good things happen so i brag about them

am i wrong?

so i have a confession
on studyblr, especially with the rise of #studyblr gets real, i notice that i do a thing
i let people believe im dumber than i actually am
why do i do that??
in class, i don’t struggle with anything. im self taught and im first chair clarinet. im everyones favorite student and ive never gotten below a b.
i hate telling people this though! because im so scared of bragging and bringing other people down. it’s so bad that i hate sharing my achievements (like today, i got into one of the top specialized high schools in my city as well as the top arts high school) but i hate telling people about all the good things that happen to me in school. i set high goals bc im an overachiever, and then i achieve them. people call me “Asian” (which pisses me off, because I’m INTELLIGENT and AFRICAN AMERICAN. is that a problem?), “the walking encyclopedia”, and “the computer”.
but i try not to tell people about this, because not everyone is that way despite the fact that everyone i know works their asses off (which is the most important thing)
am i wrong in doing this? should I keep my achievements to myself?

Inseong As A Boyfriend

-Swear he loves you more than food but sometimes you just aren’t sure. The type of boyfriend who’s heart can be reached through his stomach and falls in love with you even more whenever you do sweet gestures like bring him food and snacks during practicing hours. (Don’t do it too often though or he’ll expect you to come to his practice room with food every time you visit) Does the same for you too, you’ll always catch him bring something-anything edible with him whenever he goes to casually see you and that’s how you know he loves you- if he’s able to share his food with you and buy food for you without eating half of it along the way. He also worries you and call you multiple times in the day to check up on you,asking you if you have eaten yet but also because he misses you.

-Public Skinship include spontaneously sliding his hands around your waist, back hugs, looking at you until you make eye contact so he can quickly give you a peck on the lips, making you sit on his lap, long hugs in the middle of the street, blocking everyone's walking way (you guys are those types of annoying couples) basically lots and lots of touching. Don’t reject him ever, he’ll be super dramatic about it and would say some shit like “are you breaking up with me?” Often embaresses you both in public with his actions like omg Inseong Ik you tripped and fell on your face dropping  both of our icecream cones but lemi just pretend to be shocked and ask if your ok. 

-Gets salty whenever you have guy friends hanging around you. “Why are you going to get coffee with another guy, I’m the best guy.”/ “Why do you have so many biases, I’m the best singer in kpop-what do you mean Hui from pentagon sings better than me that's ridiculous.” Makes sure his picture is your screensaver and you two take lots of selfies together-he loves the kissing pose the most, that’s his screensaver. “search my name on twitter, my fansites took alot of good ones, use one of them as your screensaver.”

-Always talking about you on camera, like chill inseong thats why I got alot of antis cuz you brag about me so much. Has to always tell stories about things that happen with you and him whenever he’s on tv and the members are always like “um are you guys married or something, why do you know so much about her, you two are like an old married couple.” and he’s like “ok I just do, I’m the one with a girlfriend *mic drop* Often yells your name for everything. Accepting an award “Y/N I LOVE YOU.” on weekly idol “Y/N ARE YOU WATCHING HONEY IM ON TV.” on the radio “Y/N ARE YOU LISTENING.” winning a #1 on a music show “SHOUTOUT TO Y/N ARE YOU WATCHING” 

-the type to be running his ass over to your place like “SWEETIE IM ON THE WAY TO YOUR PLACE WE GOT NOMINATED FOR THE MAMA AWARDS I DONT KNOW WHAT TO STYLE MY HAIR BRING OUT THE BLEACH WHEN I GET THERE!” You’re always helping him choose his outfits, blow drying his wet hair, and pampering him because he just love you taking care of him. Those pampering spa nights together always involves cuddling and kissing and lots of foreplay and skinship he can’t get enough of you he’s such an erotic guy honestly you’re like inseong chill. Prepare to take multiple showers together on those night. 

-*calls* “babe…im home alone.” “Yeah..and” “And? Hello..I’m home..alone. You can come over..” “I’m busy right now babe I have practice till 2am.” “…I’m grilling some steaks.” “I’ll be there in 10 mins.”

-Is so embarrassing but you love him this awkward swag wannabe erotic gramps. 

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anonymous asked:

So I got cast in a play where I have a kissing scene and I was wondering how the club would react if their s/o had to kiss another person?

This is a good one! Thank you for requesting, and I hope you enjoy~ <3


- Help this child

- He wants so badly to be supportive

- And he is supportive!!

- But he’s so jealous…

- He’s unbelievably proud of you, and he brags about you and your play to everyone, but the whole kissing scene thing doesn’t register until it’s actually about to happen

- Probably cries on Kyoya a bit

- Expect lots of kisses and cuddles when you get home


- Doesn’t phase him that much

- You may have complained about the other person’t breath in order to spare them the wrath of the shadow king…

- But he knows that you’re still his, and you’ll be coming back to him after the play is done

- That’s not to say he didn’t care though

- He was extra affectionate, in his weird, Kyoya way, afterwords

- This possessive boy

- You’re honestly surprise he didn’t do anything drastic

- Of course, you don’t know everything he does…


- J E A L O U S

- This poor boy…

- It very nearly physically pains him to see it

- Has to keep reminding himself that it’s okay, you’re his, this is what you love doing and it makes you happy


- He needs to find his chill poor baby

- His brother definetley comforts him throughout the play

- Other than the kissing scene, he loves the play and he encourages you to do more of them~ 

- Just not ones with kissing scenes…


- Chill about it

- Legit, he doesn’t care

- No jealousy, nothing

- Okay so maybe there was a twinge nothing

- No, but he understands that you’re acting and you can act like you’re inl ove with that other person character and wowyou’rereallygoodatacting

- Lots of cuddle time when you guys get home

- But he didn’t care


- Definitely ramps up the cuteness before and after your performance

- Yeah, he gets it, you’re acting, but what could a little affirmation hurt?

- Just makes sure you don’t forget about him in general

- He brings you sweets after the performance to remind you how sweet he is you are!

- Happy that you’re happy though

- But now it’s your turn to make him happy, movie night with sweets it is


- Now this boy genuinely doesn’t care

- A little nervous when you first warn him, but he’s fine overall

- Just wants you to be happy

- Honestly your acting is so good he forgets that you’re his s/o and he’s drawn into the story

- Why are you so good at acting?

- Looks up other performance opportunities with you because watching you act makes him so happy

- Definitely congratulates you on a performance well done afterwords