felt as if it gave you purpose.

It wasn’t uncommon for you to run into Sam and Dean from time to time. Sometimes you would call them up, but other times you would just run into them when you were working the same case. In this instance, you ran into them when you were both acting as FBI agents. It seemed that you were one of the few hunters that they really trusted.

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wow Sam just being able to reduce Dean to a writhing, moaning mess is what gives me life.

Your Mistake

Okay, so bear with me on this one. It isn’t a request, but I actually wrote most of this a long time ago, back when I had just started writing these things. It was probably before Friends on the Other Side was even started. It actually kind of lead into it. The French Mistake was actually one most and least favorite episodes. I thought it was hilarious but I also have a hard time not separating actors from their characters. I like to think of them as complete separate entities and the episode kind of took that magic away for me so I thought of this story. I hope you like it! It’s kind of silly, and doesn’t have much to it but I thought I’d post it anyway! No pairings or anything. Just good ol’ fashioned silliness.

WARNING THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE! Do not read this if you aren’t at least past Season 9 or don’t mind some spoilers!

Word Count: 1342

Summary: What would you do if you met the real Sam and Dean Winchester?

UPDATE! I did a part 2: More Mistakes


“Who the hell are you?!” A gruff voice shouted at you. You opened your eyes and grumbled at being awakened. You realized you were laying on top of something. Something warm. You looked up to see a pair of angry green eyes staring back at you.

“Uh… I’m so sorry, sir. I’m not sure wher—-JENSEN ACKLES?!” You jumped up and pushed yourself into a corner of what you had now discovered to be a dingy motel room.

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Pairing: Sam x Reader
Word count: 2,287
Author: Fran
Warnings: A little bit of swearing, I guess? 

-Things I have learnt from writing this: 1. I don’t know a lot about flirting. 
This was a bit hard to make sound genuine so I hope I haven’t let you down! Enjoy! 

A heavy patter of rain fell on the windows of the motel room you were staying in, chasing away any ideas you had of heading out for your next hunt, and accompanying the laughter from you and the boys. You were having a moment that came rarely in your profession, a moment to yourselves, to reclaim a sense of normality and recharge your batteries.

You were currently sitting at the table with Dean and Sam, discussing what you had prioritised to be most important.

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Sammy wilk imagine /// DIRTY IMAGINE

My head is pounding. Tears are pouring down my face. I can’t think straight. My head is spinning.
My boyfriend, Liam, of two years just broke up with me.
“ no Liam you can’t leave!”
“ y/n. I’m sorry.”
“ no Liam! What about all of our memories? Two fucking years Liam! Everytime you told me you loved me was it a lie? Everytime you kissed me and called me your baby, was it all just a show? The day you took my fucking virginity, was that all so you could just fuck me?”
“ no of cour-”
“ then how come out of the blue you broke up with me! Why Liam?” I sob.
“ y/n, listen.”
“ did you find someone better?” I clench my jaw together to try and stop the tears.
“ im sorry.”
“ for what Liam? What did you do?” I scream.
“ t-the p-partyy.” He shakes his head and digs his head into his hands.

He cheated on me.
My heart stops.

I run out of his house without closing the door. I’m halfway across the driveway was Liam grabs my arm.
“ don’t fucking touch me.” I say clenching my jaw.
“Y/n listen.”
“ no Liam! Stop! You fucking cheated on me! How about you go fuck her again!” I sob
I run into my car and through my head back into the frigid, black leather seat.

Why? Why me?
There’s only one person I want to see right now

Sammy has been my bestfriend since seventh grade, and we are now soon to be graduates in two days.
Great way to end highschool with a break up, hey?
I always thought having a guy bestfriend is better then having a bunch of girl friends because it’s you and him. That’s all. No drama.

I pull into Sammy’s driveway and run out of the car. His car is the only one parked in the driveway.
I ring the doorbell
My legs start to tremble. Tears are pouring down my face. I can’t even think straight.
“ hey— y/n! What’s wrong?”
I cover my face with my hands and all of a sudden I feel two strong arms wrap around me.
“ y/n what’s wrong?”
“ l-Liam.” Are the only words I can only physically say at the moment.
“ y/n look at me. You deserve better. Okay?” Sammy whispers into my ear.
“ sammy I love you.” I whisper into his ear.
“ I love you too.”
We’ve said I love you to one another since seventh grade. It’s been nothing more though, just as friends.
“ come her baby.” He says while leaning away from the hug.
I look up at him. He places his hand gently on my right cheek and his thumb lightly brushes over to wipe away the tears.
He tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear.
“ this might make you feel better.”
“ wha–” I was interrupted by Sammy’s soft lips getting gently placed on mine. I hesitate at first to kiss back, but then he wraps his arms around my waist and Pushes me into him, making me give in.
My lips move with his is sync.
I slip my hands between us and run them up his toned body. I wrap my arms around his neck. I lace my fingers into his hair.
I shouldn’t be doing this.
I mean we shouldn’t be doing this.
He’s my bestfriend.
Yes, I love him.
But I can’t lose him like I lose Liam.
“ Sammy..” I say while pulling away.
“ we shouldn’t be doing this.” I hesitate.
“ okay.” He says sadly.
He bites his lips and turns away the walk Away. I sigh erupts from my mouth. I am craving his lips and it’s only been five seconds. I run infront of his and stop him by grabbing the front of his shirt into fists and smashing my lips into his. He doesn’t hesitate to kiss me back.
“ jump.” He hisses in my ear.
I do what I’m told. He leans me up against a wall. His hands glide down my side to my butt. He grabs it for support.
“ I thought we shouldn’t be doing this” he says while smiling through our kiss.
“ I’m single, fuck it"I hiss.
He walks Away from the wall down the hallway, still carrying me around his waist. Our lips are attached. He had so problem opening up the bedroom door.
I Wonder how many times he’s done that if he had no trouble at all.
He lays me down on the bed, and straddles my waist.
He starts kissing down my neck. I stretch out my neck to the side so he has more access. His large hands wonder my body, causing a shiver to get sent down my spine. He lifts up my shirt and pulls it over my head. He makes his way down my body to my jeans. He looks up at me and I nod giving him permission. He slides my jeans down my skinny legs. He positions his head between my thighs and leaves kisses on my inner thighs with his fingers roam my clit. He flicks the elastic of my panties up. He slides off my panties. He kisses my inner thighs again, sure enough leaving marks.
” fuck y/n" he moans.
Without warning he starts kissing my clit. My brings my legs around his neck. He starts licking my clit then blowing cold air causing me to moan. I feel my inner thighs drip in wetness.
Sammy flattens his tongue along my clit. He brings his hands up to my sex and starts rubbing eagerly.
Without warring he slips in a finger, while his tongue works it’s magic.
He slowly inserts another finger causing me to scream.
“ f-fuck Sammy! Please Sammy harder, faster. I’m so f-fucking w-wet!” I moan in pure bliss.
“ who made you this wet? He hisses against my sex causing me to moan.
” who baby girl who?“ He says following with sliding in another finger and flattening his tongue out even more causing pressure and friction.
” y-you" I manage to push out.
“ louder baby. I want everyone to know I make you feel this good not the other asshole Liam.” He suddenly starts pumping the three fingers in and out at a fast going speed.
“ come for me baby.” After he pumps his fingers in a few more times I finally hit my high and my orgasm fills Sammy’s fingers, tongue, and his bed sheet.
My breathing is unsteady but I’m, I mean were not done yet.
I flip us over causing me to straddle his waist.
I sit on his waist and unclasp my bra. His eyes widen at the sight of me. I lean down a bit so my boobs are right infront of him. I pull eagerly at the hem of his shirt. He pulls it off in a second throughing it somewhere in his room.
I unbuckle his pants and pull them down, causing his bulge to pop out from his briefs.
I bite my lip and look at Sammy . I run my hands down his bare torso down to the hem of his boxers.
I pull them down, making his length come out.
My eyes widen from the sight.
All I can think is that that’s way bigger then I’ve ever had before.
I lower myself down my his length and slowly lick the tip causing a throaty groan to escape his mouth. I slowly place his length in my mouth, and start bobbing my head up and down.
“ fuck y/n.” He moans placing his hands on the back of my head.
I keep on bobbing up and down until I decide to stop and let my tongue do the job. My tounge explores his length in my mouth. Slowly I start bobbing my head again at a very slowly pace.
“ s-stop t-teasing.” He moans.
I decide to play with him and keep my pace slow.
“ fuck y/n.” He moans. He Pushes my head deeper causing the majority of his length to fill my mouth.
I feel his dick twitch in my mouth, knowing he’s about to come.
“ baby stop. I want you come inside of you with you.” He moans looking down at me. I nod and pull his dick out of my mouth, licking the tip one last time. I slowly make my way up. I straddle his waist while positioning myself. I sit up a bit so I’m off of his waist and so the tip is ever so slightly touching my clit.
I move myself a little just so I’m in the right spot.
Without warning I slowly sit down on his dick.
My screw my eyes close trying to not to scream from the fullness and pain.
“ do you want me to move?” Sammy asks while rubbing my hands.
I shake my head no.
“ okay babe.”
Soon after the pain turns into pleasure. At this point I am craving to feel his dick move inside of me instead of just feeling the fullness.
“ move” I moan.
He slowly starts to move his hips up causing friction.
Moans both escape our mouths.
He bucks his hips up all the way causing his dick to slide all the way in.
“ Sammy!” I scream.
I slowly lower myself down, placing my hands on either side of his head for support. I start grinding on him causing him to scream my name.
I attach our lips, still grinding.
I feel his dick twitch inside of me so I instantly move because this is not the way I want to make Sammy cum. I bring my body all the way up and I feel some of Sammy’s dick ecsape out of his push my clit down harder on his dick so every inch is back inside of me.
I start bouncing up and down.
I can tell Sammy is about to come because his dick keeps twitching.
“ ah, oh- m-my g-god s-sammy.”
I moan from pleasure.
Sammy bucks his hips up causing me to scream.
“ not y-yet baby girl.”
I can feel my orgasm coming.
I hold it in with everything I got.
I bounce up and down even faster, causing friction. I notice Sammy starting up at my boobs that are bouncing along with us. I lean down attaching my hands to the head board so my boobs are lower down in his face. I am continuing to bounce up and down.
I start bouncing up and down as fast as a I can on his dick.
“ I’m about to come.” I scream
“ me too baby. On three.
” one"
“ two”
“ three”
I quickly bounce as hard as I can, causing Sammy and I to come.
Quickly come fills the condom and some sprays up onto my stomach. My come fills up around his dick. I lean down so we are skin to skin.
I carefully lift up off of his dick and plant my self next to him.
Our breathing is unsteady, as we both stare at the blank ceiling.
“ that was-” Sammy says but I cut him off by saying
“ amazing”
“ y/n?”
“ mhm.”
“ friends with benifits?”
I smile at the thought of doing what sammy and I did regularly. The thought of that makes me feel 100x better because I won’t lose him. Were friends just with benifits.
“ friends with benifits.” I repeat
Sammy turns over and faces me.
“ am I any good.?” He asks while a smirk plays on his face.
“ do Sammy I just moaned your name over and over just to make you think your good. No Sammy your more then good.” I smile
“ better then Liam?”
“ way better.” I smirk.
I tuen onto my side to face him. I bring the covers up the my chin and smile at Sammy.
“ I think I’m going to like this whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing” I say.
“ I think I am too.”
“ so Sammy, we graduate in two days.”
“ yes we do.” He smiles
“ you ready for your graduation present.”
“ already counting down the days” he says while leaning over at kisses me roughly.

Hey guys:) soo I will be taking requests for imagines with any boy:) just hmu and wait for your imagine:)


“There are so many movies to choose from but we have to watch Titanic again.” Sam laughed and looked over to you.
“You told me that watching it again would be okay for you. We can still put another DVD in, you know?”
You let yourself fall onto the couch, right into Sam’s arms.
“Nah. You wanna watch it? - we’re going to watch it again!”
As long as he was able to spend some alone time together with you Sam would watch that movie a hundred times again.

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